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Henry CavillHenry Cavill 🌌SparklinMermaid🌌 @landofmermaids🔁 Henry Cavill for Square Mile magazine, July 2018.
Jameela Jamil @jameelajamil🔁If you don’t want to be called a rapist, then when you approach a woman... just don’t rape her... Someone please dire twitter.com ct Henry Cavill to the nearest bin please 🚮
Henry Cavill Christopher McQuarrie @chrismcquarrie🔁Great news, everyone. It’s HENRY Cavill’s cheat day. Eat whatever you want.
Kathryn 🐢 @reesescrush🔁 Henry Cavill reloading his arms on command at the #MissionImpossibleFallout Paris premiere 💪💪
Candace Owens @RealCandaceO🔁I love that this conversation is finally happening.
I was ahead of the curve on this and took a ton of bullets for t twitter.com elling the truth. Men are becoming scared to speak to women bc definitions have been blurred.

Junior @DaRealJR5150🔁I'm a female and I understand why Henry Cavill may feel afraid to approach women in this day. And your overreactions are basically proving him right..
JC @jac7000🔁Good. Henry Cavill *SHOULDN'T* date until he figures out how to do it without "accidentally" raping someone.
Chasity W. @Karsyns_mom🔁Henry Cavill is met with backlash after Me Too comments twitter.com
Helena Wadia @helenawadia🔁This is absurd. If Henry Cavill doesn’t want to be called a rapist then all he has to do is... not rape anyone.

The mental gymnastics some men are doing to position themselves as “victims” of is insane.

órfã preta @tationamaslany🔁aaaaaa henry cavill vc me mata
Waiting for Elezibeth Olson to go out with me @WhiteSpiderFTW🔁Is Henry Cavill playing a bad guy in the new Mission Impossible?
GoARMIE!🏨🎙🦀🤓💊 @goARMIE_roddeng🔁Statement by Henry Cavill: Having seen the reaction to an article in particular about my feelings on dating and the movement, I just wanted to apologize for any confusion and misunderstanding that this may have created. Insensitivity was absolutely not my intention.
WSSmith77 @Smith77Ws🔁I love that this conversation is finally happening.
I was ahead of the curve on this and took a ton of bullets for telling the truth. Men are becoming scared to speak to women bc definitions have been blurred.

Lyla Joy Rose @LylajoyRose🔁 Superman is afraid to date in the Me Too era
Headline Planet @headlineplanet🔁Henry Cavill to appear on the July 24 Live With Kelly & Ryan headlineplanet.com
HRM @hrmuston🔁If you don’t want to be called a rapist, then when you approach a woman... just don’t rape her... Someone please direct Henry Cavill to the nearest bin please 🚮
Ziko 🇳🇬 @TheOnlyZiko🔁I look forward to clarifying my position in the future towards a subject that it so vitally important and in which I wholeheartedly support. - Henry Cavill
Paul Jordan @pauljordanjr🔁I liked a @YouTube video youtu.be WOW! Stormy Daniels Arrested, Henry Cavill #MeToo Backlash, NATO Dustup Explained, &
Ryan Scott @RyanScottWrites🔁I'm so stoked that the reviews for are this good. I'm READY for whoop-ass Henry Cavill and his trusty mustache! twitter.com
Smiter Of Slags @TheRiastrad🔁Henry Cavill’s reaction to the movement is completely rational. Women need to face up to the toxic aspects of their personality, which the movement uncovered just as much as the rampant abuse by men.
Janice Lacayo @thejanicelacayo🔁Actor Henry Cavill tells GQ Australia he’s hesitant to date for fear of being ‘called a rapist’ during era:

“Then there’s ‘Oh why’d you give up?’ Well, because I didn’t want to go to jail?”

JC @jac7000🔁Vanity Fair Critic Removed From Mission: Impossible Screening For Yelling ‘Kiss!’ Every Time Tom Cruise and Henry Cavill On Screen Together
Kathryn 🐢 @reesescrush🔁Henry Cavill told me there’s a crazy stunt that was cut from but will be on the Blu-ray where he is literally strapped to . Definitely curious to know what that’s about
MOTHER NATURE @yanakaona🔁Folks are going to gloss right over Henry Cavill saying that he’ll just go back to an ex instead of dating, where he might be called a rapist.

You can rape people that you’ve consensually slept with before too, Hank. Consent isn’t something that’s “grandfathered” in.

Linda Watson @theLindashow🔁And today I lost my female boner for Henry Cavill. twitter.com
Xero @xe_ro🔁Shame on Henry Cavill for sharing his personal thoughts and beliefs. If men don’t allow their thoughts to be filtered by the movement, they’re basically admitting that they’re in favor of serial raping.
Luca Colucci @LucaColucci1🔁Wow. This is so sad. How about don’t do things without her consent like you should be doing anyway? How about that?
R @aglimpseofRita🔁Dear Confused Men like Henry Cavill,

No one’s going to call you a rapist for saying, ‘Hello,’ to a woman.

They will only call you a rapist if you rape them.

Hope this clears up any remaining confusion.

Kind Regards,
An Actual Woman.

P.S: If still confused, ask yer Ma.

HenryCavillClique @CavillsClique🔁Repost from @enrikeadrianzen from ig.
He has a wonderful selfie with
Con el Sr Henry Cavill ''alias Superman''en la twitter.com premiere de Mission imposible 6
Un honor conocerlo en persona🙂📷💪
Kundivi @Naz20gh🔁Henry Cavill issued an apology after catching backlash for his comments about flirting and sexual harassment:
Style+Makeup & Decor @KaraAllan🔁 I feel that a lot of comments being made about what Henry Cavill said is actually proving his point.


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