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#HouMarathon Girma A.Ararsa @Assefa_Girma🔁 Congratulations to Full Marathon Men's Winner: Bazu Worku (Ethiopia)
John Boyd @JohnnyNewsroom🔁 Sunrise over the #HouMarathon More @HoustonChron coverage all day here: chron.com
#HouMarathon Cornelius Connelly @TuefenHund🔁 Boston Marathon in 2019. Qualified today at #HouMarathon @HoneyStinger #thehive
#HouMarathon#HouMarathon#HouMarathon Mady @MadyMatamoros🔁 Running for family members lost to cancer. Keep me in your 🙏🏼#HouMarathon #endcancer
John McClain @McClain_on_NFL🔁 Sunrise over the #HouMarathon More @HoustonChron coverage all day here: chron.com
#HouMarathon#HouMarathon#HouMarathon Theresa Sauls @SaulsToday🔁Gotta love our #HouMarathon spectators!! #SalvationArmyHarborChoir
Music moves your soul!
Houston Police @houstonpolice🔁The #HouMarathon is off. Good luck 🏃‍♀️ 🏃 runners.
Houston Police @houstonpolice🔁Helping to keep #HouMarathon runners safe! #runhou twitter.com
Sylvester Turner @SylvesterTurner🔁On your mark. Get set. Go.

We are underway at the . Perfect running conditions this morning.


Jake Watts @JakeWatts🔁 Helping to keep #HouMarathon runners safe! #runhou twitter.com
man or Astroman? @adelledera🔁Congratulations to all the winners of the . If you finished .. you won! If you finished the ... you won. I came in t twitter.com he top 5 of the . Well, top 100 really. OK, so I didnt make the top 1000.
Theresa Sauls @SaulsToday🔁I was honored to welcome everyone participating in the this morning. We are less than two minutes away.
Penni Reichenback @PenniReichenbac🔁 Good luck to those racing in the @HoustonMarathon today! #HoustonStrong #HouMarathon #MemorialHermann #Health
Danielle Osborne @zxccxzxczxzc🔁 Good luck to all the runners @HoustonMarathon today! Our runners will wait until Friday @SHRP to start racing! #HouMarathon
Val Arbona @ValArbona🔁@AudreyEbers Congratulations! Well Done. #AudreyEbers #HouMarathon #Finisher
Elsik HS Counselors @Elsikcounselors🔁Cheering on Elsik's own Mr. Cheng and Mrs. Chacko as they run the !! Y'all make us and PROUD!!
Mia's Table @MiasTable🔁Congratulations runners! After 26.2 miles, you deserve to sit down to some of your favorite comfort food! twitter.com
Steve Gonzales @stevegonzaleshc🔁Sun rises on the this morning. More photos from at
Smith Scarborough @smiffmo🔁2018 = complete! Ran sub-4 dressed as Elvis and with no training over 5 miles for the past month, so, I'll take it! twitter.com Love this race. Until next year, Houston!
Chris Hall @doulosbygrace🔁Reason # 5819 Texas is better than your state @… instagram.com
Houston Marathon @HoustonMarathon🔁New American Masters Half Marathon record was set today by Bernard Lagat at 1:02:00 (unofficial) previously set by M twitter.com eb Keflezighi at 1:03:02
John D. Clouser @johndclouser🔁Go checkout this week’s vlog!!👉🏾? m.youtube.com ?🏾 👈🏾👈🏾 twitter.com
Bob Borochoff @bobborochoff🔁She finished, a record, and better than last year!! Proud of Borochoff … instagram.com
My Safety First @mysafetyfirst1🔁 FEELING INSPIRED? Registration for the 2019 @HoustonMarathon opens at 3pm TODAY! #HouMarathon #HOUHalf
tagdef @tagdef🔁Be the first to define #houmarathon at tagdef.com
Jamie Pickles @JamiePickles1🔁3h10m58s. Yeah, that’ll do. Although messed up a perfectly good round number by two seconds...


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