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nina 💐 @nina_blvck🔁 rate footage of @Iustforlove in the old lady’s house
House _nrzrtnshk_ @EhhEhhAnaa🔁 First #Gold Medal in the house! Let the Games begin... 🥇🇲🇾🥈🇵🇭🥉🇧🇳 #KL2017 #KitaJuara #BangkitBersama
House arembooks @arembooks🔁 GOP lawmaker: Trump is "failing" at denouncing hatred
meg loves jade @kahldjh🔁 rate footage of @Iustforlove in the old lady’s house
House RebeccaSWH @RebeccaSWH🔁 Because Nazis don't belong in White House. #WhyWeMustImpeachTrumpIn7Words
House Don matos @Donmatos3🔁 RT FoxNews "White House talking points defend POTUS's remarks. #SpecialReport "
House Cindy Blustein @cindyblustein🔁You can make this house your home! Ask me for more info. #realestate
Chris Murphy @ChrisMurphyCT🔁FYI, after today, White House staff have effectively been folded into the white supremacy propaganda operation. Your choice - stay or go.
Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump🔁Feels good to be home after seven months, but the White House is very special, there is no place like it... and the U.S. is really my home!
NBC News @NBCNews🔁WATCH: White House chief of staff John Kelly reacts to President Trump's latest remarks on violence in Charlottesvill e, Virginia.
jay #5H3 @scaIIIisons🔁I'm actually really annoyed my ex roommate talked so much shit about me for leaving the house. but blessed bc I don't have to deal w that
Adam L. Penenberg @Penenberg🔁12 of the first 14 presidents had slaves, and slaves helped build the White House. Somehow this gets whitewashed in h istory textbooks.
Robert Walton @IamRobertWalton🔁White House memo urges GOP to say Trump was "entirely correct"
SteveFromPa @sec1968🔁 When you see a white sheet over the White House don't get scared they're just fumigating.
avery. @AVERY2SLEEPY🔁@HiGH4DANiEL @SIN4CIERRA hey ... meet me at waffle house ... i just wanna talk
phxdrmr @phxdrmr🔁Several CNN anchors & commentators are now defaming all White House staff (and tacitly all Trump voters) as racists. Productive.
Chan Smith @JChanSmith1🔁Obama didn't condemn BLM when Micah Johnson, who openly identified with BLM, killed 5 Dallas Cops. Instead, he invited them to White House.
luce💫20 @Iucyduncan🔁sorry but it's SO easy to please a girl, boys are just fucking stupid, you could turn up at my house with my favourite drink and i'd cry
Sean Wynne @seanwynne2🔁@JOEdotie @realDonaldTrump You do not have a scoobie! Woman gets run over by neo nazi and you are taking about your house!! You're an eejit!
VICE PRESIDENT DEW @Dewtles🔁 Crazy to think I'll be home for only a week before going to the SoaR House for a long time. It's grind week brothers
lola @yoursunbaenim🔁 ok girls I just went into her house to meet her and I gots some things to say
myah :): @myahmbowman🔁 Can we please have this man back in the White House? .... Please?
Steven Birmingham @echnolon🔁 @Chris_arnade @mrbill Oh that's Richard Spencer's house
-She Persisted @_she_persisted🔁"Grandpa, what did YOU do when Nazi sympathizers took over the White House?"
"I thought maybe I could get lower taxes by cooperating"

LalaCSloatman @heylala🔁Time to get the Nazis out of the White House.
Including Trump.

Jason Nevel @JasonNevelSJR🔁House vote on Rauner school veto defeated
Amy Haines @iluvbeaver69🔁 Trump cabinet: Your house is on fire. Get out while you still can.
Jada-Crystal @jadacrystal🔁What Redbone would sound like while you're in the bathroom of a house party and there was a fight outside.
larissa 👧🏿 @larisserzz🔁lol these girls who like my brother came to my house and came looking for him and asked me if he can hangout with them 💀
Chloe Payne @Clodisco🔁Geordie shore IRL: dream come true 🙏🏼🙏🏼 @ House of Sm ith
Mello @ImTooMelloo🔁I liked a @YouTube video ABOUT MY NEW HOUSE..
bri @peachybrii🔁Fratatouille (2017)

Members of a fraternity find a mouse in their house and instead of killing the mouse, they recruit it.

