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Alan Natachu @TruaxTrainer🔁#guildchat
Q7 - Anything Flash Based. I only keep flash for Strongbad.
mark britz @britz🔁@DechantCarla Glad you could join us! See you next week! #GuildChat
rAn9626 @ImR0xane🔁 Q8. What do you think causes many in L&D to abandon old tools for the newest shiny thing? #GuildChat
Japan News & Events @nipponupdate🔁#Acen2017 , Eddie Butler , #UnbreakableKimmySchmidt , THE SQUARE , #GuildChat , #AskCoppy , Kerry Wood , Joe Biden
Mike Simmons @simmons_m🔁Great chat - #guildchat
Shameless plug for the podcast listeners.
We are in Google Play and Sticher as well.
Carla Dechant @DechantCarla🔁Thanks all for this my first #GuildChat. Nice weekend and hasta luego from 🇪🇸 Spain
Tricia Ransom @TriciaRansom🔁@britz @briandusablon Or your calculator watch #GuildChat
Tricia Ransom @TriciaRansomDRIVING, not diving. ugh. #GuildChat 🔁 You're diving? Couldn't do it.
mark britz @britz🔁@briandusablon I can still amaze my kids with an old calculator and numerically spelling out hELL0 #guildchat
Refuse2BAnythinButMe @llsablovinme🔁 Q6. What factors or features make a tool last with users? #GuildChat
Brian Dusablon @briandusablon🔁Au revoir folks. Glad I carved out some time for this. Thanks for sharing! Reminder: no matter what tech, make it #accessible! #guildchat
Tricia Ransom @TriciaRansom🔁Thank you for this tip - exploring it right now! @DechantCarla #GuildChat
Carla Dechant @DechantCarla🔁 A8) Because of the intersection of "believing the hype" and "not knowing how to vet". #GuildChat
Les Ateliers Ruby @nordlcrubydr🔁 Hater. #Guildchat
urbie delgado @urbie🔁@TriciaRansom En route to #ATD2017 #guildchat
Tricia Ransom @TriciaRansom🔁Guys, thanks for a great 50 minutes! Gotta go back to cube-dancing/work now. It was a pleasure, as always. #GuildChat
Carla Dechant @DechantCarla🔁I must say I'd highly recommend @genially_en @genially_es for interactive posters etc. #GuildChat
mark britz @britz🔁@briandusablon ahh nostalgia. Things were simpler back then. beautifully short ;) #guildchat
JD 👨🏻‍💻 @JD_Dillon🔁Gotta run! Thanks . Hope to see some of you next week at . + s://" target="_blank">
Alan Natachu @TruaxTrainer🔁#guildchat
Ugh, forgot to add the hashtag to most of my answers. Retweeting and deleting.
Tricia Ransom @TriciaRansom🔁 @DechantCarla There's also the "Nothing can possibly be worse than..." theory too.
Tricia Ransom @TriciaRansom🔁@urbie why are you driving through Mississippi? #GuildChat
JD 👨🏻‍💻 @JD_Dillon🔁A8) Unwillingness to admit that they need help to find the real cause to their problems #GuildChat
Brian Dusablon @briandusablon🔁@LnDDave re: evernote and sooooooo slow. #guildchat
Anthony Altieri @aa_altieri🔁@TruaxTrainer I had a "Lappy" badge made for one of my former systems. People always asked me what it meant. ;-)
Alan Natachu @TruaxTrainer🔁#guildchat
Q5 - An oldie for me, Keynote, Garageband and Mac Voice Over Utility
Tricia Ransom @TriciaRansomyep 🔁 A8 Frustration w/limits of tools we have now. Optimism for the potential for what's new (sometimes naively so)
Brian Dusablon @briandusablon🔁@britz I think I have an old Moto Razor lying around somewhere if you want to go back. ;) #guildchat
David Kelly @LnDDave🔁A8) Because of the intersection of "believing the hype" and "not knowing how to vet". #GuildChat
Alan Natachu @TruaxTrainer🔁#guildchat
Q3 - Adobe Premier. I tried and I really wanted it to work. Always feels like I'm using Final Cut Pro 5 when I use it.
Anthony Altieri @aa_altieri🔁@DechantCarla There's also the "Nothing can possibly be worse than..." theory too.
Tricia Ransom @TriciaRansom🔁A8) I think it is because many of us have a "what if" mindset. What if this is going to be MY tool. #GuildChat
Bianca Woods @eGeeking🔁A8 Frustration with the limits of the tools we have now. Optimism about the potential for what's new (sometimes naively so)
Sabrina Berntsen @BerntsenSabrina🔁@eLearningGuild Industry buzz about it/fad, it truly works better than the old thing #GuildChat
♥ ღ ℳístǝrs ♡ ◕‿◕ @ClkWadexz🔁 A4 Keynote and PowerPoint, great for quickly designing and storyboarding and you probably already have it. #GuildChat
Eric Rowland @eRowland_eLearn🔁A8: $$$ People need/want to have the best. Sales people can be good at their job, selling stuff to leadership. #guildchat
Anthony Altieri @aa_altieri🔁@eGeeking I think you can run #Kodi on the 360!
Tricia Ransom @TriciaRansom🔁A8) Great marketing #GuildChat
mark britz @britz🔁A8. The promise... oh the promise of amazement for all! #GuildChat
Mike Simmons @simmons_m🔁@eLearningGuild A8 - insatiable curriosity, and the hope we can find something better.
Alan Natachu @TruaxTrainer🔁#guildchat
Q8 - I have to break the shiny new things to see if it can handle the needs of my organization.
JD 👨🏻‍💻 @JD_Dillon🔁A8) Focusing on features rather than desired impact and experience #GuildChat
Carla Dechant @DechantCarla🔁Q8) the old jumping on the bandwagon theory #GuildChat
JD 👨🏻‍💻 @JD_Dillon🔁A8) They haven't made the desired impact therefore it must be the tools ... #GuildChat
Brian Dusablon @briandusablon🔁Q8) Incompetent bosses. #guildchat
David Kelly @LnDDave🔁A8) Because many are unfortunately in a never-ending search for the elusive silver bullet. #GuildChat
Anthony Altieri @aa_altieri🔁A8) They are new and shiny. That's all far too many of us need to be impressed.


