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House SLG @ayee_SLG🔁 When you're watching House Hunters and a white couple says, "I like plantation style homes"
🌸Magnolia Peach 🍑 @SmittyMcLovin_🔁 What "Love Galore" would sound like while you're making out in the bathroom of a house party
House Luis Bertolo Huber @lbertoloh🔁I've just watched episode S05E10 of House of Cards (US)! #HouseofCards
Integral_Blu @Woodywoman🔁 Kindness heals ... Watch How Dozens of Homeless People React to Receiving a Tiny House
House jisung enthusiast @got7jimins🔁 GFriend in the house at #KCON17NY! 😍
House arrott_helen @pRISONALLEY🔁.@SenCapito The House voted to take Americans' health care away. Don't make the same mistake. #ResistTrumpcare
House Rena Williams @rena_williams🔁 Gowdy: Oversight Committee won't investigate Trump's ties to Russia
House eastafricanista @basedbethel🔁BRUH not only does snapchat have my exact street address, it also displays WHICH HOUSE IM IN
HouseHouse ri @rileyy_millerr🔁when ur at ur friends house and they start arguing with their parents
Camila Cabello @Camila_Cabello🔁.@realDonaldTrump we should, AROUND THE WHITE HOUSE
Jim Acosta @Acosta🔁I'm off today but it must be said that YOUR White House is taking away YOUR right to see and hear YOUR government answer questions today
CNN @CNN🔁The White House has been prohibiting cameras at some press briefings, so we sent a sketch artist
Edward Nuarpah @ENuarpah🔁

ICYMI Lawsuit Accuses Trump Of Illegally Destroying White House Records

melody savala @vikingmother123🔁 PSST , "you spot me my legal fees and when I drop this 25th amendment on POTUS, u'll have a friend in the W/House
grollen @grollen🔁NBC News: Trump admin has taken little meaningful action to prevent future Russian interference, despite warnings.

Thora L Shepard @ThoraLShepard🔁Former Acting Admin of Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services for Obama said Senate bill is worse than House's
Melissa @thebookreader17🔁┏┓
┃┃╱╲ in this
┃╱╱╲╲ house
╱╱╭╮╲╲ we
▔▏┗┛▕▔ Love & support
Zhang Yixing
╱╱┏┳┓╭╮┏┳┓ ╲╲
tracy pachote @TPachote🔁RETWEET if you miss this Goofy, Caring, Loving, Intelligent, Integrity filled man in the White House!
Canuck @Canuckerz🔁I liked a @YouTube video SURPRISING THE FAZE HOUSE WITH A HUGE GIFT!!
A-Hole Gaming @gaming_hole🔁@Friday13thGame hey here a idea for your game let counselors find jason house shoot or damage his dead body and take away some of his powers
Cholmondley-Warner @gasthebadger🔁Wait, the White House is claiming that Trump's tweets are legal communications? The Democratic lawyer in me is giddy now.
leewest @leewest9🔁 My future wife probably sneaking some nigga into her house rn smh
PorteRouge_USA @PorteRougeTea🔁 I'm paying through roof already to house illegals...sooo yeah
Bones @Ic206Bones🔁 @DaShanneStokes @FallingOffEarth Then giving them the keys to your house so they can come back for everything else
Stefan Laurell @Stefan_Laurell🔁 breaking news journalists are no longer allowed to bring crucifixes and mirrors to white house press briefings
⚡Me⚡ @Definitely_Me_🔁A family walked into their house & realized they had been robbed everything was there except for the most imp thing of all
Their chargers..
C.Young 🤷🏿‍♂️💰 ® @C1_Young🔁 Waffle House would be clutch 🤔
Caity @CFCHudsonValley🔁🤔 Looks like we finally found at least 2 of those death panels: the Republicans in the House and Senate. #ItsComingFromInsideTheHouse
deep Audio groove @deepaudiogroove🔁#nowplaying #deephouse #housemusic #deep house @deepaudiogroove Thaw (Solid Stone Remix) - Cris Peacock
steven @SLockhart🔁 Tommy Robinson's house is dead dusty because he thinks Mr Sheen is Polish
vica @victoriaferran🔁there's deadass like two crackheads in front of my house
λ ☯️ ☸️ ✝️ ☪️ ✡️ ⚛️ @boatsgilhooley🔁@realDonaldTrump this is America, not Russia
จินอูคนซึน @CreamMiiez🔁[NAMHOOOON] 170623

