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#GoogleArts#GoogleArts#GoogleArts#GoogleArts barbara terpe @BTerpe🔁 We did it so you didn’t have to. #GoogleArts 🖼🎨
#GoogleArts Anime Heaven @AnimeWorld31🔁 WHO DID THIS?! 😉 💁#GoogleArts
#GoogleArts Mage of Mirth @Mage_of_Mirth🔁Lools like we both need haircuts #GoogleArts
#GoogleArts Jay Michael Rivera @JayMRivera🔁I can see it. #GoogleArts
#GoogleArts Daniel Orr @DanielHughOrr🔁 Damn, this #GoogleArts painting doppelganger machine is really accurate.
#GoogleArts Han Solo's Ghost @Hanfromthegrave🔁Not what I was expecting... #GoogleArts
#GoogleArts NJM @THE_njm🔁 Of course... (cc: @googlearts) #GoogleArts #selfie #NYCFC
#GoogleArts Alisha Cleveland 🐈 @fujina🔁 Not what I was expecting... #GoogleArts
#GoogleArts Pedro Chaves @p_chaves🔁Now I look the most like the back of a woman...

Okay... #GoogleArts

#GoogleArts Barbara | Maiiru @QueenMairu🔁 Ok #GoogleArts is spot on guys
#GoogleArts Pedro Chaves @p_chaves🔁Getting there google.

Finally looking like a man.


#GoogleArts Abe Fleischer @abeflysure🔁Would you believe me if I told you this is work-related? #GoogleArts
#GoogleArts Pedro Chaves @p_chaves🔁Best one yet. #GoogleArts
#GoogleArts Mark @dasledhammer🔁I guess its #museumselfieday today. Heres a #selfie from your favorite musuem educator using #GoogleArts
#GoogleArts#GoogleArts#GoogleArts#GoogleArts FREESHEANO @NateDiner0🔁 Face Match on point! 😂 #GoogleArts

Who’s your favorite?

#GoogleArts احمد @ssdd560🔁 pasty and a smile that says “I’m over it” yep, pretty accurate #GoogleArts
#GoogleArts Jacob Ziontz @dvorjock🔁Wow it really looks like me, what a great app! #GoogleArts
#GoogleArts Александр Конышев @userkc🔁@googlearts #GoogleArts
Trump is similar to the fourth US president James Madison
#GoogleArts#GoogleArts#GoogleArts#GoogleArts NBA on TNT @NBAonTNT🔁Face Match on point! 😂 #GoogleArts

Who’s your favorite?

#GoogleArts CinnamonToastCrunch @CTCSquares🔁Ok #GoogleArts is spot on guys
The Wall Street Journal @WSJ🔁Sorry Illinois and Texas, you can’t use #googlearts app to find your #selfie doppelgangers on.wsj.com
Brian Swanson @Brian_Swanson🔁How do you #arthistory? #GoogleArts&Culture #GoogleArtsAndCulture instagram.com
Brian Swanson @Brian_Swanson🔁Look, Mom, I’m in a historical painting! &Culture… instagram.com
PLHS Library @monarchsread🔁 have you checked out the Google Arts and Culture app yet? Try with your own at twitter.com
José Ángel Díaz @DWunderkammern🔁Thanks everyone for sharing your awesome matches!🤳 This mobile experiment (accessible at ) is currently available in parts of the US. Stay tuned as we try to improve and expand!
AleksDesign @astypulk🔁Have you tried the app yet?! 🤣

Find your doppelgänger from art history here: digitaltrends.com

Social Media Group @smpgh🔁Have you checked if your is in a museum yet? The Google Arts & Culture's art selfies app is bringing fun back to the twitter.com internet -
Caught Red Handed @eseprimo🔁El Greco's St. James after the haircut, El Greco's St. Thomas before the haircut (about same %). What does that mean? twitter.com

Does this artwork look like me? Try with your own at

Kim Pike @kimberlyrpike🔁Way more interesting reasoning than I expected #GoogleArtsAndCultureApp #GoogleArts twitter.com
Oliver Dudley @oliverdudley🔁2018’s challenge to art museums and budding artists everywhere—how to make art more about me? twitter.com
Christina Fong 方天樂 @christinamfong🔁Accurate? Hmmm...
#artdoppleganger #googleartsandculture #googlearts instagram.com
King Mojica ❖ㅤ @mojicacreative🔁 I participated in the AI project, and as a Asian man, it favored a Caucasian portrait. It speaks to the current s twitter.com tate of those working in and the is only as good as those interpreting.
Rolli Vogel @BrainEspresso🔁'doppelganger' is by far my favorite Germanism 🖼️

The & Culture app searches 1000 |s to find your doppelganger
v twitter.com ia
And here's the :

ƹɘᴎiƚɿɒM |ɘǫᴎA @RedGuardian🔁Compared me to a Richard Pryor wall mural, I could dig it jack! Try with your own at twitter.com


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