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HollywoodHollywoodHollywoodHollywood daniellem.bowman @BowmanDaniellem🔁 #Oscars #Oscars90 PUT UP OR SHUT UP, HOLLYWOOD SELLOUTS
HollywoodHollywoodHollywood Danai Gurira stan @MunaManeee🔁 Three Billboards Outside of Hollywood, California. #Oscars #Oscars90
Hollywood History in Moments @historyinmoment🔁Hedy Lamarr Hollywood star also invented a frequency device that prevented radio-controlled torpedoes from jamming.
HollywoodHollywoodHollywoodHollywood InStyle Decor Texas @InStyleDecorTEX🔁"Luxury Interior Design" View @ lnkd.in via Hollywood Retweet ://t InStyle-Decor.com .co/jVk0f21rdX
HollywoodHollywoodHollywoodHollywood VERYLONELY死の犠牲者💔 @DARKWINTERTOKYO🔁 went on one of them hollywood tours and saw some cool places
James Woods @RealJamesWoods🔁Sad. How can Hollywood stop itself from alienating its audience? breitbart.com
Gov. Mike Huckabee @GovMikeHuckabee🔁Hollywood-where grownups pretend for a living & pretend to be smarter & morally superior;condemn walls but live behi twitter.com nd them; rail against guns but protected by them & use guns in their films; and espouse free speech while screaming if someone says something they disagree with.
Dinesh D'Souza @DineshDSouza🔁Hollywood people are notoriously stupid. I wonder if they even realize what this means twitter.com
The Vibe FM @The_Vibe_FM🔁Frankie Goes to Hollywood - Relax~4
No Nonsense Man Network @NoNonsenseNet🔁For years, Hollywood bigwigs have lied that they make only what the market demands, and the market demands Leftism. Kimmel ripped the mask off that last night. He's right.
ONE UPSET AMERICAN @statman07🔁 Trump Responds To Pathetic Oscars Ratings... Puts Hollywood Elites In Their Place patrioticexpress.com
Bob Ridout (R-Mo) @bob_ridout🔁Watching arrogant Hollywood elitists fawn all over themselves, aka the Oscars, is actually quite BORING. It’s 3 hours of hearing about how much more enlightened they are than the rest of us. That is why I never watch the show. Would rather be poked in the eye with a sharp stick.
MJB @MJBColorado🔁Can they accomplish anything without lying and cheating?
. Streisand are t you embarrassed?

Steve Hawkins @shawk1947🔁It's not like Hollywood or the Mainstream media has never mocked President Trump on crowd sizes or audiences for things like the SOTU...seems like turnabout is fair play.
SHANanigans @_Bourne_Flyy🔁Just want to interrupt your daily dose of casual overt racism from 45 with a pic of a few brothers succeeding in Hollywood despite the odds...
Kevin Gillin @keving31🔁@DLoesch @Rosie Rosie is the biggest thing in Hollywood!💩

*On TJ1.TV ly For Those Fighting to Stay Alive
Gerry Kulpa @lacgak52🔁 Sad. How can Hollywood stop itself from alienating its audience? breitbart.com
عبد العصماني، @fkziwtrpvbz🔁Enzo Zelocchi and Samuel L. Jackson at the Giorgio Armani’s event in Beverly Hills honoring the Oscar winner director Guillermo del Toro

Spec5/E5/Over5 Ace @4TheJerseyKid🔁
Paraphrasing Winston Churchill: "Islamophilia in this man and Hollywood is like rabies in a dog." twitter.com
Charles Geiger @yetigiant🔁Follow up boycotting the oscars by boycotting all movies and bankrupt Hollywood. Hollywood has no redeeming value. I twitter.com ndependents are making better American values movies!
Retweet if you agree!
Donna Smelko @DCSmelko🔁 Hollywood people are notoriously stupid. I wonder if they even realize what this means twitter.com
CatFish @19Cat_Fish191🔁I would say that Hollywood should not use their platforms to bash a sitting president. I said the same with Obama. I twitter.com didn't like the man but I at the very least respected his position. But that was before we knew he was Sterling us blind.
pixiedust @pixiedust5135🔁The Oscars Ratings Hit A All Time Low

Hasn’t Learned Yet That Americans Are Tired Of Them Slamming Christians, Conservatives, Guns and

Mark Vancil @markvancil🔁An island of grace and style amidst a morass of depravity and hypocrisy.

I give you the LEGAL immigrant, Gary Oldman.

(And he thanked his 98 year-old Mom too).

