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#Hardball Protect2Amendment @Protect2Amendmt🔁#Hardball Kid and their grandparents marching in the street for gun control#protec2amendment.org
Hardball @hardball🔁"This is a continuation of a trend ... the common denominator is that we're fielding fantastic candidates." twitter.com on Dems winning in special elections.
Hardball @hardball🔁"I think it'd be tough to beat Biden." @RepCharlieDent on Trump vs. Biden in Pennsylvania. #Hardball
Hardball @hardball🔁"I don't think he'll be Speaker of the House much longer if he continues to act that way. 2018 elections are coming." twitter.com on not bringing up legislation on gun control.
John Schroeder @cffschroeder🔁"I have ambassadors come into my office all the time asking 'what is going on in the United States.'" on Trump.
Tariq Saeed @tariqsaeed🔁"There's a very good chance Putin knows some things about Donald Trump that Mr. Trump doesn't want repeated publicly." on her sit-down interview with Putin.
chieftain 🌹 @bohemiantoo🔁Senate passes banking bill that deregulates Dodd-Frank, 67 to 31. This will allow the banks to run wild as they once did possibly causing another great recession or even a greater depression, thanks to Russian controlled Republicans!
JLSchwartz @schwartz_jl🔁, instead of resisting progressives why not resist your party giving Trump $700,000,000,000 to bomb the world?
EBONYLORD1 @EBONYLORD1🔁 Donald Trump is a Horrible person and I blame EVERY SINGLE PERSON THAT Voted for giving him the chance to unleash his POISON on America
Ali Mohammed @Alimohammed197🔁We deserve better leaders who can lead America on the global stage & not haters & Islamphobes like Mike Pompeo twitter.com
Betty @missb62🔁I have heard several people ask why fires people on Twitter when they're far away. It's because he's too chickenshit to fire them face-to-face.
Vic Montoya @VicLMontoya🔁I have heard several people ask why fires people on Twitter when they're far away. It's because he's too chickenshit twitter.com to fire them face-to-face.
Merri M 🖖🇺🇸 @Merri__Magic🔁Tillerson was on his Whites Apology Tour in Africa on behalf of Trump’s “Sh**hole Countries” comment & got fired the minute he criticized Russia for poisoning our UK allies. Putin is running the show & the complicit G☭P are USELESS!!!
ritter1947 @ritter1947🔁When are they going to get serious and stop passing bills that are approved by the NRA we already know NRA couldn’t care less about school safety...
Stephanie Braithwait @StephanieBraith🔁For those of you who have missed your fellow California Resisters over the past 2 days, keep in mind that we can't go outside, because that thing we call "president" was here and the smell of sulfur is still strong in the air.

Mark D @notapartyparrot🔁"This is a continuation of a trend ... the common denominator is that we're fielding fantastic candidates." on Dems winning in special elections.
CarolK @CarolK47🔁"If there wasn't access to guns, this would not have happened. What more do I have to say?" on Parkland
CarolK @CarolK47🔁"I don't think he'll be Speaker of the House much longer if he continues to act that way. 2018 elections are coming." on not bringing up legislation on gun control.
CarolK @CarolK47🔁"We have to think about what this looks like to the rest of the world." on Trump's shuffling his cabinet.
CarolK @CarolK47🔁"People understand that he's dishonest, he's deceitful. He promises to do something about DREAMers and does the opposite." on Trump.
CarolK @CarolK47🔁 "Conor Lamb is a great example of what we're doing ... he's the real deal." @TomPerez on #PA18. #Hardball
ConnieL @conniejimjoe🔁 Seriously, Matthews doesn't need any guest on his show. He doesn't let anybody complete a sentence. 1st half of the show he asks the question & the 2nd half he answers it himself.
Ben Franklin the 2nd @benfranklin2nd🔁"He's our commander in chief, he has the authority to respond to Russia ... but he doesn't." on new reports that the State Dept has yet to spend $120 million allocated to fight election meddling.
JunieP ❄️🌊 @Leeskijr🔁It’s sad that the coal miners and the steel workers in PA didn’t understand they were being lied to by Trump. He never had their backs and he doesn’t have them now.
JunieP ❄️🌊 @Leeskijr🔁 Your entire show is how do we *explain* trump. Debate the issues. Americans don't need to be educated on how stupid Trump is.
JunieP ❄️🌊 @Leeskijr🔁Dear ,
Donald Trump is an INDECENT human being. If you didn't figure that out after the way he treated Hillary Clinton, then maybe you are a part of the problem!
This is also why you don't understand why we are motivated to make America DECENT again!

