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Tyson Deathstar @TDeathstar🔁 Happy Birthday & RIP Hank Williams
Robert Littal @BSO🔁Of course right after all that ... ESPN shows Hank Williams Jr. who compared President Obama to Hitler
Hank Williams billboard @billboard🔁Hank Williams' 10 best songs (critic's picks) blbrd.cm
Hank Williams Country Music HOF @countrymusichof🔁Country Music Hall of Fame member Hank Williams was born #OTD in 1923.
Leonel Segura @LeoSegs28🔁 Of course right after all that ... ESPN shows Hank Williams Jr. who compared President Obama to Hitler
Sloane Petty @SloanePett3n🔁After all this unity & militant kneeling, we have Hank Williams singing the football song. It's all about balance I reckon
Ray O'Brien @pimathman🔁 Racists picked a weird time to boycott the NFL. They just got Hank Williams Jr back.
Blabber'n'Smoke @PaulKBlabber🔁you can get this on catch up... Mark Billingham on Hank Williams... fb.me
Laserbrain @3rdEyeJedi🔁Just heard the MNF theme and mentioned wanting the Hank Williams Jr one back. He wasn't part of that atrocity, was he twitter.com ? Lol
Drew Hare @The_Wild_Hare🔁 "It would be like Hitler playing golf with Netanyahu" -Hank Williams Jr on Obama playing golf with John Boehner twitter.com
Walter Goulet @GouletWalter🔁Me singing Cold Cold Heart cover by: Hank Williams instagram.com
CHR1SCHR1S @CHR1SCHR1S🔁The amount of buffering delays on the WatchESPN app could possibly be worse than the Hank Williams song
Apg @OldAPG🔁Hank Williams Jr. - Family Tradition youtube.com
Deni Lyn Miller @homeeckwreck🔁 Y’all. Maybe now isn’t the time for @ESPN to bring back Hank Williams, Jr. for the Monday Night Football intro, IJS.
Dudley @BillyCocoa🔁you know whats disrespectful? forcing anyone to listen to a hank williams jr, florida georgia line and jason derulo collaboration
Drew Korzybski @Drew17K🔁Hank Williams Jr., Florida Georgia Line and Jason Derulo. What in Gods name are you trying to do to us @espn ???
Agent Kolson @KOlson_87🔁@hawkguy87 @realDonaldTrump If they did use Hank Williams Jr then I would say get that shit out of here lol
Cornelius Broadnax @lilgoddamn🔁 MNF's attempt at hip hop and hank Williams combined with the taking a knee situation just makes my ass itch
Duck Dynasty Fans @FansOfDD🔁Before performing the song, Alan explained that he was paying his respects at the Hank Williams monument late one... fb.me
starblazer @01Starblazer🔁 Weird that Hank Williams Jr. is also singing the intro song for tonight's CNN Healthcare Debate.
Cyrus Raymond @RaymondCyrus🔁@swaggymay6 Trying to mix the old with the new. hank Williams Jr intros were awsome back in the day
Thomas Healy @hawkguy87🔁Dynamite legs. But I'm talking about the one with Hank Williams Jr, those 2 hillbilly country rappers and whoever twitter.com the other dude is 🤣
Jake @RealJakeMosbach🔁The Monday Night Football theme features both Hank Williams Jr. AND Florida Georgia Line. That's where the real outrage should be.
ac @strainer34🔁Will Jerry Jones also take a knee during the Hank Williams Jr x Jason Derulo collab on MNF intro?
Elliott @jason_h_elliott🔁 Now that the "statement of unity" is over, here's noted racist Hank Williams Jr.!
Joe Pontillo @JoePontillo🔁Weird that Hank Williams Jr. is also singing the intro song for tonight's CNN Healthcare Debate.
Erek @doctor2erek🔁Why is Hank Williams on Monday Night Football?
When he was fired for what he said.
Bandit @coltonaustin69🔁13 out of 25 of my most played songs are Hank Williams Jr. No shame.
🚮 @RBStalin🔁In case you couldn't remember how Hank Williams used his free speech such that the PC police had him fired yahoo.com
Nita Cosby @5_2blue🔁If is boycotting the NFL, can we listen to someone other than Hank Williams Jr on ? All the rednecks are gone right?
Jared Sergeant @JaredSERGEANT🔁@jemelehill has to issue a statement yet @espn brings back Hank Williams Jr. after comparing Obama to the architect of the holocaust? 🤔
Garrett Nolan @garrettnolan🔁 Report: Hank Williams, Jr. will stand for the national anthem, but all of his rowdy friends will kneel.
Tammy Cowley @cowley_tammy🔁Are you ready for some football ... again? Hank Williams Jr.'s song returns to 'MNF' sports.yahoo.com
Krista A @LizLemon5759🔁Hey @RicBucher Hank Williams Jr. just sang....are those “code” words for us #Conservatives #MNF @nicolezaloumis #LeftCoastLive
nick neill @nickneill5🔁Hank Williams, Jr. - "Country Boys Can Survive" (Official Music Video) youtu.be via @YouTube


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