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Pilgrim's Progress @sincePlymouth🔁On the Metro this AM, I wanted to grab all the Caps jersey-wearing fans & shout, "Don't you know that the president of the United States just justified the use of concentration camps, summary executions, torture, and mass forced starvation?" Is there something wrong with me?
KnightAngel54 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 @KnightAngel45🔁Labour seem to be insisting on forcing eleven divisions in this section which means there will be a maximum of 15 minutes to discuss devolution and the power grab on the Scottish Parliament. Scotland’s voices will not be heard. Democratic outrage.
Kevin C. McGee @bankrlawimp🔁ICYMI, City Council
confirmed that PawSox (sorry, ) are coming. Let's grab our decoder ring and break down what happened last night, shall we? 1/x
Good Day Atlanta @GoodDayAtlanta🔁DEVELOPING: Police believe they have located the van utilized in the smash and grab at the CVS at Ansley Mall. In this video you can see crime scene investigators searching for clues to link the suspects to the crime. Stick with as this story develops,
IG: issawildthread @issawildthread🔁4/4
end of story 😂☠

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TMcC @TildaMc🔁SNP MPs walk out of in 'Brexit power grab' protest
Westminster doesn' t care about anything outside of Westminster, their bubble is all encompassing in its ignorance and will destroy the nation

AuntieShirley #PeoplesVote 🦄 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 🇪🇺 @shirleymcbrinn🔁 SNP: David Mundell should quit after Brexit ‘power grab by backdoor’
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Billy Heath III @BillyHeathFOX5🔁DEVELOPING: Police believe they have located the van utilized in the smash and grab at the CVS at Ansley Mall. In thi s video you can see crime scene investigators searching for clues to link the suspects to the crime. Stick with as this story develops,
🤓TimmyLDN🙄 @TimmyLDN🔁SNP MPs walk out of PMQs in 'Brexit power grab' protest

It’s like the Government is so hell bent on self destruction it will stop at nothing to get what it wants including to break up the Union of the United Kingdom

jacko 2😁💋 @jbrown28507551🔁@ImAlonely68 They look great enough to grab hold of 😏😏
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Luigi D. Posadas @notmarioo🔁Wtf after booking him he told me to call him and what he said on the phone was “Sir pick up ko po kayo pero basta dagdag po kayo 50 pesos ha”. Take note: he made me call so I don’t have any receipts of him saying that but what the heck Grab pls do something about this
Horror Geek @HorrorGeekoid🔁SNP MPs walk out of PMQs in 'Brexit power grab' protest

These are the people who get paid to represent us 🙈🙈.

Lynn🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿☮ @limpet67🔁The SNP’s MPs walk out of the Chamber in protest against the Tory Brexit power grab against Holyrood and the breach of promise that this would be allowed debate time at Westminster. Speaker looks aghast.
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Yaaser Awan @Yaaser_awan🔁lawyer who defended Sharifs corruption in SC after pocketing millions as fee will now lecture us on rule of law&lead campaign ag “media trials”-SARaja is main beneficiary of “media trials”-same media trials actually helped him grab big corrupt clinets.He used media to get clients
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Allison_swank @SwankAllison🔁@TallahForTrump We are lucky God gave us somethi,g Trump can grab whenever he feels like it.
Joanna @joanvw09🔁Obama: zero sexual assault claims made against him

Trump: 15+ sexual assault claims made against him

Obama: Did NOT say "grab them by the p****"

Trump: Did say "grab them by the p****"

Obama: Did NOT collude w/ Russia

Trump: Did collude w/ Russia & will be impeached soon

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Rebekah J. Crouch @rebekahcrouch🔁 Hope is a buzz word. I get it.

Sounds lame.

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Hope is alive and well. :)

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theworldhasgonemad @albrigg🔁Whether you consider this a power grab or not is irrelevant. The Scottish Parliament has withheld the consent that is required by constitutional convention, and UKGov has gone ahead anyway, changing the devolution settlement, with virtually no debate.

