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AJ @A_J_Hernandez🔁 Why not drink #water a doink a day and freemitherfuckinwater stay 💦💧
sam @samie_hernandez🔁 eyebrow lady: “upper lip too?”
Luis @Hernandez_L11🔁 Stormtroopers walking down the stairs followed by Darth Vader.
Hernandez Yung Justin @justinsmithsays🔁 me bumping into miss allyson brooke hernandez outside of waffle house
Los Angeles Dodgers @Dodgers🔁Today, the Los Angeles Dodgers agreed to one-year contracts with RHP Pedro Baez, LHP Tony Cingrani, RHP Josh Fields, twitter.com C Yasmani Grandal, INF/OF Kiké Hernandez, OF Joc Pederson and LHP Alex Wood.
Sky Sports News @SkySportsNews🔁BREAKING: will listen to offers for striker Javier Hernandez in this transfer window, according to Sky sources. twitter.com
Sky Sports PL @SkySportsPL🔁❔QUESTION TIME ❔

With Javier Hernandez linked with a return to Manchester United today....if you could take any curr twitter.com ent player back to your club, who would it be?

Answers throughout the day in the Transfer Centre:

Dawg Days @SwillDawgg🔁The Rising Sun has ruined many a poor boy but Jesse Hernandez is not one #ShoBox
Lili @lilim_hernandez🔁drank from thebottle theres no going back bruh
Protective Law Corp. @guntrust🔁Looks Like Aaron Hernandez Set Up Asset Protection Trust for 5 Yr Old Daughter lawnews.tv [also--check out our FREE California twitter.com class!]
MyTampere @mytamperecity🔁Juan-Miguel Hernandez sends greetings from Finnish Lapland to Tampere. Tampere Chamber Music 2018 is here on 15-18 February 2018. Welcome to the high class concerts and lectures. Programme and info:
u thot @Thgovrmntisalie🔁 - Joseline Hernandez (a legend) twitter.com
Olivia Benson @_No_Hernandez🔁 can u believe “you difficult” spelled backwards is “ya friend don’t mind”
Jeffrey A. Cebrero @jmartinezflow96🔁Today, the Los Angeles Dodgers agreed to one-year contracts with RHP Pedro Baez, LHP Tony Cingrani, RHP Josh Fields, C Yasmani Grandal, INF/OF Kiké Hernandez, OF Joc Pederson and LHP Alex Wood.
Marg Hernandez @marg_hernandez🔁@gengyb Still can’t DM you, Huhu, DM me. :))
Steveh’⚒🇬🇧 @Steveh245🔁No carroll or Sakho in the squad which means Hernandez will start. badly needs a goal or two the boy.
mimi💙🇸🇻 @hernandez_mitzy🔁DISCLAIMER : I have only been playing for two years. I know i’m not a amazing violinist. I’m sharing this just to show my love for the instrument. I’m also going to post more, and within those videos I hope to show everyone my improvement! 🤗

Song: Lindsey Stirling - Shatter Me

Luis @Hernandez_L11🔁 Someone make this into movie with Leonardo DiCaprio twitter.com
alexpoeima @alexpoeima🔁: video of today's anti- protest in which attracted thousands of Hondurans, angered by increased authoritarianism and alleged election fraud.
Efrain @efron_hernandez🔁I had a good ass day
Sports World @SportsWrld🔁Here's the real reason why we're obsessed with LaVar Ball - Los Angeles Times goo.gl
YourGoy @xactnode🔁Is it possible to be so wasist, you just call everyone a word made up by a filthy Marxist named Leon Trotsky 100 year twitter.com s ago to look like a cool shill? 🤔 LoL
Lili @lilim_hernandez🔁never in my life would i chase that bitchhh
Jennifer R. 💖 @oxo_jennifer🔁one of my cousin’s calls my bf her cousin because they’re both Hernandez 😂 she goes “he can be like my far away cous twitter.com in, you never know” 🤦🏽‍♀️😂
Rubio @juan_rubio18🔁. and RHPs Pedro Baez, Josh Fields, LHPs Tony Cingrani, Alex Wood, C Yasmani Grandal, INF Kiké Hernandez, OF Joc Pederson avoid arbitration with 1-year deals.
DaniBoii⚓ @JDani_Hernandez🔁When you thought someone was really feeling you but shit just went 100 to 0
Ondhi Rezky @ondhirzk🔁West Ham are listening to offers for Javier Hernandez this January. Would you take him back at Manchester United?
YourGoy @xactnode🔁@jay_hernandez @AnnCoulter Go be filth elsewhere, degenerate Jay.
RJ™ @Rjayy_Hernandez🔁Dyn the loml


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