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#harveysrehabincludes Patty Wheeler12 @PattyWheeler12🔁 BREAKING: HARVEY ESCAPES PENIS ADDICTION REHAB
#harveysrehabincludes 👈🏻Mr & Mrs DOTARD @Dannity12🔁#HarveysRehabIncludes a session with Jimmy Kimmel.
#harveysrehabincludes MICHAEL Murdock 🇺🇸 @docmurdock🔁 #HarveysRehabIncludes
Plant fertilization.

D-REK @DJDREK84🔁#HarveysRehabIncludes - grabbing melons, peaches and cherries.
Maul Of America @MaulofAmerica🔁#HarveysRehabIncludes women on trampolines from his pal, Jimmy Kimmel
#harveysrehabincludes John J. Amo @JohnJAmo1🔁 #HarveysRehabIncludes a bulletin board for his "team photo."
#harveysrehabincludes John J. Amo @JohnJAmo1🔁 #HarveysRehabIncludes Mens night out with Bill Clinton
John J. Amo @JohnJAmo1🔁 #HarveysRehabIncludes women on trampolines from his pal, Jimmy Kimmel
#harveysrehabincludes Sandra @newheart4sandy🔁 Campaigning for Hillary #HarveysRehabIncludes
#harveysrehabincludes Riley Henson @CjfRiley🔁 Visiting Foreign Dignitaries (virtual, of course) #HarveysRehabIncludes
#harveysrehabincludes Laughing Lyon @Laughing_Lyon🔁#HarveysRehabIncludes inviting women to play pool on his new pool table.

It's got a FELT atop too!

#harveysrehabincludes RD56 @RhondaDiane🔁 #HarveysRehabIncludes
Oprah's Book Club
#harveysrehabincludes RD56 @RhondaDiane🔁 #HarveysRehabIncludes

Nasty women

#harveysrehabincludes Sandra @newheart4sandy🔁 #HarveysRehabIncludes
Making T shirts for good friends
#harveysrehabincludes Sandra @newheart4sandy🔁 #HarveysRehabIncludes

Visits from former Presidents

#harveysrehabincludes Sandra @newheart4sandy🔁 #HarveysRehabIncludes

Weekly group meetings with ole pals

#harveysrehabincludes chris lee @LeeRockclc🔁 Time with Hillary and Huma. #HarveysRehabIncludes
#harveysrehabincludes John J. Amo @JohnJAmo1🔁 Taking my girls to visit a good friend #HarveysRehabIncludes
#harveysrehabincludes John J. Amo @JohnJAmo1🔁 #HarveysRehabIncludes Visual shock therapy to kill all sexual urges
marian @blanken01🔁 watching the new Justice League movie featuring Ben Affleck as the Batman ... er ... I mean ... the Buttman.
John J. Amo @JohnJAmo1🔁Hollywood NEVER loved ANYONE MORE THAN OBAMA!

Rose McGowan

Michael McKinney @kinmack🔁#HarveysRehabIncludes ... hourly massages from naked #HillaryClinton as therapy to kill his sex drive ... just might work
John J. Amo @JohnJAmo1🔁 Course on how "Powerful Men" can avoid media scrutiny for their behavior simply by marrying the right woman
John J. Amo @JohnJAmo1🔁 pal on can you do a show on it -- story >>

Patricia Zlamany @PattyZlamany🔁REMEMBER: HOLLYWOOD IS THE DNC!

Rose McGowan

MuhWhiteHelmet @DailyManHugs🔁#HarveysRehabIncludes an entire menu of suicide options
Marilyn @AgnesClaire🔁 #HarveysRehabIncludes plenty of racist comedy. @Alyssa_Milano @jimmykimmel twitter.com
MuhWhiteHelmet @DailyManHugs🔁#HarveysRehabIncludes happy endings
chickendinner @notindocrinated🔁#HarveysRehabIncludes the evasion of justice. just sayin. if he wasn't an elite he would be bottom B in Chino by now. #deedsnotwords #MAGA
Running Wolf @Punkin682🔁#HarveysRehabIncludes
Being joined by ALL of Hollywood
Joe Hearn @JoeHNewYork🔁 pal on can you do a show on it -- story >>
TexasStrong.357 @SonofLiberty357🔁 watching the new Justice League movie featuring Ben Affleck as the Batman ... er ... I mean ... the Buttman. twitter.com
ANDREW @tnshelton🔁 Things Only Powerful Men Might Call Sex Rehab.
$20 Bucks Says His "Rehab" Looks More Like A Brothel🤔

Deplorable Lee Lee @leeleemunster🔁 #HarveysRehabIncludes Making a Slipcover for Your Casting Couch
Standing Up 4 Trump @UTHornsRawk🔁 #HarveysRehabIncludes Reading all of Peter Daou’s love-poetry to Hillary out loud.
pete602 @petefrt🔁 Forced to watch a Ben Affleck movie until he has lost the will to live.

Average session run time: 10 to 15 minutes.

🔍 Peter🕵🏼Gunn 🔎 @petergunnPI🔁Yes, Hollywood❤️Obama!

They helped elect him! Rose McGowan

Shaina @shainalansing🔁Victor Salva (director, Jeepers Creepers). Convicted Pedophile. - thebea.st ef="https://twitter.com/i/web/status/918503911266414592" target="_blank">twitter.com
🦇Augustus Vampire🦇 @Caesar63BC🔁#HarveysRehabIncludes Rose McGowan reading demeaning tweets to him while cosplaying as Poison Ivy.
The Morning Spew @TheMorningSpew🔁#HarveysRehabIncludes plenty of racist comedy. @Alyssa_Milano @jimmykimmel twitter.com


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