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Hamon charlotte penot @chpenot🔁 BENOIT HAMON DESERVED BETTER #FranceIsOverParty
Yaroslav Trofimov @yarotrof🔁Hamon calls to vote for Macron in the second round: "There is a distinction between a political adversary and the enemy of the Republic."
Matt Ford @fordm🔁Socialist candidate Hamon backs Macron at rally, says there's difference between a "political adversary and an enemy of the Republic."
The Associated Press @AP🔁BREAKING: French Socialist candidate Benoit Hamon concedes defeat in presidential election .
Hiraeth @BrownSquirrel83🔁Of course he has. Socialist "Hamon" has done the same. Just shows you there are no real political lines anymore. Just twitter.com globalist vs patriots.
Bryce #GoSpursGo @BryceG_TV🔁French establishment is swiftly lining up urging voters to now back Macron: Fillon, Hamon, Ayrault, Valls, Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo
Rod Butler UKIP @OhBrokenBritain🔁Marine Le Pen THROUGH to face Emmanuel Macron in French election run-off, first polls say express.co.uk
Mary Batson @SonsMary🔁 Ha Ha Ha Socialist Hamon endorsed Macron. Full scale peasants revolt happening in France. Brilliant. #LePen #JeVote
slzzzzp @la_margootte🔁@vouc_ Hamon>>>>
Kat 4 Obama @Kat4Obama🔁Socialist candidate Benoît Hamon calls on his supporters to vote for Macron in 2nd round, calling Le Pen an "enemy of the Republic"
San José @SanJosePolitics🔁"Right or Left"
Trump_FactCheck @Trump_FactCheck🔁BREAKING Hamon saying although Macron is not Socialist, Le Pen is an enemy of the Republic and people should vote for Macron
sépho @wisegirIs🔁hamon deserves better
McMerguez @djib6🔁Meskin Hamon ...
sigmund void @adammurd🔁haven't been following the French election, but does this mean if Hamon dropped out Mélenchon would have walked it and Le Pen would be out?
Vincent Arlettaz @VincentArlettaz🔁#Présidentielle2017 - Estimation @franceinfo :
B #Hamon 6.2%
N #DupontAignan 4.9%
charlotte penot @chpenot🔁 how did we end up with marine lepen and emmanuel macron when we could of had benoit hamon and jean luc melenchon
Jay Martin @cptjamesmartin🔁Interactive: Who is who is #France's 2017 presidential election? f24.my via @FRANCE24
Stewart Owadally @sowadally🔁Hamon urging his supporters to vote Macron: “Emmanuel Macron is not a man of the left," but he is “not an enemy of the republic” like Le Pen
charlotte penot @chpenot🔁 benoît hamon deserved better than this country full of stupid and racist people, merci au revoir.
Jacob Atkinson @JacobLAtkinson🔁I mean, Hamon would've been cool, Melenchon is anti-EU and that's a deal breaker so with the threat of Le Pen, it has to be @EmmanuelMacron
🥀 @BereJeanne🔁@YoungRich135 Hamon.
Darnell Wiggins @TheDon2108🔁French Socialist candidate Hamon concedes defeat a.msn.com
Nathan Hardman @NateGuy2016🔁 Driving Labour's vote below Hamon's 6.5% will be tough for Corbs - but he can do it! twitter.com
Н@дежд@ есть! @MoyNadin🔁 65% of towns (Int. Min.)
Marine Le Pen 26%
Macron 21%
Fillon 19,1%
Melenchon 17,6%
Hamon 5,5%
Gregory Daco @GregDaco🔁. joins in conceding. Already both have stated that they would support in the 2nd round... which will like.
JÜŁ @f2150e22f3eb44d🔁 Mélenchon et Hamon , goodbye my lover, goodbye my friend
Arfon Jones @ArfonJ🔁Appalling result from French Presidential Election for leftie candidates #Hamon #Melenchon
Romain 💪 @WhiteGameur🔁@AurelSupercell Hamon ?
William Seymour @sniperwillies🔁 BREAKING: French Socialist candidate Benoit Hamon concedes defeat in presidential election .
Simon Vessey @Simon_Vessey🔁When you see that had Hamon dropped out and just 50% of his 7% voted Melenchon, Le Pen wouldn't have made it...
(((Safe N Sound))) @ToBeSafeNSound🔁 Benoit Hamon—the Socialist Party candidate who collapsed to 6% tonight—has just announced his firm runoff support for Macron.
Polar Shadows @PolarShadows🔁 Benoit Hamon: "This is a moral defeat for the left."

I know. Excellent, isn't it?! 😆 #Frenchelections

Pablo Rodas-Martini @pablorodas🔁Hamon, the left, supports Macron, the center. We are waiting for your support, Melenchon! The far-right hasn't a plac twitter.com e in Europe!
le négropolitain @Francois_Bere🔁 Hamon deserves better 😭😭
emanuele scalzo @emascalzo🔁France: Centre-left (PS-S&D) conceeds defeat and expresses support for (EM-*) for second round.
stevenn @JabotinskyZeev🔁@CelineBon @razibkhan yes but many who voted macron would have stayed with PS if Valls had beaten hamon in primaries.
News & Analysis @AfricaNewsFeeds🔁Hamon is right in that if he wouldve dropped out late then Melenchon would have made 2nd round. Good diagnosis wrong twitter.com prescription
Jeremy Cliffe @JeremyCliffe🔁Meanwhile Martin Schulz gets to stop pretending he supports Hamon
Rhiannon @youngturk_93🔁Hamon led a campaign of Democracy, equality, ecology and pro- European,values which we will continue to fight for eve twitter.com n after the election
Tokyo Sand @DHStokyo🔁 Fillon, Baroin, Hamon all call to vote Macron in the second round against Marine Le Pen.
Bugs Bunny @bugs_punny🔁 Hamon, in his concession speech, has just called to vote for Macron to beat Le Pen #France2017
𝓢𝓽𝒆𝓿𝒆 #JC4PM🌹 @GayCubComrade🔁I hope Melenchon (and Hamon) takes the Sanders route and continues diligently organizing behind a left program no matter how Round 2 goes
Nick Busman @nmbusman🔁@lnteGritty If he doesn't I'm pinning this on Hamon
Juliette @Juliet777777🔁Marine Le Pen THROUGH to face Emmanuel Macron in French election run-off, first polls say shr.gs
ju @redblissx🔁bring hamon back
Michel Hubert @MichelHubert2🔁Hamon.... Mais Piketty?
Alan Jackson @ajacksost🔁Socialist candidate Benoit Hamon concedes election and says he will support Emmanuel Macron to huge cheers at Macron rally
suzed @xSuzVx🔁 Hamon deserved better than 6%
Rob Hutton @ProjectRob🔁What happened to Hamon is a great glimpse into what centrist Dems would have done to Bernie if he won the primary.


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