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☹️ @lilcomfyy🔁 when there's nothing to eat and your mom says to eat what's in the house
House Lung Association VA @AmericanLungVA🔁Winter hibernation is over, but #COPD makes getting out of the house difficult. Check out our travel tips for help!
ArdentAmerican @ArdentAmerican🔁 Trump Supporters Gather By The White House Demanding The Wall.
House Crookophobic @crookophobe🔁House passes one-week funding measure to avoid shutdown
Beata Russell @Qe89F7w3ktgWRDy🔁#cameras in house with naked women chyna nude photo
HouseHouseHouseHouse moi with a $ @to_ourhoneymoon🔁 THIS HOUSE IS AMAZING 😱😍😍😍
Jim Sciutto @jimsciutto🔁Breaking: DIA warned Michael Flynn in 2014 against taking foreign payments, DOD IG has launched probe, House Oversight Cmte tells CNN
Rob Reiner @robreiner🔁Special prosecutor is imperative. If appointed, the most corrupt POTUS in history will be exposed & new Fed. Prison needed to house everyone
Natasha Bertrand @NatashaBertrand🔁CNN: House Intel Committee has agreed on a witness list. Includes Michael Flynn, Carter Page, Roger Stone and Jared Kushner.
Len Taylor @ndb4ever🔁RT to thank Texas House for voting to ban sanctuary cities & impose jail time for offending officials.
Desiree Lauron @desireelauron8🔁 One of my favorite moments with May in the house ❤️
badgerwatcher1 @badgerwatcher1🔁@EileenDucksbury Hi, just to let you know iv found a new home for the chicken house.Swapped it for plants, and free eggs for a year.
Heather Corcoran @hrceder🔁House bonding bill to be unveiled next week. #lmleg
D. M. Canady @DMCanady🔁Embattled House Intel chair Devin Nunes gets a challenger
La Résistance Tanja @TanjaGibson🔁The Resistance can claim another victory: despite Trump's incessant push 4 an accomplishment, Trumpcare 3 didn't come up 4 a vote in House.
Douglas Pynn @DouglasPynn🔁Hey, guy, wanna buy a house? No income verification required.
Just say you are a student and it's all yours.
Vote Con .. er.. Liberal.
Lady Giant 💗 @MsxZStrawberry🔁And wasting food will get your ass beat in my house!
Erik Schuman @erikschuman🔁Then again....if North Korea bombs the White House when only JACKASS is there, we'd owe them a huge: TYVVVVVVVM !
hamizan @Hamizn🔁 is in the house, looking amazing in their red outfits ahead of their concert tomorrow.
Neil. || 李知勳. @IittIemarchen🔁@racouxntr .... I will move to another- room, or house. Or somewhere else.
Wonder Woman 2017 💥 @WWResists2017🔁 "100 days of Russia drama for the Trump White House, with no end in sight" -
Nicolette. @Nikey_Simmons🔁 RT if you've never slept on Vinny and knew he was highkey the best guy in the house
Gregory Grushko @ggrushko🔁 Fun with fractions!
Tim @russelltim151🔁 House has 2 and Senate has 7, completely underfunded.
Phil Halewood @HALESCOUSE🔁You too can be a strong and stable leader by barricading yourself in your house until a helicopter drops you into a room full of sycophants
Panda @_ayopanda🔁Although Aaron Hernandez's estate is worthless, proceeds from sale of his $1.3M house will be set aside to pay off wrongful death judgments.
S @fullofgrace104🔁 House Passes Stopgap Spending Bill Averting Government Shutdown; Senate Next
Heather @SassyHez🔁Lol I've been there loki ...both ...
daffodill1 @Daffodill56🔁DON'T YOU JUST LOVE IT? Liberals Out of White House 100 Days & Counting! Snowflakes & Meltdowns Everywhere.
JA Consultants @jaconsultants🔁 House won’t OK health bill before Trump’s 100th day
LEEIB Sports Network @leeibsports1🔁House to House is starting now! Listen Live
Shauntell @JustMeShauntell🔁Waffle House co-founder Thomas Forkner (left) has died at the age of 98.

