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HomecomingHomecomingHomecomingHomecoming Ms. Lucero @rluceroedu🔁@DunbarHSDC Scenes from Homecoming 2017 pt. 2
HomecomingHomecomingHomecoming Conrad FFA @FFAredwolves🔁 Senior homecoming hallway decorations underway... @conradprincipal
Homecoming ⚽️LHS Boys Soccer ⚽️ @LHS_Boys_Soccer🔁Oh hi there guys. Part of homecoming Court! Almost a smile Vinny! @DavidDitonto @vinditonto
Homecoming Blessed @Facejay🔁Vsu Homecoming AfterParties
Washington Local SD @WLS4Kids🔁 Congratulations to @Whitmer_HS homecoming queen, Darla Arnett! 👑
Homecoming AShlEy FuGIeL @ashlfugiel🔁 HOMECOMING IS HERE! 🏈🎉👸
Homecoming John Fannin @johnbfannin🔁 And your 2017 IU Homecoming King and Queen are:

Alyssa Unger and John Fannin!

Homecoming Olivia @Olivia_Rose9819🔁 Can you tell I love Homecoming weekend? 🎺😂
WVU HipHopDance Team @WVU_HipHop_Team🔁@WVUfootball GOT THE W 🏈 Therefore, #WVUHipHopTeam had to turn up ‼️😆 Homecoming 💛💙
Homecoming Queen's Gaels @queensgaels🔁It's a Homecoming W for the Queen's Gaels 👌🏈🔥
Homecoming Queen's Football @Queens_Football🔁It's a Homecoming W for the Queen's Gaels 👌🏈🔥
Homecoming Jon Little @JonathonLittle🔁 Opened 20 minutes ago and we’re PACKED!

Homecoming: the best time of the year 😎 #UCFHC

HomecomingHomecomingHomecoming Dexter Crockett @crockett_dexter🔁 Homecoming was one for the books💯🤙🏾
Homecoming dani @danimarieq🔁 Get ready for homecoming spirit week oilers starting this Monday!! 🎉👻
Homecoming Sequeena @SeQueenaa🔁 HOMECOMING CONCERT 2017 🔥 Advance Tickets are available for $30 and $45 at the door!
Homecoming Natalie Cosgrove @ohheynat🔁Never cooperating for the photo-op #dahs #homecoming #bluedragons
Homecoming Team FaceJay @TeamFaceJayVA🔁 Vsu Homecoming AfterParties
Homecoming CalU Activities @caluactivities🔁Congratulations to our 2017 Homecoming King and Queen Cory Cottom and Mari Boyle! #CalUHoco #VulcanNation
Homecoming Gabby Shanklin @GabbyShank427🔁Has so much fun cheering at my first homecoming game !!!
Barstool WVU @WVUBarstool🔁Homecoming week got me like
Homecoming Alabama Football @AlabamaFTBL🔁IT'S GAMEDAY!

Homecoming 2017.

📍 Bryant-Denny Stadium
⏰ 6:15pm
📺 @espn


Mike Gundy @CoachGundy🔁It’s America’s Greatest Homecoming Celebration! Oklahoma State is about FAMILY. It's GAMEDAY in Cowboy Country.
Danielle @DanielleOzymy🔁Our Homecoming Court Nominees!
Fr: Mackenzie Maloney
Soph: Laynie Guice
Jr: Bailee Hoover
Sr: Mackenna Joseph

Trumpet Online @WLTrumpetOnline🔁🏈 Recap: Glenville 17 - West Lib 13

Angela Proctor @AngProc🔁@Lisa_Dinning25 Is it too late to purchase a ticket to homecoming at SPHS?
kiminera linn turner @hiswife_101314🔁 We are Running for your Homecoming King and Queen
LHS Cheer @LHSEaglesCheer🔁2nd place by .5 to our girls from 💪🏼💪🏼A great way to kick off our homecoming weekend!
Erica Conaughty @Urrikkaaaa🔁It's homecoming weekend, and we can't wait to see all of our favorite WVU alumni in Morgantown. Welcome home, Mountaineers. 💛💙
RightSide @LilDreday80s🔁TSU homecoming was failure
sky summers @_socalsky_🔁Get ready for ✈️🗼🏯🗺 Homecoming tonight! Look at how our school has been transformed. Don’t miss out! 8 PM-11 PM.
c🎃ss @cassadilla_25🔁Great job last night Broncos! Win Homecoming Game ✔️ Now come party like a star at the Homecoming Dance tonight! Tickets are $45 @ the door.
Peter O'Byrne @pwobyrne🔁After trailing 25-7 rallied to win 29-25 @ homecoming over far rock
Austin O'Donnell @aodonnell017🔁lil sis is going to homecoming for the first time and i feel like the most protective big brother in the world rn fuck
Colin Hamilton @TuesdaySwimGuy🔁Great day for a comeback WVU homecoming W! @…
Cat Zuppani @czupps🔁Huskies Hold On!!!

goes on the road and beats Temple 28-24! Join us for Homecoming game next Saturday at noon vs. Tulsa!

