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#Gorakhpur Asma Rizwan ☺😇 @asmariz🔁 My #Cartoon on #Gorakhpur #PhulpurByPoll s
#Gorakhpur sijin ചക്രവർത്തി @SijinChakravar1🔁 Karma on a fast track in #Gorakhpur
#Gorakhpur Rahul Gupta @maverickraahul🔁 Congress candidates from #Phulpur and #Gorakhpur Lok Sabha seats have lost their deposits. #UPByPolls
#Gorakhpur mohammed reffai @reffai🔁 If only cows had Voting rights! 😭😂
#Gorakhpur sijin ചക്രവർത്തി @SijinChakravar1🔁 Yogi with his voters!!!


#Gorakhpur mohammed reffai @reffai🔁 Aww! How Sad. It pains to see Arnab in this state (Not!) 😂
#PhulpurByPoll #Gorakhpur
barkha dutt @BDUTT🔁If this holds in will be even more significant than . None of it explains why media being stopped by DM in Gorakhpur twitter.com . on what basis ?
barkha dutt @BDUTT🔁Don't forget that has held the seat for five terms. A knock in his bastion says all sorts of things about quick ant twitter.com i-incumebency; the power of a United opposition & the Indian voters innate instinct to keep some checks & balance
Chetan Bhagat @chetan_bhagat🔁BJP landslide victory in UP earlier was because other parties cut each others votes, not because people loved demonet twitter.com isation. This time they didn’t. It is arithmetic. Not ideology. A+B+C is always greater than A or B or C.
दीपा @onlyskr🔁History shows that every time BJP loses a bypoll elections, in the next elections they win a entire state.


A.Vimal @VimalRavishank1🔁The " Nath" sect led by Adityanath helped BJP win Tripura, the "Nath" sect will help BJP win in Karnataka, the " Nath" sect did not help BJP win in !!!!
Kamaludin ansari 👍 @kansari786631🔁A genuine salute to for raising the blackout issue of media which later on other media fraternity followed !

Thanks for ur contribution in saving a democratic process.

🚩राष्ट्रवादी सनातनी हिन्दू हर्ष🚩 @TheHarshNamdev🔁Trust Me I Never LOSE...💪
Either I or Learn From it...🙏
I am a Proud ...🚩

"Yogi Adityanath"

satyakumar @Kumar1Satya🔁Big victory for & for defying odds in & . This in Chief Minister & Deputy Chief Minister own seats a yr after BJP swept U.P shows a) caste disrupts Hindutva b)diminishing enthusiasm for & c) Indians like to check & balance power
J.K. @imjkzone🔁RT if you believe Adityanath Yogi Ji should take the responsibility of defeat and step down from CM chair. He has lost moral responsibility of ruling UP by losing his seat, which was with BJP since last 30 years!
Kalki S. 🇮🇳 @Indian_BatGirl🔁 BJP tried to win the UP bypolls by hacking the EVMs but Rahul Gandhi connected all EVMs to MRI machines.


Phani_NaMo_for_2019_2024_... @NaMo_Phani🔁 Once upon a time, u were Kings of UP. Today u celebrate by-poll wins. How the mighty have fallen! 😂😂😂#Gorakhpur
Proud Hindu🕉 🇮🇳 @krishiyengar🔁It was obvious that BJP would lose &
What can one expect when our Star campaigner did not campaign 🙁
BJP desperately needs Pappu in

Manoj Gujaran @manoj_gujaran🔁" is not a Loss, but a LEARNING"

Wake up to d reality of One Modi Vs 20 evil forces. Learning early, party now need:

- 2nd level able leaders for 2019 campaign
- Modified strategy to counter united opposition
- Be ready for fierce 'do or die' battle on ground & online

CPI(ML)Liberation, BIHAR @CPIMLBIHAR🔁Bhakts thought they had found the successor of Modi in Yogi! But while Yogi was busy in his expeditions from Gujarat to Tripura and Karnataka to Kerala, Gorakhpur has spectacularly downsized him. The message from and must now be resonating loudly in !
मिश्रआशुतोष @misrashutosh🔁Slap in the face of all doubters! Modi has kept his promise. have come for Akhilesh Yadav & Mayawati.

Arar twitter.com ia

Ankur Pandey #HDL @apanankur🔁BJP Lost -

1) - Home of UP CM.
2) - Home of UP Deputy CM.

