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Grant Hart tshirthustle @tshirthustle🔁 Cute grandma to be t shirt I can't keep calm #ThursdayThoughts Grant Hart #DACADeal #If
Grant Hart Barbie D H @barbiesway🔁 RIP Grant Hart. I'm devastated. A legend and brilliant songwriter. #RIPGrantHart
Grant Hart Seanzy @seanzyzy🔁Dang, just heard about Grant Hart dying. Great drummer. Great songwriter.
Grant Hart cARL BARNeY @yablowza🔁 The Posies - Grant Hart
Grant Hart ayay @AjUrameshi🔁 Grant Hart, 1961-2017
Grant Hart Rob Robles @rob__robles🔁 Husker Du drummer Grant Hart has passed away, aged 56
Grant Hart Brenda Perlin @BrooklynandBo🔁 Rest In Peace Grant Hart. #RIPGrantHart #HuskerDu #BobMould #doctorivan #TurnOnTheNews #punk
Grant Hart tshirthustle @tshirthustle🔁 Tee-rific Father's Day Card #ThursdayThoughts Grant Hart #DACADeal #IfCellphonesDidntEx
Grant Hart Simon Waldram ⓥ @WaldramSimon🔁 Nice tribute to Grant Hart by Bob Mould.
The Current @TheCurrent🔁Minnesota punk icon Grant Hart, co-founder of Husker Du, has passed away. Thank you for the incredible music, Grant.
Ryan Adams @TheRyanAdams🔁RIP Grant Hart
Your music saved my life.
It was with me the day I left home.
It's with me now.
Travel safely to the summerlands.
nprmusic @nprmusic🔁In memoriam: Hüsker Dü's Grant Hart was, from an early age, a torch-bearer for all things musical.
Greg Lalas @Gaetjens🔁Bob Mould on Grant Hart. #RIPGrantHart

27 greater than 20 @james_elwyn🔁 Tonight at Fenway, the organist played "Books About UFOs." Grant Hart: You're a legend.
Drew Magary @drewmagary🔁Here's this week's newsletter, featuring a tribute to Grant Hart:
Bob(o) @BoboChimpan🔁Tonight's show will be a three hour tribute to Grant Hart. Husker Du, Nova Mob and his solo work will be...
Paul Tremblay @paulGtremblay🔁RIP Grant Hart
Steve Kandell @SteveKandell🔁I don’t know if we’re still doing grant hart things but the “I remember you-HOO” bit here always gets me
[パンク] @rbnxanz🔁 Hüsker Dü still sounds as volatile and vital as they did 30-something years ago. RIP Grant Hart.
Stephen Wood @SteveWood999🔁Grant Hart obituary
Marin Favre @MarinFavre🔁Grant Hart - Awake, Arise (Live on 89.3 The Current) via @YouTube
Benny Horowitz @bennyhorowitz1🔁@MarkMazman Grant Hart, a bummer...legend. Let us leave off in agreement.
shane shifflett @shaneshifflett🔁“There will be a Hüsker Dü reunion,” Hart said some years ago. “It’ll be in federal court.”
Michael Tedder @mtedder🔁If you're going to miss Grant Hart, I guess there's worse places you can be today than @RiotFest. Wonder who does the first "Diane" cover?
Disaster Film Club @disaster_films_🔁 We remember the songwriting talents of Grant Hart, in Husker Dü and beyond
christydesmith @christydesmith🔁. music critic pays tribute to Grant Hart: 'One of my greatest music heroes'
BUY FOLLO₩ERS :mpl @BerrymanEvelyne🔁 Grant Hart (1961 - 2017) - over Green Eyes (Flip Your Wig)
dlask @dlask🔁Grant Hart (1961 - 2017) - over Green Eyes (Flip Your Wig)
Gjert @the_bigben_🔁R.I.P. Grant Hart 🌹 #HüskerDü
Math Björk @hyperbollad🔁♫ #lastfm artists: Against Me! (38), Marty Friedman (33), Grant Hart (30), Blind Guardian (17) & Morphi.. via @tweeklyfm #music
Ted Hope @TedHope🔁RIP Grant Hart
#HuskerDu was one of the greats, truly elevated my life.
