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Synematik @Synematik🔁 "Never met a haitian who wasn't strong"
Brian Fallon @brianefallon🔁If you're wondering how Trump gets away with being so racist, look at how Rubio, whose state is home to the largest p twitter.com opulation of Haitian Americans, cannot bring himself to denounce Trump. Gutless
Evan McMullin @Evan_McMullin🔁The president’s measure of human beings, immigrants or otherwise, is unAmerican. I’ll take a downtrodden Haitian, Sal twitter.com vadoran or African who hungers for and will defend freedom and opportunity in America over a privileged bigot who’d sell our liberty to the highest bidder any day.
Carl Crowley Sr @CarlCsr63🔁 This Haitian tells it like it is.
Jake Tapper @jaketapper🔁Flashback to September 2016: Trump tells Haitian-American voters “I really want to be your biggest champion” miamiherald.com
Kelly Kempf @kempf_kellyj🔁 @true_pundit Ask Killary where the 8 million dollars are that was relief help for the Haitian people.
Janice Brown @einerdrake🔁BBC News - US election 2016: What really happened with the Clintons in Haiti? "The Clinton fam twitter.com ily, they are crooks, they are thieves, they are liars," says Haitian activist Dahoud Andre
sal cicalese @sal_cicalese🔁WATCH: Haitian man explains how the Clintons destroyed his country after the earthquake: "The Clintons established a lot of companies but they only built six houses... 98% of the money is still missing."
DWulke @dwulke🔁As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton lobbied to stop Haiti's government from raising the Haitian minimum wage from $3 a DAY to $5 a day — on behalf of Clinton Foundation donors.
katskillz27 @Katskillz27🔁 Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy flew the Haitian flag today at the governor's residence. thehill.com
PATRIOT @Tee033🔁When Trump campaigned in Little Haiti, they told him "Mr. Trump, the Haitian community will side with you if you ask Hillary Clinton to publicly disclose the audit of all the money they stole after the earthquake."

Forget an audit — get a special counsel!

Melisande H @MelisandeHill🔁 Haitian government says ousted dictator ‘Baby Doc’ Duvalier laundered stolen money through Trump Tower rawstory.com
Searching for Truth @TaxesareCrap🔁713 Million per year given to Haiti by US & 13 Billion raised in Earthquake aid by the Bushes ,Clintons & RED CROSS ..Where did that money go❓IT lined the pockets of the Bushes, Clintons & the CORRUPT Haitian Govt !
Those very people NOW have a PROBLEM with the word
OfMe @RosaSalpietro🔁Dear

Meet Taryn, my youngest grandchild.

She was born in November to my son and his beautiful wife, an educated, hard working Haitian American.

I am so grateful that Taryn is too young to know what an inhumane, racist, repugnant monster the POTUS is.

Craig @pgrlegacy🔁PLEASE READ

Your SILENCE & INACTION after reports charity contributions DISAPPEARED PROVES YOU DON’T CARE abt

Red Cross - FAIL
Haiti gov - FAIL
Dominican Rep - FAIL

D @amongststars🔁Haitian kids lived in orphanages that liberals would not even go near! There were no roads, & honestly, the stench sometimes made me want to throw up, but the kids smiles pulled us all through. Has ANYONE at done the same?
ANGELO GIAMBELLI @AngeloGiambelli🔁 President Trump was absolutely correct with his ' SHITHOLE' comment. If those illegal Haitians were Republican voters, would you self hating white liberal democrat idiots still be anxious to flood the USA with them? I hope your grand children are half Haitian
Green Party Tahoma 🌻 @GPTahoma🔁Many have written extensively abt the clintons' abuses of the haitian people, myself included. This kind of tweet just demonstrates how selective her/her team's memory is and their belief that ours is too.
Caz @CarolineTrungel🔁Question: Who tweets about the devastating earthquake that rocked Haiti 8 years ago as if she’s a friend of the Haitian people after robbing them through her scandalous and corrupt foundation?

