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Harvey Weinstein DeeAnna Nagel @HavanaWellness🔁 One of the symbols of the day: this female detective leading Harvey Weinstein around in handcuffs.
Harvey Weinstein jodikantor @jodikantor🔁One of the symbols of the day: this female detective leading Harvey Weinstein around in handcuffs.
Harvey Weinstein AnnJackson @JackJackson2355🔁 Legal hurdles may make Harvey Weinstein's prosecution an exception. abcn.ws
Harvey Weinstein Breaking News @Cri_RonaldoCr7🔁North Korea, Harvey Weinstein, Memorial Day: Your Weekend Briefing
Joan Walsh @joanwalsh🔁Harvey Weinstein gets indicted. Ireland overwhelmingly legalizes a woman's right to choose. It's a good day for women twitter.com . And we're coming for you, .
NowThis @nowthisnews🔁A million people in the U.S. are sitting in jail because they can't afford bail. Harvey Weinstein will sleep at home twitter.com tonight.
ittb @ittbbb🔁Imagine you’re a juror and this is the first time you heard the testimony of . Look at her passion and sincerity and conviction. Note her certitude and affect. This woman was raped. This is the face of rape. Harvey Weinstein, welcome to hell.
W.R. German @WRGerman🔁"Ties to elite Israeli intel"

You know what our TIE TO Israel is? An alliance. Not Harvey Fucking Weinstein paying cash to harass actresses. Those are ROGUES doing BLACK OPS i.e. nasty shit on OUR SOIL. INVITED BY OUR TRAITORTWAT FUCKBAGS.

Very. Bad. Manners.

Lauragene #WWG1WGA 🇺🇸 @POTUS🗽🇺🇸 @stuffupstairs🔁While Harvey Weinstein is preparing to be arrested....
My Rapist is charging $2500 To $100,000 To attend the Clinton Foundation Dinner.
Gloria Law @GloriaLaw5🔁This is why we have to abolish cash bail. The status quo creates two different systems: one for wealthy white people and another for poor people of color.

patty oleary @OlearyPatty🔁Harvey Weinstein gets indicted. Ireland overwhelmingly legalizes a woman's right to choose. It's a good day for women. And we're coming for you, .
Egregious @_Egregious🔁Harvey Weinstein and Tommy Robison were both in court today.

One was charged as a sexual predator and the other was charged with reporting on sexual predators.

You'll never guess which one is already on their way to prison.

Kiera Waring @kierawaringx🔁I love when I have Westworld themed dreams but during last night's sleep time adventure, Delores blue balled the livi twitter.com ng fuck out of me. I also got to slit Harvey Weinstein's throat though so ya win some, ya lose some.
Mr. Dan Herrera @MrDanHerrera🔁It’s insane that after Harvey Weinstein raped half of Hollywood, he was able to pay $1 million to bail himself out while Kalief Browder didn’t steal a backpack and had to stay in prison for years while awaiting trial.
AnnJackson @JackJackson2355🔁It would have been impossible for Weinstein to behave as he had for as long as he did, were it not for his accomplices. What should happen to them?
Ralph Land @red1m56🔁Harvey Weinstein has FINALLY been charged with sexual assault/rape.

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Kevin Spacey
Matt Lauer
Bryan Singer
Oliver Stone
Mark Halperin
Louis C.K.
Al Franken
George Takei
Charlie Roe

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Susan LeDrew @susanledrew🔁“I have to admit I didn’t think I would see the day that he would have handcuffs on him,” said Rose McGowan.
Red Pilled Kate @covfefe_kate🔁Gen. Michael Flynn briefly returns to Twitter to dunk on Harvey Weinstein, Huma Abedin and Hillary Clinton
micheleweldon @micheleweldon🔁Why Did Harvey Weinstein Bring a Stack of Books to the Police Station? amp.slate.com
Victorious Guy @Victory_Dube🔁 @HipHopDX I doubt Harvey Weinstein listens to Hip-Hop. 🤫
Patricia @Shibumi101🔁 Rose McGowan tells NPR she would "absolutely" like to testify if given the chance against Harvey Weinstein. n.pr
Inquirer @inquirerdotnet🔁Harvey Weinstein takes books on theater, film to arrest for rape case entertainment.inquirer.net
NetworkofNews AUS @NofNews_Aus🔁Rose McGowan on Weinstein arrest: 'His face has terrorised me for so long' Rose McGowan reacted to the early morning twitter.com arrest of Harvey Weinstein, whom she says raped her 20 years ago at the Sundance Film...
Ganpat Singh Shaktaw @GanpatShaktawat🔁
When I asked to someone,who is he who created the universe?so i got difft-2 answers,someone said its made by itself and someone said its create due to big bang.But when i read given below blog then got to know✅ans of this Q

Harvey Weinstein

KAG EXCLAMATIONNN POINT @SSGDJDaily🔁We have the mental disease? 👌🏻

Whatever ya need to make yourself feel better!


