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Hey, it's Myra @myramadeπŸ”@eLearningGuild A5. I need visuals of what's going on in my world. Words sometimes get lost in my brain. #guildchat
mark britz @britzπŸ”@simmons_m @eGeeking people sell people on social selling. Just think about THAT? #GuildChat
Bianca Woods @eGeekingπŸ” FYI: next week , , and I will be taking over the Guild Instagram account, so be sure to check it out! twitter.com
Mike Simmons @simmons_mπŸ”It is brutal
Let's get back to focusing on people.
Keep it simple, learn what's important to them, solve a problem if twitter.com you can.

Mike Simmons @simmons_mπŸ”@britz @eGeeking Ugh, and don't forget "social selling"
mark britz @britzπŸ”Where it all began - now, plenty of it agilemanifesto.org erations eh? There is no one Agile to rule them all I'm afraid twitter.com
Hey, it's Myra @myramadeπŸ”Correction to hashtag, it's #Devlearn - if you see me there lost & confused - stop me, chat & point me in the right direction #guildchat
mark britz @britzπŸ”@simmons_m @eGeeking SOCIAL Marketing Mike. Apparently using Twitter makes it a whole new thing ;) #GuildChat
Jennifer Brick @jennifer_brickπŸ”Fun chat this week #guildchat! Won't be at #devlearn this year so appreciate everyone who will be live tweeting :)
Nick Floro @nickfloroπŸ”Back to work. Thanks #GuildChat, see lots of you at #DevLearn next week.
Mike Simmons @simmons_mπŸ”@britz @eGeeking Ah, marketing
Hey, it's Myra @myramadeπŸ”It's been real! . I'll see everyone at . Stop me an say HI if you see me looking lost twitter.com
Mike Simmons @simmons_mπŸ”@eGeeking +1 get the job done.
Nick Floro @nickfloroπŸ”A8 Love to talk to audience to understand what they need, what can help and then create, prototype + gather feedback = results. #GuildChat
mark britz @britzπŸ”Thx for joining in! #GuildChat will be taking a break next week (Oct 27) due to #DevLearn and return on Nov 3! See you then!
mark britz @britzπŸ”similarly ...social LMS, social marketing, social business, social recruiting.... bolt it on and fire up the selling twitter.com machine!
mark britz @britzπŸ”Not outside learning. My last employer had 46 projects, each w/ a PjM & a program manager. Agile was serious business twitter.com (literally)
Hey, it's Myra @myramadeπŸ”@jennifer_brick When I say Excel, I really mean Google Sheets #guildchat
urbie delgado @urbieπŸ”Thank you for the #GuildChat! Hope to see you next week at #DevLearn.. I’ll be live sharing as much as I can.
Bianca Woods @eGeekingπŸ”@thack007 It's so frustrating! It's like they believe "Agile" means sloppy and without a real plan. #WibblyWobblyTimeyWimey
Hey, it's Myra @myramadeπŸ”@eLearningGuild A8. Really whatever works best for you. We all work differently. If you're a list person, use lists! #guildchat
Mike Simmons @simmons_mπŸ”@eGeeking Yes, seems like many things have 'agile' attached to them today.
Agile learning
Agile sales
Nick Floro @nickfloroπŸ”A8 Communicate and use the tools to assist in the process. They cannot magically solve everything. That's next year. #GuildChat
Hey, it's Myra @myramadeπŸ”@eLearningGuild A8. Post-it notes, colored markers, a wall for digital Excel or SIM or something similar. #guildchat
Bianca Woods @eGeekingπŸ”A8 I'm sadly using the most basic of PM tools - Excel, check lists, and Post-its. Old school, but they get the job done.
urbie delgado @urbieπŸ”#GuildChat A8 iPad. OneNote. Plants vs Zombies 1.0 for the quiet times.
