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Don. C 🤙🏾 @TheOtherDonC🔁 A visual representation of Haitian food vs the rest of the Caribbean
Haitian Info 24 US @Info24US🔁 Haitian Diaspora Fears Possible End to Temporary Protected Status
Haitian The Truth 24 US @TheTruth24US🔁Haitian Diaspora Fears Possible End to Temporary Protected Status
Haitian Lesser and Leeward @lesser_leeward🔁 In honor of Haitian Flag day, id like to say ...
*clears throat*


. @ssshanesse🔁Its really some fine ass haitian men thats crazy
Haitian TeamTAMGbitmoji @TeamTamgModels🔁 Happy Haitian Flag day. #SakPase
The Kitchenista @MissAngelaDavis🔁Making my way across the diaspora via rice!
Cape Verdean Jagacida, Nigerian Jollof, Haitian Diri Kole ak Pwa, Jamaica n Coconut Rice & Peas.
Wyclef Jean @wyclef🔁I'm in love with lady haiti Happy Haitian flag day!!!!! 🇭🇹🇭? ?🇭🇹
Wall Street Journal @WSJ🔁Basquiat skull painting sells for $110.5 million at Sotheby’s auction, in a record for the Haitian-American painter
still kimberly @bkimberlyb🔁Tell Secretary Kelly: #SaveTPS & protections for Haitian families now! @moveon @AmericasVoice
Кевин Сан @KEBuHCAH🔁Trump marketed himself as a savior for Haitians. Now his administration could deport thousands of them.
Jrussell @jamesru56978289🔁@HillaryClinton Nothing brightens a day more than to steal money from poor Haitian people .. oh good times 😤
Jaycop74 @jaycop23🔁 Wyclef Jean urges fans to support Haitian immigrants
Aschmid De Vil 🇭🇹 @Schmizzle_MyNiz🔁@Datsdat1Haitian @Bazzquiat haha. I didn't necessarily believe. But having a whole other family in Haiti is some Haitian man shit. Lol
Becke Davidson @Becke_Davidson🔁Sign the petition: Tell Secretary Kelly: Extend Immigration Protections For Haitian Families Now!
Alex @Beast_boi5🔁Happy Birthday, Toussaint L'Overture! Toussaint was a leader of the Haitian revolution that established the first free, black republic.
NBC Chicago @nbcchicago🔁Wyclef Jean urges fans to support Haitian immigrants
W.A.A.P. RADIO @waapradio🔁Bigga Haitian - I A Bingi
Haitian All-StarZ @HaitianAllStarZ🔁Team Haitian All-StarZ @DeeJayDacse_MSE @MECCAakaGRIMO @BUGGAHDGOVANAH
Pootchy Pootch @Haitian_Pootch🔁Hmm if she doesn't like Haiti, cheat on her fam
🇭🇹Zoedingo @Datsdat1Haitian🔁 *believable , that's all Haitian men do when they go to Haiti 🤦🏾‍♀️ then bring back new kid s
OTG1000 @OTHAGOD🔁Wyclef passed that torch...🇭🇹🤘🏾🤘🏾🤘🏾🤘🏾 Haitian Rockstarz. I really gotta learn how to play the guitar now 💪🏾🔥😂🤘🏾
🌹 @IonReally_Cae🔁Wanna go to a lit ass Haitian party lol
imaginescience @imaginescience🔁Latest Spotlight. Convo w/ Haitian filmmaker Miryam Charles "Exploring the relation b/w traumas & memory on 16mm!"
Pootchy Pootch @Haitian_Pootch🔁The liquor is still on my chest
Lesser and Leeward @lesser_leeward🔁Where is CARICOM taking meaningful action to support Haitian ppl? Where are govts of more "prosperous" Caribbean nations?
Pootchy Pootch @Haitian_Pootch🔁"Golden state, golden retriever, golden corral, golden girls, don't mean a damn thing to me, Cavs in fo"
muddoe. @_Stunique_🔁 y'all wild af arguing with da haitian girl, all y'all gone be chicken tomorrow
🇭🇹Zoedingo @Datsdat1Haitian🔁I'm a Haitian man, I don't cheat sir
Trinh Tran @buildngtrinhity🔁Calling all racial justice + civil rights organizations! Call, tag and email TODAY. Stand strong with our Haitian kinfolk. .
Tammy 🦄 @francois_tamara🔁The disrespect omg!!😒Students suspended for celebrating Haitian flag
HaitianSpeed @Haitian_Speed🔁 still waiting to see who is runnin in the mens 100
Antonio Divine @antoniodivine🔁So much to do. No reason to miss out. Miami’s definitive guide to Haitian Compas Fest
HaitianPrincess🇭🇹 @Therealcieradee🔁*believable , that's all Haitian men do when they go to Haiti 🤦🏾‍♀️ then bring back new kid s
Nancy Roc @TheNancyRoc🔁#Haitian flag raised outside City Hall | Itemlive
MariaHernandez @titicelia51🔁Important,Tell Secretary Kelly: #SaveTPS & protections for Haitian families now! @moveon @AmericasVoice
EMMANUEL LAURETTE @Emmanuel79L🔁@SenSchumer Haitian people would like you to ask #SecretaryKelly and @realDonaldTrump to #renewHaitiTPS to save family from dividing please
kenson desinor @KDesinor🔁can somebody make me some of these Haitian food...doesn't matter how much it cost.
HaitianSpeed @Haitian_Speed🔁She needs to go!!!!
Bena Goncalves @OMGEntertainer🔁From (get_repost)

