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Hollywood D @damonwon🔁@clapback_king At this point I was like wow. Shaq out here like a Hollywood producer.
Kellyanne Conway @KellyannePolls🔁P.S. : when next we visit, let's talk why it took a year to discuss this on Cap Hill, Hollywood, MSM; I started convo twitter.com on : Kellyanne Conway Recalls Members of Congress 'Rubbing Up Against Girls, Sticking Their Tongues Down Women's Throats'
Apathetic @maaraym__🔁 EXCLUSIVE: @TerryCrews speaks out; actor shares story of Hollywood harassment: abcn.ws
HollywoodLife @HollywoodLife🔁What restaurants are open on Thanksgiving? Here's where you can eat AND get deals! hollywood.li
Chelsea Handler @chelseahandler🔁Trump remaining silent on Roy Moore. Trump knows the saying, “Those who ride Access Hollywood buses shouldn’t throw stones…”
Joy Reid @JoyAnnReid🔁In the same country where the Access Hollywood video had no effect on Trump’s supporters and Roy Moore’s base is digg twitter.com ing in. Sounds like it’s Dems who are the “values voters.”
HOPE @hopefulfornow🔁GOSPEL VIA CELEBWEB: 🙏🏼 Corey Feldman Ignored By Hollywood As He Continues To Speak Out Against Hollywood Pedophiles
andonios @BeautyMinistry🔁Same pattern as the Access Hollywood tape. R officeholders pretend to care about sex crimes for a few days til the heat is off, then re-endorse perpetrator.
Biz Comm Strategies @UCStrategies🔁Catch up on CEO ’s latest blog post on de-archiving Hollywood in the entertainment industry.
Kernstown62 @Kernstown62🔁Al Franken gropes women on camera.

Joe Biden gropes women and children on camera.

Anthony Weiner in prison for pedophilia.

Bill Clinton is a rapist who flew to private pedophile island.

Bob Menendez allegedly raped young girls.

Don't forget liberal Hollywood rapists & pedos.

ara @azzahraputri46🔁Jessica Chastain, Jennifer Lawrence, Allison Janney, Mary J. Blige, Emma Stone, and Saoirse Ronan cover the latest issue of The Hollywood Reporter:
Lyle @Newsworthyness🔁BREAKING: There's now a $20,000 combined reward for details on congressional harassment settlements from Congress' $15 million "hush fund."

DC is about to experience a Hollywood-style purge. Hopefully all sexual predators in Congress are forced out.

Elise @EliseErosenb827🔁Should we remind of his locker room talk? Moved on her like a bitch....when ur a star, u can do anything, grab her by the....the Access Hollywood tape?

You Tube is a treasure trove of past Howard Stern audio & video of Trump & his real comments on women.

Mediagazer @mediagazer🔁Sources: Vice Media suspends Jason Mojica, head of documentary film unit, as part of an investigation into sexual har twitter.com assment allegations ( / Hollywood Reporter)

Issa @HollyWood_Isa🔁Today, we turned off in-game purchases for . The game is built on your input, and it will continue to evolve and grow. Read the full update:
Rick @rs130🔁 Sara huckabee sanders just GLARINGLY and OBVIOUSLY lied and no one in the press challenged her/ The President HAS " twitter.com admitted' --on hollywood acces-in fact he bragged about doing what Franken did but worse-- forceful kissing and grabbing pussy. Press-- wake up!
Anna Meadows @annameadows17🔁 “r u going to hollywood tonight?” twitter.com
Daniel Lismore @daniellismore🔁“On so many fronts on our planet we are faced with extinction - and we’re talking about Harvey Weinstein.”

Photographer David LaChapelle says humanity “may not have much longer”, and the media should focus on climate change instead of sexual harassment allegations in Hollywood.

