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Hammonds Blue Lithium @bluelithium2🔁Hammonds #Qanon
Matt Pearce 🦅 @mattdpearce🔁Update: Mike Pence was “very instrumental” in helping get the Hammonds released, an advocate says. twitter.com
Newt Gingrich @newtgingrich🔁A Worthy Pardon for the Hammonds wsj.com
Hammurabi's Codecademy™ @PykeA🔁If you're a news agency covering the pardon of the Hammonds, I urge you to take a look at your reader responses. Many twitter.com of them will have failed to understand that the Bundys ain't the Hammonds -- and almost none of them know what the Hammonds actually did.
Garrett @A_Hammonds🔁Projects dropping at Midnight:

Wiz Khalifa - Rolling Papers 2

Rich The Kid, Famous Dex & Jay Critch - Rich Forever 4

Chief Keef - Mansion Musick


Robert Webb @RobertW03388136🔁God bless the
God bless the for their help against a corrupt government.
God bless for gaining the wisdom to free these people from their chains.
A patriot will be missed.
Your days are numbered.
Karen Olson @olsonkaren48🔁I’ve been reading all your tweets regarding the Hammonds and those of ...for hours! Thank you so much for all this i twitter.com nformation, disturbing as it is. Each day I feel less and less secure as an American
Dave E. Garcia 🏈🏀⚾ @skelaxin99🔁This week, President Trump pardoned Steven & Dwight Hammond — Oregon ranchers who clashed with federal officers over use of public lands. Their case motivated Ammon Bundy to lead an armed occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Preserve in 2016.
Tina Crumpacker @tmcprdctns🔁The Hammonds, who own a ranch in remote eastern Oregon, had been convicted of arson for setting fires that burned fed twitter.com erally owned land. Their five-year mandatory minimum sentence drew criticism from...
Gus Gomez @gz954_gus🔁The formula is "Obama bad, Trump good." The intended message is as obvious as it is ugly. It is a sign of the times we are living in, so we shine the light.

tests the motivation behind President Trump's recent spate of pardons

J Go @QuoteSparks1🔁@realDonaldTrump Thank you for pardoning the Hammonds. Please pardon all in Bundy case.
Will Fries (pronounced Frees) @will_fries🔁I’ve decided to start a fundraiser for the Hammonds and then just keep all the money. It’s what God wants. Please donate to
Sandy Meyer @Sanbonna🔁For a president who continually cites law and order, Mr. Trump cherry picks which laws should have consequences. Burning federal land gets you a presidential pardon, but seeking asylum gets your child taken away.
gumby @gumbinigreeny🔁 Trump's pardons of lawless fanatics are undermining the DOJ || Via; Slate slate.com
Scrap Iron @Jelco70🔁President Trump has pardoned Oregon ranchers Dwight Hammond, left, and his son Steven Hammond, both pictured in 2004. The Hammonds' run-ins with the law made them symbols in a struggle between landowners and federal authorities.
A Torch @Torcho🔁Petition to asking to pardon .
If you thought the Hammonds who Trump pardoned got screwed in sentencing with 5 years, their crime was much worse & JOSH IS STILL DOING EIGHT YEARS.

Phillip Edwards @phillsandra1🔁Fires in Nevada and elsewhere show what can happen when arsonists like the Hammonds do their thing. Doubt that the twitter.com president would pardon other arsonists.
Tammy Woods @TammyWo27217186🔁Kudos to for his stand with the Hammonds: Thank you for carrying out justice and pardoning Oregon ranchers Dwight & Steven Hammond. Many ranchers in the West have suffered under the heavy hand of the federal government. These men are great patriots.
Tammy Woods @TammyWo27217186🔁And great success yesterday when you stood for American Citizens by pardoning The Hammonds. God Bless you President D twitter.com onald J. Trump❤️🇺🇸💙
@ CrosstagLabs ES/Haku @Tekken3lack3elt🔁Hammonds Bio hazard skin I want
Moonlitegirl @Moonlitegirl1🔁@Melishous @LionelMedia @WRAL yes I got a refresher on that the Hammonds were having the problem the Bundys came to stand with them
RTR TRUTH MEDIA @tomlacovara🔁LIVE: Resurrect the Republic -Shawna Cox on with Tom and Laz on Location in Oregon on twitter.com
Moonlitegirl @Moonlitegirl1🔁@Melishous @LionelMedia @WRAL news gave me a refresh the Hammonds were having the problem the Bundys were standing with them
MizpahMoon 🌷🌟🌷🌟🌷 @EkbMary🔁You are 100% correct here. We in equine advocacy have followed this and wondered how nobody was reporting on it. It's truly diabolical and they operate with impunity. Here's Sharon Stone with Dave Duquette, who accompanied the Hammonds yesterday in the private plane.
Leslie Hall @cheftacular🔁Reminder: 45 justified the pardon because, he said, the application of the mandatory minimum sentencing for terror-by-arson was "unjust."

