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H.R. McMaster MSM is Pravda @RitchieJodi🔁 H.R. McMaster: Report US will stay in Paris Agreement is "false" washex.am
Jennifer Jacobs @JenniferJJacobs🔁Trump will make "an important announcement" today on effort to resolve North Korea problem "short of war," H.R. McMas twitter.com ter said on CNN.
H.R. McMaster CNN @CNN🔁H.R. McMaster says the Iran nuke deal is 'fundamentally flawed' cnn.it
H.R. McMaster #MAGA EAGLES 🇺🇸 @ganggreenie36🔁 "H.R. McMaster" If you support the #IranDeal you support this! SAD
HAPPY MARRIAGE @Sexualhappy🔁ALERT: Trump will make "an important announcement" today on effort to resolve NK problem "short of war," H.R. McMaster Per DEFCONWSALERTS
truth prevails @simpso0🔁H.R. McMaster, Sally Yates, Samantha Power all trending at once

Thought Cuck Sessions might actually be doing his job..

Na lol

Lou Nehls @LouNehls🔁National security adviser H.R. McMaster calls the Iran nuclear deal "fundamentally flawed" cnn.it
Tyger @Right_Not_Wrong🔁McMaster on Iran Deal: It's "fundamentally flawed," gave "Iranian regime all the benefits upfront"

Tyger @Right_Not_Wrong🔁H.R. Mcmaster=>"The worst thing that could happen is this deal providing cover for Iran to get a nuclear weapon"!
James Sawyer @JSSpreadBetting🔁Trump will make "an important announcement" today on effort to resolve North Korea problem "short of war," H.R. McMaster said on CNN.
BasedBuddha @TrueBasedBuddha🔁See my threads on Iran/NOKO particularly NOKO helping hide program: McMaster: Iran deal 'fundamentally flawed'
🇺🇸Kim Humble🇺🇸 @shmupe🔁"H.R. McMaster" is working 4 President Trump, many thought it the other way around,now they're upset that McMaster is pushing Trump agenda😊
Chris11962 @Chris11962🔁Humorous how the left is shocked H.R. McMaster is following Trumps agenda and not vice versa. Its like they bought their own BS.
United Nations News @UNolizer🔁 announces 'new sanctions' to come on .Korea .R.McMaster ... twitter.com
TrumpGirl @Kellydanes1🔁McMaster slams 'flawed' Iran nuke deal - National security adviser H.R. McMaster called the Iran deal "fundamen...
Britain4Trump🇬🇧🇺🇸✌ @Britain4Trump🔁Trump will make "an important announcement" today on effort to resolve North Korea problem "short of war," H.R. McMaster said on CNN.
Allan Bassett @AllanBassett1🔁US A MESS OF EGO's,Pulling from Deals, Reputation Tarnished. McMaster: Iran deal 'fundamentally flawed' @CNNPolitics cnn.it
🔥The Debster🔥 @CudaDebbie2🔁H.R. McMaster sounds pretty on board w/Trump's agenda. You don't go from to traitor in 60 second. is unhinged.
Old GOPer @OGOPer🔁H. R. McMaster twitter.com
Old GOPer @OGOPer🔁H. R. McMaster twitter.com
Agent Haas @TerryHaas1🔁H.R. McMaster memo on stopping leaks gets leaked truepundit.com
Judy Pearson @jjpearson64🔁 H.R. McMaster is an active agent of George Soros, according to three separate intelligence sources. infowars.com
Trip Trundle @TripTrundle🔁H.R. McMaster says Trump has made a decision on the Iran deal, overall approach to… fxmb.info via twitter.com
Fly by wire @davhalter🔁The left is upset that he is pushing Trump's agenda. Isn't this what he is supposed to do?? "H.R. McMaster"
Judy Pearson @jjpearson64🔁 H.R. McMaster tells Trump to sign Dream Act Amnesty:
medium.com #amnesty #invasion
Judy Pearson @jjpearson64🔁News post: "H.R. McMaster says Trump has made a decision on the Iran deal, overall approach to nuclear program"
Judy Pearson @jjpearson64🔁Keep asking the tough questions and interview w H.R. McMaster on ! regarding
Old GOPer @OGOPer🔁 H.R. McMaster...you seem like an intelligent guy.

I want to believe you. I just can’t.

You serve under Trump.

Cindy Lou Hoo @chitchatinmd🔁H.R. McMaster sounds like a guy that's onboard with the Trump/agenda.

Liberals are angry and conspiracy theorists are eating their words.

Old GOPer @OGOPer🔁H.R. McMaster's PhD dissertation was about the dangers of not challenging a president when he's wrong

Look at him now


Judy Pearson @jjpearson64🔁 H.R. McMaster is just another Trump chump..So Sad
Old GOPer @OGOPer🔁Nikki Haley and H.R. McMaster look like parents trying to make excuses for their troubled son's behavior
Old GOPer @OGOPer🔁 Has H. R. McMaster succumbed to the Kool Aid? His interview with Chris Cuomo was puzzling and somewhat contradictory.
Old GOPer @OGOPer🔁H.R. McMaster has become such a Trump lapdog. Just come out and say, "If Obama had anything do with it, it is gone". No need for the drama.
Tom Garrett @tomgarrett55🔁 H.R. McMaster memo on stopping leaks gets leaked truepundit.com
Judy Pearson @jjpearson64🔁BREAKING "H.R. McMaster" announces Trump will dangle a shiny object to MSM in hopes ppl stop talking abt Manafort, Spicer & Mueller invest😂
Judy Pearson @jjpearson64🔁H.R. McMaster b/c he was still active when he was forced to take job must feel he can't just quit.Maybe after he hires a lawyer he'll quit
Tyler Durden @reactionary2017🔁 Hey @Steve_Sailer, could you get one of your IQ experts to estimate H.R. McMaster's IQ? It seems visibly low.


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