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Heath MelloHeath MelloHeath Mello 🤘N. Hörnthrowér🤘 @GriffinMang🔁 @leducviolet About Mello though
Shaun King @ShaunKing🔁And, people are flat out lying about Heath Mello's record on abortion in Nebraska. Saying he supported stuff he never supported.
Shaun King @ShaunKing🔁But again, while Heath Mello has little say on abortion rights as a small town Mayor, he has nonetheless pledged to protect choice. Period.
Sarah Jones @onesarahjones🔁my Heath Mello take is that he is a Democratic party problem, not a Bernie Sanders problem
A.Lizard @alizardx🔁 building on some posts by @TheWayWithAnoa re: heath mello, some quick thoughts:
Matunos 🙉🙈🙊 @matunos🔁 my Heath Mello take is that he is a Democratic party problem, not a Bernie Sanders problem
Barb Trerice @barb_trerice🔁Especially with Bernie's backing of Heath Mello.

If Bernie really wants to effect change in the party ... he should at least join the party

Howie Klein @downwithtyranny🔁Now Hogue is leading a crusade against Bernie for supporting Heath Mello. There's room for explanation & nuance for every Dem but not Bernie
Mary Jo Smith @MaryJoLA🔁The fact that Bernie Sanders is endorsing Heath Mello, who is anti-choice & anti-abortion, proves he's Trump from the other side.
Mary Jo Smith @MaryJoLA🔁"Bernie would've won" peeps having buyers' remorse in light of the Heath Mello bombshell.
But this was Bernie all along.
mothaofalsicburns 🌹 @fabula_rosa🔁Every woman who is castigating Bernie for his endorsement of Heath Mello should ask repro justice groups why they were cool w/Tim Kaine.
Hershell Bryant @Hershell_Bryant🔁@davidaneves @puppymnkey @sampuzzo Hillary has no authority to deny weapons to SA that Bernie already voted to authorize
Heath Mello
Minnesota Nice @_Minnesota_Nice🔁 This is what he voted for, and yes, it required ultrasounds. @soydeariza @Its_JennaS @RVAwonk
i @Fondreenlarmes🔁But it's cool if Sanders endorses Heath Mello who voted for the Keystone Pipeline though! ¯\ _(ツ)_/¯
Patty Smith @PattyHagueSmith🔁Want to know how progressive is? Don't read national blogs looking for clicks, read this instead: @femalep🔁But it's cool if Sanders endorses Heath Mello who voted for the Keystone Pipeline though! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
alanna @alanna8675309🔁 Would Heath Mello be a better mayor for Omaha women than the incumbent republican? Sure seems like it.
Hershell Bryant @Hershell_Bryant🔁@davidaneves @puppymnkey @sampuzzo how does endorsing Heath Mello support women, exactly?
JBJ @WhereAmIEverJJ🔁The proudly stands with a Democrat who stands up and fights for our families:
Christine C Reinauer @crcpr21🔁Heath Mello tried to pass a law to force women to have VAGINAL PROBE to make our health care choice. Also supports Keystone XL
bluebonnetdem @McElroyMarra🔁Paragraph 24--He's not a progressive. But apparently anti-choice Heath Mello is.
And spare me the semantic lecture.



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