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Harvey Weinstein Trending Celeb News @Celebrilizer🔁Bill Bellamy Says #HarveyWeinstein Has a Right to Fight for Job #JobBillBellamy...
Harvey Weinstein Talha Munawar @talhamsajid🔁PK Entertainment Harvey Weinstein sex predator horror story not anywhere close to…
Harvey Weinstein Georgetta Pullen @georgiegirl1216🔁 Clinton Foundation will keep donations from Harvey Weinstein
Harvey Weinstein Jacob Lounsbury @jacobaias1🔁@Andylov123 @Impeach_D_Trump @DeptVetAffairs Seriously... Sad.
Laura Ingraham @IngrahamAngle🔁Harvey Weinstein helped pay Bill Clinton's legal bills during Monica era, Washington Post archive reveals #FoxNews
#ThePersistence @ScottPresler🔁Knowing the Clinton Foundation is keeping Harvey Weinstein's $250,000 is validation for defeating Hillary.

She doesn't care about women.

David Frum @davidfrum🔁Ready for another round of the game, "Hillary *must* speak about Harvey Weinstein, but she *mustn’t* speak about anyt hing else"
삡(*´θ`)ノ♪뺙 @ppippyak🔁Courtney Love was WARNING about Harvey Weinstein in 2005!

“If Harvey Weinstein invites u to a private party at the Four Seasons, DON’T GO”

Sidney Stern @garyowen11D🔁Weinstein is a serial sexual predator. Why does the DNC want to keep 90% of his $$? And the Clinton Foundation too?
~Kimberly USA Proud~ @Sadiepunkin🔁 Hollywood’s Other ‘Open Secret’ Besides Harvey Weinstein: Preying on Young Boys #PizzaGate
Tania ✝🙏🇺🇸👼 @Pura_Vida_Tica🔁Will Clintons return money Harvey Weinstein donated to help pay Bill Clinton's legal bills during Monica era,
Unarmedblack @UnarmedBlack🔁I’m on 1 LA Women in Comedy group and I can tell you it’s not just Harvey Weinstein. It’s your favorite actors, your favorite shows...😭😭😭
Francis @dahl_kennedy🔁Another Hollywood creep WOODY ALLEN feels sad for Weinstein. Will lib media & feminists trash him? Don’t count on it
Tifa Lockhart @TifaLockhart78🔁Maybe she can talk to her mother & she will donate the money she received from Harvey Weinstein.
william crone @cronewil🔁 President Trump donates his $400,000 salary
The Clinton Foundation will not return Harvey Weinstein's $250,000 donations
Elise Taylor @ejaytay🔁 Meet the woman behind that badass embroidery you're seeing everywhere on social media.
Jen @driveinfan🔁NBC News ran 1000 Trump stories with anonymous sources, but refused to run Harvey Weinstein story with police reports, eye witnesses
Kyle-C @bruinsbeer🔁 Wow. NBC responded quicker to Al Michaels' Harvey Weinstein joke than they did to Harvey Weinstein.
Rainy Day Couture @RainyDayCo🔁Bill Bellamy Says Harvey Weinstein Has a Right to Fight for Job

Bill Bellamy Harvey Weinstein Has a Right to Fight

10/17/2017 7:19 AM PDT…

Butkus @HalRogers1🔁 Clinton Foundation to keep Harvey Weinstein’s $250,000 donation
dan torre @9newdog🔁The Chinese Communists Are Behind Push To Get Rid Of Harvey Weinstein In... via @YouTube
dennis zellaha @dzellaha🔁The Only Way #MSM Gatekeepers Care About a #Las Vegas #Second Shooter Is If #Harvey Weinstein Did It
Felix Zimmermann @felixzimmermann🔁 Harvey Weinstein's Hamptons Mansion Is Off the Market via @TandCmag
Giuliano @giulianodemonte🔁 Kate Winslet refused to thank Harvey Weinstein after her 2009 Oscars win
Aaron Schachter @worldaaron🔁Wow. ‘Beautiful Girls’ Scribe Scott Rosenberg On Harvey Weinstein | Deadline -
StillwHer @maguidir🔁 Their hypocrisy is quite rich, indeed.
Anna Watkins @annawperez🔁The problem with James Corden’s Weinstein jokes? He punched down, not up #ROSEARMY

4waterbear @4waterbear🔁 BEAST: Hollywood Child Abuse Allegations Next?
Hattie Kauffman @Hatsfree🔁Why hasn't @TheAcademy expelled director Victor Salva?
Lee Thompson @SlidinDelta🔁Oliver Stone issues defense of Harvey Weinstein — but recants after facing backlash, accusations – TheBlaze
CeeKae @CowieKaunweigh🔁Ready for another round of the game, "Hillary *must* speak about Harvey Weinstein, but she *mustn’t* speak about anything else"
Deplorable Rochelle @SecretAZ12🔁HARVEY WEINSTEIN's $250,000

Of course Hillary's keeping his $$

She's gonna need it to POST BAIL


👉 🚔

Empathy Mage @empathywarrior7🔁 This is a bracing, volcanic read
Jessie Fortier @RoofiesBobcat🔁Harvey Weinstein's $250,000

Apparently Clinton spent it.

👉Bitch, give back "different money"

It's not that hard.

