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A nobody📌 @cdollar901🔁 Karen Bobo talking to Zach Adams in court #HollyBobo @NC5
#HollyBobo LiterateWolf @VapingLitWolf🔁 BREAKING: Zach Adams was found guilty of first degree murder in the death of Holly Bobo. #HollyBobo
#HollyBobo CaraMaria BeastMode @shawnalea1🔁 Statement from Drew Scott, boyfriend of #HollyBobo
#HollyBobo Red Raider @Redraider007007🔁@Kenneth_Belkin @AKellerLawNewz @LawNewzNetwork Jury Questionnaire from #hollybobo case. Do you know this judge?
#HollyBobo Rio-MF-Sorden🌈 @RioDoesLife🔁 BREAKING: Zach Adams found guilty of first-degree murder in #HollyBobo murder trial
#HollyBobo Billy Tolley @BillyTolley5🔁 Jason Autry and Dylan Adams hearings scheduled for Nov. 11 #HollyBobo
#HollyBobo#HollyBobo Billy Tolley @BillyTolley5🔁 #HollyBobo - Jason Autry and Dylan Adams will be back in court for a status hearing on Nov. 14.
George Williamson @MidWestern7🔁 Karen Bobo talking to Zach Adams in court #HollyBobo @NC5
#HollyBobo NewsChannel 5 @NC5🔁BREAKING: Zach Adams was found guilty of first degree murder in the death of Holly Bobo. #HollyBobo
WSMV-TV, Nashville @WSMV🔁UPDATE: Zach Adams found guilty on all eight counts, including agg. rape and agg. kidnapping, in #HollyBobo case
Chris Conte @chrisconte🔁Six years of delays, uncertainty and heartbreak. Now Holly's family knows. Zach Adams is the man who killed their daughter #hollybobo
Creizman LLC Law @Creizmanllc🔁Our host lineup today
Morning -
Midday -
Afternoon -

CaraMaria BeastMode @shawnalea1🔁@SharonMartinVO #HollyBobo mother TOLD her killer 2 or 3 times to look at me..zack gained @ 75 lbs n meth to abuse. 3 more trials
George Williamson @MidWestern7🔁 We did it! In the words of Karen, "Holly won!"


George Williamson @MidWestern7🔁 Clint Bobo's testimony of that morning never added up to me. Screaming was heard by the neighbors 100 yards away. #hollybobo
🐙Lynne Russell @lynnenews1🔁The most powerful moment of this whole trial. She had to tell him to look at her. #HollyBobo #Justice
Emi @emicska🔁#hollybobo can you tell who is the woman zach has a child with and how old is that kid
Steve Beverly @MrTVClassics🔁Jackson 24-7 Special: The Verdict & Sentencing of Zach Adams via @YouTube #HollyBobo @jackson247live @EPlusTV6
cLAiRe @mohiclaire🔁 #HollyBobo's #mother: Decision had 'nothing to do with this animal' 🙏🙏 🙏
OneJurorMatters @OneJurorMatters🔁I was patient during the entire of for ➖ I'm a news buff but I don't wanna read the same thing from 2 reporters
NY Justice Seeker @NYJusticeSeeker🔁#HollyBobo's #mother: Decision had 'nothing to do with this animal' 🙏🙏 🙏
Nicolette Glazer @NicoletteGlazer🔁Zachary Adams, found guilty of kidnapping and murdering in 2011, avoids death penalty by taking a deal for life in priz +50yrs
ⓣⓘⓕⓕⓐⓝⓨ 🌻 @tiffyarlena🔁BREAKING: Zach Adams gets life without possibility of parole. Agreement reached among lawyers.
Nick Beres @NC5_NickBeres🔁JUSTICE FOR HOLLY! What happens next? Join me Gavel to Gavel After Hours at 7 p-m at Nick Beres Nc5 on Facebook Live at 7 p-m.

