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Oluwadara Temitayo @oluwadara110🔁 Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe resigns. People take to the streets in the capital Harare to celebrate.
CNN @CNN🔁Jubilant crowds are cheering in central Harare as Zimbabweans celebrate the resignation of Robert Mugabe after 37 yea twitter.com rs as president
Sky News @SkyNews🔁Crowds in Harare celebrate following Robert Mugabe's resignation as President of Zimbabwe
✌🏽 @bksarpong🔁 Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe resigns. People take to the streets in the capital Harare to celebrate.
BBC Breaking News @BBCBreaking🔁Extraordinary scenes on the streets of Harare following Mugabe's resignation as president of Zimbabwe twitter.com
Odur Thomas Mande @MandeOdur🔁: Cheering crowds take to streets of Harare as news spreads that Mugabe has stepped down as leader after 37 years
Dee Ruddock @deeruddock🔁Extraordinary scenes on the streets of Harare following Mugabe's resignation as president of Zimbabwe
Noni @DallaCbo🔁 This is not Harare, this is Sunnyside (South Africa).

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christopher hall @cmhall1000🔁Crowds shake hands with members of the military in Harare as Zimbabweans celebrate the resignation of President Robert Mugabe
Erick @LawrenceSeko🔁People celebrate in the streets of Harare and in parliament after the resignation of Zimbabwe's president Robert Mugabe on November 21, 2017.
Photos by Zinyange Auntony /Jekesai Njikizana / Afp
Tanaka @tankie_xx🔁If you thought the air horns were loud in Asia, Harare has it covered. Great to see the jubilation on the people's faces.
Digo Pundit @IdewaFrank🔁Hypocrisy is when you celebrate that dictatorship is over in Zimbabwe but shout tano tena in Kenya. Who bewitched Ken twitter.com yans? Harare
Alfred e Nueman @K3V1NMAC🔁Watching a news report from Harare... Good to see multicultural diversity is practised there. I saw ONE white person.-the reporter...
Onal @Onale74🔁 On the streets of Harare we meet and his team from . It's going to be a long night
Shomide Olatobi @tobi_a_man🔁Breaking: It’s all over, Strongman of Politics bows out. Curtains fall on The era. Jubilation in Harare as the Octogenarian resigns.
Sima Kotecha @sima_kotecha🔁Elation in #Zimbabwe is electric. Hooting of horns filtering through #Harare. Ppl singing+dancing. Going to be a long night.. #MugabeResigns
Mpho V @Venda_Princess🔁Message from a friend in , “The streets are absolutely insane, people are hooting and screaming and driving around with their flags, jumping up and down, and crying! It’s just the most unbelievable energy I have ever felt.” Let have this moment 🇿🇼
Stan @Stan09142102🔁Please help Zimbabwe prosper again by removing all sanctions, re-instating Commonwealth membership, restoring direct twitter.com commercial flights to Harare and inviting the incoming President to a UK State Visit to build new strong beneficial partnerships.
FlaCracker2 @Cracker2Fla🔁DEVELOPING: Celebrations in the streets of Harare as Robert Mugabe resigns as President of Zimbabwe after 37 years


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