It was unjust, he said, because, uh, the Hammonds are basically good guys?

Rob Shiveley @RobShiveley🔁Pardoned by Trump, Oregon ranchers ride home in style on Pence ally's private jet, via twitter.com
WildWest Institute @WildWestInst🔁Guest view: Pardoning Hammonds encourages disrespect for federal law via
heather g-m 🐾 @hgm🔁Pence donor flew the Hammonds home? Watch out for the crazy coming our way soon. (I mean more/different crazy than i twitter.com s in D.C. right now)
sjo k. @sjo_k🔁"the Hammonds are kind of the symbol of federal overreach for those who are upset over the federal government's rules twitter.com and regulations in the rural West. And their story was seized on by the Bundy family and their militia supporters."
Cinco - Families Belong Together @strangetikigod🔁 Update: Mike Pence was “very instrumental” in helping get the Hammonds released, an advocate says. twitter.com
Kilgore Trout #BASTA @Kilgore666Trout🔁Lucas Oil’s Forrest Lucas who flew the Hammonds home in his personal jet - said he spoke to VP Mike Pence about the case after he talked with Dwight Hammond
ANONmonkeywrench @ANONmonkywrench🔁So it seems... I wish Trump would tear Sessions a new one. That boop has done nothing for the Hammonds, the Finicum family or for thousands of wrongfully imprisoned Americans languishing in fedgov jails.
Angry Rose #GlovesOff @RosemaryMscott🔁If you're a news agency covering the pardon of the Hammonds, I urge you to take a look at your reader responses. Many of them will have failed to understand that the Bundys ain't the Hammonds -- and almost none of them know what the Hammonds actually did.
Deborah Washington @nugslilsis🔁Even the lawyer representing the Hammonds was mystified as to how the case got the attention of the White House.

More at :

Susan Venditte @susanv1227🔁. c'mon, don't call them "ranchers," the government proved in court that they are arsonists and poachers! New headline: "Trump Pardons Two Poachers"

EcoInternet @EcoInternet3🔁Why Did #Trump Pardon Two Arsonist Ranchers?: Sierra Club sierraclub.org More: facebook.com
Blue Lithium @bluelithium2🔁After Trump pardon, Hammonds ride home on Pence ally's private jet s.oregonlive.com
qtcoffee @qtcoffee🔁@thinkprogress That's ok, Trump will pardon them as well, just like he did for the Hammonds.
Blue Lithium @bluelithium2🔁Hammonds return home to Burns following pardon from Trump kgw.com via @KGWNews
Blue Lithium @bluelithium2🔁Trump Pardons Hammonds! trumparmy.net via @trumparmyusa
Betty Doke @BettyDOKE🔁Dave Duquette Of Protect The Harvest: Hammonds, The Bundys, Wayne Hage – It’s All About Taking The Land! President Trump Pardons The Hammonds… “Only In America!”

Phillis Duda @DudaPhillis🔁God bless our President for righting a horrible wrong. Another example of Obama’s Administration trying to take something that wasn’t theirs by weaponizing arms of the Government. BLM, FBI, and private contractors. They were wanting, guess what? Uranium on Hammonds land.
BrowderGate @Browder_Gate🔁 Justice is Served as Hammonds Receive Presidential Pardon – with Special Guest Pete Santilli pscp.tv
Jonathan Staufer @JonathanStaufer🔁"The Hammonds are dangerous people with a long history of arson, illegal grazing, threatening violence against federal officials & child abuse. Trump's pardon abandons human decency to signal encouragement of violence & extremism among his base."