BOB M @rob2558m🔁Not sure about that. I see no resemblance to Willy. Maybe Harvey Weinstein tagged Hillary. She's definitely as ugly twitter.com and skank as her mother.
watch law & order true crime @michonneswife🔁 So you're tellin' me, if you saw Harvey Weinstein, you wouldn't kill them?
Peter Timberlake @PeteTimbers🔁Ireland votes to allow abortions, Harvey Weinstein in handcuffs, Tommy Robinson back in prison and Richard Branson's decided to blast himself into space.
Happy days.
Akhil Raghav @AkhilRaghav1010🔁BREAKING NEWS: Harvey Weinstein has been arrested on charges he raped one woman and forced another to perform oral sex on him, a source familiar with the investigation tells CNN
mary susan evans @msevans034🔁Harvey Weinstein, even as he surrenders to police,

Seen threatening any who would testify against him

He's carrying the biography of Elia Kazan, who ended careers of Hollywood peers by outing them as communists

Hope this pig gets the maximum sentence

Angela Warner Rago @tulikettu🔁A million people in the U.S. are sitting in jail because they can't afford bail. Harvey Weinstein will sleep at home tonight.
Janiece Staton #BoycottNRA @JanieceStaton🔁., who survived rape by Bill Cosby: "What Harvey Weinstein’s indictment does for me personally is that it actually quiets these black men who are attacking me, and it redirects the focus to what the real problem is—… a rape problem."
Katalin @KTanacs🔁I bet you made these comments about Hillary Clinton & Huma Abedin too? Both married to men with sexual abuse & offender issues, one now in prison. How about the Clinton’s, the DNC, & their relationship with Harvey Weinstein?

Were you tweeting about that example as well?

LoriBrady👑 @loriBra16435608🔁Media praised Harvey Weinstein and said these sex and human trafficking cults did not exist. Media has ruthlessly mocked and when they bring up this issue.

Media lack all self-awareness.

Don 🇺🇸 NRA @DonC_66🔁Harvey Weinstein is in custody. Bill Cosby is going to die behind bars. Bill Clinton is walking around free taking donations and speaking fees. What’s wrong with that picture?
RICKY @Lyika🔁@holly I Still Love Jason Bateman And He Is NOT Harvey Weinstein...
brian sandstrom @bsand100🔁Harvey Weinstein and Tommy Robison were both in court today.

One was charged as a sexual predator and the other was charged with reporting on sexual predators.

You'll never guess which one is already on their way to prison.

Sarah Gould @SarahGould_SA🔁“One phone call and you’re done.”

“I have eyes and ears everywhere.”

“I’m Harvey Weinstein, you know what I can do.”

Not anymore.

Jasper Sparnaay @jasparnaay🔁Just look at how the system makes space for people like Harvey Weinstein — dozens of subpoenas and interviews prior to arraignment, a bail package negotiated in advance to ensure he doesn’t set foot on Rikers Island — this is what did process in a criminal case looks like.
Brian Postans @BrianPostans🔁You start to think there's no justice in the world, and then Harvey Weinstein and Tommy Robinson get arrested on the same day.
Maggie K 🇺🇸 #ClearGenFlynn @tweet2u2🔁I caught a lot of flack from the Libs today concerning a post I made about Harvey Weinstein.

And my response is THIS!

Anybody that defends Harvey Weinstein is JUST AS GUILTY as he is!

And for that matter, anybody that defends these corrupt Dems is JUST AS GUILTY as they are!

D1BoundBoys @wantRstateback🔁CAN'T MAKE THIS UP:

Both Harvey Weinstein & Eric Schneiderman were at the Women's March, orchestrated by convicted terrorist Rasmea Odeh & Linda Sarsour, who's tied to the Muslim Brotherhood, while Madonna said she wanted to blow up the White House.

This is the democrat party.

Kathy Nelson @putzie63🔁Lawyer: Harvey Weinstein

“Did Not Invent the Casting Couch”

His extreme conduct & of others, have

The Couch is as old as Un HOLY WOOD.
Couch From 1920’s
Joe Kennedy used it

down w the COUCH

Freedom U.S.A @freedomusa27🔁Remember when called Harvey Weinstein a “good friend” and a “wonderful Human being”? Then, she sent her daughter, Malia, to intern for him?

I do.

Recently, she was on an interview claiming that she’s concerned about the women that voted for Trump.


Rebecca Lopez @RLEDUTech1🔁Gwyneth Paltrow: Brad Pitt Threatened to Kill Weinstein After Learning of Alleged Harassment variety.com
(((AnuragPunetha))) @AnuragPunetha🔁 is in police custody on rape charges. The Mogul's fall set off a worldwide reckoning over sexual misconduct. When w twitter.com e will have our own Desi
Harvey Weinstein behind bars.
Ed K @edkrayewski🔁. blocked me after implying was anti-Semitic.

Joshua didn’t know that anyone had followed his career of failures. Last straw broke when he defended the NYT covering for Harvey Weinstein for years.

Everyone hates him in media. Creeper.

goofball @goofball1🔁1 of 2: That Harvey Weinstein, a powerful man who thrived and flourished as he shattered and abused women in a culture of impunity was arrested and charged is resoundingly significant. It is a watershed event, an irreversible pivot away from tacit and explicit license to exploit

After more than 6 months of being outed for decades of rape and sex abuse, Harvey Weinstein released on $1m, surrender of passport and GPS ankle bracelet. Pleads not guilty, no proof. 70 complaints.

Dannielle Blumenthal @DrDannielle🔁Harvey Weinstein accusers Asia Argento and Rose McGowan, others react to his arrest: ‘What took you so long?’
Dannielle Blumenthal @DrDannielle🔁 We got you, Harvey Weinstein, we got you
People Over Profit @debaptiste_john🔁Leaked email shows that Harvey Weinstein colluded with Clinton campaign manager in an effort to "silence" Erica Garner's message with "Sandy Hook". Garner died of heart failure last week, aged 27.


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