Madhya Pradesh :
1) Mungaoli.
2) Kolaras.

Rajasthan :
1) Ajmer.
2) Alwar.
3) Mandalgarh.

A sign to BJP to pay more attention on Ground & shed Arrogance.
People want Results, not Speeches

Dsgora @Dsgora2🔁Rajasthan,Madhya Pradesh & today it seems UP-Bihar joining the same trend.Amit Shah's main concern today would be why can't he manage in by polls.
Only option left to now is rigging in counting

Beena Varshney @5914f38359c44d2🔁

In my opinion two factors played a role in BJP Loss..
1) SP+BSP alliance (Naresh Aggarwals induction is exactly to weaken this)
2) BJP voters didn't come out to vote (Bjp govts will have to now deliver for them.they too need motivation)

Kamaludin ansari 👍 @kansari786631🔁 There is a reason total tripura voters 25,70,000

Voters in #Gorakhpur + #Phulpur = 39,00,000

Rest i leave on you ☺️

R_O_H_I_T @Bewra_Rohit🔁BJP's fire brand anchor Mr Ornab Gao-Swamy after seeing and by-poll results. 😀😂
Virtual Thinker @VirtualThinker🔁Seems, for a change, the 600 crore voters of BJP saw through their Gorakhdhandha and chose not to be Phuled, yet again! 🤔

Mansoor Ahmed @mansoorvolvo🔁Don't forget that has held the seat for five terms. A knock in his bastion says all sorts of things about quick anti-incumebency; the power of a United opposition & the Indian voters innate instinct to keep some checks & balance
Urmil Contractor @e73ab251074842c🔁BJP tastes defeat in bypolls. The reason being stated is growing anger and mistrust among the karyakartas. Scary!

Beena Varshney @5914f38359c44d2🔁Dear BJP Leadership in UP not so much experienced & sufficient like Gujarat to take on SP-BSP alliance , Sir must keep total control on UP Politics for next 10 years .... सावधानी हटी दुर्घटना घटी

Kamaludin ansari 👍 @kansari786631🔁The district administration's attempt to suppress news about the bypoll counting today is shocking. The administration must immediately explain why it barred the media from reporting.

Beena Varshney @5914f38359c44d2🔁No need to panic. We got back on track after the big defeats like Delhi and Bihar. These are only by-elections. No election is a test of the next as all elections are independent in a complex country like ours. 2019 will be our.

Beena Varshney @5914f38359c44d2🔁Dear RW Mahagyanis,please keep lectures & gyans aside for once & give support to BJP even if they haven't performed well.This isn't the end & doesn't mean they didn't try. BE UNITED for biggest war & show the opposition that a mini win for them doesn't mean we lost.

@Mahesh @hanchatemahesh🔁Today is the Dog's day.. All are enjoying Barking.. #gorakhpur #phulpur #UPByPolls twitter.com
Ms Sahay @AtLYF🔁
Whether we like it or not, not BJP nor Congress, but the SP BSP combine remains the most formidable force in UP, as the RJD JDU was once was for Bihar. If they split into rival gps, they shall lose the state to others.
An Angry Indian ⛔ @alxseq🔁 This just in! #Gorakhpur officially declared the first #SmartCity of India.🎉🎊💃
Anindya Chaudhuri @anindyachaudhu1🔁The more announcement of result is delayed, the greater the embarrassment for Yogi Adityanath. Not only was he defeated in his religious & political turf, he would also be seen as a sore loser who withheld the result through a pet DM
TheCriticalCITIZEN @rajeshkumarpun4🔁 How BJP has lost seats in the bypolls after 2014, #Gorakhpur being the biggest blow till now. fb.me
Somitra baldua @somitra_baldua🔁Done obsessing over
and ? Now read this by -- because democracy is not just about elections.