JunieP ❄️🌊 @Leeskijr🔁"This was the stunning betrayal of the American people and the public trust. This was a case of the majority on the committee burying their heads in the sand." on Republicans on the House Intel Committee finding no evidence of collusion.
Adam Berger @taliah36🔁All the souls lost since the assault weapon ban was rescinded would be here today if Repuglicans would have voted to keep it.
That is a fact.

🌊 Gypsygoddess1 🌊 @Gypsygoddess1🔁"You can't find what you're not looking for." on the GOP majority of the House Intel Committee's handling of the Trump/Russia investigation.
LivinOnAPrayer @ConnieCase56🔁 By that logic,I guess,all souls lost to “criminal illegal immigrants”would be here today if Libs would get serious twitter.com on immigration n national security?
ConnieL @conniejimjoe🔁 Why does #ChisMatthews even have guests? I really want to hear the effen panel. #Hardball
Truett Kueck @Tkueck🔁what happened here, ? 16 Democrats voted to roll back Dodd Frank regulations? When we say Vote Them Out in 2018, we also mean the shitty Dems who act against our interests!

David Parry @DPYNinja🔁 Get so Sick N Tired of Chris and bobblehead Pundits always shit kicking Our DEMS and Trashing them all while Our DEMS wins 17 of 18 Spec Elections ! But they say never mind that . U DEMS got wrong message or U DEMS R friends w NancyPelosi ! Bullshit
RemembertheNiger4! @innriched🔁 It may be a little early for us to turn Texas Blue but we are in for the long-haul baby and it’s going to happen #Hardball
#WOKEaf🌩#KeepItInTheGround @aertwitt🔁We need to stop trusting corporate bought multimillionaire entertainers for “news”.
Truth Tweeter @redostoneage🔁Liberal Ideas: NYTimes And LA Times Journos Praise UC Berkeley Student Who Wrote ‘Kill Cops,’ ‘F*** White People’
Wanda McLaughlin @wanda_wandamc🔁 "These protests will turn into voting movements." @Vote_For_Dan on today's protests. #hardball
Amester Ω @amestr144🔁That old saying, birds of a feather flock together rings true every time. Fox Noise and Trump are a match made in hell. They lie at the same rate and foster an environment in which hate-mongering, corruption and scapegoating thrive.
Nicole @Nic6454🔁The kid on just nailed it!

If doesn’t start putting to a vote, Then he won’t be much longer!

Go 🌊🇺🇸👍🏻✌️

Cbvheartland @Cbvheartland2🔁Evidently, at this platform, 25 mentions in 10 whole minutes gets you trending. Unless you're conservative, w/10 mentions a minute, like . Then, you are suppressed by the mods that be. Congrats , for getting your participation trophy, every friggin' night.
Phoenix @RisingPheonix01🔁 Repubs choose money over morals..... & If Dem candidates DONT Get Dirty like those Repubs they will do well in Nov2018‼️
JB @4RealLeft🔁Two things:
1. Run as fast as you can, Vanessa. You married for money, not conjugal visits!
2. This jackhole is already so douchey. Can you imagine what a single, middle-aged DTJ looks like? Oranger? Greasier? With whiter teeth?

Geoff Caldwell @geoffcaldwell🔁It sure sounded like ’ high school guest is proposing to abolish the 2nd Amendment. I wonder if he realizes that would take 2/3 of the states to ratify? Maybe they should start Civics classes again for these spoiled brats!
Rich @RichNj5🔁 Russian bot
=> Save Schools in America Join the NRA @BayshoreRunner

#inners twitter.com

Chick @1helpamerica🔁I'm with U , I can only take 5 mins . But I do watch and then it's mostly lights out!
Chris Matthew is about 68% accurate and Not FakeNews . But he steps all On any of that, being 💯% Rude as Shit to his Guest !


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