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'Hannity' Virginia Deplorable @sgknight23🔁 USAA restores ads on Hannity after outcry from service members: hill.cm
Kambree Kawahine Koa @KamVTV🔁Stand Up For Sean Hannity - Full List of His Advertisers.
#StandWithHannity ✊🏽 truthfeed.com


Sean Hannity @seanhannity🔁Please support them, they are returning to my show @USAA - apne.ws
'Hannity' Lindsay @Linz775🔁 Kathy Griffin
We have a winner!
Hadas Gold @Hadas_Gold🔁inbox: New effort to defend Sean Hannity, target Maddow advertisers professionalizes, says they’re ‘fighting fire wit twitter.com h fire'
Pat Hank @gaftoo2🔁Liberals Lose! USAA Will Reinstate Ads on ‘Hannity’ After Receiving Major Backlash
ryan @Ryan333B🔁Hannity: Covers a murder case, loses advertisers.

Kathy Griffin: Mock executes , CNN doesn't lose one advertiser.

Double standard.

Vicki @Forhimiowe🔁O'Reilly: "Fox can't 'handle another shake-up' if Hannity goes"

America can't Handle another minute of Fox News... SO This is Great!

ADeplorableAmerican @FalseLiability🔁 Please support them, they are returning to my show @USAA - apne.ws
Margie352 @MARGIE352🔁Listen to today 3-6pm for latest. Will he be on his TV show? Watch 10pm tonight!

AnneTheWriter @AnneTheWriter1🔁I've read Revelations, & I'm Born Again.

Don't recall Hannity's name in there.

Try again-- WITHOUT blasphemy, this twitter.com time.

Lucky🇺🇸 @BothwellJeremy🔁 USAA Renews 'Hannity' Ads Due to Massive Backlash from Military Customer Community cnsnews.com
Becky Bixler @bixler_becky🔁If you are disturbed by leak (as you should be), it's time to go after CNN advertisers just as the left did with Sean Hannity.
WashingtonDCTeaParty @WashingtonDCTea🔁 Stand Up For Sean Hannity - Full List of His Advertisers.
#StandWithHannity ✊🏽 truthfeed.com


Tom @TheRealTomHere🔁CNN BREAKING: New unearthed!

Lord Malignance @lordmalignance🔁#Hannity appears Very desperate. Upping support for Maddow's, advertisers and removing for Hannity's.
Resistor @dolphinmyr🔁This douche, Sean Hannity strikes back at critics by going after Rachel Maddow via cnnmon.ie
speakup @nochanceofrain🔁 @BrentBozell @seanhannity @USAA Sean Hannity is a friend of #America !
Beth Willis @AlliesBeBe🔁 .@TPPatriots is launching a counterattack to the left's war on @seanhannity & @FoxNews. conservativehq.com #teaparty
Brad McIntosh @BradWMcIntosh🔁THE MERGING

Of Liberalism & terrorism is complete

👉 They are now the

Kathy Griffin

julie @julieroithmeier🔁Sean Hannity asks who killed Seth Rich. Liberals go crazy.

Kathy Griffin poses with a bloody decapitated United States President. Crickets.

Jo & Jay @jojay1982🔁 We did it! Thank you to all who stood with @seanhannity!


haley @hj860815🔁I stand with Sean Hannity wherever he goes. He doesn't need Fox News, Fox News needs him. I'll follow wherever he goes!
💋👠Tia6 🇺🇸⚓🌹 @tia6sc🔁Congratulations, Trump supporters 👍👍
USAA received so much backlash & cancellations that agreed 2advertise on Hannity’s show
cyril fitzpatrick @ccfitz3🔁There advertiser boycotts against Sean Hannity for doing journalism, death threats by CNN employee...and nada.

Let that sink in.

RicPhy 🇺🇸 @Ricphyl🔁Sean announced on his radio show that the bike company in Santa Monica and USAA came back to advertising on his show! Haha love it.
speakup @nochanceofrain🔁 .@SeanHannity has been a longtime friend of the troops. This is the right move from @USAA. goo.gl
Charles Robedeaux @crobedeaux🔁inbox: New effort to defend Sean Hannity, target Maddow advertisers professionalizes, says they’re ‘fighting fire with fire'
Mel Lopusnak @Lasers44🔁STILL WORK TO DO!! USAA Will Place Ads Back On Hannity's Nightly TV Show!! via waynedupree.com
Willam J. Bodden @willam_bodden🔁 USAA reverses decision to pull ads from Fox’s ‘Hannity’ after outcry - go.shr.lc - @washtimes
John Peña @JohnPena03🔁 —@seanhannity strikes back at critics by going after @maddow money.cnn.com
Dave Hovis @realdavehovis🔁@SirajAHashmi @nadabakos See Sean Hannity? This is how an apology works when you realize you said/did something stupid.
Mr. Incredible #MAGA @OptimumBMI🔁Hannity Unleashes Tweetstorm,
Posts Rachel Maddow's Advertisers
'Fighting 🔥 With 🔥'

ProgDem @K_Creations🔁1. announced last week they were dropping Hannity. Today they announced they've reversed their decision

Deplorable ~*Amy*~ @AmyHolcomb43🔁I Look Forward To Watching Hannity Tonight! Glad To See Back After His Vocation
DougP @dp_account🔁Pump up the volume! #Hannity twitter.com
esther @esther59535847🔁Hannity doesn't have the intellect to discuss popsicles with Rachel ... he is all about angry discontent, hypocrisy, and distortion
Rose Jade @pwall1214🔁@JosephIrato @CNN lol.Hannity is a ninja..carrys a gun. Why the Fck does he need a bodyguard. He brags how awesome he is.😂hyperventilating
he'll raiser @MaRicky8675309🔁Crazy country we live in when one media network can have employees openly wanting Trump dead yet Hannity is attacked for searching for truth
Richard Wilson @RickWilson1948🔁Not only talk show hosts like are targeted by Left. I've been targeted in "real life"for my twitter by Leftist groups.
irishSix1 @IrishSix1🔁 "Sean Spicer"
5000 Illegals Registered to Vote in VA!

fightfan @xRobertTheBruce🔁@KimDotcom give it to hannity...IF you really have any!
PrissyMayFLA @PrissyMayFLA🔁@FoxNews @seanhannity @BretBaier 🔥🔥🔥 NEW HEADS FOX seem intent 2 take DOWN network. O'REILLY suspension maybe NOT FIRED. BETTER KEEP HANNITY
DiCristo Trump Won @DiCristo13🔁REMINDER

John McCain helped Obama/Hillary create ISIS


Tom Madera @TomMadera1🔁They never watched her in the first place. Too busy jumping Hannity's leg and panting for more🐕 twitter.com
ILoveYouToo😂🇺🇸👌 @EXDemNowMAGA777🔁 So @USAA Pulled Ads Fox News Hannity But Will Advertise on @CNN where Kathy Griffin is on the payroll... What the heck!


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