Kierán Suckling

Willi-t @Igone79🔁Hammonds never should have been put in prison. The people who started the fire in the smokies last year that killed p twitter.com eople burned multiple homes businesses got 0 days in jail 9th circuit court is a damn joke.
Paul W. Mahon @pwm4u🔁I am pleased recognized that Dwight & Steven were dealt an unjust sentence & decided 2 pardon them. The Hammonds' punishment did not fit the crime and I’m grateful has corrected the actions of overzealous prosecutors. More:
john lovethemtoyz @jojokejohn🔁 The Hammonds and the Violent Origins of the Rancher Uprising in Burns, Oregon counterpunch.org by @NatCounterPunch
Aysha Moolla @ayshamoolla🔁Here’s some background on the Hammonds, who were pardoned this week for acts of arson on federal lands.
David J. Syzdek @dsyzdek🔁Yep, hanging out with porn stars, being a hateful racist, and profiting from illegal and unethical activities. The Bu twitter.com ddy’s and the Hammonds share most of those things with . Except for one thing.

Porn stars don’t like people that reek of cow shit, I guess.

franny @wiseglass848🔁 The Hammonds walk free and Red Fawn gets sent to prison for 5 years... #freeredfawn #NoDAPL bismarcktribune.com
Mongo @hoosierhackerpr🔁Lakota Water Protector Red Fawn Fallis has been sentenced to 57 months in Federal prison the day after white ranchers the Hammonds who inspired Bundy Malheur takeover are pardoned by Trump
john lovethemtoyz @jojokejohn🔁The Hammonds and the Violent Origins of the Rancher Uprising in Burns, Oregon counterpunch.org by @NatCounterPunch
John Geary @CongoLover🔁The pardons says less about the Hammonds and more about the Bundys. And to them it's clear. They fought and they won.
Vedehi Majumdar @VedehiMajumdar🔁 I wrote about the pardoning of these convicted terrorists yesterday for @RDispatches:


Ray Watson @raywatson🔁It's Open House Sunday in Glen Arbour Phase 8-1,
Sackville Dr to Lucasville Rd, right on Waterstone Run, left on Newbury and right on Natura. ( OR Hammonds Plains Rd to Cranley , right on Newbury and left on Natura)
2-4 this afternoon or call us for a personal tour.
Liberty Peace Love @LuvLibertyPeace🔁from how the pardoned Oregon ranchers - the Hammonds - ended up flying from the prison in Long Beach to Burns, OR in a private jet:
DJT @whiskers5012🔁Full first interview from Hammonds after landing in Burns, Oregon 7/11/18 youtu.be via @YouTube
Kelly Carp @kkwyo86🔁Good job for pardoning the ! The can't manage their way out of a paper bag, much less our nation's resources. I w twitter.com ould light a backfire on public land to save my property too!
Kathy @Oregonweaver13🔁 she’s going against who just persuaded tRump the pardon serial arsonists the Hammonds of “the Oregon Standoff”. He twitter.com needs to go! Also authored the GOP’s nasty alternative to the ACA.
˗ˏˋ bebe ˊˎ˗ @angeIhug🔁hammonds mayham skin is sooo cute
Carol Thomas @CarolTh81228322🔁Thank you President Trump for the full pardon of the Hammonds and for the ranchers! Thank you also for all the wonde twitter.com rful things you are doing to bring our nation back to decency onto greatness under God!
Will Gordon @William_WGordon🔁People have been calling to support the Hammonds/help the Hammonds/save the Hammonds since, oh, at least 1994.
Judith Weisenfeld @JLWeisenfeld🔁Finally got around to @mpgPhD’s really helpful piece on this pardon in #AmRel context. rewirenews.link
Richard Lazzara @shankargallery🔁Our 1994 article about the , symbols of the anti-federal movement who have received a presidential pardon from .


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