Hisladydi @Hisladydiana🔁Remember when sleeping with your boss became illegal? Or when bosses used their position to coerce sex from subordinates? People in Hollywood are taking us back to the 60’s. No shame. Fake platforms.
⚠️Hollywood Hypocrisy⚠️
👉Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, EEO.
Honey!!! INSIDER ⬆️ @honeysiota🔁As we predicted the Oscar telecast was a ratings bomb. America has had enough of Hollywood posturing. Analysis posted right now on
Juan Cortes @showtime17505🔁Imagine if no one owned a gun


Hollywood is funded by Big Tobacco , The NRA and Big Oil as much or more than the twitter.com GOP

Kristine @kristnas🔁I love our President! 🇺🇸 Great sense of humor too! Living in California & pursuing acting, getting my SAG card an twitter.com d realizing later that changing my mind about Hollyweird was the best decision ever! Drain the Hollywood swamp!
ㅤ ‏ @sameenshau🔁In the presence of Brilliance......,,,,,....,,Allejandro Gonzales Inarritu 🎥🎬🖤 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
V. Kinkela @vkinkela🔁 Trump Tweet: Pokes at Hollywood over Oscars dmlnews.com
Smolspeon Av de un insolente color rosita @All4Av🔁Dear Hollywood,

If you insist on making 13 movies about World War II every year, you need to make a movie about black women's role in the war.


❤️PARIS DEPLORABLE❤️ @Destinbeach22🔁1. Public School Teachers = COMMUNISTS
2. University Professors = COMMUNISTS
4. Hollywood = COMMUNISTS
5. Congress and the Senate = COMMUNISTS
Who am I missing folks????

Douglas Neer @DouglasNeer🔁Cheer up, Jimmy! It’s not just you. You can take comfort in knowing America knows most all of Hollywood SUCKS‼️😂😂😂
MIRO @TitogradjaninM🔁Hedy Lamarr Hollywood star also invented a frequency device that prevented radio-controlled torpedoes from jamming.
Beth Foraker @inclusionchick🔁Let’s make sure is part of the movement in Hollywood. 20% of our population is disabled.
B.L. McMillan @PoliticalBee🔁I just find the Kimmel bashing amusing. The guy has taken two big stands: Healthcare for children and tougher gun laws. What a radical Hollywood elite liberal monster!
mujer_cita_GLOBAL @mujer_cita_MIA🔁 How Fetishism and Erasure Silence Asian-American Women in Hollywood colorlines.com
Up Yours hypocrites @NationofWhiners🔁@CHANEL @MargotRobbie No one cares about Hollywood or idolizing people. Why don’t you understand this?
Jose Suarez @GlobalInventory🔁Starting Today through 3/10 - This Weeks Special. alignable.com via @
UniterOne01 @UniterOne01🔁Well, until Hollywood figures out America does not appreciate ‘awards’ shows being used as political platforms to pus twitter.com h their self serving anti America ideology, we will continue to tune out.
CraftyChick @ImACraftyChick🔁 Ratings collapse. No one cares what Hollywood thinks anymore. I never did, even when I lived there and was a part of "Hollywood." My silent Mantra was "If Hollywood was for it, I was against it." Worked for me. Not all of the people but the culture for sure.
Rei Dargo🤴🏻 @_dm43🔁It’s the and Hollywood’s biggest night!
So let me go ahead and take this “L” right on the chin for Baywatch.
Win some, lose some.. but hey, that’s the way love goes.
Katy @Thatkatylady53🔁 BREAKING: Last nights Oscars were lowest watched on record. Keep it up Hollywood, you’re doing great!
E T H N O-staytist @KinSelector🔁Today, post-WASP, obviously there's a new dominant ethnic group in US, with 1/3rd of Forbes 400, nearly half the punditry, much of Hollywood and increasingly Silicon Valley. But they identify as victims, with zero urge to feel any noblesse oblige toward less privileged Americans.
Shadow The Cat @ShadowWolfCat🔁On this day in 1992, went to see play The Palace in Hollywood. were in support.
Joshua Pennington @Jay_MoneyPenni🔁Hollywood-where grownups pretend for a living & pretend to be smarter & morally superior;condemn walls but live behind them; rail against guns but protected by them & use guns in their films; and espouse free speech while screaming if someone says something they disagree with.
Christina JSamuel @chris1989jean🔁Hollywood: Casting an Asian actor is not the same as casting an Asian American actor. So casting an actor from China to score in the Chinese box office does not mean you’re off the hook on telling Asian American stories.
Substantia Jones @Adipositivity🔁Nothing like an anniversary to really tie the room together. Happy 20th to The Big Lebowski. ‘Bout time for a sequel, twitter.com eh? I predict Son’ll be a humorless banker w/a Hollywood ending & we’ll be more pissed abt the sequel than we were abt the absence of one.
🌹PooberKitty❤️ @PooberKitty🔁Hollywood wants to normalize pedophilia before the truth comes out about how many of them are pedophiles. These people are sick.
whatzen @whatzen🔁“To every lying member of the media, to every Hollywood phony, to the role model athletes who use their free speech to alter and undermine what our flag represents…Your Time is running out. The clock starts now."