Amanda @aljdavis84🔁The abundance of tweets using the verdict in murder of #Hollybobo makes me sick. Stop using her to further your agenda.
EmilygailK @emilygailk🔁 Zack Adams sentenced to life without parole + 50 years for kidnapping/rape/murder of #HollyBobo
elaine @calamitylaine13🔁@emilygailk @olderbrother21 The best part is he probably will not last long in prison.
Maranda Faris @MarandaFaris🔁From today's sentencing that ended Zach Adams' trial after 12 days. #HollyBobo
elaine @calamitylaine13🔁@olderbrother21 @emilygailk That's exactly what I think. Much sooner and more painful than if it were up to the state.
Bridget Chapman @bchapman_WREG3🔁It's been a long two weeks covering the trial and I can only imagine how much longer…
elaine @calamitylaine13🔁@Regina724 @JoshBreslowWKRN @WKRN Last sentence in an article i just read states his lawyer is planning an appeal. #HollyBobo
Lisa D. Moody @moodygirllisad🔁Not one gasp or sound from the courtroom when Zach Adam's guilty verdict was read. The family has been so strong for so long.🙏🏻
Desirae Young @CouponDivaDes🔁More than 6 years after disappeared, will be sentenced to life without parole plus 50 years
ⓣⓘⓕⓕⓐⓝⓨ 🌻 @tiffyarlena🔁Zach Adams got sentenced to life in prison + 50 years in prison for kidnapping rape & murder of #HollyBobo
lirpa @theredcliche🔁WATCH: Karen Bobo, mother of addresses Zach Adams following his sentencing to life w/out parole + 50 years.
Felicia Bolton @FeliciaBoltonTV🔁 Zach Adams will serve a life sentence w/o parole. Karen Bobo is about to address the court now. #HollyBobo #wmc5
JSCT0863 @jae0863🔁In a surprising turn of events, , and the state reached a sentencing agreement in the Trial.

🇺🇸Worried 4America @reallysnowflake🔁There is no equality nor justice in #USA how someone can take an innocent life in cold blood and not give there's. #HollyBobo #brokensystem
Alan Grimsley @AlanTshirts🔁He should have gotten the death penalty. Weak deal. #HollyBobo
Fantasy Golf @FantasyGolf2🔁Man, I'm so fucked up with tears right now. I love you #HollyBobo
noodle @nmarie_113🔁 puts on blast during victim impact statement for the death of her daughter
Fantasy Golf @FantasyGolf2🔁Crying my ass off bc #HollyBobo can finally go to heaven because someone finally told the fucking truth
Princess Mojo Risin @savvychic7🔁@JoshBreslowWKRN @WKRN Yes he still has a right to appeal #HollyBobo
Red Raider @Redraider007007🔁"OJ" murdertrial of TN. moves 1 county away. Seems impossible to be granted fair & impartial trial w/ Judge knows 1/ 2 the jury.
CaraMaria BeastMode @shawnalea1🔁Zach Adams will serve life in prison without possibility of parole after reaching plea deal with state
Fantasy Golf @FantasyGolf2🔁Justice for #HollyBobo


Red Raider @Redraider007007🔁Here is the video of the Judge pointing out how many people he knew on the jury.
Red Raider @Redraider007007🔁 #HollyBobo if this is true, defense should move for a mistrial. @AKellerLawNewz @LawNewzNetwork
Momma_Presley @TheMommyDearest🔁 Here's the appeals procedure for Zach Adams. #HollyBobo
Bobo from Tahoe @Bobolaketahoe🔁 Dick Adams doesn't seem to remember anything when it comes to accusing grandsons of #hollybobo murder.
Josh Breslow @JoshBreslowWKRN🔁WATCH: Zach Adams escorted from courthouse after being sentenced to life w/out parole + 50 yrs for murder, kidnap, r ape of .
Lea Shawnta💋 @LeaHalsell🔁Breaking news in case; Zach Adams will be sentenced to life without the possibility of parole plus 50 years.
melissa moon @MMoon_WREG3🔁The Bobo family & prosecutor Jennifer Nichols are speaking with the media.
melissa moon @MMoon_WREG3🔁6years after murdered, ZachAdams will be sentenced to life w/o parole plus 50.Jury did not have to decide
Serena Collingsworth @Sissy33Rocks🔁 Karen looking at Zach: you have shown absolutely no remorse for anything you have done #HollyBobo
Serena Collingsworth @Sissy33Rocks🔁 Karen to Zach: look at me, I know my daughter fought hard for her life and I know she begged for her life #HollyBobo
Kenneth M. Cummings @_KCummings_🔁It is so nice to see and be back in @CityofJacksonTN after 13 days away covering the #HollyBobo trial. #JacksonTN
EmilygailK @emilygailk🔁So if he successfully appeals conviction...he gets a new trial? And a new sentence? Someone who knows please. #HollyBobo
Emma Diorz @EmmaDiorz🔁Yeah I don't know either, wish they would have, but there must be a reason I guess. At least some justice given God b less family


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