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patti barfield @pattibarfield🔁 Hillary Clinton is officially resigning as Fox News' president of the United States
Hillary Clinton witsnews @witsnewsdotcom🔁 witsnews.com
Flashback: Remember When Obama’s Speechwriter Grabbed Hillary Clinton’s Boob?
Diane Hatfield @hatfield_diane🔁 Hillary Clinton is officially resigning as Fox News' president of the United States
ashanti☽ @_prinnnb🔁 Hillary Clinton visiting the Trump administration in prison
Matt McDermott @mattmfm🔁During the Weinstein story, CNN had a clock counting the hours it took Hillary Clinton to respond.

Seven days later twitter.com and Donald Trump, the president and GOP leader, still hasn't said a single word on Roy Moore.

Sam Stein @samstein🔁This is insane. 84% of Trump voters will to believe assault allegations against Clinton. 74% believe them about Weins twitter.com tein. Just 18% believe them about Bill O’Reilly, 6% about Trump
Judicial Watch 🔎 @JudicialWatch🔁BREAKING: Judicial Watch just released 109 new Hillary Clinton emails from her tenure as Secretary of State – includi twitter.com ng emails containing classified info. (1/7)

Howdy @texasmacguy🔁Sean Hannity assembled an intricate chart of Hillary Clinton’s ties that proves, once and for all, that… something?
Lo Mato @EYE_KILL_IT🔁 Democrats' Clinton revisionism isn't conveniently timed — it's inconveniently late read.bi
Rita @RFH_4545🔁It’s time for Hillary to go to the woods. She intimidated these women to death. They will never forget

Gillibrand remark on Clinton sends shockwaves through Democratic Party via

Red, White, & Blues @BluesImageArt🔁Tucker: We Are Witnessing 'The End of the Clinton Era' insider.foxnews.com
jongalt🇺🇸👌 @jgalt16🔁 Flashback: Remember When Obama's Speechwriter Grabbed Hillary Clinton's Boob? thegatewaypundit.com
Criket RC @criket77us🔁 The only questions that still exist Hillary, are about your sanity. Snap out of it!
BellicoseSandernista @BS_Whistler🔁 NBC News: Hillary Clinton ‘Covered Up’ Pedophile Ring At State Departmen... youtu.be via @YouTube
Galaxi16 @Galaxi162🔁Exclusive: tells me “there are lots of questions” about legitimacy of Trump's election because of Russian interference & GOP voter suppression
Gym Glove @AraProne🔁 Hahhaaha : JUDGE JEANINE calls Hillary Clinton “asshole” on live TV. Do you support her? #ma4t 24flashnews.com
The Jaded Bastard @ComKey🔁Declaration on file w Federal District Court of New York by a former Epstein employee who admits to soliciting a child victim & witnessing Donald Trump rape her.

Is this true? Investigate.

If this was on file in a Fed Dist Ct about Hillary Clinton, what would happen? Coverage?

Liz 🦋🌸🦋 @busylizzie48🔁Hillary Clinton questions 'legitimacy' of Trump's victory in 2016 election .
seek prof fxn.ws essional help what's it going to take for you to realize ppl didn't vote for you because they didn't want a for
TMarie @TMarie_10🔁Rob Goldstone, the British publicist who set up the meeting between Donald Trump Jr and Russians offering "dirt" on Hillary Clinton, is ready to talk with Special Counsel Robert Mueller's office. Our exclusive.
JJ Gills @jjgills1🔁Hillary goes there & I am with her based on what I am documenting in The Weekly List: 2016 may not have been legit.
CC @ChristiChat🔁Podesta emails reveal that Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg wanted Hillary Clinton to win "badly", provided research to her in March 2015 and met privately with her on multiple occasions.


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