Jennifer Brick @jennifer_brickπŸ”A8) Asana, instagantt, Jira, slack, google docs #guildchat
Bianca Woods @eGeekingπŸ”A7 One of the cons I've seen is, because it's a bit of a buzzword right now, is it being used haphazardly/poorly. :( #GuildChat
urbie delgado @urbieπŸ” Q8. What project management tools and/or processes would you recommend to others? #GuildChat
mark britz @britzπŸ”A8. PjM is a BIG biz w/ certification and such. Get to know the basics. Use simple tools but don't let them manage the project #GuildChat
eLearning Guild @eLearningGuildπŸ”Q8. What project management tools and/or processes would you recommend to others? #GuildChat
Hey, it's Myra @myramadeπŸ”A7. Traditional PM process take too long. Tracking and Standups let me know how we are progressing. twitter.com
urbie delgado @urbieπŸ”#GuildChat A7a Can’t say that I’ve agile’d. Iterated a lot though. Isn’t agile something like that? youtube.com #MrRightNow
Nick Floro @nickfloroπŸ”A7 Takes time, buy in + love to work. Need to focus on what is needed and adjust and mix in with what your org, teams can do #GuildChat
Mike Simmons @simmons_mπŸ”A7
speed, adaptive, iterative
speed, confusion, potential for perpetual loops
Still requires a awareness of twitter.com objective

Jennifer Brick @jennifer_brickπŸ”A7b This is an issue when doing heavy customization which relies on their direction and input. Common PS gripe too. #guildchat
Hey, it's Myra @myramadeπŸ”A7. I've been using SCRUM for years. It's a lot more effective, I know where everything stands twitter.com
Jennifer Brick @jennifer_brickπŸ”A7 The biggest challenge I have with Agile is getting all dependencies squared away from external stakeholders, & timeline pushes #guildchat
Nick Floro @nickfloroπŸ”@eLearningGuild A7 CON We get to locked into "process" or to rigid and lose focus on what we need. #GuildChat
Bianca Woods @eGeekingπŸ” Q7. Agile PM is popular today. If you've had experience, what are the pros/cons? #GuildChat
Cammy Bean @cammybeanπŸ”Q7. Agile can be hard to follow if you're a busy dev house working on lots of projects and need to effectively manage ppl time. #GuildChat
mark britz @britzπŸ”A7. Team is critical really... as it always was in larger projects but if they are not motivated, Agile approaches can be unravel #GuildChat
urbie delgado @urbieπŸ”After setup a space. I joined in but lacking a compelling reason to engage i kinda drifted off twitter.com
eLearning Guild @eLearningGuildπŸ”Q7. Agile PM is popular today. If you've had experience, what are the pros/cons? #GuildChat
Mike Simmons @simmons_mπŸ”Slack is not awesome though, when you have more slack channels than employees ;)
Good communication practices are nec twitter.com essary.

Hey, it's Myra @myramadeπŸ”@eLearningGuild A6. Nothing is ever really final anymore. We are producing MVP and then making improvements and changes. #guildchat
Melissa Milloway @MelMillowayπŸ”I'm off to get lunch with a fellow ID, see you all at #DevLearn! #GuildChat
urbie delgado @urbieπŸ”#GuildChat A6u So being transparent and accessible helps manage the chaos.
urbie delgado @urbieπŸ”#GuildChat A6b When I work with clinicians.. blocking out times is hard part. And OMG if we get out of sync with revisions.. #somethingBad
Nick Floro @nickfloroπŸ”@MelMilloway its critical to share and make sure the team, stakeholders understand and build into the process #GuildChat
Bianca Woods @eGeekingπŸ”A6 They've definitely changed how fast there may be changes to projects, which in turn changed how we manage them. #GuildChat
Hey, it's Myra @myramadeπŸ”@eLearningGuild A6. Milestones, deadlines, and final deliverable DATES are the most impacted. We need to move faster and faster. #guildchat
Nick Floro @nickfloroπŸ” A6 iterate, iterate, iterate. All projects are living. #GuildChat twitter.com
urbie delgado @urbieπŸ”#GuildChat A6a Less is more. It’s easier to produce a little experience than a big one.
urbie delgado @urbieπŸ” Q6. How has rapid changes in information and the speed of business impacted how we manage a projects today? #GuildChat
Melissa Milloway @MelMillowayπŸ”A6 iterate, iterate, iterate. All projects are living. #GuildChat twitter.com
Steven Potratz @StevenPotratzπŸ”A6 It's just more important to work efficiently and lean. Everything doesn't need Hollywood production. #guildchat twitter.com
Nick Floro @nickfloroπŸ”A6 updates + communication key to project success. Review, discuss,iterate, feedback and repeat #GuildChat
Hey, it's Myra @myramadeπŸ”@jennifer_brick @eLearningGuild Great show. #guildchat
mark britz @britzπŸ”A6. I think both have led to a wider use of Agile methodologies. Waterfall is wasteful more than ever due to rapid change #GuildChat
Jennifer Brick @jennifer_brickπŸ”@urbie Slack is awesome. I hope you get to use it soon. It integrate with so much and truly makes life easier. #guildchat
Jennifer Brick @jennifer_brickπŸ”A6) My customers expect more detail at the whim, and also to use our shared tools (like Asana) to check on progress. #guildchat
Nick Floro @nickfloroπŸ”A6 planning requires understanding how often the content/deliverable will need to update to build in the ability to keep up #GuildChat
Hey, it's Myra @myramadeπŸ”Post-it notes are the best invention ever and it got better when they made them in different colors. twitter.com
urbie delgado @urbieπŸ”#GuildChat A5t I haven’t used apps like Slack tho. So few of the orgs I work with/for use collaborative tools of that sort.
