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#Grumors John Duncan @jrdlsu🔁Even if Gruden does go to Tennessee they still going 7-5. #Grumors #Vols
#Grumors TIME’s UP JOHN CURRIE! ⏰📑🖊 @danEhay🔁Keep calm, and have some more #Grumors crack @Jon__Reed ...tried to DM you bout this, this AM.
#Grumors Simple man @SimpleMansTake🔁#grumors Schiano wants to work with area youth
#Grumors Christian Cate @christiancate10🔁 Even if Gruden does go to Tennessee they still going 7-5. #Grumors #Vols
Chasity Jo Lambert @RealCJL🔁Me reading all the posts, tweets, articles and msg boards this morning #Grumors
#Grumors Bobby Baker @bobbybaker_🔁Jon Gruden spotted at a #UT rally this afternoon incognito. Story developing #Grumors
#Grumors Ed Howell @howell_ed🔁Gruden in Neyland at the LSU game last Saturday? #Grumors #VFL #VolNation GBO
@GrantRamey @GrantRamey🔁Mother Nature is unhappy with the results of tonight’s #Grumors
Saturday Down South @SDS🔁The #Grumors refuse to die saturdaydownsouth.com
RockyTopTalk @RockyTopTalk🔁After a quiet week, #Grumors are back. rockytoptalk.com
Marc Elmore @zelmbini🔁@Charlie_Burris @SwainEvent any word yet on a press conference? #Grumors
Amanda Isbell @fullcourtblonde🔁Is anyone looking at flights from Baltimore to Knoxville on Tuesday? #grumors
ADRIAN @_AdrianJackson🔁@BeamanDJ Jay Z is ghostwriting Jon Gruden's MNF farewell speech and putting the world on notice he's accepted the #Vols HC gig. #Grumors
Jared Clinton @HMSCoachClinton🔁@JaceGreene_ No one will be able to sleep through 🕷✌️Y🍌 #Grumors #MakeTennesseeGreatAgain
Logan Chase Smith @ilogansmith🔁@CallMeCastleMan We'll change #Grumors to #Gruth before too long...

Maybe. 🤷‍♂️

Jim Winn @JTWinner🔁Yup, it's still in play, boys! #Grumors #Vols @_MichaelHill: @thejosephjones twitter.com
Briar. One syllable @BriarMckinney🔁#Grumors is just another way of saying “I really like to get my hopes up”
Brandon McGee @branlmc🔁That bleacher report/usa today notification I just got on Schiano and Tennessee better be complete fucking bullshit! twitter.com *throws phone into blender*
Jonathan Chalk @jonrchalk🔁These #Grumors are making me ignore my Fantasy Football team.
Todd Heath  @EastNashTodd🔁 After a quiet week, #Grumors are back. rockytoptalk.com
Daisy Domergue @manduhtory🔁Friends I found a brunch date so @ me with any new #grumors PLEASE and THANK YOU
thachamp48 @thachamp48🔁Breaking: Contrary to my prior reports has had a change of heart and turned down 5yr/52.5mil offer. Sources say NFL twitter.com or nothing for What a wild time to be alive.
Jeff Skillen @roundtown🔁Surely, I’m not the only Tennessee fan who thinks the Gruden mania is goofy. Our beleaguered fanbase is getting trol twitter.com led once again.

Even at his lowest point, Charlie Brown never learns...

Tyler maloof @Reggie_i_am🔁@SECCountryVols Smoke screen💭💭#grumors
El Director @bchsdramaqueen🔁 Why doesn't someone just hack into Currie's computer like a respectable person? #voltwitter #Grumors #Coachingsearch


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