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Z @OGZaxx🔁 Josh Gordon and Antonio Callaway showing up on the first day of filming Hard Knocks ...

hard knocks Tommy Kane @DirtyTom_🔁every time @KenCarman appears on hard knocks.
Nino Russo @ninoArusso🔁 Exclusive First trailer for the upcoming season of Hard Knocks with the Browns
hard knocks Vic🇺🇸 @14vicario🔁 Six @Browns storylines to watch on @HBO’s #HardKnocks: on.nfl.com (via @DanHanzus)
hard knocks Wisch🦈🌒 @Wisch_Khalifa90🔁 This year's team on @HBO's Hard Knocks will be...

The @Browns! on.nfl.com #HardKnocks

hard knocks Christian J. Farber @cjfarber🔁Hard knocks have a place and value, but hard thinking goes farther in less time. - Henry Ford
Cleveland Browns @Browns🔁OFFICIAL: @HBO’s Hard Knocks is coming to Cleveland

Details » brow.nz

hard knockshard knocks Bleacher Report @BleacherReport🔁Browns will be on Hard Knocks this summer, per @AdamSchefter
Adam Schefter @AdamSchefter🔁Will become official later today: Browns selected to be featured team on this summer’s Hard Knocks, per source.

Bonu twitter.com s Browns, more Mayfield.

Ty @TyDahs🔁 So Hard knocks coming to KirkoLand 😈
Bill Frazier @bfrazier65🔁Why Baker Mayfield Believes HBO's 'Hard Knocks' Can Be Good For Browns nesn.com via @NESN
Steven Bortstein @Fox1340AM🔁After having two of the 1st four picks in the NFL Draft, the Browns were selected to be the featured team on HBO's " twitter.com Hard Knocks" this summer. A lot of people are critical of this because the Browns have been historically bad for the last two seasons.

Drench @DwavY🔁Memo to Browns and media who cover the team: Hard Knocks is a piece of cake. The crew is courteous and professional. They don’t get in the way. You hardly notice they’re there. I wish the show would return to Houston. It was fun. Enjoy the experience!
noelbax @noelbax🔁New pod with on biggest concerns for last year’a playoff teams + which offenses should be vastly improved. Also, Browns on HBO Hard Knocks.

News-Talk 1480 WHBC @1480whbc🔁The Kenny and JT Show underway on a free for all, feel Good Friday. Anything up for grabs, plus, we continue to previ twitter.com ew Cavs/Celtics, the Indians open a series in Houston tonight, more reaction to the Browns on "Hard Knocks", Royal Wedding updates...
dade hebert @dadehebert🔁PMT 5-18

We’re so damn ready for Hard Knocks - Cleveland Browns.

Download Full Show Now ——> itunes.apple.com

Tracey @TRACEY63WEST🔁 The #Browns will be on HBO's Hard Knocks this season, a league source confirmed cleveland.com
Kevin’s Other Show @kevinsothershow🔁 kevinsothershow.podbean.com
This might be the real reason the Browns are going to be on Hard Knocks this season
JJK @MCHamr2🔁Many have draft boards. I have "Hard Knocks" storyboards:

First cut is audio over visuals from the jump in the lake twitter.com party. Liev Schreiber's voice then shows up describing the parade with a "5 months earlier" tone with parade and scenes of dreary cold. Then we go Draft Day.

Lawrence Taylor @TheMellowOne🔁“Fashion Week” knocks so damn hard. 😩
Vaughn @VAUGIHIN🔁How much longer do you think Hard knocks will go for? Seems like everyone involved with a team resents it. And do you twitter.com ever think a team like the Patriots will be on there?

Anthony Alford @Anthony_WTAM🔁Fill in Blanks Fri!
1)It’s because of _ are down 0-2.
2)Watching on Hard Knocks will be _.
3)__ will be star(s) this wknd.
4)Best wedding I attended was _.
5)My fave kind of marathon is _.

REACT 3-6p 866 372-1350 !

FOX Sports Radio @FoxSportsRadio🔁"Everybody fell in love with Jameis Winston as a leader last year on 'Hard Knocks.'"

-- explains why ‘Hard Knocks’ twitter.com is a great opportunity for Baker Mayfield.

Reverend Paul Revere @RevPaulRevere🔁Baker Mayfield Channels His Inner 2Pac And 5 Other Reasons Why The Browns On Hard Knocks Will Be Must See TV
أنا ‏اكل طيز @trevahhhNstuff🔁When they going to put the cowboys on Hard Knocks?
أنا ‏اكل طيز @trevahhhNstuff🔁 The Eagles were 2 bad seasons away from being on Hard Knocks

Thank you Doug Pederson 🙏🏾

Fred McTweeter @tweetinomglol🔁You may think mocking Hard Knocks is going to make it less, but it's not. twitter.com e morning>
David Saunders @abuamira1302🔁 Scholar (OSC 84, Strasbourg) recently published "American Leadership: Lessons Learned from the School of Hard Knocks" in the JAN-MAR 2018 issue of Infantry Magazine
Cork Gaines @CorkGaines🔁It might be time to stop portraying Hard Knocks as some evil show that ruins teams and players. In 17 years, the most twitter.com notable thing to ever happen might be Antonio Cromartie attempting to name all of his children.
Sports Fan Journal @theSFjournal🔁Baker Mayfield Channels His Inner 2Pac And 5 Other Reasons Why The Browns On Hard Knocks Will Be Must See TV twitter.com
Tyler Broska @T_Dot_22🔁Fans: “Why didn’t the Browns fire Hue Jackson?”

Haslam: “Can’t be on Hard Knocks with a rookie coach.”

Please Browns Win @djrbrownsfan79🔁So damn excited to find out that the Cleveland Browns will be featured on the next season of HBO’s Hard Knocks! Go Bake! Always an entertaining kid!! Haha! All of us from Lake Travis are having fun following your journey!
bankroll pj ® @ogkream🔁The Cleveland will be featured on this years Hard Knocks on HBO, per .

Baker, Jarvis, Josh Gordon, Myles Garrett and more coming this summer.

luke @LakeEffectBro🔁Lots of people think hard knocks starts with Hue jumping in the lake? Nah. It’ll be the losers parade


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