Constitutional crisis.

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Stewart MacIntyre @iAntsaoir🔁Ian Blackford says the PM gave a commitment to treat Scotland as “part of a Union of equals” but pressed ahead with alleged ‘power grab’ - calls for emergency legislation to address “democratic outrage”
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DavidW @DavidW_340🔁Could you have imagined escorting a president to a grin-and-grab show with Kim, and watching him say the leader who starves and imprisons hundreds of thousands of people, “loves” his country?
Mark Schuler @ATLANTAxFALCON🔁Jordan Bell ran out of off the bus .then jumped into the crowd to grab a bottle of Henny from a Warriors fan LOL
Indy Freedom @IndyFreedom2018🔁*Every* party (except the Tories) voted for a bill in to protect it from a Westminster power grab. It’s now clear that Scottish Tories do not respect the democratic will of the very parliament they sit in.
Iain Drummond @beckydrummondxx🔁Do you believe it is a “democratic outrage" that MPs had not been given enough time to debate measures as a "power grab" by Westminster from Scotland? BBC News - SNP MPs walk out of PMQs in 'Brexit power grab' protest


LG Engineer Wheat @Greeksteel2🔁25 years on this earth and I still can’t tell when someone is going for a normal handshake vs a secret clubhouse hand slide fist bump shoulder grab combo thing, is there like a set of rules governing this that I’m unaware of or
emily misses heathers @bwaytrash🔁@kevinmurphyhc @SamuelFrenchLtd Oh okay awesome, I know some people going later in the run so I'll get them to grab me a copy 😊
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Samy Morsy @samymohab🔁Toyota invests $1 billion in one of Asia's biggest ride-sharing companies Who knew that ride-sharing investments woul d become a large facet of Toyota's business strategy. The automotive giant has stakes...
Ian Snelgrove @iznel7🔁PM to Blackford: “it is not the case that this is in any way a power grab” - blames Labour for “procedural manoeuvres” to prevent debate -

but it was the Government that timetabled two days

OnLineMan @onlineman🔁*Terms & condition apply. Refer to our poster for more details. Grab your HT now!

Lorna Slater @lornagreens🔁 Richard Leonard: "Scottish Labour opposes the #EUWithdrawalBill's devolution power grab"

Scottish Labour MPs: "Richard who?"

Ellen MacPhee @elle49🔁Ruthie implies the debate would have seen the Tories capitulate and apologise for its disreputable power grab, and in reconciliation offer to leave the Scottish Government with all the powers it has currently.
Diamond McKinney @dmckinneyvt🔁 @mackycole @BelknapMorgan Grab your private brooms and fly off to somewhere else
Adriel Oliveira @adrielom23🔁you feed your dog daily... Whenever you eat something she jumps over you trying to grab a bite. She licks stuff that she shouldn't just to know the taste of it... But when you out of free will give her something. SHE SMELLS IT LIKE IT'S POISONOUS OR SOMETHING!
lottie @lottie1986M🔁Action speaks louder than words, Ian Blackford gave an interview to BBC we had a platform for a couple of minutes and didn't he do well laid it out that Scotland won't stand for their power grab well done Ian
CINEOLL IS AN OK GUY @Cineoll🔁I hope the only thing they change is the infinite grab. That was the cheesiest crap and it really made me ashamed to be an ice climbers main cause people would assume I’m just gonna infinite grab.
Ihti @Nabie95🔁 When you busy making tea for yourself and grab the sugar bakkie only to find out it's empty:
Wee Betty'sBhoy @seumasciaragai7🔁David Mundell repeatedly claims that only the Scottish Govt and the SNP oppose the Power Grab. Gary Robertson repeatedly fails to correct him by pointing out *all* parties except Ruth's Tories oppose it. Why? Is it really that difficult?
Der Hohepriester @DerHohepriester🔁@realDonaldTrump Grab them by their pussies!


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