Raymond P Rangel @He1FineArtist🔁Courtney Love has tweeted about a 2005 video in which she warned young actresses about Harvey Weinstein
keepingitcreel @Keepingitcreel🔁Somewhere in Hollywood is the last girl who slept with Harvey Weinstein but now never will receive her promised movie role
sheila @sheila06942158🔁Former Miramax Screenwriter Posts Harvey Weinstein Mea Culpa: "Everybody Fu*king Knew" | Zero Hedge
Siri @Siri71972586🔁Just ask yourself, who is responsible for harvey weinstein: a bunch of women who aren't harvey weinstein, or harvey weinstein?
Matthew Gettinger @MKGettinger🔁Donald Trump is more consistent that Harvey Weinstein. He is a pig in public as well as behind closed doors.
Xronos2992 @Xronos29929🔁Hollywood's hypocrisy: The Academy condemns Weinstein while Casey Affleck is to present Best Actress at next Oscars
Beth Rakel @AdamPascalFan🔁 Proud of @ThatKevinSmith . Real mensch move
Deplorable Foods🇺🇸 @ThePerfectFoods🔁Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton donates Harvey Weinstein's campaign contributions to charity! 😂
Michael Russell @SFLMiguel🔁Perhaps the MEDIA could avert their eyes from Woody Allen & Harvey Weinstein to look into the phantom trump votes unearthed in Wisconsin?👇👇👇
zoe @zoegem🔁How Harvey Weinstein got away with it for so long via @YahooNews
Sue Snedaker @Anzers🔁Hollywood’s Other ‘Open Secret’ Besides Harvey Weinstein: Preying on Young Boys via @thedailybeast
Basti Hamel @BastiHamel🔁 Proud of ya @ThatKevinSmith
Nadia Passion Italy @LoveeePassion1🔁"Did you just think sexually harassing women was fine, provided you had no offspring it might happen to?"
Larry Swafford @LarrySwafford6🔁So hill, I thought you were going to give Harvey Weinstein's $250,000 to charity?

More lies 🙄I'm not surprised

Type of Way @cajunsoulfire74🔁Hollywood’s Other ‘Open Secret’ Besides Harvey Weinstein: Preying on Young Boys via
Julia Brown @jbjulestx🔁James Corden Apologized for Harvey Weinstein Joke #drugs #badbehavior
Graham Eaglesham @EagleshamGraham🔁 The Secret Actress: in Hollywood, Harvey Weinstein is not an anomaly | The Secret Actress
Jacob Biss @jacobbiss2014🔁NBC News ran 1000 Trump stories with anonymous sources, but refused to run Harvey Weinstein story with police reports and eye witnesses
shiro the hero 🖤💖 @aimaxv🔁Mayim Bialik, if you think modest clothing protects you from sexual harassment, listen to these Muslim women
McAdder Bolt @McAdderBolt🔁Caption: Hillary Clinton draws comparisons between Harvey Weinstein & Donald Trump. Seriously? Only comparison I can draw is to Slick Willy.
Lee Thompson @SlidinDelta🔁Harvey Weinstein helped pay Bill Clinton's legal bills during Monica era, Washington Post archive reveals
anne hage @abbavitch🔁Harvard made Harry Belafonte & Ira Berlin share its highest honor in African American Studies with Harvey Weinstein
LaMonica Peters @LaMonicaPeters🔁Me Too: Alyssa Milano elevates Harvey Weinstein conversation (from @AP)
Maria Hill @MariaNolrHill🔁 Judgment Day: Harvey Weinstein Scandal Could Finally Change Hollywood’s Culture of Secrecy
McFixit1 @navstadt🔁Tucker Rips Lisa Bloom for Weinstein Defense: The 'Al Sharpton of the Feminist Movement'
#resistance @loveandcoffee🔁'Silence is complicity' — Watch Joe Biden blast Harvey Weinstein and the toxic Hollywood culture that enabled him
Habiba Syed @HabibaSyed17🔁 I wrote about Hollywood's other alleged abuses
🎃Bodak Red 🎃 @AFarray🔁Actress Lauren Holly says naked Harvey Weinstein used toilet in front of her, asked for massage in hotel room
Principia @Principia🔁 The Harvey Weinstein scandal is not about Hillary Clinton.
troubleisthename @caliandraponde🔁Four years ago, the group had presented Harvey and Bob Weinstein with the Milestone Award, the guild's highest honor
Breaking News @AllRealNews🔁#Bill Bellamy Says Harvey Weinstein Has a Right to Fight for Job
William Butler @William09342517🔁 Strange, still not one word from Meryl Streep on Harvey Weinstein... That seems odd :)
TrumpGuy @TrumpGuyTV🔁#HarveyWeinstein? Just the tip of the iceberg. Here comes the truth about the systematic abuse on little boys.

me🇺🇸 @oregonnative2🔁PAPER: “Harvey Weinstein May Not Go Down Alone — Money Trail Leads to Michael Moore and Quentin Tarantino”

Peter Lettre @plettre🔁Important piece from one of our great young auteurs
Confiscated Coat🌹🏴 @CoatConfiscated🔁 Harvey Weinstein with a guest appearance by Dan Schneider.

Troy Eckhardt @troyeckhardt🔁 Please don't act shocked and appalled by Harvey Weinstein if you celebrated Hugh Hefner:
Brad Slaight @BradSlaight🔁This is brilliant and sad all at the same time....
Ron Thomas @ronthomasaz🔁Hollywood’s Other ‘Open Secret’ Besides Harvey Weinstein: Preying on Young Boys Yup, pedos rule in Holly & govt
BetaNipson @BetaNipson🔁Harvey Weinstein‘s great misfortune is that he hasn’t been married to Hillary for the last 45+ years.


SatelliteBoy @HumbleSatBoy🔁O’Reilly is the Harvey Weinstein of right wing media. You hypocrites who insult Weinstein but enable O’Reilly are as bad as Hollywood.


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