कड़ी निंदा™🐦🔵 @aayushsaran🔁Moral victory of @OfficeOfRG #Gorakhpur #Phulpur #Araria twitter.com
movieman @movieman777🔁Really surprising results in the #UPByPolls .. #Gorakhpur #Phulpur
Parul Rayka @RaykaParul🔁 people understood the reality of & they came to that he is a big layer,in that above verdict proved that in coming 2019 ELECTION,public want to battle JOINTLY ( mahagatbandhan)AGAINST BJP/modi..MODI will not retain ..
India_First @Harnam2Harnam🔁Request every BJP supporters to oppose Arun Jaitley. He is more dangerous than Naresh Aggarwal or Shatrughan Sinha. twitter.com
NaMo Namah @shaashtanga🔁The results are a tight slap to every person who mocks Rahul Gandhi and underestimates his impact and potential. He went to Italy, Singapore etc for a few days and BJP ended up losing an election...
CA GOPAL K. NIGAM @gknigam🔁What's happening in and is because of laziness of Hindus. Everyone thought that Yogi would win anyways, so none of them came out to vote.
But unemployed Muslims came out to vote in large numbers to display their hatred for Yogi and BJP is having tough time
Ujaan @ujaanghosh🔁Proud of our democracy. But, BJP will turn to what they know works best for them. Ram temple. 16th March will be very twitter.com interesting.
Digamber Eslampure @DigamberE🔁BJP&NDA winning 21 STATES is not a Mandate on Modi ji,but loosing 2 seats is Mandate against Modi ji&Yogi ji-Media🤬? twitter.com ?

Having said that,it will give BJP an opportunity to analyze&find a new strategy to counter changing BJP Vs ALL Parties scenario!

Sureshshivakamble @Sureshshivakam1🔁Humilating loss for in & is a strong statement by citizens against a government which is autocratic, authoritarian & believes in suppressing constitutional freedoms under the garb of nationalism.The winds of change & growing resentment is visible.
kriakklaog @krishnakkshukla🔁BJP landslide victory in UP earlier was because other parties cut each others votes, not because people loved demonetisation. This time they didn’t. It is arithmetic. Not ideology. A+B+C is always greater than A or B or C.
Deal With It @suhasmatiwade🔁#Gorakhpur #Phulpur #ByElectionResult

Why #BJP lost elections?

And: just for change 😀😀😀

जय हो. @shuklaprabhat🔁Still arrogant fake economist deeds agnst middle class yet to come, It will be turmoil to when they wi twitter.com ll vote at 2019.
has already bifitted reply to & bigotry behavior.
Deepu @deepusebastian🔁Regardless of final outcome in bypolls, shows BJP vulnerable where in power, stronger as challenger.
C 🐯🇮🇳 @Neyandar🔁#Gorakhpur
Viraat Hindus woken up
End of jumla anti national BJP
Let unite together fight these parasite n wipe out from India
Beena Varshney @5914f38359c44d2🔁The message is clear that do not collect garbage in the party, people who will never vote stop following them, take action against corrupt people not save them and encourage core voters of party.

चाणक्य उवाच @Chanakya_Says🔁 Rahul Gandhi: Voters are angry with BJP

Its like there is a cricket series between India & Australia

India wins 4 twitter.com games in a row, Australia wins the 5th

A Pakistani says Indian team is B-Grade

CONgress was not even a serious player !!

vivek sharma @vsharma0007🔁As an ardent BJP supporter, this loss is like a jolt wanting to make sure I vote in 2019. I am hoping it's twitter.com a jolt to key BJP leaders ( ) but more like the first loss of a game in a series.
Silent Assassin @ConfuzedGenius🔁This one gonna hurt pretty bad!! #Gorakhpur twitter.com
Macaulayputri @rupagulab🔁I don’t know what to call this:
Mega chaddi exclusive?
Chaddi mega exclusive?
Exclusive mega chaddi?
Mega exclusive chaddi?
You decide 🙄

V .T. Khalatkar 🔵 @vtkhalatkar🔁[BJP wins Tripura]
Media/Opposition: This will have no impact on national elections

[BJP loses 2 seats in UP Lok Sabha bypolls]
Media/Opposition: Modi wave over, Entire country has voted against BJP.

Anil Jain @jainanil1968🔁Hey Yogi,
You lost your backyard. And you were coming to south to spread your mad-cow disease?
We southern ppl join UP in congratulating & in containing the disease. Now take a chill pill & breathe easy, if there's some oxygen for you!

kulasekaran tamil @kulasekarantam1🔁Final analysis:
SP won,
BJP had a shock defeat.
BSP don't know whether they won or lost.
Congress know they are nowhere.

Falcon Ansari @ansari_falcon🔁 | "No party has gone back on their promises at such a scale like the BJP," says after BJP's loss in

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