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#HogwartsMystery Angela @_gelanicole🔁There too #HMFreeEnergy #HogwartsMystery
#HogwartsMystery Tata @CueiaLife🔁morre
Adelicate🌸 @Adelicate_🔁 Waiting for energy to come back like #HogwartsMystery
#HogwartsMystery Fred ⚜️ @FredWeasley2pt0🔁The highlight so far has been sneaking into the gryffindor common room by shrinking myself #hogwartsmystery
#HogwartsMystery#HogwartsMystery#HogwartsMystery#HogwartsMystery mondieu @dianamxnd🔁 I AM LIVING MY DREAMS #HogwartsMystery
Christian S. @Chrisatsinnoh🔁 The Money in my bank account after playing #HogwartsMystery
aloy. || 1 day. ✨ @neganskink🔁 #HogwartsMystery would be a lot better if it werent for that energy thing
#HogwartsMystery Tata @CueiaLife🔁to triste
#HogwartsMystery rachel ⭐️ @onlysaymyname🔁Y’ALL I’M SO CUTE #hogwartsmystery
#HogwartsMystery Christian S. @Chrisatsinnoh🔁 Wow so accurate


#HogwartsMystery#HogwartsMystery#HogwartsMystery#HogwartsMystery joao @heronthorm🔁 Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

AAA acabou vida social #HogwartsMystery

#HogwartsMystery nicolle 🖤 luwoo au 📌 | I ❤ 박진영 @binniesdark🔁me waiting for energy #HogwartsMystery
#HogwartsMystery Jasmin @CrystalSnowSky🔁 Every time I see Merula #HogwartsMystery
Harry Potter Film @HarryPotterFilm🔁It's time to embark on your Hogwarts story. Download now for iOS and Android: twitter.com
Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery @HogwartsMystery🔁It's time to embark on your Hogwarts story. Download on the App Store or Google Play store today! twitter.com
Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery @HogwartsMystery🔁Once the duel has been initiated, it’s time to choose your stance! Try to read your opponent and choose from Sneaky, twitter.com Defensive, and Aggressive stances
Divine Grace Parido @_debbiegrace🔁We downloaded the game as fast as a flying golden snitch and "Merlin’s beard!" we are already hooked! ✨

niswa @niswah_indah🔁Congrats, Rose Carter
You are a Gryffindor😂😂 #HogwartsMystery
sammi @sammihiggins_🔁Ten minutes in: Snape thinks I’m a dumbass and a little shit named Merula locked me in a room to die of strangulation. Rowan is gonna have to hold me back once my energy is replenished and I get out of this room. No wonder my brother got expelled smh
Jasmin @CrystalSnowSky🔁 i wanna fucking punch merula in the face where’s that option #HogwartsMystery
leticia @0llggrier🔁Your journey begins with a very important question… Which house will you be in? pottermo.re
Vicky McKinley @ProfessorMack🔁Who else received their letter today? Send us screenshots in the comments, as you progress through :
InqPOP! @InqPOP🔁We downloaded the game as fast as a flying golden snitch and "Merlin’s beard!" we are already hooked! ✨

Emma Darling @EmmaVxee🔁 Anyone need extra energy go to the castle grounds a click the stick. A puppy comes with it. 🐕
ϟ SH M△LFOY @glimmerpearl🔁When you think that you have waited enough for the new energy but then you realize it's not

nicole rhee @debnamgrimes🔁thread of me playing #HogwartsMystery app i guess
Gabbasaurus @GabStanibwijdwk🔁Has this been the entirety of anyone else’s day or is it just me??? ⚡️🔮✨ twitter.com
Emma Darling @EmmaVxee🔁Merula tried to duel me and I chose the cast a spell option even tho I only know one (1) spell. My dumb ass just tried to duel with a lumos ashfhfklf maybe Snape was right
ϟ SH M△LFOY @glimmerpearl🔁 #hogwartsmystery = Waiting for energy simulator
Emma Darling @EmmaVxee🔁me: man is so fun, this is the self-insert HP world I've wanted for so long, and what a great time period for it!

my brain, chanting: Remus Lupin Is Homeless And Alone During This, Remus Lupin Is Homeless And Alone During This, Remus Lupin Is Homeless And Alone

1604 @nottnottheonott🔁ok but imagine being an online interactive multiplayer where you can team up w ur friends against houses wow what a concept
Sℓутнєяιи Aиgєℓ ⚯͛ △⃒⃘ 💚🐍 @fandegregpernia🔁Here’s my acceptance letter! I’m finally playing I’m so happy and excited I could cry I love the music and I feel like magic has begun again 😍
Sℓутнєяιи Aиgєℓ ⚯͛ △⃒⃘ 💚🐍 @fandegregpernia🔁I’m at potions class and I see a very grumpy Severus lol. I couldn’t wait to see Snape, I can’t stop playing this game I love it & of course my house is 😍💚🐍
lizzy ❤️ @lizzymalfoy🔁It's time to embark on your Hogwarts story. Download on the App Store or Google Play store today!
Sℓутнєяιи Aиgєℓ ⚯͛ △⃒⃘ 💚🐍 @fandegregpernia🔁Here I am ready for these amazing adventures! I am absolutely addicted to this game I love it. I’m a happy 💚🐍
⚡️Miku⚡️ @Mikururun🔁goddammit the new game sucksssss
you want to breath? It cos twitter.com t 1 point
Nsia Adisa @AllureLaVie🔁Although imma need this energy bar ro double or so by Year 2 cause... Gotdamn #HogwartsMystery
RIIRICHAN @riirichan🔁I’ve played for a day now.
My thoughts:
Let me have Malfoy as my surname
Why is everything so god damn expensive?
W twitter.com hy are the times so damn long?

This game has potential to be AMAZING... but atm it’s just so tedious that it’s not enjoyable.

Johann @Djoh59🔁Team? #HarryPotter #HogwartsMystery
KCur @kcurry096🔁Not only do you become friends with Bill Weasley in Year 2 but you also gain entry to Dumbledore’s office and the Hos twitter.com pital Wing so it seems like that’s where I’ll start causing the real trouble lmao
Shannon @shanntop🔁Ran out of energy and currently waiting to gain more as I’m being strangled by Devil’s Snare...
Luna tá MUITO INFINITA @LovztoRuins🔁 will gladly get expelled and join my brother if it means i get to beat the shit out of merula just once #HogwartsMystery
Rohini Singh, Author @Manipulator_Son🔁 is a complete and total blast to play minus the energy problem which is present in most F2P mobile games. It’s one game that I can see myself playing for quite awhile (especially with how long it takes to do things)
Semirah #bostonblogger @SemirahD🔁#hogwartsmystery how do I get out of devils snare?? Do I let the app sit for 7 hours?
AbleToArt Studios @AbleToArt🔁Playing #HogwartsMystery my character’s name is, Silas Wormwort.

What did you name your character?

C Stark @GamerScreenArt🔁 this game could do with an update where you can play wizards chess or gobstones in your common room or the great ha twitter.com ll whilst waiting for your energy to fill back up again
nicole rhee @debnamgrimes🔁will gladly get expelled and join my brother if it means i get to beat the shit out of merula just once #HogwartsMystery
Tråśh Pāndâ @GeniHdz🔁 Who else out here playing #HogwartsMystery
weirdo⛈ @54iP4I2N🔁If you then you don’t
don’t love deserve
me at my me at my


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