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Dinithi O'Gorman @TiramisuGoomba🔁I just watched the Solo trailer... Harrison Ford is Han Solo.
I can't watch that other guy.


Jamal King of Wakanda @reggiegotlag🔁 Harrison Ford watching the Solo trailer
Harrison Ford Aaron L Potratz @alpotratz🔁None of these guys are Harrison Ford. None #Solo #Solotrailer #SoloAStarWarsStory
Son of Bob @theReheil_Deal🔁 Harrison Ford watching the Solo trailer
Harrison FordHarrison Ford luke skywalker @transIuke🔁 Harrison Ford as Han Solo Behind the scenes of Empire Strikes Back
James Gunn @JamesGunn🔁So, yeah, this quote from Harrison Ford is completely made up, like so much of the news and quotes around Trump while twitter.com he was running for election. Ford actually thinks Trump is "dealing in divisiveness" and "turning people against each other." In other news, I dug the Solo spot.
Emre Kelly @EmreKelly🔁Thousands expected to descend on the Space Coast for Tuesday's launch. Possibly around 100K visitors, up to half a twitter.com million local spectators, according to tourism executive. Oh, and Harrison Ford.


Hollywood Reporter @THR🔁Alden Ehrenreich steps into Harrison Ford's shoes as the iconic smuggler in 'Solo: A @StarWars Story' thr.cm
Vik🌐 @ViktorCeder🔁But for real, He NAILS the Harrison Ford body language so far. The squinty eyes, the arrogant stance, the closed mou twitter.com th etc etc. Pleasantly surprised.
Pete Stewart - The Final Cut @Peter5tewart🔁Still frustrated by the casting of Han Solo in the movie about Han Solo, who was played by Harrison Ford, especially twitter.com knowing how much more other actors in contention for the role of Han Solo, née Harrison Ford, looked and sounded like Harrison Ford, also known as Han Solo.
Ryo @NuMetalDaddy🔁I’m more hyped about Infinity War than solo tbh. I’m sure Solo will be good, but no one is Han Solo other than Harrison Ford.
Clint Scott @ClintScott🔁I knew no matter what Disney did, some people would have this reaction. As a Star Wars fan and film lover, I would m twitter.com uch rather Alden be Han in personality and the movie be good, than him trying his best to do a Harrison Ford impression that could end up being more distracting.
Matt @MattHeimiller🔁 harrison ford’s age when he filmed star wars: 34

alden ehrenreich’s age when filming the role of “young han solo”: 27

Mark Jones @MacJoney🔁The has finally landed - even if Harrison Ford's boots are only half-filled this still looks like a lot of fun. Look twitter.com ing forward to more of Woody Harrelson's character...
Messiah of Kek @FosterPerry513🔁Ok, so the Solo teaser FINALLY dropped and based on what I've seen, I don't think I'm going to like this movie.

Not twitter.com only does the actor playing Han Solo look nothing like Harrison Ford, he SOUNDS nothing like him either and looks to carry himself like it's a costume party.

DJ Brinkerhoff @djbrinkerhoff🔁SOLO looks like a fun movie (that music is 💯) but I am *deeply* concerned about who they cast as Han. He is neither twitter.com his own thing nor enough like Harrison Ford.
Primrose Halliwell @PJ_Halliwell🔁I’m sorry but Alden Ehrenreich doesn’t sound like Harrison Ford and he barely looks like him. 🙄 Kinda disappointing twitter.com casting for the
Gerry Canavan @gerrycanavan🔁try to cast someone to play a young Harrison Ford, you better not miss
victoriavigo @victoriavigo🔁other than the people who greenlit it, who woke up one day and was like "man we really need a Han Solo movie" knowing twitter.com it would be without Harrison Ford????
Katie @KatieQUA1L🔁Honestly i don’t blame Harrison Ford for not caring about star wars. Dude signed up for a quick paycheck and became a huge cultural icon
Mørris @LookItsMorris🔁Star Wars fans can’t move beyond the original cast. If they had it their way, Harrison Ford would play Han Solo for the next twenty years.
Danny Botti @dannybotti🔁I’m more interested in seeing how the dude playing Han in the new movie plays young Harrison Ford, not young Han Solo tbh
Laura Kelly Dunlop @laurakaykelly🔁What I learned from the new trailer: Harrison Ford really was (and still is) that good...
Max @MaxWildest🔁Are people complaining that Alden Ehrenreich doesn't look like Yakko Warner or that Harrison Ford doesn't sound like Rob Paulsen?

I'm all confused.

My name is Tim 🎸ツ For five years, I was stranded @KostymenTweets🔁 @Steele131 Yea I am not feeling him at all right now. He just doesn’t capture the swagger of Harrison Ford
Azad AF @azadag🔁Prob thought he had more negotiating power : “Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher took home salaries in the low-seven-figur twitter.com e range, according to sources. Newcomers John Boyega and Daisy Ridley were paid in the low-six-figure range ($100k-$300k).”
Locutus of Porg @asunflowerpose🔁harrison ford’s age when he filmed star wars: 34

alden ehrenreich’s age when filming the role of “young han solo”: 27

LuigiHann @LuigiHann🔁But the kind of characters that pop in trailers are the ones with dazzling charisma and bad ass moments and zingers. Han... Han doesn't REALLY have any of that. Harrison Ford's charisma is subtle and laid back. His bad ass moments are in a cockpit. He doesn't throw many punches.
Samuel Drenning @playedbymefilms🔁I'm calling it now that #Solo is going to end with something happening to Han's throat making him sound more like Harrison Ford. #StarWars
Chingona. @Xxbookworm🔁I feel bad for the actor cz he has to act as Harrison Ford acting as Han Solo instead of just playing the character his own way
Ardna of Vengerberg @Ardna_Addams🔁 Adam driver es a Harrison Ford lo que Sebastian Stan a Mark hamill twitter.com
EchoTheThird @EchoTheThird🔁I understand that Harrison Ford can't play a young Han Solo but jesus this new guy playing him looks so weird.
VaderNick @VaderNick84🔁@ManaByte Yes you mean the guy that already pulled off a young Harrison Ford in a movie...... Yes he would have been better.
barbara barb @spicedrum🔁My Solo hot take - Han Solo only worked as a character because Harrison Ford has more charisma in his pinky than most humans do in their entirety, and I don't care about a story where's he's played by some unattractive mediocre white man.

Lando looks beautiful.

Alison @_almostleia🔁I was complaining about that last night! Harrison Ford's charisma is so hard to match, a Lando heist/caper movie with twitter.com Han as a side character would've lessened that issue and been more fun
Ben Ward @TimeGentleman🔁Damn, this is a pretty good young Harrison Ford performance from a movie that isn't SW or Indy: youtu.be
Jim Davis @JimDavisMTG🔁@samstod I’m pretty skeptical. That dude doesn’t look, act, or feel like Han Solo; Harrison Ford is a pretty tough act to follow.
Ian Cornejo @Ian_Cornyjoe🔁So, yeah, this quote from Harrison Ford is completely made up, like so much of the news and quotes around Trump while he was running for election. Ford actually thinks Trump is "dealing in divisiveness" and "turning people against each other." In other news, I dug the Solo spot.
Yoko Higuchi @resistance0101🔁 BLADE RUNNER 2049 - 6 Movie Clips + Trailer (2017) Ryan Gosling, Harrison Ford Sci-Fi Movie HD youtube.com
Stevie Veeno @popjunkii🔁Alright everyone, we KNOW is not Harrison Ford. There will never be another Harrison Ford. How ‘bout you wait till y twitter.com ou see the before you cast judgement. Personally, I’m going for anyway.


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