eLearning Guild @eLearningGuildπŸ”Q6. How has rapid changes in information and the speed of business impacted how we manage a projects today? #GuildChat
chriscleary @chrlsclearyπŸ” A1) PM doesn't change much, despite the context often being very different. #guildchat
Steven Potratz @StevenPotratzπŸ”Imagining what @ClaudineCaro s brain looks like on whiteboards #guildchat #halloween twitter.com
mark britz @britzπŸ”@jennifer_brick I do like Gantt charts. The visual is a must #GuildChat
urbie delgado @urbieπŸ”#GuildChat A5d A lot of the times a client calls or IMs asking for a status. It’s so easy on iPad to dip into the cloud and provide info.
Hey, it's Myra @myramadeπŸ”A5. I use BOTH. I'm visual so SCRUM Board brings me joy! Excel with color cues for sharing & quick status updates. twitter.com
Claudine Caro @ClaudineCaroπŸ”My home office is covered in whiteboards. It's my external brain so I can see what is always going on. #GuildChat twitter.com
urbie delgado @urbieπŸ”#GuildChat A5b Mostly digital. The outfits I work with are mostly all Windows & MS Office shops. Yet so few use Project. I love iPad OneNote
Bianca Woods @eGeekingπŸ”A5 Definitely both. I love digital tools for the project team, but personally I use analogue project task checklists as well. #GuildChat
Claudine Caro @ClaudineCaroπŸ”A5) Gant chart and to do lists are my go to. #GuildChat
Nick Floro @nickfloroπŸ”A5 For my desk, I enjoy having physical list sometimes to think, rethink and adapt. #GuildChat
Adam Thackeray @thack007πŸ”@StevenPotratz There are unfortunately lots of those as well lol. #guildchat
Nick Floro @nickfloroπŸ”A5 PM I like to use both digital and analog. For virtual teams digital so everyone can communicate, view, and share #GuildChat
Steven Potratz @StevenPotratzπŸ”A5 Depends if it's a big or small project. Small=anlaog with EOD digital updates. Big=all digital. #guildchat twitter.com
Melissa Milloway @MelMillowayπŸ”A5 Both, everything is documented but also there are convos around all the tasks that are in progress/are blocked/com twitter.com plete etc.
Jennifer Brick @jennifer_brickπŸ”A5 Digital. It's the only way I can maintain internal and external transparency throughout the process. #guildchat
Hey, it's Myra @myramadeπŸ”@eLearningGuild A4. and I did mention SCRUM! Right? Whiteboards & Post-it Notes! I like moving things to the DONE section. #guildchat
Steven Potratz @StevenPotratzπŸ”Is that like having a committee for committees? #guildchat twitter.com
Nick Floro @nickfloroπŸ”A4 always fun to remind you of what can go wrong with process and expectations on all teams : youtube.com #GuildChat
eLearning Guild @eLearningGuildπŸ”Q5. Which do you find yourself using when doing project management tasks: analogue, digital, or a bit of both. Why? #GuildChat
urbie delgado @urbieπŸ”#GuildChat A4y I think he used something like #DesignThinking to really identify not just the technical bits but the β€œfeel it” ones too..
Adam Thackeray @thack007πŸ”@eLearningGuild You never want process for process...it cripples delivery. #GuildChat
Claudine Caro @ClaudineCaroπŸ”That's a tongue twister. #GuildChat twitter.com
urbie delgado @urbieπŸ”#GuildChat A4c How did Pal & team create such a realistic experience in 1950 when so much hadn’t been invented yet? youtube.com
Hey, it's Myra @myramadeπŸ”A4. It's all helpful but defining scope & adding milestones is the most useful. I use fancy Excel spreadsheets for twitter.com tracking
Adam Thackeray @thack007πŸ”It depends :). Agile or Lean delivery works well in most cases. You want to deliver projects using process that invo twitter.com kes progress.
Steven Potratz @StevenPotratzπŸ”. @eGeeking Does that make you a Gork? #guildchat twitter.com
urbie delgado @urbieπŸ”#GuildChat A4b The other night AMC (might have been Turner Classics) had this bit about George Pal movies.. Destination Moon in particular..


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