Answer: A hypocrite by the name of Hillary Clinton of course.

Frank W Massimino @frankmassimino🔁How dare you tweet about the anniversary of that disaster after you stole so much money from the proud Haitian people? What you and your sicko husband did to that country should be criminal! You are truly a vile individual!! You STOLE from that country!!
Suzi_beee @livelovelaughsb🔁Former Haitian dictator ‘Baby Doc’ Duvalier “used a Panamanian shell company...to buy apartment 54-K in Trump’s Manhattan tower for $446,875 cash. Trump signed the deed of sale.” When you forget you launder money through your shithole criminal syndicate.
RitaSenhorita - WE'RE GOING TO TOSCHE STATION @RitaSenhorita🔁Penn partnered with the Haitian people to rebuild after the quake. A place he had not been before.

continues to be a vital component for change and growth in Haiti.

Compassion and service. Not ego and fear. This is what we should strive for.

MP_Corps @MPCorps🔁DNC Protest 2016: Haitian immigrants for Trump say Hillary Clinton belongs in jail. Tell me what you think, patriots. Should & be talking about a word...sh^th^le... or should they be enraged as we are, that aren't in prison⁉️

Joyce Johnson #Resist @JoyceJo84507481🔁 Haitian government has accused Donald Trump of money laundering palmerreport.com
beantrust.community @ErikModahl🔁So thankful for our Haitian Co-worker who keeps us safe in the labs,

...and for the awesome site heads we have from Vietnam, from India, the UK, and from Worcester.

Timothy Hayes @letsnotbehayest🔁We're making this episode with filmmaker Raoul Peck available again so everyone can hear a proud Haitian speak with much more eloquence and grace than an unstable individual who denigrates the Haitian people. Enjoy!
T🇭🇹 @__thaliee🔁 I’m proud to be haitian and ain’t nobody can make me feel otherwise.
June bugg @MeMeJuneO🔁Haitian ambassador condemns Trump's 's---hole' comments.

Ok. So when is he going to use his megaphone to publicly condemn the Clintons for the shitty way they abused funds for ?

jerome91 @djedj91🔁I’m a publicist at BuzzFeed.
I’m a college graduate.
I have purpose.
I’ve traveled. I’ve influenced.
I’m a Haitian immigrant.
I’m from a country! 🇭🇹
~Missy~ @_LilMissThang_🔁Montréal, Ottawa and Toronto have large Haitian populations. Please do not compare Canadian immigration policies go the racist policies Trump is trying to implement. We have a merit-based immigration program, as well as a strong private and pubic refugee program.
JoJo @NotreDameBaby🔁My friend at work is a Haitian immigrant. He said that Haiti is a shithole bc of the government corruption. They live like Kings while the people suffer. Btw- he voted for Donald Trump and loves him.
delawarean09 @delawarean09🔁Following his vile, racist comments, the Haitian government calls out the sleazy corruption of Donald Trump — claims ousted dictator ‘Baby Doc’ Duvalier laundered stolen money through Trump Tower
CrazyReal @CrazyReal1🔁When you catch the guy that voted for Donald Trump and you whoop his ass… instagram.com
Syn.cis9 @doul6c🔁 I’m proud of my Haitian heritage and there’s nothing anyone can ever say to change that.
Alma Blanca @Vetivera24🔁I’m a speech language pathologist.
I have a Masters Degree.
I speak 3 languages.
I’m married to a fellow Haitian who’s a MD & PhD. He’s a Med School faculty
I’m from a country! 🇭🇹
Danika Simon @DLJS59🔁The Haitian Ambassador has 'formally summoned' an American official to respond to Trump's 'sh**hole countries' slur, MSNBC contributor reports
honor sachs @drhonor🔁Okay, well, I’m spending the day working on the Haitian Revolution section of my syllabus. We all make choices, I gue twitter.com ss.
Purplegarter @Purplegarter1🔁Haitian government claims ousted dictator ‘Baby Doc’ Duvalier laundered stolen money through Trump Tower
amanda. @mandamusa🔁 Check in on your Haitian & African friends. Let them know they are loved and they deserve better.
Betsey Chace @BetseyChace🔁 Help the @HaitiDevInst strengthen #Haitian organizations. Join a great team! twitter.com
alisa♡ @AlisaaGail🔁Laura Silsby was arrested at the Haitian border attempting to smuggle 33 children out of Haiti without documentation. Her sentence and charges were reduced after an intervention by Bill Clinton.