Paul Kent @kentpg🔁WATCH: NRA's Dana Loesch Hits Hollywood's Hypocrisy: 'Your Time Is Running Out'
shyloh🇺🇸 @shylohg🔁2011 MOCA GALA👉🏽This is the weird SICK stuff the & people in the music industry are into

Let that sink in.

Miami University CAS @CASMiamiOH🔁CAS alum (Mass Communication, 2014) assists Miami's Inside Hollywood program and works with on as an Exec twitter.com utive Producer's Assistant. Janey was this year’s Oscar winner for Best Supporting Actress in the film .
ancientscream @ancientscream🔁BREAKING: Hollywood celebs have declared that no armed security will be used at tonight’s Academy Awards ceremony.

Just kidding...they’ll be armed to the teeth.

🇺🇸 556🇺🇸 @QueJayma🔁 if you want to protect children we need longer prison sentences for the sick evil monsters molesting abuse epidem twitter.com ic, infestation! Fight violence starting with and video games but don't strip or right to live
John Duck III @Ruptured_Lungs🔁Thee are two places to find dens of pedophiles:
Forever V @vincijuju🔁This man has appeared at Hollywood parties and in celeb pics for years. He also claims to be a UN Ambassador. Shows h twitter.com ow easy it is for unstable people to infiltrate supposedly secure settings.
Sfseltzer @DrSue19380🔁Tired of hearing the Oscar TV audience was historically down compared to other years. Reason given- not many good mov twitter.com ies. WRONG. Reason was that Americans are sick of no-nothing Hollywood playing faux politicans. Uneducated ‘experts.’ Who wants to hear that? O & pervert Kimmel.
Melissa Bible @MissyCoeShoes🔁We Christians complain about Hollywood, but we still hand it our money and our time. We say we hate how it "attacks our values" yet we watch garbage like House of Cards, etc. We could bankrupt the industry if we just started reading books instead of watching TV 8 hours a day.
Proud American Woman Trump Supporter❤️🙏🏼 @crgargaro🔁 maybe you better think twice about trashing our . .You never know ,most of you might end up being on the unemployment line. I heard you had the lowest Box office attendance in years, now the awards viewing plunged 20% . KEEP A LID ON IT!
Gern Blensten @GBlensten🔁Guaranteed your tweet will get more views than the oscars!!! Hollywood vs Trump: Trump crushes the nitwits and bum bu twitter.com ddies like a real man should.
Viral Talkies @ViralTalkies1🔁Women in Hollywood say Frances McDormand's Oscar speech is a complicated call to action
Bubba Trump @Bubba_Trump_ify🔁Nobody should be allowed to own a gun OR HIRE SOMEONE WHO DOES if they have a history of mental illness or substance abuse. That leaves Hollywood OUT.
hemalatha @hemalatha121🔁 Thank you @CNN for the marathon analysis of Hollywood's biggest night 👏👏👏
TRISHW2002 @expiditer57🔁Epic fail for Mr Kimmel

"Oscar Ratings Crash By Double Digits"

Not surprising that insulting half the country hurt your ratings

Here's a thought

Stop the hypocrisy, virtue signalling, and moralizing, and go work on your comedy routines

Vato DelCosta @VatoDelcosta🔁Artist's billboards blasting Hollywierd "made point" despite not lasting 10 hours.

Sabo, 50 year old artist & marine, has gotten death threats for doing this, but he's not backing down.

We want to see these powerful pedophiles/rapists locked up!

Preetha🌸 @its_preetha🔁Indian teens talking about BLM, racism in Hollywood etc is great...

But why don't we acknowledge what's happening in our own homes? India is racist as hell. I wish we spoke about that more.

White racism has a terrible global impact but we need to address our own racism too.

Mlle Licious @MlleLicious🔁@mattburgess1 I still have not seen the Hollywood sign despite all my trips to LA. 🙄great photos


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