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8848436285 @F7WTuLCKdlDHA9y🔁 Shout out to the twitter trolls who say I don't lift heavy! 🖕
NASA Earth @NASAEarth🔁NASA sees extremely heavy rainfall during Hurricane #Irma’s trek.
Barbara White @Barbara90236268🔁 Just what they don't need in FL right now. Slow moving, heavy showers/t-storms...
HEAVYHEAVY Galva-Craft @Galva_Craft🔁 Heavy Padded Biker Leather Jacket 😊

#leather #biker #motorbike #jacket

ANNE♥MARIE @AnneMarieIAm🔁HEAVY IS READY & WAITING 4 U TO PRE ORDER 💜 Can't wait for 22.09.17 for it to be in everyone's ears! Pre order here
Julian D Wynnyckyj @jdwynnyckyj🔁@Ukropo4kA hmmmm butter and garlic and some heavy cream
Missy @missylette5🔁burned 217 calories doing 30 minutes of Cleaning, heavy, vigorous effort #myfitnesspal
Scotty 💰🏃‍♂️ @ScottroDrippin🔁All my bros did heavy dirt and that's facts 💯
Ben👻 @nebIund🔁@heyyobobby This couple on ig are heavy into big Z and have like 10k worth of his things between the two of them 😩 Things I'd do for it
💖🐉 @Heavenly_H0st🔁 Cute things:

•huge blunt clawrs
•big pawb
•thick heavy tail
•spooky glow eyes

NeverEmptyChest @CalamityBot🔁Endbringer is a shillelagh with a flanged head of heavy bone. Can be folded into a smaller form.
Chad Johnson @TheChadMovement🔁Had a cap installed and wisdom tooth pulled driving heavy equipment they say... #hmm #farmerproblems
Viv @vivsluong🔁@VENUSRlCCI how heavy are ur damn naps shit
👻 @Katyditto🔁@Logical_Cha0s Dang. That must be interesting/gratifying/heavy stuff depending on the day!
Graeme Buchan @Grum1874🔁Would rather cut my dick off than go to uni, heavy amount of rejects from what ive seen
Joyce Lozier @JoyceLozier🔁Hope these owners all will get jail time,heavy fines,some kind of punishment(harsh) make mandatory no family member ( all pets)left behind 🇨🇦
Sir Deuce @ab_deuces🔁*heavy sigh*..
🍯 @fl0werr__childd🔁 I don't want a relationship but I wanna fuck with somebody heavy you feel me? @NewsBossIndia🔁Amid heavy rain, Ganpati pandals turned shelters for thousands stranded..
ら @LinaNfinE🔁My bag is too heavy today.
kate costello @katecostello98🔁 EMINEM: his palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy
WEB MD: cancer
Ben @Ben24626🔁Heavy formation runs in short yardage situations just seem to predictable
Just Monique @__Moniqueeee🔁@KENNotBeStopped Ok imagine that freezer them doors heavy af how she drunk and jump in?
Legal Planet @TristanInSoup🔁How does one grow up in an area where their slang becomes so heavy that English doesn't sound like their native language? It's intriguing.


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