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#HandmaidsTale Catherine Bailey @BailsMusing🔁What does The Commander have in store for Ofdonald? #HandmaidsTale
The Handmaid's Tale @HandmaidsOnHulu🔁Stand your ground. The season 2 finale of The #HandmaidsTale is now streaming.
#HandmaidsTale 🍰 in the 🐎 @pinacobalto🔁I've just watched episode S02E13 of The Handmaid's T...! #handmaidstale #tvtime tvtime.com
femmebot @an3esa🔁 First look at June showing back up in Gilead #HandmaidsTale
#HandmaidsTale The Handmaid's Tale @HandmaidsOnHulu🔁Your daughters deserve better than this. #HandmaidsTale
The Handmaid's Tale @HandmaidsOnHulu🔁Even in our darkest hours, there is love. All episodes of The are now streaming, only on . twitter.com
Amahl S. Azwar @McMahel🔁Are you talking about #HandmaidsTale or Trump’s America. twitter.com
Andrea @rovingblonde🔁Seriously y'all! Serena named the baby Nick-ole! 😂😂😂 So Savage! Aunt Lydia ''She looks just like her father.''
Gizzle 🇧🇷 @giz2le🔁 If Yvonne Strahovski isn’t an #Emmys nominee this week, I’m going to lose my mind. #HandmaidsTale
Gizzle 🇧🇷 @giz2le🔁Give Elisabeth Moss all the awards already! Yvonne Strahovski has been an absolute standout! Her character development is one of the finest in TV history! Cannot wait for Season 3!
Donnie Glover @BBDBunch🔁 Chic Fil A Employee: “Have a blessed day.”
Me: “Under His Eye.”
Andrea @rovingblonde🔁A question that has been on my mind...in the event that June and Nick escape with Baby Holly what is she going to do about her Husband 🤔
Jojo💫 @a5f2868010ce4e0🔁You can take the baby out of Gilead but you can't take the Gilead out of the GODDAMN IT WHO WROTE THAT FINALE.
Asli Shebe @asli_shebe🔁I need a spin off where June and Serena kill the commander and become a feminist publishing duo who expose the sexist hypocrisy of Gilead 💪🏻
Joanna Frketich @jfrketich🔁New aquatic centre planned for Pool used to film harrowing scene in will be torn down Story by twitter.com
Gizzle 🇧🇷 @giz2le🔁Serena is essentially horrible and a large contributor to Gilead, but my goodness, Yvonne Strahovski deserves an Emmy for this entire season!
Petra Starke @petstarr🔁Wow the season finale of #handmaidstale really took a turn twitter.com
basma lakhrou @basmalakhrou🔁I've just watched episode S02E13 of The Handmaid's T...! #handmaidstale #tvtime tvtime.com
Ropi @RoGeymonat🔁 I’m watching #HandmaidsTale finale with bated breath ... Elisabeth Moss is in a league all her own...
Atomic Elbow @AtomicElbow🔁Should have The #HandmaidsTale contained the Season 2 bloopers reel with the final credits? #HandmaidsTalefinale
sOPh @sophlouiiiise🔁it’s ok y’all no need to panic i watched #HandmaidsTalefinale & i’m fucking shook to the core like wtf whejwvaggsjejwwb #HandmaidsTale
femmebot @an3esa🔁Emily beating aunt Lydia’s disturbing ass was one of the most satisfying moments of television I’ve ever watched in m twitter.com y life praise be
eileen spiegler @espiegler🔁One thing that perplexes me about : If there aren't enough fertile women, wouldn't the ones who are, even if they're twitter.com enslaved, be too valuable to abuse and murder? OK, 2 things: If women are rendered "barren," aren't men's sperm affected too?
Kate Eppers @KateEppers🔁 yesterday seeing live at the series! twitter.com
Franny Lazarus @frannylazarus🔁#HandmaidsTale gave me something I never knew I needed: @WhitfordBradley casually shouting “DON’T DO DRUGS” as a farewell.
myst @missaveragejoe🔁I’m pissed that I have to wait a year to find out what happens next, I’m pissed b/c June surprised me, I’m pissed at the writers for doing such a damn good job w/ the finale & I’m pissed at myself b/c I understand June’s decision! 🤬
myst @missaveragejoe🔁 #HandmaidsTale Offred just turned into a sith lord and went straight Darth June
femmebot @an3esa🔁Next season is going to be the revolt season and I’m so excited f*ckin praise be hoes!! #HandmaidsTale


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