MV Director of Dirty House & Hug Me posted a photo with Taehyun

"Happy filming in Berlin"

nayla👸🏻 @youcantdress🔁First time in my life that I get flowers sent to my house and it doesn't feel good.
Kate🥀🖤misses con @blessingconnor🔁It got better for awhile but now I literally don't eat unless I'm out in public. Since I never leave my house it gets really bad
victoriajones @Victorianotter🔁The committee said Trump's "tapes" tweets weren't enough, needed an official the White House pasted his tweets into a letter.
dale stiffler @dalestiffler🔁Bigoted Orange Swamp Turd who’s shitting all over the White House,
em @twilightemm🔁Omg they parked right infront of my house
Kieran O'mahony @kierancork1🔁Two Trump officials want to confront Iranian-backed fighters, but Defense Secretary Mattis has balked at the idea.
Vitale Justice @Vitale_Justice🔁well the storms have settled down heres some pics of the area yesterday evening fortunatly We dodged a bullet yet a gain here at the house
Davontae🎱Harrington @iamDH3_🔁It's 2AM we at the Waffle House wit it 🤘🏽😬
Shaun Coffey @ShaunCoffey🔁This Solar Paint Will Turn Your House into a Power Station
nikki @blurrytown🔁laurens coming to my house on sunday and she's either gonna roast me all night or be sweet i'm scared
Maya @mayaXerica🔁Me and quail lost a whole entire bottle of henny. It's not in either one of our cars or the house 🤷🏾‍♀️
Heath Weber @hweber92🔁The fact that i was able to get back to my house tonight should be considered a miracle
jhtripleu_ebooks @jhw_ebooks🔁OKAY THE WHITE HOUSE COMMENT LINE
Suhayl Abidi @vucaman🔁"but if we keep the doors shut, there will be no opportunities for conversations" on inter faith iftar
Nor-Cal Joe. @josephharris67🔁In 2006 she led House Democrats back into power against a hugely unpopular GOP president.

It's not rocket science why they want her gone.