Anna Marie @jeameabea🔁I might add, after and have spent 8 years and COUNTLESS billions (via IHRC/WJC) "helping" Haiti even as Arkansas rice farmers exploit local farmers?
sıɹɥʞ///ǝɥʇılq 🕋 @BlitheKhris🔁Everytime i tell people from the islands that my Mom is Haitian and my Dad is Jamaican they ask “How the hell did that happen?” 😂
Grant @GrantDOtown🔁 @HillaryClinton The Haitian people HATE YOU!
Josh Pyle @jpyle🔁According to the Buzzfeed News report, the Haitian government complained in the 1980s that former dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier laundered money stolen from the Caribbean nation’s treasury... by purchasing an apartment in Trump Tower.
Laurence J Ramos @Ramo5769🔁 keeps claiming there's no collision, he is worried about the Russian connection, but what really worries him is n twitter.com ow can look into his money laundering schemes.
LinFranco @nana4MANY🔁Maybe you should tell this to the Haitian workers who comes to America, take jobs which Americans refuse work, ultimately benefiting the US economy. Maybe you should tell this to the African born surgeons who save the lives of our kids! Maybe you should just SHUT UP !
Taos County GOP @TaosGOP🔁ICYMI + Haitian Officials Who Have Lined Their Own Pockets with Billions in U.S. Aid, Lecture President Trump About His Alleged Words
Sabine R.Martelly @SabineMartelly🔁Haitian community fights back after Trump’s comments m.stamfordadvocate.com via @StamAdvocate
Traumabay @pergolaman🔁Haitian government claims ousted dictator ‘Baby Doc’ Duvalier laundered stolen money through Trump Tower

Lance Brisbin (Derek Foreal) @lancebrisbin🔁@Meding001 @CNNPolitics That looks like a Haitian neighborhood in the United States. #culture
Jenifer Gearhart @msgearhart11🔁Great start to a chilly morning. American street is an amazing newish YA book by a Haitian immigrant about a young H twitter.com aitian immigrant struggling to find her place. So good
Pagan Media @PaganMediaBites🔁Unlike Donald Trump, I've been to Haiti. Twice. It's a troubled country, true, but beautiful, filled with art and music, mystery and wonder. I sincerely believe any random Haitian would do a better job as president of the United States than the monstrosity currently in office.
François Bissonnette @frbissonnette🔁This is Klaus Eberwein, a Haitian Official who flew to Miami to testify against the . After landing, getting to a hotel, unpacking & hanging up his clothes, he "decided" to shoot himself, a DAY before testifying. No explanation of how he got the gun.
Susan Kat @susan_z_kat🔁This is my CT governor, flying the Haitian flag. Doesn’t he have the lowest approval rating in the country? It’s pretty close to half of rating.

victor mirnoff @VictorMirnoff🔁The question is whether Trump knew he sold his Trump Tower apartment in 1983 to former Haitian dictator. I can actual twitter.com ly imagine Trump being totally oblivious about this.
m.jones. @MsMaddieGonzale🔁Trump Tower was used by Jean-Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier to launder money stolen from the Haitian government.
Trumpster Gal @DeweyMargie🔁I remember this! Why doesn’t the MSM??? Oh that’s right they have Selective Memory....🙄

Fmr. Haitian Senate president sounds off on the Clintons via


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