My Vinyl Revolution @myvinylrev🔁R.I.P. Grant Hart, talented drummer/singer of Husker Du and Nova Mob. Wrote the teen angst classic 'Don't Wanna…
My Vinyl Revolution @myvinylrev🔁R.I.P. Grant Hart, talented drummer/singer of Husker Du and Nova Mob. You made such a creative difference to my…
Martin & Co Newport @martinco_np🔁 played their first proper UK gig just down the road from me in Newport. I adored them. RIP Grant Hart
M Donaldson → @qburns🔁this song’s one of my favorites from Grant Hart, too. I’m surprised it hasn’t been covered by a thousand different s hoegaze bands.
Village of Spaces @villageofspaces🔁I love yomul yuk n Grant Hart. Which album was that??? Maybe your referring to 'the argument ??' I think that was Mon treal based recording.
Simon Waldram ⓥ @WaldramSimon🔁There has been some heartbreaking celebrity deaths in recent times, but none have hit me as hard as Grant Hart's.
J Arthur Brown @JoeMoreno44🔁Such an influential band. RIP Grant Hart. #huskerdu via @RollingStone
Bob(o) @BoboChimpan🔁Tonight's show will be a 3 hour tribute to Grant Hart. Husker Du Nova Mob & solo work will be featured.
Jim Lawrence @jimlawkc🔁 Tommy Stinson on Husker Du's Grant Hart: 'He Was a Total Sweetheart' via @billboard
ayay @AjUrameshi🔁 RIP Grant Hart. Husker Du kickstarted the 90s, in about 1983.
Justin Baxter @JFBaxter🔁Rob Sheffield on Grant Hart: How Husker Du Drummer Changed Punk Rock via @RollingStone
Volume 1 Brooklyn @vol1brooklyn🔁Morning Bites: Grant Hart, Carmen Maria Machado Interviewed, Celeste Ng, Rumaan Alam on Food, and More
ဦးတရုတ္ @paing_sis🔁 Along with Levon Helm, Grant Hart is my favourite " singer drummer " of all time. #HuskerDu #GrantHart
Nerd World USA @NerdworldUSA🔁"Art education & toilet training is the exact same thing in the United States" – Grant Hart, «Every Everything»

Nerd World USA @NerdworldUSA🔁 Thank you Grant Hart, for your music & your impact on my life #RIP #HüskerDü
LittleRhody @rhodymike🔁A band that defined my youth in the 80s
Hüsker Dü's Grant Hart Passes Away at 56
SteveForTheDeaf @SteveForTheDeaf🔁Nice piece on #GrantHart and #HuskerDu on the @TeamRockBelong site today #RIPGrant #NewDayRising
WZBT 91.1 Playlist @WZBTPlaylist🔁Grant Hart: 'Letting Me Out' #WZBT
WZBT 91.1 Playlist @WZBTPlaylist🔁Grant Hart: 'Sin' #WZBT
WZBT 91.1 Playlist @WZBTPlaylist🔁Grant Hart: 'Morningstar' #WZBT
Tubal Zoo @tubalzoo🔁RIP Grant Hart. Who else would come up with "We're living in the last days of Pompeii/ Uh huh huh /Uh hey hey"...

Yasi Salek @yasisalek🔁Peaceful rest to Grant Hart, whose beautiful raging songs got me through so much teenage rage and depression.
Brenda Perlin @BrooklynandBo🔁RIP Grant Hart. You were a HUGE influence on me growing up. Thank you for playing in my shop and being so generous and kind to me.
Robin Byrd @RobinByrd3🔁I heard of Husker Du years ago, but never had the opportunity to hear their music. My condolences go out to Grant Ha rt's family and friends.