Tricia Ransom @TriciaRansom🔁@britz But I can share them w/out printing. Just hop on my phone, find the pic, and send. #GuildChat
Brian Dusablon @briandusablon🔁A7) Windows. Storyline. PowerPoint. Rio MP3 player. iPod. Wired speakers. Wired headsets (for the most part). #guildchat
David Kelly @LnDDave🔁Hater. #Guildchat
Tricia Ransom @TriciaRansom🔁Hey, who remembers tape recorders? #GuildChat
mark britz @britz🔁@TriciaRansom Have things really changed? I have a bazillion pics uploaded to dropbox... never printed #GuildChat
eLearning Guild @eLearningGuild🔁Q8. What do you think causes many in L&D to abandon old tools for the newest shiny thing? #GuildChat
Jeremy Pearce @Jeremy_Learns🔁A7. Flash, and single purpose devices (PDAs, MP3, etc.) #GuildChat
Tricia Ransom @TriciaRansom🔁A7) Voice to text. Why can't the just understand me??????? #GuildChat
Anthony Altieri @aa_altieri🔁@briandusablon I had forgotten about Flash. I couldn't get rid of Flash fast enough!
mark britz @britz🔁@briandusablon i got so good at number texting only to have that ripped away. Sad. ;) #GuildChat
Carla Dechant @DechantCarla🔁A7) Prezzi because I can be equally as visual with Google presentation slides with less hassle #GuildChat
urbie delgado @urbie🔁#guildchat A7 Cubicles. Desktop (beige) computers. Three-hole punches. Time clocks. They stifle creativity and dictate how we collaborate.
Brian Dusablon @briandusablon🔁A7) Anything my iPhone can do for me now (cameras, video cams, calendar, etc.) #guildchat
Tricia Ransom @TriciaRansom🔁A7) Snail mail. #GuildChat
Bianca Woods @eGeeking🔁A7 My Xbox 360. Bought it for Left4Dead. Kept it for the meh Rise of the Tomb Raider. Now collects dust.
#GuildChat #Playstation4Life
David Kelly @LnDDave🔁A7) Dedicated video and point-and-shoot cameras. #GuildChat
Anthony Altieri @aa_altieri🔁@eGeeking In fairness, a LOT of people tried to make Sharepoint do things it was never meant to do. Much like Access!
Mike Simmons @simmons_m🔁A7 - Handwriting recognition never really worked.
That, and I'm happy we do not have an LMS
Tricia Ransom @TriciaRansom🔁A7) Film cameras. I never could remember to develop the film. #GuildChat
Brian Dusablon @briandusablon🔁A7) Outlook and Office in general. Flash. Dreamweaver. Joomla. Flip phones with texting by pressing numbers. #guildchat
Anthony Altieri @aa_altieri🔁@TriciaRansom Maker 4 Life, man! ;-)