suresh Kamath @iamsuchha🔁A very special gesture for PM ! first working dinner being hosted by Trump for a foreign leader at the White House!
Charu Kumar @TarotQueeen🔁So we are now in the The #Cancer Constellation, all the #Cancerians In the house please! Give me a Holler ...
Mikey Yambao @YambaoMikey🔁 Grabe sobrang pogi ng pinsan ko her current girlfriend is inside their house while the ex is outside begging for closure
Robert Hart @DocEvil666🔁@bendavies119 I'm off to Upton House this morning for the #Parkrun, Will I see you there? 😀
S. @sureLEEx🔁 i got lamborghini dreams, and beach house wishes. and i ain't gon stop until i get it.
jalynn 💐 @1reveluv🔁my current mood because of how COLD my house is
Prince Cheema @VeekCheema🔁T minus 8 days until the animal house will be born and I cannot be more excited.
Liberal Resistance @LiberalResist🔁Lawsuit Accuses Donald Trump Of Illegally Destroying White House Records | HuffPost
Dick Johnson @DickJohnson1982🔁I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Chinx - Dope House feat Jadakiss
Digvijay Chouhan @djgoodlook🔁I want to wish the people of India a happy 70th anniversary on their independence: White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer. (file pic)
Cathleen Pyle @Cococat92🔁Poor CNN. How will they fill their fetid news hole without White
House briefings to televise? (Hey--what's up with Malaysia Air 370?)
Ari Gold @iphonerepair24h🔁PHON-ER: VLOG 025 - IPHONE REPAIR HOUSE CALL "COFFEE & POSITIVE ENERGY" via @YouTube
ㅤ @ineedblunts🔁If Amazon delivered drugs I'd never leave the house
Mika @smonique🔁If I had millions right now I would just be on my couch in a nicer house in front of a bigger tv sipping more expensive wine.
Kat(rina McD) @krazykitkatm🔁White House warns reporters not to report on instructions about not reporting on press conference via
Richard Spraggens @AzleSportsPhoto🔁Thunder aint messing around tonight! Last 3 have shook the house!
robert dubois @qckwitted1🔁Alex Jones has been to the Trump White House more than the Speaker of the House & Senate Majority Leader combined. Let that sink in.
Poetry fromTrishabot @trishatron5000🔁Czech Republic, I meet someone that color our aunt’s house.
hail//erin @hail0ser🔁my mom is so horrible when she has been drinking, i honestly don't know why i even come to her house
impeachthepos @impeachthepos1🔁@realDonaldTrump
Look like your winning bigly loser
Get out of our house you Russian putin puppet
victoriajones @Victorianotter🔁A day later, White House sends this letter to Congress, citing Tweet of no tapes. Will it satisfy Hill?
Alexander Jokinsky @AJokinsky🔁I liked a @YouTube video EDM Of Remixes Popular Songs 2017 🎶 Best Electro House Party Dance Remix Mashup
Chris @ChrisLuvuno🔁Back in high school deep house niggas would play you a fire song then refuse to send it to you cause "e tlo tlala"
anti gryffindor acc @monetstcouch🔁@thai_brows I would fucking scream and never set foot in my house again omg
Leslie @lovemychris🔁Imagine your house being robbed and the police letting the thief keep your property. That was the 2016 election.
Police=Racist Thugs @burtgravy🔁I know people are getting desensitized to Spicer lying, but this is one of the biggest lies the Trump White House has ever told.
Daniel Waltz @BoomerWalTz_🔁 The FaZe House right now has to be t1 most awkward places to be LOL.
Mari R @randlight🔁He's the laughing stock of the whole world We are still scratching our heads as to how u Americans put such an idiot in the White House
Ari✨🌺 @yanniepierre🔁My younger brother is out kickin' it at alki & im in the house 😩 I need to make some friends
SexyAfricanBoy @Naimullah_🔁@clarefsm If u want come claud house. I going home at 7 then maybe at night we can get high at longkang
Red States Walk Away @Dwgillman1🔁Comorbidities are what they are. Will you be making house calls to correct bad habits?
Bellatrix @InvictaBellator🔁@ColorMeKpop HOUSE OF CARDS
WINDY CITY MAC @MACGEE22🔁I walk in the house and look at my mom and I see her in pain every fuckin day and it kills me inside
Solci @wildxstswift🔁 .@realDonaldTrump we should, AROUND THE WHITE HOUSE
Terrie LeBorgne @TeLeBe9🔁.: I hope the House and Senate Judiciary Committees are both going to ask Mueller to come in and explain who he’s hiring.
j ♍️ @jalynolivia🔁 Idk what's going on at yo house, but you need to talk about it with somebody.
NeuroEd @innaroz🔁An angry woman set a house on fire after a fight, killing a 72 y/o man.

Onlookers did nothing to stop her.

This is a diseased culture.

indra @Darwin45Indra🔁 A Big Room House track by Moe Lester. Enjoy, and feel the force!
緑谷出久 – ᴵᶻᵁᴷᵁ @WakaiHiro🔁Deku blushed when the blonde took his hand, he started to follow him, ❝He actually let me stay at his house.... {mut ter mutter mutter} ❞
Dee @Deelady2017🔁Trump has taken out his frustration with the Russia probe on lawyer Don McGahn, one of Trump’s earliest supporters
Adam Parkhomenko @AdamParkhomenko🔁 .@CNN sending courtroom sketch artist to White House press briefing is kind of genius as psych op to bother Trump.
Best Architecture @BestArchtPlease 🔁: A COLLECTED BROOKLYN BROWNSTONE
JTH Now Playing @JamTheHypeNOW🔁#NowPlaying Momma House (feat. MC Fiji) by Aha Gazelle
DavidRozayMakko @DavidRozayMakko🔁Getting four 180 degree angle, 1080p cameras installed at the house next week😎
hieeeN @jimnators🔁i keep checking on my pizza what if i burn my house down
Beth McCarthy 🇺🇸 @bethmccarthylaw🔁Love this! The best friends 😊😍
I'm Puppy girls at House Government! …
Barbara Bryant @nawlinsred2010🔁Analysis: The White House's proposed budget cuts to foreign language programs would imperil national security


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