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蕉 @zhenhui1201🔁 MINI JAMES HARDEN😂
Ric Flair 🦋® @lilyola_🔁 Mini James Harden got me dead 💀
NBA @NBA🔁James Harden erases it at the rim!

#Rockets up 95-71 with 4:26 left on @NBAonTNT

Harden Bleacher Report @BleacherReport🔁Kobe picks James Harden as the 2018 MVP, per @espn ble.ac
Sir Savage @Geo2Much🔁Wolves dont stand a chance against the Timberwolves. It looking like a sweep. Towns needs to be a lot more productive twitter.com when it counts. Butler is great but he busy with the hardest job of the series, defending Harden. Wiggins should be scoring with ease.
ᗴ𝓢Ş𝕂𝕖𝕖𝐓ιⓣ // ᔕ𝐡au𝔹ᵘтℂʰ @shabutch_🔁LeBron puts up 46-12-5. Team barely wins.

Harden shoots 2-18. Team wins by 20+.

We all know LeBron actually deserves MVP.

Pedro Junior @PedroJRJunior1🔁@GLOnielSZN Again so did harden!!! Lmaoooooo
nicholas @nicholas0_2🔁James Harden's got his bags packed because he's traveling across the country with that drive.
Jonesy⚜️ @jaredjones_12🔁Tell me why my dumbass thought this was James harden at first 😂? twitter.com ?
Black Luigi @tevin_mccullum🔁 If the Rockets can win when Harden has a bad game, how can he be MVP? Harden-hater Twitter.
👑WhateverItTakes👑 @SoIvRiSa🔁 Cavs w/o Lebron is nothing
Rockets w/o Harden is still the same

LBJ is the true MVP!!!

Mike Hutton @MikeHutton22🔁Exactly...they call this traveling on Gorgui and NEVER call Harden on : 1. Step back travel and 2. His 4 euro step moves to the rim.
Patrick @patrickceltics🔁James Harden shot 2-18??? Ok...
Aishatu Danjuma Garko🧕🏽 @Mein_Schatzi_🔁No matter what you do, people will always misunderstand you. The same people who you think cared about you are always the ones that become your enemies. Doesn’t matter, keep a good heart. Keep patience & trust Allahﷻ. Don't let the darkness of some people harden your heart! 👌
Alex Wottreng @AlexWottreng🔁Harden was 2/18 from the field and Houston won by 20... #Rockets
Pedro Junior @PedroJRJunior1🔁@GLOnielSZN Yes proof that harden isnt MVP
trex @trexy2k🔁 @PointGods LMAOOOOOOOOO HARDEN SHOT 2-18😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 11%😂😂😂😂😂 MAN I'M CRYING RIGHT NOW😂😂😂😂😂😂
Booker 🐐 @D__Booker1🔁Fair or not, this game kind of sums up why you might be inclined to vote LeBron over Harden for MVP.

Harden's 2-18 and Rockets are up by 24.

If LeBron shot 2-18, they'd lose by 24.

chaun @GhostOfChaundon🔁KAT slander is well deserved but Jimmy Butler gotta give far more scoring wise too. I know he’s checking Harden but that doesn’t let him off the hook
ⓙⓔ @annoyingjerson🔁Harden with 2/18 field goals.
*slow clap
zane @houstonbetter🔁Got some good snip-bits of the 2 post-game interviews with CP3/Ariza & Harden/Green for tomorrow morning. All three c twitter.com entralized around the theme of Harden’s LEADERSHIP & ability to contribute tonight, despite the poor shooting performance (2/18 FG).
Elena Arteaga @NewsGirl_🔁James Harden goes 2-18 and  win?!? He’s only twice had games (2009, 2015) with 15 or more attempts and 2 or fewer makes...both losses, via .
kïrk @freakykirkyy🔁I want my Harden vol. 2 huhuhu
Bird Popcorn Gif Guy @BirdPopcornGif🔁 Tonight was the FIFTH time in his last 21 playoff games that James Harden has shot under 20%.


Brett Branstrom @21brettb🔁Nah harden draws a lot of attention that frees up those other guys. If he’s not on the court at all things change, bu twitter.com t they are still a good team. They also don’t have Ryan Anderson or Mbah a Moute. But all the seeds 4-8 were borderline and i see them in that group


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