Ed Von Bevern @edvonbev🔁@ABC @PressSec @CeciliaVega What about the access Hollywood tape where he admitting assaulting Women!
rockfriends218 @rockfriends218🔁 "I decided to give [them] to RAINN and Film Independ twitter.com ent, just because I didn't want to cash a check from the guy" "
BretFrick @DRBretFrick🔁Oh yes. I'm sure none of you knew what was happening... And are just SO SHOCKED!🙄 Hollywood, it's time. Time for you twitter.com to be burnt to the ground.
Jodi Sachs @jrs4358🔁. -- has admitted to sexual misconduct. Did you listen to the access hollywood tapes? That's sexual assault. That's using power to harass women. Admit it, or accept that you're not interested in solving the problem -- only enabling the President.
Mas @MasonSL99🔁Maybe little kids have it right when they worship the garbage man, the postman, the guy who drives the semi and cranes, instead of admiring the cesspool of Hollywood that we adults seem to.
ScrappySass @BlurtSmirk🔁 self-incriminated on the Access Hollywood tape. Unfortunately, he redefined bad behavior, & the electoral college l twitter.com et him. He took office w pending rape charges, of a 13 yr old girl. Maybe we need rules to run for No pending charges,
DeplorablePoppinator @tea0704🔁 Isn’t it wonderful to see Hollywood celebrities take time off from raping each other to condemn Christmas and prayer.
K🍓STΛL @KxxSTAL_613🔁BTS On Their Upcoming AMAs Performance: 'It's Unbelievable!' | Access Hollywood
LegendaryDJ @Iwatch_TV🔁Hi! The movie I wrote and directed Mr. Roosevelt opens in Los Angeles this Friday, 8PM at Cinelounge in Hollywood. I'll be at the screening, will you???
coachellacanuck🍁 @coachellacanuck🔁Every day, once a day, I, a survivor of child sexual assault, a survivor of workplace sexual harassment, reply to a twitter.com tweet with his Access Hollywood quote or another quote from one of his accusers. If you could amplify, it would be wonderful.
William Kuck @WRKSNFX🔁Satanism is rampant in Hollywood - WATCH THIS SHOCKING VIDEO at concealncarry.stfi.re
Stacks Entertainment @StacksFilmsEnt🔁Stream Christmas in Hollywood | Vimeo On Demand
#Christmas #Holidays #HappyHolidays #MerryChristmas #xmas... fb.me
🎬 : peek-a-boo @lovingjunmyeon🔁@mistletoekjm_ He’s the most good looking man i Hollywood
Rani┼Something┼Baker @destroyed4com4t🔁Yeah wtf is this sudden mystical belief in the infallible autistic savant who Identifies Hard Truths

(Well I know where it comes from, it’s an extension of the Hollywood trope of the Asshole Who’s Always Right, but it sucks)

MikeyLikesIt @mikeylikesit100🔁@PressSec Did you watch the tape of him bragging about it on the Access Hollywood tape? Comments? twitter.com
7th Term U.S. Consul @tunnelrat03112🔁: This is just a sample. Hollywood still owes me a Plaque of Award for being the most Inspirational Creative Speciali twitter.com st of All Time from 1977-2017. It took them 28 years before they could embed my russian screen name on the Walk of Fame. First name is Alexander.
BellaDonna🍷 @DonnaMLanglais🔁@derrickg745 Making movies in Hollywood WAS a tough gig back then! 🙄
Trish Murphy @DishMurphy🔁@eorden @nycsouthpaw Access Hollywood tape is nothing but admission of guilt @jaketapper
Juliens Auctions @JuliensAuctions🔁Just Sold for $18,750! An Evel Knievel Leather Jacket! Sold today in our "Icons and Idols: Hollywood and More" auctio twitter.com n! Learn all about the auction at and view the catalog and bid online at !

