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Ireland. The Man @CarlitoJERK🔁Justin Grimm, Felix Peña, Justin Wilson, Hector Rondon. JV Cubs or Garbage Time Boyz?
Kimberly Railey @KimberlyRailey🔁Another House read: checks in on , where Michael Grimm, after serving time, is weighing a comeback
Grimm BrotherBear @barrys82🔁#ThankYouGrimm You will be missed #Grimm @NBCGrimm @universalctv
Platano Power RD @PlatanoPowerDO🔁Justin Grimm tosses a pitch that gets by Rene Rivera, allowing Amed Rosario.. ?
WOSU News @wosunews🔁According to the New Carlisle News, photographer Andy Grimm does not want the Clark County deputy to lose his job.

BCI is investigating.

The Bookseller @thebookseller🔁Jessie Burton’s first children’s will be a feminist reimagining of Grimms’ fairytale The Twelve Dancing Princesses:
A.A. Avlar @Grimm_Book🔁It's refreshing to see crude humor in a Star Trek setting.
It makes it more legit.
Should just scrap #StarTrekDiscovery.
Ami Grimm @grimm_ami🔁I think me n my car finna divorce for a 2014
Delvin Christopher @DelvinJordan🔁So you're "eve" now Juliette. Bye! You should be dead sis. #Grimm
A.A. Avlar @Grimm_Book🔁Well #TheOrville is fuckin awesome.
@SethMacFarlane @AdriannePalicki
Anis Rahmawati @aNis_chUbby🔁Wednesday 😊
Anis Rahmawati @aNis_chUbby🔁😍😚😊 Queen 👑 👑
Charles the Cat™ @CharlsMeow🔁@PeterAlford Grimm out of options after this year. He's most likely getting non-tendered this winter. Just odd.
Willow Kitty (18+) @WillowKitty_🔁@grimm_1me Lmao no, I am older than you think haha.
A.A. Avlar @Grimm_Book🔁@undeux I love Wednesdays 🤤
A.A. Avlar @Grimm_Book🔁RT & follow for the chance to win an 2017 exclusive The Coon Pop!
Charles the Cat™ @CharlsMeow🔁So the Cubs DFA Pierce Johnson today yet Grimm still has a job. Woof.
J Grimmy @slimm_grimm🔁 "Z" by @SZA
Apple Music:
TIDAL: :// iFm
Dev 👸🏼🖤 @DeviCrespo🔁It's all because of you, Grimmsters! Don't miss the epic series finale of tomorrow at 8/7c on .
Tabi Mishel @TABI_the_MIAM🔁Today I watched the finale and I cried from sadness and from happiness, I'm going to miss you a lot my beloved Grimm family, thank you 😘😘
Asuka @VigilanteKazama🔁~ She has no idea how rampant these creatures of Grimm are in the world, but she felt there is a need to assess the current situation.
Maester Benji @destroy_time🔁Jason #Grimm's last two outings have been, well, grim: 2.0 IP, 6H, 7 ER, BB, 2 K, ERA going to 6.06 from 4.98... that's not good. @cubs
J Grimmy @slimm_grimm🔁 Take your own advice
Darius🐝Humble @RiddledwSarcasm🔁@YOKSUBI That fourth opening is the shit and that track from the 8th episode when they fought that giant bird grimm
Sarah Yoo @sarahy00🔁U don't wanna know how my brain work. Grimm was pitching. Then I thought of Wilson. Then this about Rivera, which bro ught me to Avila. Dizzy
Jim Colitz @jameshc23🔁@DavidHaugh Let's hope not. But can we stop the Justin Grimm experiment now..please!?
chris koch @chrisko05031862🔁Grimm "rednose lets go over to our secret discord for a little bit" Rednose "no grimm not again" grimm "stop being s uch a fucking tease"
Ryan Downs @Digital_Nugget🔁@CarrieMuskat And Grimm still sucks.
Mythical Books @MythicalBooks🔁the boy next door could be the key to saving her - Summoner by S.D. Grimm
Frederic @StoolFrederic🔁Bullpen had an ERA of 9 tonight. Stats like these are useless. Guys like Grimm aren't gonna be pitching unless it's eating innings (tonight)
Nick Pfeiffer @nickpfeiffer92🔁Bullpen had an ERA of 9 tonight. Stats like these are useless. Guys like Grimm aren't gonna be pitching unless it's e ating innings (tonight)
shel @shelby_grimm🔁 When Meredith Grey says "I make no apologies for how I choose to repair what you broke", I felt that shitttt
foodchainglobanalyst @trinitycard🔁Hanzel and Gretel...short stories by brothers Grimm
Creep and Crooked...short stories by brothers Koch
Mel @livingtoimprove🔁I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Let's Go! | RWBY: Grimm Eclipse! Ep. 2 w/ResSteel & LivingtoImprove♡
Chai Viengkham @chaiviengkham🔁If Justin Grimm makes the Postseason roster I will be baffled.
EA Sports @dasmoney🔁Justin Grimm has got to be on the worst relief pitchers in baseball.
WrigleyN8 @NathanSlaman🔁@DEvanAltman If they would have left Grimm in almora might have got a chance at two more at-bats
Julie Royston @JulieRoyston3🔁@Cubs @ARizzo44 Rid is amazing! Grimm is NOT👎Joe, send back to AS A please
Mike Scherer @schererwriter🔁Writing is an art. A document is your canvas, words are your paint, and a keyboard is your paintbrush.~Lizzy Grimm
LunaDonna @LunaDonna2🔁Xylda left Manfred her demon journals & is giving me serious feels & I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!
Arthur Grant @93c81e4bae66451🔁@BleacherNation Pena is pitching they just might. He and Grimm are the worse why they haven't been DFA'd is beyond me?
Young Visionary @DanPultzMGMT🔁 I think the Cubs have given Grimm enough changes and opportunities. He just doesn't have it anymore. Time to go.
Pace of Play Tracker @MLBPaceTracker🔁#Mets @ #Cubs [T9-0o]