His co-founder Joe Rogers (right) died last month at 97.

Joy @finbarvano🔁This is the White House first 100 days report... if we didn't check we would have assumed it was humor. It is real.
❄KafeKat⚡ @CarmineRoux🔁The Trump family and their cronies have turned the home of Lincoln and Roosevelt into a House of Grifters.
Sandy Johnson @SuperProudGma🔁Increasingly clear GOP haven't repealed Obamacare because a lot of Republicans do not want to .
Crookophobic @crookophobe🔁House Oversight Testimony: ‘America Has Spoken – We Want the Wall Built Right Away’
Torrey Taylor @torrey_taylor🔁Most incredible fact of last night is Watson went #12, same spot as Warwick Dunn in 1997. Dunn provided Habitat House for Watson's family.
mal @malwestie🔁Going home for the summer means working and doing chores around the house so nah I'd rather not go home
🍒 @Soily_🔁Always love when I have the house to myself
Peaceprints of WNY @Peaceprints🔁This morning, a woman who works at the Bissonette House was stressed out, so three guys from the house, in...
IShoesToBeHappy @LapeBelle🔁A father put up cameras in the house when his daughter told him she was being bothered by something
AndrewJClock @AndrewJClock🔁JUST IN: House approves short-term budget extension to avoid government shutdown; Senate will vote on measure next
Colin Miner @cominer🔁As Trump Warns Of 'Major Conflict,' Tillerson Lays Out Path Forward
Ohio Latino Affairs @OCHLA_OH🔁Columbus Springs East – Open House Celebration
Monday May 1, 2017 from 4PM to 7PM
At Columbus Springs East, 2085...
sam @kairanshire🔁@alvabiancs Etude House Proof 10 Red!!
Tom Joad @blakemankansas🔁We are lovers, just not consensually.
We live in your house without permission...this is our house.

Same difference.

Geer Austin @Geer_Austin🔁White House of Grifters, via @nytimes
MirÜna MihaiÜ 👽 @MirunaMihaiu🔁 ┏┓
┃┃╱╲ in this
┃╱╱╲╲ house
╱╱╭╮╲╲ we
love @hi_mija
╱╱┏┳┓╭╮┏┳┓ ╲╲
Kevo @Handsome_Kev🔁@SimplyJanaye aye remember that one Saturday night you came to my house
Leslie #. Brown @LeslieLKB🔁JUST IN: House passes spending deal to keep the federal government open another week (vote tally to come)
DKulkarni @kdattu🔁Full House today's talk-Pop Sci Lecture Series: Story of our Universe by Prof A R Prasanna exDean PRL
henry stars @misowithlizo🔁have my nose stud at my house (it lives at my dad's house because he refuses to be seen out in public with me + nose ring)
Papagalos @papagalizw🔁Red Army now fighting house-to-house to capture Berlin, urged to desperate speed by Marshal Zhukov, who wants city as May Day gift to Stalin
EBONY ROGERS @ebonysrogers🔁Who's riding with me to help #45 pack up the White House and go back to his previous life? LOL #Wetriedtotellyou #ItsObamasfault
Samuel Sloman @ssloman118🔁Waffle House co-founder Tom Forker dies a month after his business partner Joe Rogers Jr. passed. For the love of Georgia God bless them!
sunshine @jeanlaurienti1🔁This photo is of what left from a house in where a poor Yazidi woman was enslaved by13 fighters


Ghost Hunter M2 @ghosthunterm2🔁 There's a new ghost hunting app —@ghosthunterm2 — just in time for #Halloween! Is your house haunted?? 👻 #SeacrestShow
Maureen @soaprookie🔁The Entrée at Samantha Bee's Alternative White House Press Dinner? Trump Roast.


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