Tracy Meisky @TLMeisky🔁@dceiver Actually he DID admit wrongdoing: it's called the Access Hollywood tapes!!
DuluthLPD6 @DuluthLPD🔁@MSNBC I'm not so sure, the Hollywood Access Tapes" could be considered as a confession?
Moreyra Flores @fpmoreyra🔁 #BTS On Their Upcoming AMAs Performance: 'It's Unbelievable!' | Access Hollywood youtube.com @BTS_twt @bts_bighit
The 90s Life @The90sLife🔁 The Sexiest Bodies in Hollywood cards.twitter.com
Glenn Kessler @GlennKesslerWP🔁"I said it. It was wrong. I apologize." twitter.com twitter.com
⚡Tryya 🌹Sinobu ⚡ @cosmosblue772🔁I love these women a lot but The Hollywood Reporter should’ve invited some of the actresses who have been on the front lines of breaking this open. Just saying.
Duncan @nyorude🔁@stevenmnuchin1 gets his name on Dollar! bloomberg.com
Tory Mutineer Matt 🇪🇺 @celestialhost🔁You Should Be The Very Last Person Criticising Franken With 11+ Women Accusing You Of Sexual Harrassment Not To Mention Your Own Words "Grab Them By The P#&&Y" In The Access Hollywood Tapes!!!!!!
Bitter Script Reader @BittrScrptReadr🔁All the sexual harassment news in Hollywood has been pretty discouraging the past few weeks, so here's a palette cleanser: I've worked with many kind, integritous, non-harassy men in my career... in fact, the vast majority.
@Kos_Cars @Kos_Cars🔁 >
🇺🇸 twitter.com
McC5 @MissMcC5🔁With the way Bill Clinton, Al Franken, Joe Biden, Anthony Weiner, Bob Menendez, and liberal Hollywood treat women, you’d think people would be really skeptical about the Democratic Party’s attacks on our POTUS for being such a “misogynist.” 🤔
C. Seidle @Seidle🔁"What Netflix has done feels like a continuation of how the Church of Scientology made me feel when I reported my rape to them."
Sandy Hanna @mollymoor🔁Sarah Huckabee Sanders told a bald-faced lie today. Trump did admit wrongdoing after Access Hollywood tape broke "I said it, I was wrong, I apologize"
Mary Bird @jo_kasprzak🔁 Yes Sarah, he has.

Do we really need to relitigate the Access Hollywood tape? twitter.com

J_B_2 @jmb76109🔁Here’s the latest from Hollywood! Oh the agony! Where’s CNN on this one?
Notre Dame FTT @NDFTT🔁Want to know how to eliminate sexual harassment in the Hollywood industry? Stop it in film schools. - FTT prof.... fb.me
Garfeimao @CruisingCathy🔁Wonder Woman couldn't rescue Hollywood from its terrible, horrible, no good, very bad summer at the .
Richie Roy @roy52_richie🔁 How Hollywood Secularized Johnny Cash, a Great Man of Faith lifezette.com
Silo Bot @bot_silo🔁RW: As allegations of sexual misconduct continue to mount against several Hollywood heavyweights including
Buck Rogers @Uncovertreason🔁There is an effort to demoralize the movement that elected @POTUS. Just look at DC, MSM, and Hollywood. Will they succeed? #FridayFeeling
EqualityHealthCenter @EqualityHC🔁Check out VINTAGE HOLLYWOOD BURLESQUE with Pixie and Violet at the EHC Amethyst Cabaret! Get your tix today! romandjenniferdance.wixsite.com
Hollywood Reporter @THR🔁Affleck on donating his residuals from Weinstein movies: "I decided to give [them] to RAINN and Film Independent, jus twitter.com t because I didn't want to cash a check from the guy"
Farofa; 💸 @_farofs🔁Links das entrevistas liberadas hoje:

Presente do JoJo youtu.be (KIISFM):
Access Hollywood:
E! :
Ryan Seacrest:

Grove Street @Grove_Street2x🔁Is it alleged when there is an Access Hollywood tape of your disgusting, dumbass dad admitting to groping, forcibly kissing & sexually assaulting women?
Shawn Greenheart @ShawnGreenheart🔁Corey Feldman: ‘Demonic’ Force Motivated Him to Expose Alleged Pedophiles in Hollywood

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