Washington Local SD @WLS4Kids🔁This Whitmer Student Council group did an AMAZING job making the Field House Lobby look FANTASTIC! Homecoming 2017 starts in 3 hours!
Kimberly Jones @MrsCoachJ🔁@MsuBearFootball players and staff, @CoachETJones @CoachFredT !!!
Congrats on the win!!! Happy Homecoming @MorganStBears !!♥🐻🏈🏈🔥!!
Charrisse Jordan @CharrisseJordan🔁@morganstateu Enjoyong Homecoming 2017
#greattimes #justcharrisse
judi @Judi_Renee🔁 SAXONS ! Don't forget to vote for your homecoming TOP 10 on Etusd! 💙🌟👸🤴Tweet your campaign and we'll RT them ! 🤗
Emelyne Siahmakoun @MrsSiahmakoun🔁@smart_MS3 you should join us to celebrate America’s Greatest Homecoming at Causeway!!
Vince Williams @vrw11🔁With a 43-0 victory, the have moved to 6-1 on the season.
Mark Merriam @thesportsguy622🔁 Big win for the Huskies, we need you next weekend at the Rent for Homecoming!
Coach Teague @JenTeague24🔁Columbia SAAC's 2017 Student-Athlete music video! See you tomorrow at Homecoming vs. Penn! Don't forget Giving Day on 10/18/17 💪🏽
Mrs. Borgie @MrsBorgie🔁Happy homecoming week bulldogs!!
miele.🍯 @bbydoll_tay🔁 All across the land, Spelmanites are filling the nail salons. Homecoming is upon us.
Tate @CopRespecter🔁WVU was down 3 scores and Will Grier said hold on let me save homecoming weekend with 4 unanswered touchdowns real quick. MY president.
Josh_ @joshua_gustilo🔁And a big thank you to the Mighty Marshall Ram Band for helping us make our homecoming game that much more fun!!!
Greg Kahn @real_GregKahn🔁Hey ... your boy Milly Raye was named Homecoming King at halftime today!
HHS 2018 @Hightstown2018🔁Homecoming dance tonight!🖤 7-10 at the high school, make sure to bring your breathalyzer form!
Vince Williams @vrw11🔁Homecoming Week marked a renewal of school PRIDE, and a celebration of what it means to be a at heart!
Layna Wells @layyna_14🔁I regret not taking the full year to prepare my body for homecoming weekend.
JJ Sullivan @JSullivanIII🔁Columbia cheerleaders take a knee during the national anthem as the homecoming game against Penn kicks off
LA Pharmacists Assoc @LA_Pharmacists🔁ULM Homecoming- College of Pharmacy tailgate..
Thank you LWD, LIPA and Mr. Andy Soileau and cooking crew for delicious food!!!
#MSMUnstoppable @MSMU_LA🔁Thanks to all our alums who have joined us for Homecoming & class reunions at the Mount today. It's so good to have y ou back home!
🍂 @Txvd0bish🔁 i’m gonna be on my head if a beat drop at homecoming idc idc 😂
Tammy Ignacio @IgnacioTammy🔁🎥 Highlights from the second-biggest comeback in Milan Puskar Stadium history! The Mountaineers defeat Texas Tech, 46-35, on Homecoming!
Chris Ambrose Asylum @WWEShieldTLC🔁@tanasbliss You look beautiful tonight for homecoming have fun be safe! @tanamongeau please wish her a happy homecoming!
Ivan Ramos @IvanIvramos🔁It's GAMEDAY! Homecoming!! Come out to Alumni Stadium today at 2pm to see the Hornets battle Howard University!
Phil Schoener @PhilSchoener🔁MORGAN STATE WINS their First game at in front over 10,000 Morgan'ites!

Final Score:
Morgan 48
Savannah 28


🌬🌊 @iamymani_🔁It’s crazy that homecoming is this big unknown.
Clay Petitt @Clay95septClay🔁 Yeah Clemson lost but let's not forget LSU paid Troy 985K to come beat them for homecoming.
brady b @bradybalenti🔁I've never voted for both winners of homecoming King & Queen so my heart is REALLY HAPPY!!!!! Go @cashmoneydeitz & @Kalen_Tweets!!! 🙌🏼
South Atlanta High @APSsatlanta🔁Next Saturday..

📅 10/21


Stephanie Crowder @sjctweets2🔁We have 13 EXTRA tickets for CMUs homecoming game today at 3:30! Who wants one?!!
Book Promotion @quotesasimage🔁"This is a very compelling book that I just couldn't put down." - Reader review.
.♎9/29 @ItssDevo__🔁Got and MORE PULLING UP 2 HOMECOMING 🔥🔥🔥
Gabe Sansom @Bizherd123🔁@HerdFB Nobody even showed up for homecoming ! That is sad!
Augustana Tennis @AugieTennis🔁The Vikings are warming up against Wheaton. Both squads are undefeated in the . Homecoming away from home.
UA Dept. of REL @StudyReligion🔁It’s almost time! The Sweet Home Capstone Homecoming Parade is happening at 1pm. Downtown → campus, University Blvd.
Shazzon Mumphrey Sr. @ShazzMumphrey5🔁What a game. Way to FINISH Men! @UNHChargers celebrate the Homecoming W & Be safe! 🙌🏽🙌🏽
Charniq 💋 @Lingua_Action🔁I keep saying that Homecoming really should’ve been the week of Halloween 😂idc how late in the month it is. Activiti es would’ve been lit
Leigha Renée @i_BeDrummin🔁 UL homecoming damn near on New Years Eve


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