invite you all to the may 20th at…

sunny de @douthedou🔁 I love the love Haitians have for being Haitian. Like we are so lit 🤷🏾‍♀️😜
Lesser and Leeward @lesser_leeward🔁 Snapchat better have ah filter for Haitian flag day this year 🇭🇹
Jeni B @Mommab23Bates🔁Don't be a dick. We aren't stupid. Trump U might be crap ( I don't know). I do know the Clinton's spit on the Haitian 's & ruined many lives.
Dani @Danicali1995🔁MSM doesn't want you to know Haitians to Protest Hillary Clinton’s Speech at New York City College June 8 Haitian
Bodhisattva Ubu @LaPera🔁 Toussaint Louverture, Haitian revolutionary, was born #OnThisDay 1743
Politically_Liberal @PoliticallyLib🔁 #SaveTPS & protections for Haitian families now! @moveon @AmericasVoice
berlotte @berlotte🔁Do you have a feeling that the Haitian flag day is celebrated more overseas than in Haiti?Brase Lide Creole Show Tonight 8pm @bossgeorges
Aschmid De Vil 🇭🇹 @Schmizzle_MyNiz🔁@Bazzquiat @Datsdat1Haitian um.. isn't that typical Haitian man 101?
naeyoncé 🤳🏽 @mixednae🔁So if I say I'm Haitian but barely know how to speak creole I'm not Haitian. But if I don't say I'm Haitian I'm "embarrassed" of being it
SilkyJohnson @StillLuvu723🔁Sold uranium to Russia,took money for dying Haitian people that was donated to Clinton Foundation to give Chelsea a million dollar wedding
naeyoncé 🤳🏽 @mixednae🔁 @GuttaTrappin That's a false statement. Speaking kreyol doesn't make or break if you are Haitian or not.
Zeb_Lover @iSayYou_HeDead🔁 So much Haitian slander on Facebook for the past couple of days lol.... why a bih hating so much ?
tyrah @SftLdy🔁Since May is Haitian Heritage Month, consider a book from the award-winning author, Edwidge Danticat
HAY ONLINE, INC @HAYONLINEINC🔁HAYOnlineBlog shares indie youth we share online & continuous Haitian American culture education. #HaitianAmericanBlog @HAYONLINEINC
IG: MossManagement @Mossmanjr🔁Man even said she in the field with her hatians 🇭🇹 Haitian Flag Week 🇭🇹
Kyle Weedon @HouseMAn89🔁Special singing from our bilingual friends to celebrate Haitian Flag Day!
RAW @OuiRAW🔁One thing I can say about Haitian men when they really want a female they won't stop at nothing until they get you Lollol..


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