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#HaroldAndLillian Hometown - Tshirts @hearthometown🔁I May Live In Minnesota Bu...
#HaroldAndLillian PeoplesParty @themainepain🔁 #HaroldandLillian is on tonight at 8PM! Join me for the live tweet. @tcm @DanielRaim @MPTF
#HaroldAndLillian Jan Willis @forgetitjake🔁 Just watched #HaroldandLillian which was totally wonderful! #TCM #tcmparty
#HaroldAndLillian Donna Hill @rudyfan🔁Just watched #HaroldandLillian which was totally wonderful! #TCM #tcmparty
#HaroldAndLillian Hometown - Tshirts @hearthometown🔁The Love Between Mother An...


Gregory Maupin @GJMaupin🔁@LoveStoryDoc #HaroldAndLillian is one of the loveliest docs I've seen in a long time. Just...lovely. Highly recommended. #TCMParty
💕✨ 1304| Ă @hdbhbhfnhnhf🔁 watch


World News @Olguita66🔁watch


Moataz Alhanash @Mrmeeez1🔁Last King From Allah, Naser Mohammad Al-Yamani
Auntie Mame @Chewwie7🔁"I just did it. I thought it was a hell of a shot, and I'm proud of it."
Auntie Mame @Chewwie7🔁 #HaroldAndLillian is the first live @tcm movie I'm seeing since the power went out. I think I adore Lillian. #TCMParty
Julia Ricci @julsrich🔁Lillian Michelson is my feminist hero. She's a fantastic role model for young women.
Julia Ricci @julsrich🔁Ben Mankiewicz starstruck over Lillian: same. #HaroldAndLillian
Julia Ricci @julsrich🔁#HaroldAndLillian is wonderful and I didn't want it to end. Lillian is an inspiration. #TCMParty
Steve Parrish @networldsystems🔁@DanielRaim Watched #HaroldAndLillian Fantastic! A quite charming film. I learned quite a bit from it. Thank you.
Moataz Alhanash @Mrmeeez1🔁Last King From Allah, Naser Mohammad Al-Yamani
Dawn @Alba_Dawn🔁@tcm Spotted a well-worn copy of Jack Finney's "Time and Again" in Lillian Michelson's research library. 🎩#HaroldandLillian
Gina Dalfonzo @ginadalfonzo🔁 You can pre-order #HaroldandLillian! #TCMParty
Jan Willis @forgetitjake🔁 This is my favorite part of #HaroldandLillian: how Lillian became a researcher and inherited her library!
Gina Dalfonzo @ginadalfonzo🔁Forget Netflix, I'm buying #HaroldAndLillian. That was the sweetest thing I've ever seen. #TCMParty
Dave Hollingsworth @_daveyH🔁Thank you @BenMank77, @tcm, and Lillian Michelson for #HaroldandLillian! It's one of the best documentaries I've ever seen! #TCMParty
The Filmatelist @Filmatelist🔁Shameless plug: I first watched in November 2015 and reviewed it on my blog. Read it here:
Andrew FitzSimons @AndyFitzSimons🔁 Guys LILLIAN IS WATCHING WITH US ♥️♥️ #TCMParty #HaroldAndLillian
Zekey's Mom @Zekeys_Mom🔁#TCM #HaroldandLillian was such a tender, fascinating, and funny film! Loved all of the artwork and interviews. Thank you @tcm
ngn @NancyGrace_N🔁Harold and Lillian Michelson, a match made in Hollywood heaven - LA Times #HaroldandLillian
Dawn @Alba_Dawn🔁Thank you @DannyDeVito & @tcm for sharing #HaroldandLillian. Such a wonderful relationship & such great films. 🎨🔍📚 🎬🎥
Vanessa @Kittyprryde🔁Emotional wreak after watching Harold and Lillian. But in a good way. Beautiful story, thank you TCM #HaroldandLillian #TCMParty
Karen @TheDarkPages🔁#HaroldAndLillian gave me life. I've been waiting to see this film for two years. Thanks, @TCM. #TCMParty
The Filmatelist @Filmatelist🔁We are watching live with Lillian and she is shaking her head: "We were not the perfect couple..we fought a lot!" :)
Laurie-Ann @LaurAnnC10🔁Lovely surprise tonight.Lillian's story was funny,inspiring and ahead of her time. Well done doc that will captivate you
ngn @NancyGrace_N🔁@tcm @MPTF @BenMank77 ❤️❤️❤️❤️ #HaroldandLillian thank you for showing it tonight.
ngn @NancyGrace_N🔁Loved Loved the documentary. #lillianmichelson #HaroldandLillian
Kellee @IrishJayhawk66🔁That was such an incredibly sweet and charming film. My first time seeing #HaroldandLillian 💕 #TCMParty #LetsMovie
Patrick Goff @p2wy🔁I'm really glad I watched #HaroldandLillian tonight, was a salve for my soul. #TCMParty
Guy Priley @guypriley🔁Lillian is just as charming in her interview with @BenMank77 as in the documentary. I just adore her. #TCMParty #HaroldAndLillian
33_Wonderland @33_Wonderland🔁Thay was so heartwarming 💗 #TCMParty Thank You @tcm ❣️#HaroldAndLillian
LaBellaLass @LunaSeaByTheBay🔁@BenMank77 you are one lucky guy to interview Miss Lillian. #HaroldAndLillian is a gem, and she is a national treasure.
Marcea Cazel @MarceaCazel🔁Harold has a @Wikipedia page but Lillian doesn't - someone get that lady a Wiki page! #HaroldandLillian
Melissa @HTD_Classics🔁That was a treat. Thank you @tcm and @LoveStoryDoc. #TCMParty #HaroldAndLillian
Moataz Alhanash @Mrmeeez1🔁Last King From Allah, Naser Mohammad Al-Yamani
Amy Siegel @MeAtTheClassics🔁Thank you @tcm for showing #HaroldAndLillian Such a sweet story. #TCMParty
Bruce Fulton @dbfulton🔁#TCMParty #HaroldandLillian
Thanks @TCM for showing that!
Melissa @HTD_Classics🔁Aw, @BenMank77 is totally smitten with Lillian, isn't he? 😊 #HaroldAndLillian #TCMParty
Dominica @thedominicashow🔁 what a fantastic documentary. SO so good! I think I'll need to see it a few more times. Such a sweet love story.


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