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kelly madigan @kjmadigan🔁 No more Grayson Allen in college basketball.
Robert Littal @BSO🔁No trip to the final four for Grayson Allen
Grayson AllenGrayson AllenGrayson Allen Angelo @Angel0Rueda🔁 Grayson Allen's Duke career comes to a close.
Grayson Allen Flamingo the Gawd @pelican_ali🔁 Live shot of Grayson Allen
Graham Hall @GrahamHall_🔁I guess Grayson Allen's shot at another National Championship has been...tripped up
Grayson AllenGrayson AllenGrayson Allen College Basketball @br_CBB🔁Grayson Allen's Duke career comes to a close.
Jamie @JamiePerry_JPSN🔁 A Letter to Grayson Allen by @Mjtrav627


Angela Stanley @Angiepangiee🔁"I had Duke in my bracket, I bet on Duke to win. But when that shot went up from Grayson, I was rooting for him to miss."

on the end of Grayson Allen's college career

Kaley Geer @kaley_geer🔁 Hey my names Grayson Allen I’m a point guard I got shoe game and I DONT have a basketball game tomorrow
Atom @nunakadfi🔁Duke players with 1,900+ points and 400+ rebounds and 400+ assists:

Grayson Allen (1,996-450-432)
Jon Scheyer
Grant Hill
Danny Ferry
Johnny Dawkins

Cliff @Kareembw🔁 Now Grayson Allen will go to the Delaware 87ers and pray for a call up.
Bryleigh Brawner @BrawnerBryleigh🔁Just it me today that any game could be his last... Love him or hate him, college basketball will miss Grayson Allen
Andrea Vierthaler @avierthaler23🔁Grayson Allen doesn’t finish his career as a winner. But he does finish as someone that nobody respects. And that’s all that matters.
Caleb @ca1ebwendt🔁A Tribute to One of the True All-Time Villains of College Basketball: Grayson Allen
David Lance #FBPE #WATON @DavidLance3🔁All morning, Grayson Allen has been replaying last night's loss in his head, thinking about how he really should've tried more tripping.
Jp_scucci52 @JamesWolf76🔁I liked a @YouTube video Grayson Allen Dirty Plays and Moments Compilation
Joan Callas @ghostofhypotia🔁 Is there a bigger lock than Grayson Allen being terrible in the NBA? Come at me, @OldTakesExposed.
KandiceMichelle @KandiceMichelle🔁 We never have to see Grayson Allen play again. Ever. EVER.
Headley Goforth @OnMontagueSt🔁 Shame to see Grayson Allen get tripped up in his final college game.


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