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#HandsOff Policy Matters Ohio @PolicyMattersOH🔁 This year, Congress should keep their #HandsOff vital public benefits that help many Americans.
Rebecca Vallas @rebeccavallas🔁Argh, typo! Join the #HandsOff fight at handsoff.org — need that S in there!
Dominick Evans @dominickevans🔁When you rely on Medicaid to survive...and you lose your job, work requirements for Medicaid are going to be a death twitter.com sentence for many disabled folks, especially those with MH and chronic health based disabilities...

Rebecca Vallas @rebeccavallasIn the meantime, 🔁//twitter.com/i/web/status/951466603115417600" target="_blank">twitter.com nd other attacks on healthcare and the other basics families need. /end (for now)
Susan Sternberg @susansternberg🔁NY Times editorial: The Trump Plan to Hurt the Poor by Pretending to Help Them

#MedicaidWorkRequirements #HandsOff twitter.com

WOKE JESUS @JesusIsWoke🔁I was sick and you called me lazy and told me to get a job when I was already working my hardest? I don't think so.   twitter.com "I was sick and you looked after me" (Matthew 25). This link is a great Q&A on the """"
Susan Sternberg @susansternberg🔁#HandsOff
No #Workfare for Healthcare twitter.com
Ginger L. Griffin @GingerLGriffin🔁Leggo my @eggo waffles!



Magic Ponies @adheretothesun🔁Read this new op-ed on how work requirements are reminiscent of "rejected racial stereotypes."

Nov. 18th♏️ @_maaack11🔁 Argh, typo! Join the #HandsOff fight at handsoff.org — need that S in there!
Nov. 18th♏️ @_maaack11🔁In the meantime, RT this thread to spread the word -- and join the campaign at to help fight this and other attacks on healthcare and the other basics families need. /end (for now)
Lana Slavitt @somuchweirdness🔁 A7: *proving* disability is ridiculously hard, especially if you are uninsured. #HandsOff twitter.com
Shriver Center @shrivercenter🔁: Shriver Center President John Bouman was on the to discuss his career-long fight against poverty, , and the threat twitter.com s to justice that lie ahead.
CFS Northern VA @CFSnova🔁 And you're still going to need luck. Because the disability determination process isn't about fairness or justice. #HandsOff
RESIST (202) 224-3121- resistbot.io - faxzero.com @gdtrble🔁 THIS ENTIRE THREAD #disabilityjustice #handsoff
cc @SFdirewolf #cripthevote twitter.com
RESIST (202) 224-3121- resistbot.io - faxzero.com @gdtrble🔁 Not all disabilities are visible... you can be 'able-bodied', and still disabled

#Medicaid #HandsOff #CripTheVote

RESIST (202) 224-3121- resistbot.io - faxzero.com @gdtrble🔁The fierce advocates in this chat give me hope. We ARE going to fight back, . We're going to sue, we're going to . We're going to keep speaking out and telling our stories. You will not silence us.
Tomahawk Shoes&Amps @TomahawkSandA🔁Notion. Here Cantor proceeded in the dock, try Tomahawk! If you wanna floating dry dock like an estok, try Tomahawk! #HandsOff #TomahawkAmps
ChildrensPartnership @KidsPartnership🔁 “work requirements” will threaten access to healthcare for millions of low-income people. twitter.com
Margaret Belan @FadingTeacher🔁 A2. The goal of Medicaid is to provide healthcare to people with low incomes who would otherwise not have access. Making cuts to Medicaid by imposing a work requirement to pay for generous tax cuts to the wealthy is a blow to Medicaid’s legacy.
ChildrensPartnership @KidsPartnership🔁Thank you @CLASP_DC and @GtownLawPovCntr for hosting this important #HandsOff #Medicaid chat today! twitter.com
#GrandOldPlutocrats 💰🧐 @thrillout🔁⚡️ “#HandsOff: Understanding Medicaid "Work Requirements"”


Sara Camps @cheesepickles🔁 A6/3. Evidence from TANF work requirements shows that African American participants have less stable employment since they already face structural discrimination that makes it harder to find and keep jobs. .
Lori Lou Freshwater🐯 @loufreshwater🔁 Q1. What does the term work requirements mean? And why is it misleading? #HandsOff
CLASP @CLASP_DC🔁 gets approved to begin for . Our statement on the harm to ordinary Kentuckians.


