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Hawaii Football @HawaiiFootball🔁Highlights from last night’s #HawaiiFB senior ceremony. #OnlyInHawaii #MahaloSeniors🤙🏽 #LiveAlohaPlayWarrior
Mary Charles @AlohaSportsGirl🔁 Congrats Trayvon! #HawaiiFB
Hawaii Football @HawaiiFootball🔁Congratulations to Solomon Matautia on earning the Coach Dave Holmes Most Improved Player Award after an outstanding season as a full-time starter. On the year, he collected 85 tackles, 4.5 sacks and 3 interceptions, including 2 pick-sixes for !
Hawaii Football @HawaiiFootball🔁. tribute to former Warrior, Brenden Daley, who passed away last week at the age of 26.
Nicholis Deem @n_v_deem🔁. tribute to former Warrior, Brenden Daley, who passed away last week at the age of 26.
Heather Morales @heaaathuuur🔁Congratulations to Jahlani Tavai on receiving the Coach Bob Wagner Defensive MVP Award after leading the defense with 124 tackles, 5.5 sacks and 11 TFL!
Adam 💬 🔭🏈🏀🚽 @adambrabant1🔁
Mazie Hirono 202-224-6361
Brian Schatz 202-224-3934

Jason Valentin @valentinjason🔁 Hope you make the right decision and come to the Islands!🤙🏽 #HawaiiFB #Ohan a
Moku Thompson @MokuThompson🔁Theses young WARRIORS talk in that swagger about next season getting me all excited n shit! Phaked up get 200 someth ing more days until 2k18 season!😭😭
👑Niko Rust 🤙🏽 @Kings_6thManOut of Grant High School! #SacramentoProud 🔁 Congrats Trayvon! #HawaiiFB
Dave Reardon @dave_reardon🔁I like and respect Nick Rolovich a lot. But he's got a lot of work and some tough decisions ahead of him to right the ship that is ... it seemed he was headed in the right direction after last season, and that's the frustrating part for fans.
Ty Apana - Purcell @tuivalepurcellz🔁Great work by Tristin Kamaka to earn the Coach Jimmy Asato Offensive Scout Team Award for !
Honolulu CC @HonoluluCC🔁Celebrating our Sr. #HawaiiFB players! #StudentAthletes
Hawaii Football @HawaiiFootball🔁Congrats Trayvon! #HawaiiFB
Tripod Travelers @tripodtravelers🔁Join us in Maui, humpback whale photogrpahy and much more.
Marvin Chun @808marv🔁"'s Hawaii. OK?" analysis of last Saturday's game from "the other side" #HawaiiFB
George Ofsonka III @Gofsonka🔁 Congrats to @sxmatautia who was just named most improved at tonight’s @HawaiiFootball banquet #Hawaiifb #staradvertiser
Drake Stallworth @DrizzyDrake_5🔁Hope you make the right decision and come to the Islands!🤙🏽 #HawaiiFB #Ohan a
Moku Thompson @MokuThompson🔁Walking around Costco looking and beer and food then realized the #Hawaiifb season pau no more tailgate this year😭😭
Marvin Chun @808marv🔁’Bows always a step behind via @staradvertiser (login required) #HawaiiFB
Hawaii Warriors @cometoUH🔁Congratulations to Coach Larry Price Unselfish Warrior Award winner Stephan Bernal-Wendt!
Sheldon Nagata @Snaguhsport🔁Congratulations to Dejon Allen, named Coach June Jones Offensive MVP after again anchoring the offensive line at left tackle in his senior year!
Tiff @tiffersHI🔁On 2day / analyst ; ; ; ; 🏈;
Georgie Vehikite @gvehikite75🔁 Warrior out of Woodside High School, defensive end Meffy Koloamatangi caps his four-year career tonight vs. BYU.


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