urbie delgado @urbie🔁 Q7. What old tools are you happy to have left behind? Why? #GuildChat
Tricia Ransom @TriciaRansom🔁A7) Lotus Notes. #GuildChat
Palo Alto Social @PaloAltoSoclal🔁 A1) I think new tech is always better in the context of competition and choice though. #GuildChat
Tricia Ransom @TriciaRansom🔁A7) SHAREPOINT. If you've used it, you know why. #GuildChat
JD 👨🏻‍💻 @JD_Dillon🔁A7) Outlook #GuildChat
Anthony Altieri @aa_altieri🔁A7) Windows. It sucks
Older versions of software that was buggy, or lacked functionality.


Bianca Woods @eGeeking🔁A7 I was SO happy to leave behind SharePoint when I last changed jobs - always felt lightyears behind where it should have been. #GuildChat
Tricia Ransom @TriciaRansom🔁@aa_altieri It's so easy. I bet my parents could do it! #GuildChat
Jenny Hill, CPLP @jennyrhill🔁@eLearningGuild A2) Notepad.exe. Sometimes you just need text and nothing but text. #guildchat
Tricia Ransom @TriciaRansom🔁A7) Any task to-do list software cause they take too much time. Much faster to just scribble it. #GuildChat
Nick Floro @nickfloro🔁A6 just works, not to much fuss or crashing. Once in a while ok but if its to unstable / buggy it gets deleted. #GuildChat
Sabrina Berntsen @BerntsenSabrina🔁@eLearningGuild If it becomes universal (ex Office), intuitive UX, easy to enhance engagement #GuildChat
eLearning Guild @eLearningGuild🔁Q7. What old tools are you happy to have left behind? Why? #GuildChat
Mike Simmons @simmons_m🔁@urbie Great when you can get creative with your tools.
urbie delgado @urbie🔁Kinda a bumpy #guildchat today. Too many miles between exits off I-20 in Mississippi..
Tricia Ransom @TriciaRansomYES! 🔁 A6) A user-base that openly explores and shares what they learn can be huge. #GuildChat
Anthony Altieri @aa_altieri🔁@TriciaRansom Not my vid, but very similar to how I had it set up


Katie Stroud @KatieStroudPro🔁 A5 Did you know you can use Quicktime to mirror an iOS device to your computer AND to do screen recordings of it?!
urbie delgado @urbie🔁#guildchat A6 Tools with no instructions on how to use it. Or that have informal communities of practice (YouTube) for weird ways to use..


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