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JAPRIL MEXICO🦋 @japrilmexico🔁 @greysabc loves #Seattle and Seattle loves #greysanatomy


Liz @missnyimbo🔁 Greys in Seattle!! 👩🏽‍⚕️ @greysabc #greysanatomy
#GreysAnatomy ㅤ @japrilslexies🔁I've just watched episode S10E24 of Grey's Anatomy! #GreysAnatomy #tvtime
#GreysAnatomy Yure O. Melo @yureomelo🔁I've just watched episode S12E01 of Grey's Anatomy! #GreysAnatomy #tvtime
#GreysAnatomy Jazmine Sanchez @sanchezjaz1🔁 This was hilarious 😂 #GreysAnatomy
#GreysAnatomy Jazmine Sanchez @sanchezjaz1🔁 Every episode. #GreysAnatomy
#GreysAnatomy jennifer @kepswizzle🔁 #GreysAnatomy Spinoff Casts #Rosewood's Jaina Lee Ortiz via @kimroots
#GreysAnatomy Juliette 🔮 @mcflyiall🔁 This. #GreysAnatomy does Seattle. And I am filled with joy.

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Camilla Luddington @camilluddington🔁When #greysanatomy fans find us filming in #seattle #s14
#GreysAnatomy shonda rhimes @shondarhimes🔁This. #GreysAnatomy does Seattle. And I am filled with joy.

Repost @ShondalandTV

Jason Winston George @JasonWGeorge🔁 fellas throw first pitch at

Enchanting Miss🌸 @enchantingmiss🔁Remember the horrible thing Meredith did with George? That was me last night. And it's awful.?#GreysAnatomy
CarterMatt TV @CarterMattTV🔁 #GreysAnatomy firefighter spin-off gets @JainaLeeOrtiz for major role
Sharon Seymour @TheSpoilerGirl🔁Grey's Anatomy Firefighter Spinoff - Jaina Lee Ortiz to Star #greysanatomy
CarterMatt TV @CarterMattTV🔁 #GreysAnatomy season 14: @EllenPompeo, @TheRealKMcKidd, more filming in Seattle!
Jazmine Sanchez @sanchezjaz1🔁 just a show about doctors, right? #GreysAnatomy
Tshepo @TSHLTP🔁Even learnered people can be transphobic. There's no beauty in transphobia but this storyline was beautiful. Informative. #GreysAnatomy
TV-Recaps-Reviews @tvrecapsreviews🔁's Jaina Lee Ortiz to Play Lead on ABC's Untitled Spinoff" target="_blank">
Billy Nilles @BillyNillesDUH🔁The spinoff cast is beginning to take shape, with vet Jaina Lee Ortiz signing on!
Tshepo @TSHLTP🔁"Start thinking like a doctor and not a brother" "He's my brother, I can't be his doctor" conversations... #GreysAnatomy
Eliz B. @fizzilizzie🔁When stressed I watch old episodes of #greysanatomy because I miss Christina,Mark&Lexi. @shondarhimes Also Owen&Christina@TheRealKMcKidd
gabi BACK FOR YOU @niallzoas🔁I've just watched episode S11E07 of Grey's Anatomy! #GreysAnatomy #tvtime
Tshepo @TSHLTP🔁A conflict between Ben and Miranda Bailey (Ben's wife) ensues... because Bailey is advocating for the patient. #GreysAnatomy
Tshepo @TSHLTP🔁Benjamin Warren's brother being in the process of transitioning and Ben, an entire surgeon not getting/accepting it. #GreysAnatomy
Lanica Garcia @Lani_Gaga🔁After less than a year of dedicated binge-watching... I've caught up on all 13 seasons of what do I do with my life now?
S. @SomaliQueeen🔁 fellas throw first pitch at

جويّج @Jo01jo0151🔁#GreysAnatomy #blindspot #Gameof thrones are the best.


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