Pitching Change: Felix Pena replaces Justin Grimm.

Bears Cubs Bulls @BFvsCOD1908🔁@BleacherNation just leave Grimm in and that will happen
v @theEDMchild🔁 Hopefully Pennywise lures Justin Grimm into a sewer on his way home from Wrigley and we never see him again.
nathan e. smith @trillmoregirls🔁omg how could i forget the overlookedRUNNING SCARED, a grimm's fairy tale shot like CRANK & dedicated to peckinpah, d e palma, & walter hill
The CHI Sports Fan @TheCHISportsFan🔁Now is when you could put Grimm in....
Eric @EricG765🔁We can now officially ignore Grimm's shitty pitching tonight. #Cubs
Tim Huwe @tim815🔁@CubsFan04567 Is Grimm worth tendering in the off-season? Great question. Carasiti would have 3 option seasons, and led the PCL in saves.
Kyle @KRock_19🔁Cubs now up 16-5, and I still don't trust Grimm to close it out
Arthur Grant @93c81e4bae66451🔁@CarrieMuskat Can someone anyone explain to me why they still pitch Grimm?? He gives up runs every time he pitches why hasn't he been DFA'd?
The Chicago Badger @ChicagoBadger23🔁Too bad Grimm was pinch hit for; I say he deserves a farewell inning.
shel @shelby_grimm🔁My sister was taking pictures of my nephew at school & the little guy in the back looks miserable...........
CJ Imondi @CJImondi🔁Grimm really is a liability
HC @SectionEE🔁@Luke_Copeland That has to be it for Grimm.
Paul Waisnora @PaulWaisnora🔁@thekapman Why do we continue to bring in Grimm? Now 12 home runs allowed
shel @shelby_grimm🔁 third wheeling 2 girls who are best friends is sooooooo much worse than 3rd wheeling a couple this is a fact
Traci Nelson @jetbox20🔁Madden's success can't be denied, but he has biases. He loves/trusts velocity. Keeps giving Grimm chances/often pulls Hendricks early
Manu_Unicorn 🦄 @Manu27SPN🔁@jacklestark Once upon a time,Grimm, arrow
_spell @_spell🔁@TonyGregori @marissadraws 'Grimsby' could be Grigsby, Grimsley, Grimes, Grimm's, Grime's or Gram's.
Cubs Fan @CubsFan04567🔁@tim815 Should he take Grimms spot next year if they decide to protect him? If not Grimm, anyone else?
quoteallthethings @quoteallthethin🔁Russ Grimm Washington Redskins Fanatics Authentic Autographed 1986 Topps #178 Card with HOF 2010 Inscription
Richard Geiger 78-66 @Cubfan1749🔁 Justin Grimm's ERA in the second half is now 9.00.

Is that high? Seems high.

Karl Kling @CoachKling🔁The city of Hazard, Kentucky's area code is 606. Justin Grimm's ERA is 6.06. Coincidence? I think not. @cubs
J. Allen Cockfoster @Morb1dlyObtuse🔁Madden's success can't be denied, but he has biases. He loves/trusts velocity. Keeps giving Grimm chances/often pulls Hendricks early
Allen Capps @CappsAllen🔁@CarrieMuskat Please get Grimm off this team!!
Catorweb Radio @catorwebradio🔁Grimm Jack - Damned: #NowPlaying on - @grimmjack @GGZenGarten
Dusty Juhl @DustyJuhl🔁 The #cubs offense is trying to make this game Grimm and Wilson proof
J. Allen Cockfoster @Morb1dlyObtuse🔁Smith righted the ship last year but he lost madden's confidence. He actually should have been on the playoff roster instead of Grimm
Bea🦋 @adaschade🔁David and Bitsie with the adorable Claire's son, Cal ❤️
Jennifer Grimm @jennifer__grimm🔁“If it’s your job to eat a frog, it’s best to do it first thing in the morning.”
Kevin 🇺🇸 @oldstyle81🔁@WrigleyRapport Yeah its not like a Carl Edwards hiccup, its a long miserable road of sucking this year for Grimm


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