James Walker @DrJimmyandBOB🔁This old punk rocker was very sad to hear of the passing of Grant Hart from the legendary Husker Du. This tape got me through junior high!
Tim Duller @medwayexiles🔁First song I learned to play on guitar. RIP Grant Hart.
James O' Sullivan @norvanfive🔁Incredibly sad waking up to this news of Grant Hart -- RIP amazing musician/songwriter 💔Turn On The News - Hüsker Dü
Robert D. E. Senior @robertdesenior🔁Saddened to hear about the untimely passing of Grant Hart. Hüsker Dü were definitely part of the soundtrack to my...
Hamilton Spectator @TheSpec🔁Grant Hart of pioneering indie rock band Husker Du dies
Mem @Memdozer78🔁Hidden in this morning's tributes to dearly departed Hüsker dude, Grant Hart, lies this pic of Bob Mould channeling his inner Ed Sheeran...
Pablo Lima Dias @pabloldias🔁 “Can you get it out before I go?” Ken Shipley on Grant Hart and Savage Young Dü:
dave morris @icebombs77🔁 RIP Grant Hart
Martin Sweeney @MxSweeney🔁Thank you Grant Hart. via @youtube
godisinthetv @godisinthetv🔁A Tribute to #GrantHart #huskerdu @NathanOHagan
Big Hassle Media @bighasslemedia🔁Tommy Stinson on Husker Du's Grant Hart: 'He Was a Total Sweetheart' via @billboard
godisinthetv @godisinthetv🔁 As you'd expect, I wrote a #GrantHart tribute. For @godisinthetv #RIPGrantHart
Leon Lazaroff @LeonLazaroff🔁Grant Hart was a monster on that greatest of bands, Husker Du. Happy to have been in the Midwest in the early-1980s:
ross elsewhere @rosselsewhere🔁Grant Hart was Dave Grohl a decade too soon and too unnoticed.
Leon Lazaroff @LeonLazaroff🔁Patti Smith was extraordinary last night in Central Park. Beautiful tributes to Fred Smith, Sam Shepard, Amy Winehouse and Grant Hart.
Kathy 📼 Fennessy @kcfennessy🔁 My tribute to the great Grant Hart is up at @citypagesmusic #RIPGrantHart
Brian Wheeler @brianwheel🔁RIP, Grant Hart. #HuskerDu
stark reality @djsmallchange🔁Nice tribute to the late, great Grant Hart from his Husker Du bandmate, the brilliant Bob Mould.
tshirthustle @tshirthustle🔁 OK, But first cof fee sweatshirt Grant Hart
R. Lynch @LynchByLynch🔁Len Wein and Grant Hart and now Basil Gogos...what a nasty flare-up of 2016.
Rocket Fuel Podcast @Rocket_Fuel🔁Woke up thinking about Grant Hart's passing. Here is a great piece on his music and legacy from @RollingStone.
Jim Lawrence @jimlawkc🔁Minnesota punk icon Grant Hart, co-founder of Husker Du, has passed away. Thank you for the incredible music, Grant.
Naomi Pierce @PrcNaomi🔁Apologies to the neighbours, but playing these classics really loud this morning. RIP Grant Hart.
Hentai Omen @Ex_Ravers🔁Sad news to hear about Grant Hart, R.I.P
R. Lynch @LynchByLynch🔁@danielpgrote Was too genuinely stunned yesterday about Grant Hart's passing to string together two thoughtful words in eulogy, now this...
André de Ridder @andrederidder🔁RIP Grant Hart, a cyclonic drummer, soulful singer, epochal songwriter and inspiring autodidact. I hope he has found peace at last.
Maren @marstarmpls🔁MN Music Legends...we love them fiercely around here. Grant Hart - Is the Sky the Limit (Live on 89.3 The Current)
Mark Anderson @mcsanderson78🔁 Grant Hart (Husker Du) RIP - Louder Than War


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