Susan Sternberg @susansternberg🔁 Despite Republican Claims, #Medicaid Work Requirements Would Hurt People With Disabilities rewire.link #HandsOff
Susan Sternberg @susansternberg🔁Check out this tweetchat for real-life concerns about impacts of work requirements.
participant groups.
MedicaidMatt Cortland, Esq. 🖊️🔋 @mattbc🔁The fierce advocates in this chat give me hope. We ARE going to fight back, . We're going to sue, we're going to . W twitter.com e're going to keep speaking out and telling our stories. You will not silence us.
Sara Camps @cheesepickles🔁 Many chronic illnesses or disabilities do not qualify as such for protection pursuant to federal SSI. #HandsOff
ChildrensPartnership @KidsPartnership🔁A6. “Work requirements” do nothing to address the barriers that keep low-income people from securing or maintain dece twitter.com nt employment.
Tee Resists Here @TeeTweetsHere🔁 A6/2. Imposing work requirements on Medicaid is an attempt to perpetuate racial stereotypes about communities of color and stigmatize popular public programs. .
Susan Sternberg @susansternberg🔁@mattbc Also - different requirements for different programs. Not their expertise. Not patients' expertise either! #HandsOff #LegalAidHelps
CLASP @CLASP_DC🔁Thanks for such an engaging and insightful discussion! #HandsOff twitter.com
Amy Sequenzia @AmySequenzia🔁 A6/4. Medicaid is the single largest source of coverage for reproductive health care. Women also will be disproportionately hurt by new penalties since they are more likely to provide informal and undervalued caregiving to family members. .
Susan Sternberg @susansternberg🔁A8: All these barriers are multiplied for people who are homeless. Lots of paperwork. Mailed notices → missed appts. twitter.com
TalkPoverty.org @TalkPoverty🔁Thanks everyone for following along and to & for a great discussion! Visit to share how cuts to Medi twitter.com caid could affect you and follow to stay up-to-date in the fight!
MedicaidMatt Cortland, Esq. 🖊️🔋 @mattbc🔁They may not know how. HCPs aren't trained in "residual functional capacity" or "nonexertional impairments." And that twitter.com is :not: their fault.
NatlHCHCouncil @NatlHCHCouncil🔁A9: Working people aren’t well-served by either the tax cuts or work requirements. Those who are most vulnerable wil twitter.com l have the hardest time qualifying for care.
Julia Bascom @JustStimming🔁A9 This policy is the pay-for for the tax cuts. Corporations and the wealthiest Americans get tax cuts. Disabled peop twitter.com le and working families get Medicaid cuts.
ChildrensPartnership @KidsPartnership🔁Q1. What does the term work requirements mean? And why is it misleading? #HandsOff twitter.com
CLASP @CLASP_DC🔁A9. Like the tax legislation, the "spin" of work requirements benefiting everyday Americans won't hold up to the real twitter.com ities on the ground. HHS' new policy will make people sicker and less likely to be part of the labor force
Kathy Flaherty @ConnConnection🔁Just realized I’ve missed most of the #HandsOff chat. Will be reading and RT’ing later!
Dr. Dorrie Cooper @sittingpretty61🔁A8 Mandating work requirements will burden an overburdened system to maintain compliance which takes direct $$ away f twitter.com rom the people who need the healthcare the most. What about parents of special needs children? The ideas belie of ignorant prejudice.
CLRC @CancerLegalHelp🔁Rather than punishing low-income people for forces out of their control, we should be investing in policies and progr twitter.com ams that improve their lives.
autselfadvocacy @autselfadvocacy🔁A9 (2/2) This is the first of many attack on Medicaid that are coming this year. We stand firm-there must be no cuts twitter.com , no caps, and no compromises.
autselfadvocacy @autselfadvocacy🔁A9 (1/2) No, but this policy is being released as an attempt to pay for those tax cuts. Wealthy people and corporatio twitter.com ns are getting tax cuts at the cost of health insurance for working families and people with disabilities.
Susan Sternberg @susansternberg🔁A7 & documentation needed from healthcare providers who are also burdened & often can't help as much as needed for t twitter.com hese rules.
TalkPoverty.org @TalkPoverty🔁Q9. Trump’s administration just passed massive tax cuts they said would benefit working people, but doesn’t. Is this twitter.com policy any different?
landsnark. very stable SOOOOOPER genius, reporting @conjja🔁 A5. 60% of Medicaid’s non-elderly adults already work. Of those without a job, many have disabilities, provide unpaid caregiving to family members (especially women), and/or are in school.
TalkPoverty.org @TalkPoverty🔁 A8 No. That was easy. #HandsOff
Julia Bascom @JustStimming🔁A8 No. That was easy. #HandsOff
Julia Bascom @JustStimming🔁 Q8. Medicaid was designed to improve people’s health, will adding work requirements improve health? #HandsOff
First Focus @First_Focus🔁This will, plain and simple, decrease Medicaid enrollment. It is also legally questionable. See National Health Law twitter.com Center to CMS:
autselfadvocacy @autselfadvocacy🔁A8 (6/6) Work requirements put up dangerous red tape to access critical health care and services for millions of Amer twitter.com icans, especially those of us with disabilities. For more information, check out our statement:
autselfadvocacy @autselfadvocacy🔁A8 (5/6) Supported employment connects disabled people to employment without threatening our access to critical healt twitter.com h care and long-term supports. It’s about SUPPORT. This program should not be used as a justification for punitive work requirements.
NatlHCHCouncil @NatlHCHCouncil🔁A8: NO! In fact, it’ll make people sicker and more likely to become disabled (or worse). coverage provides the stabi twitter.com lity needed to engage in work, not the other way around!
autselfadvocacy @autselfadvocacy🔁A8 (4/6) Supported employment is the job coach who helps a young man with Down Syndrome learn how to use the company’ twitter.com s calendar system. It’s the aide who helps a woman with CP eat lunch and use the bathroom at work.
autselfadvocacy @autselfadvocacy🔁A8 (3/6) Home and community based services (HCBS) are a kind of Medicaid service that help people with disabilities d twitter.com o things in our daily lives that we might not be able to do independently, like dressing, showering, running errands, and, for some people, employment.
autselfadvocacy @autselfadvocacy🔁A8 (2/6) CMS also tried to use the disability community’s history of supported employment, a form of home and communi twitter.com ty based services, as cover for work requirements. That is appallingly dishonest. Let us explain why.


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