Sir Bagel @TallyhoFineSir🔁@MarsReviews so is there a snake in your house or a dog make up your mind marsreviews
Social Life In LA @SocialLifeLA🔁Hope Hicks is the fourth person to handle the duties of the top communications staffer in the Trump White House
Corey's bestfriend @dreamy_lawley🔁Corey in the House!! I hope you guys enjoyed it ❤️❤️❤️
Jelly Dude @OhhSoJelly🔁I liked a @YouTube video Returning to the Sidemen House
Computers4Classrooms @Comps4classroom🔁Old lady told me I could take my clothes off if I got hot cleaning her house. I declined, so she got naked instead
Kevin Cornman @kcornman🔁After 8th CEO quit, Trump ended the business councils. He is now all alone in the White House of Supremacy.
Greenwich Time @GreenwichTime🔁Greenwich-based Needs Clearing House focuses on 14-year-old with kidney disease
Cynthia Wells @lisassister🔁3) Meuller's investigation has reached inside the White House and Trump is reactin' by whoopin' up his White Supremacist base.
Cassie Van Denberg @CassieGetback_R🔁 A new favorite: 04 - Deep House - HUGEhands mix by HUGEhands on #SoundCloud
Christina Thomas @Christina_maryl🔁US House Set To Censure Pres Trump For Calling Out ANTIFA Terrorists Let Them Know How You Feel ‼️
Cameron Steele @Voyager19🔁Key Quote: "Trump would rather that people call him a racist than to say he backed down."
John Hennessy @jhennessy_nj🔁. is afraid to . Which means Bannon owns him. Too bad. We must get white supremacists out of the White House.
burnaby1953 @burnaby1953🔁Great way to promote a business - fly a nazi flag at your house... Asshat!
ariana @Russettwtf🔁if i didn't text you back it's because my data isn't working and i only have wifi at my house
Kodiak Outpost @KodiakOutpost🔁Ageed, it's time for us Patriots to come out of the house and take a physical stand against the commie left!
kelly craven @kcraven1412🔁The Greatest Generation did not protect America to see Steve Bannon in the White House and Nazis on American streets enabled by .
Adobea♟ @NayaOwusu🔁 Rat no dey your house?
maya.waya🏳️‍🌈 @mayaawayaa🔁 @Iustforlove Miss thing what are you doing exploring that house instead of leaving
MajorCanine @MajorMassSpec🔁 Mueller Closes In On Trump Russia, White House Potential Crime Scene
Anthony C @toacarter110🔁Trump's response to was indefensible. Let's take a look at how the House GOP has been promoting racism and xenophobia ⬇


Ina Minjarez @vote4ina🔁We are adjourned. #specialsession
Inez Brown @luvyanez🔁 Hope Hicks named White House communications chief | New York Post Watch Melania, you know pattern w/former wives.😔 …
' @JustTsietsi🔁I don't get it is an iPhone contract equivalent to a bond installment now? So I can buy a house for R800 with MTN or something 💁🏽
Lana Tele @svetlanaqqccmh🔁Best transport
Stefano Genovese @genovese_steve🔁 Antifascists win against the Alt Right as White House business advisory councils disbanded. Fire Bannon now!
CapitalMtgFunding @LowRateOnline🔁Caller Ray on current home close & house has substantial How soon can ?
Walt Kowalski @KowalskisLawn🔁 And here's our full story. What the White House said and what the employees of the FBI said
Anthony @Anthongyy__🔁How lucky is Pique to be in the best seat of the house of all the GOLAZOS Real Madrid have scored...
Spivi @SpiviTech🔁Raquel P. has joined the Spivi network from Speed House Cycling Studio Miami, yeah!
Jim Smith @FeralJim🔁It may be Dota week, but TI7 Anime House (aka my Airbnb) still found a way to sync four laptops to watch Game of Thrones. Oof, that episode!
Daniel Vanderkamp @DanVanderkamp🔁@mandibud Should have just said if someone wanted to buy my house - you know what I mean..

(I should have just shut up 😂)

Guadalupe Stebbins @guadalustebbint🔁14-You can't remember life anymore without your pooch. The days of coming home to an empty house are
eva @takemejc🔁@coreylabarrie real talk tho...corey...are you in the house right now
Neff @Nef_Film🔁I knowwwww. I see hotels for 75 dollars a night. I'm just nervous that i'll get over to Africa and the house doesn't exist lol
Abbee Dickman @AbbeeDickman61🔁LEFT WANTS TO REMOVE STATUES.....
ОЯЭЦZ @OREUZ🔁@ObsoleteDogma @KatCapps White House press credentials though wtf
AllThumbsBooks @AllThumbsBooks🔁Ships free! White House Black Market Party Cocktail Dress Size 14 | eBay
theretrometro @theretrometro🔁Ships free! White House Black Market Party Cocktail Dress Size 14 | eBay
Donna Archibald @DonnaArchibal12🔁 .@POTUS 'entirely correct' to blame both sides for #Charlottesville violence, White House says
Christi @cmvassey🔁My cat just ate the bee that got in my house and stung me. How's that for karma you little beeotch.
DenimSchmenim @DenimSchmenim🔁Ships free! White House Black Market Party Cocktail Dress Size 14 | eBay
Tiara @TiayanaMogensen🔁Ok but why do people bark back at my dogs when they're walking by my house


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