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HopkinsvilleHopkinsvilleHopkinsvilleHopkinsville Dilip Jivan @JivanDilip🔁Eclipse photos from #Hopkinsville #SolarEclipse2017 #SolarEclipse #SolarEclipse17
Karthikeyan Krish @indhradhanush🔁 TOTALITY in @Hopkinsville_Ky #eclipseville #eclipse at the end of the video!!!
Taylor Sartre @Taylor_Sartre🔁 TOTALITY in @Hopkinsville_Ky #eclipseville #eclipse at the end of the video!!!
HopkinsvilleHopkinsvilleHopkinsvilleHopkinsville Madeleine Russell @ABeZ6QPOvNpsOUU🔁 Hopkinsville ☀️
The Weather Channel @weatherchannel🔁The greatest and closest #eclipse2017 totality you will see today will be in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. Check it out!
Hopkinsville Fox News @FoxNews🔁Total solar eclipse over Hopkinsville, Kentucky. #SolarEclipse2017 fxn.ws
CNN Breaking News @cnnbrk🔁The #SolarEclipse2017 just passed through Hopkinsville, Kentucky cnn.it cnn.it
Chloe Smith @georgeousizme🔁 The #SolarEclipse2017 just passed through Hopkinsville, Kentucky cnn.it cnn.it
stephanie Cansler @scansler0002🔁@NC5_AmyWatson Don't forget your fans in Hopkinsville!! Let me congratulate you now! I like to be the first one!!😂😂❤️❤️
Kirk Wrzesien @kwrzesien🔁Ok, finally home and feel like moving so here's a few of my eclipse pics. Thank you to the town of Hopkinsville, KY for the hospitality. 🌑
Exclamation Points @ExclamationPts🔁The Path of Totality exclamationpoints.com
#pathoftotality #Eclipse2017 #eclipseville #Totality #Hopkinsville #GreatAmericanEclipse #nasa
Grant Gilmore @grant_gilmore🔁If I could have found some I would have! They didn't have it Hopkinsville when we were there. I tried! twitter.com
David Williams @DavidR_Williams🔁Succession of partial eclipse through to totality in Hopkinsville, KY. All images pictured taken with my Canon S110
Edgard Souza @HaloSouza🔁Total Outside Hopkinsville, Kentucky. This is what 100% looked like. Felt like at night at 2pm.Thx to Irene Jones
Oristila Diéguez @OristilaFoto🔁 at Totality. I took this photo as part of ritual in aka Kentucky.
Michael Clevenger @MClevenger_CJ🔁The Courier-Journal spent a month getting ready for the eclipse. Hopkinsville spent 10 years – and it showed:
Cathy Colliver @catlouisville🔁The eclipse captured our eye, Ferrell's burgers captured our stomachs but Hopkinsville captured our heart.
Paul Motha™ @PaulMotha🔁WOW: This image from is incredible! Totality in Hopkinsville, KY was a breathtaking experience (Source: /Joe Matus)
SI Health Policy @SIHealthPolicy🔁Receptionist - Fresenius Medical Care
Location : Hopkinsville KY US
PURPOSE AND SCOPE: ... worldwidenetjobs.com
Russam Russein @RussoGotbars🔁 Can y'all come back to Hopkinsville 🙄 twitter.com
Taylor Sartre @Taylor_Sartre🔁@JessaBahr @Hopkinsville_Ky Thanks for the amazing video!
Charles Duncan @chardun20🔁The Courier-Journal came for the eclipse, and we fell in love with Hopkinsville courier-journal.com via @courierjournal
Chae ✨🖤 @chaaexx🔁Can y'all come back to Hopkinsville 🙄 twitter.com
D.E. Alexander @DEAlexanders🔁New post (UFO Sighting in Hopkinsville, Kentucky on 2017-08-20 00:00:00 – Five of us ...) has been published on - dealexander.org
Kentucky New Era @KentuckyNewEra🔁Total Solar Eclipse 2017 from Hopkinsville, Kentucky, 21 August 2017 kentuckynewera.com
JLee467 @jlee467🔁Went to for & was not disappointed!! Breathtaking sight to see. Won't miss
Andy Rowe @andyrowe🔁2017 Eclipse Hopkinsville: youtu.be via @YouTube
Jocelyn Diokno @JocelynDiokno1🔁Not the best Total Eclipse picture but this is my picture of a Total Eclipse. Mind twisting experience from Hopkinsville, KY
1 Search @1_Search_org🔁UFO Sighting in Hopkinsville, Kentucky on 2017-08-20 00:00:00 – Five of us camping, all saw the same ... - 1search.org
Daily Bevin @DailyBevin🔁Hopkinsville shines as host zpr.io
Alexandra Mayers @AlexMayersLIVE🔁my #Hopkinsville 100% point of totality #SolarEclipse2017 camping trip PREVIEW #video youtube.com #Eclipseville #AlexandraMayers
The Obzerver @d_obzerver🔁@sandygrains Had seen some about birds on nasa live feed. Hopkinsville I think.
島村美保子 @x3tm4ifQjjRf0FQ🔁Had to share these gorgeous snaps from our crew in Hopkinsville "Eclipseville" KY yesterday. (Credit: NASA/Joe Matus)
The Rose Kitty @Rose_kitty91🔁Goodies I got from the eclipse con in hopkinsville, Ky: youtu.be


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