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back at time @dammibrividi🔁 .@Simona_Halep storms ahead with heavy hitting into the corners #ChinaOpen!
HEAVYHEAVY david crofts @dvdcrofts🔁 Heavy.
HEAVY queen af @aivlaltmr🔁 i am sad all the time and the sadness is so heavy that i can't get away from it
💖 j baby 💖 @hotcoolnvicious🔁 TI & Lil Flip was going at it HEAVY. TI Won & killed him on this
لود. @i1998xx_🔁 Why is everything so heavy???
Sergio Kun Aguero @aguerosergiokun🔁The taxi I was riding made a wrong turn and crashed against a pole. It was a very heavy slam but seatbelts prevented it from being worse.
Franklin Graham @Franklin_Graham🔁Jesus said, "Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." (Matthew 11:28)
nikhil wagle @waglenikhil🔁Railway authorities say heavy rains responsible for today's stampede. Dear RM, will you please sack these shameless officers at once?
MadhushreeMusic @MadhushreeMusic🔁 @MadhushreeMusic Heavy Melodious!
Ma3Route @Ma3Route🔁12:18 Heavy traffic on main highway from Utalii drift as well. Service lane clear up to Muthaiga via @justusronaldBO
Joe Carballo @JoeCarballo3🔁My View: CLOSE THE BORDER; Use E-Verify With Heavy Penalties; No Welfare Payments; They'll Have to Go Home
Mandresh @mandresh🔁Infrastructure is necessity; equally discipline is imp.Noticed 2 wheelers piling under metro bridge during heavy rain twitter.com s?creating traffic woes
Sophie @soulgirl1234🔁Put down her heavy basket
filled with yesterday
Opened a window & let
Autumns breeze flow in
Placed flowers on her table
& began again~JS
Justus @justusronaldBO🔁@Ma3Route @RoadAlertsKE Heavy traffic on main highway from Utalii drift as well. Service lane clear up to Muthaiga
duq @daaanmarinduque🔁 Behind a smile is a heavy heart
sonja benskin mesher @sonjabm🔁We have heavy rain this morning; i am cleaning carpets .
sav @savymariahhh🔁my chest feels heavy
CALICUT THEATERS @CalicutTheaters🔁 calicut kairali matinee houseful with heavy returns


Mandalay Weather @MandalayMM🔁broken clouds -> heavy intensity rain
temperature down 32°C -> 26°C
humidity up 70% -> 98%
wind 3kmh -> 1kmh
☆ Dawahflix_zaffar ☆ @Dawahflix🔁And the weighing [of deeds] that Day will be the truth. So those whose scales are heavy - it is they who will be the successful. #Quran 7:8
Jacko @blumanc22🔁@BronzeBomber I’m the current era of heavy weight boxing, @anthonyfjoshua is the most feared man. Hands down.
кaтнerine, εriкa @Erika_Amerika8🔁ISO a home for my heavy heart and a place for my chaotic mind to rest.
Yashmille Raghununda @Yashmille🔁A city with heavy car traffic eventually ends up being anti-social.

Watch :

A House of Dust @ahouseofdust🔁A HOUSE OF STONE
URBAN 96.5 RADIO @Urban96FM🔁My jam! Fayfay comman get me something light..
Like maybe a laptop thatd nt too heavy
#AYWS Loading @PeacefulZulu🔁Do not sleep on @cavalry_za and @VenomRaps, they just dropped some heavy shit, PLEASE DOWNLOAD #RedAlert and #PotentSoul 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Sandvich @HamChee5e🔁I'm glad to be serving Heavy Weapons Guy's hunger #SandvichBot
Twitcher ❦ @syqau🔁Chicago PD Season 5 Premiere: What Time & Channel Is Reform On Tonight? heavy.com
coffee girl™ @DenreleO🔁If I’ve been contributing my “aww’s & 😻😻” for your relationship and y’all decide to get married without inviting me, heavy rain on dt day.
Traffic Merville @trafficmerville🔁5:15pm - West Service Rd, Merville to Sales, moderate to heavy.
Sales bridge, heavy.
SLEX south, heavy.
West... fb.me
Award Winning Wife @bimbo_cash🔁The @BaseLandmark has onsite heavy duty standby generators and a high capacity UPS that can stand for 24hrs. WE GOT YOU


Zach Galifinakas @ZachGalifinak🔁 7 Seriously Strong Celebrities Who Love to Lift Heavy cards.twitter.com
Marjolein Wijninckx @paxmarjolein🔁1/ in besieged N. is under heavy artillery fire. At least 4 people have been killed so far: 3 from 1 family, incl. a baby.
Andrew Hodgson @Hoddy1982🔁Huge thank you to the crew of the CH-47 Chinooks for their sterling efforts transporting heavy loads of aid to those in need
써니🏳️‍🌈 @sunny_commander🔁Pictorial on subsurface scattering. Only strongly apparent from strong perpendicular light sources and heavy cast shadows. Don't abuse it!
Chrystal 🌻 @mckiskic🔁@douhavehotsauce I mean. A lot of my extended family lives in Bloomer Wisconsin and they have a pretty heavy accent lol
sriharsha yedlapalli @sriharshay🔁 Vizag City Day10 Matinees 5/5 heavy return FULLS!! Inkoo rendu theatre lu unna Ayipotai😬
Seniorboy86 @seniorboy86🔁Spending some time with my 1st born when I get off. He been on my mind kinda heavy.
Endriu Krzyzan @Endriu_Krzyzan🔁1987 GMC Genral 35 Ton Challenger Heavy Duty Wrecker rover.ebay.com
SteveTheCat @TheSteveTheCat🔁@Radical_Birch Lets see i sent to some heavy RTs.
Qaiser Javed @QJaved2003🔁Everyday, there are fierce clashes between Pak & India. Confirmed reports of India moving heavy weapons close to LoC. Pak cant be casual now
Twitcher ❦ @syqau🔁Joey Spann: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know heavy.com
PrettyGrimEstilo @Artyom0fRivia🔁Heavy rain and strong winds here in Shetland but enjoyed an amazing encounter with these two Otters today. Magical!


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