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Seattle Sounders FC @SoundersFC🔁Rave TV Recap: Harry Shipp scores late goal, but the Sounders fall on the road at Red Bull Arena. #RBNYvSEA
Seattle Sounders FC @SoundersFC🔁Harry Shipp scores his first @MLS goal of 2018. ⚽️

#SoundersMatchday | #RBNYvSEA

Harry Shipp 365FootballOrg @365FootballOrg🔁SAVE: Richard Sanchez gets down to stop a Harry Shipp shot 365football.org
Harry Shipp Merrybet @merrybetsports🔁72′ Substitution Seattle
Out Harry Shipp
In Jordan McCrary
Ari Liljenwall @AriLiljenwall🔁Harry Shipp said he rolled his ankle and he doesn’t know yet but he’s hoping he’ll be good to go for Portland next Saturday.
Geoff Baker @GeoffBakerTIMES🔁Harry Shipp went down in a heap with a non-contact injury in 71st minute. Hobbles off field under his own steam and i twitter.com s being tended to now. still tied 1-1. Jordan McCrary subs on.
Rachael McKriger @RachaelMcKriger🔁Seattle @SoundersFC substitute:

Jordan McCrary is ON
Harry Shipp is OFF


Jackson Felts @JacksonKJR🔁Harry Shipp appears to have just turned his ankle. Non contact. Went down immediately. Looks like Jordan McCrary will twitter.com come on. Cristian Roldan up I'm guessing, but is it alongside Alonso, or to the wing?
Sounders Matchday @LIVESounders🔁72' Second Sounders sub:

IN ➡️ Jordan McCrary
OUT ⬅️ Harry Shipp

McCrary goes to right back, Cristian Roldan to rig twitter.com ht mid.

SEA 1 | CHI 1

Ari Liljenwall @AriLiljenwall🔁Harry Shipp will have to come off with an injury after going down in the 72nd minute. He's replaced by Jordan McCrary.
Sounder At Heart @sounderatheart🔁Harry Shipp goes down with a non-contact injury and immediately signals for a sub. That doesn't look good.
Sounders Matchday @LIVESounders🔁71' Ugh Harry Shipp just went down without contact.

SEA 1 | CHI 1


Rachael McKriger @RachaelMcKriger🔁That was a great thought from Harry Shipp. It would have been even nicer if someone could make a run into the box.


Keely Flanagan @keely_flanagan🔁Harry Shipp is having himself a game, man
Sounders Matchday @LIVESounders🔁 Will Bruin and Harry Shipp each pick up assists on that Dempsey goal. Fourth of the season for Bruin, first for Shipp.
Ari Liljenwall @AriLiljenwall🔁Will Bruin and Harry Shipp each pick up assists on that Dempsey goal. Fourth of the season for Bruin, first for Shipp.
Steve Ketelsen 🎙️🐟 yuxie go dark @podfish🔁22' GOAL Seattle. That's Clint Dempsey finishing off a beautiful counter featuring Harry Shipp and Will Bruin. We're all level at the CLink.
Rachael McKriger @RachaelMcKriger🔁Harry Shipp responds with a shot of his own, but it goes right into the outstretched arms of Richard Sanchez.


Sounders Matchday @LIVESounders🔁8' Harry Shipp fires a left-footed shot from outside the box that forces Sanchez to dive down to his left. Shipp look twitter.com ing for his third goal in four matches.

SEA 0 | CHI 0

Rachael McKriger @RachaelMcKriger🔁Nouhou, who is celebrating his birthday today, has a look for a good cross, but it sails over Harry Shipp’s head.


MENINRED @meninred97🔁Harry Shipp revenge game? twitter.com
luccaaa @Formeonly17🔁You so idiot cocaina has family lol he talked about the girl on the discredit BTa.you everything that Harry say because of a twitter.com dead shipp. This is disrespect. will find a life to you live. misogyn. Biphobic. he put the girl's name on the song
tilbot @tilbots🔁That after not being able to decide between 'Solomon' or 'Shipp', Harry S. Truman's parents simply gave him the initi twitter.com al 'S' as his official middle name.

🔮🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿your local witch🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🔮 @allonsyrachel🔁@Dannicus523 @turneresq Harry Shipp is the union rep.
Kennedy @shipp_kennedy🔁 Who should move onto the finals of the #Hits1PopProm? @BrendonUrie or @Harry_Styles??
John Gudac @gudacj🔁“I feel like I’m at a place to contribute a great amount to this team..."

With a solid recent performance, is taking advantage of every opportunity.


Seattle Sounders FC @SoundersFC🔁“I feel like I’m at a place to contribute a great amount to this team..."

With a solid recent performance, twitter.com is taking advantage of every opportunity.


MECHI AMA A H. 🔜 🇦🇷🌈💚 @S00N_SM🔁@Hits93Toronto serious question: do you shipp louis and harry?
ginni saw harry 🇧🇷 @hsrrypride🔁why people shipp harry with this xander aka the pedophile? and specially why put this on my tml? excuse me
Natalie Brown @ianbohensbeta🔁Kaitlyn Dubz, Kat McNamara, Isaiah Mustafa, Harry Shum JR, Alberto Rosende, Daniel Sharman, Ian Bohen, JR Bourne, Joh twitter.com n Wesley Shipp, Melissa Ponzio, Linden Ashby, Max Carver, Charlie Carver, Gage Golightly, Dylan O'Brien, Colin Donnell, Torrey Devito, Nick Gehfus (2/3)
John Gudac @gudacj🔁Rave TV Recap: Harry Shipp scores late goal, but the Sounders fall on the road at Red Bull Arena.
Thomas Meredith @SoundersGKFan🔁Harry Shipp was awesome. He sparked the whole team with his energy
Most of them picked up their game. Some were too twitter.com drained from the humidity but still fought hard.
Akshay Singh @Singhboy1390🔁I liked a @YouTube video youtu.be Interview: Harry Shipp post-match at New York Red Bulls


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