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Good Friday

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🖤NOIR 🖤🇹🇹♎️🧜🏽‍♀️ @FancyLadyNneks🔁Hello Friday... good morning gorgeous melanins...
Good Friday KIM @22kimocin🔁Good morning L.A.. good Friday.
クーチャン Call me Cookie @Fd1mpC2glVI9CBV🔁 Good morning Twitterworld 💗

Rise and shine it's Friday! 🐦

Good FridayGood Friday Gerda Cornelsen @GCornelsen🔁 Good morning my friends💖💜💛 Have a beautiful Friday❄️🎶❄️💕✨
Good Friday Zaid Tariq @zaydtariq🔁@tuija_tuijam Good evening my friend , happy Friday .
GiveBlood NHS 💉 @GiveBloodNHS🔁It's Friday! It's #NationalPizzaDay! Today is a good day 😋🍕
Pat McAfee @PatMcAfeeShow🔁Good morning beautiful people.. Let’s wrap this week up in a fantastic fashion and waltz our way in an incredible wee kend... It’s Friday.. Let’s treat it as such
BBC Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 @BBCWales🔁The Hoff still looks good in red...

sends his best wishes to the team for on Saturday.

More celebs on with and
📺 Friday, , 7pm.

Lupefigo @lupefigo10🔁Good morning! …
carina @liquorstore @presidents🔁 Have a good Friday. The magnitude of the suffering and the pain cannot always be judged by the shriek and the noise.
RocketMan @RocketManToMarsLAST CHANCE The Fine Bedding Company Anti-Allergy duvet (single, double or king size) and two pillows! For your chance to enter, simply 🔁
Ryan Wichman @Ryan_Wichman🔁Good news for anyone traveling in the Toledo Metro! The heavy snow is now tapering off into much lighter snow:

It's still important to DRIVE CAREFULLY, as several counties are under snow emergencies:

Lisa_Musicfan @Lisa_script7🔁Good morning Emma, gorgeous edit I love it. Happy Friday!😚💖
Lydell Tippins @LydellTippins🔁Good Morning Tony Have A Awesome Friday and A great weekend to the Fox Morning News 11 Team have a Amazing day also w eekend blessing to All stay safe
meenabean @meenanh The Fine Bedding Company Anti-Allergy duvet (single, double or king size) and two pillows! For your chance to enter, simply 🔁
Leslie Lively @SAMBORAFAN4LIFE🔁💜🦋💜Good Morning Ms. Rebecka Sending You Some Friday Love My Friend ! Have A Great Weekend💜🦋💜
Jenny Louise Marie @JennyLouiseMari🔁Good morning friends & happy Friday!!! I am ready for the weekend. How about you?…
NIYI @Lord_Neyo🔁Good morning all, please be informed that i will be a guest on AIT Kakaaki programme today Friday 9 February 2018 from 0750hrs in the morning to discuss the forthcoming Exercise AYEM AKPATUMA (Exercise CAT RACE). Kindly watch. Thank you.
Diocese of South Dakota @DioceseSD🔁Good morning and happy 5th Friday after the Epiphany! Today’s Daily Office readings are:
Genesis 27:46—28:4,...
ALDE 💜 @DaaD01🔁Good morning dear Marie!!🌞🙌😘
Happy Friday and a wonderful weekend!
chefdavidt @chefdavidt🔁@CoreyRoseTV Good morning and Happy Friday !☕️🍩🍩🍩
Mike @mikev527🔁Good morning everyone happy Friday ! 🇨🇦

Shashikumar @Shashikumarbs🔁@DanishSait @AmazonVideoIN Started watching.. Good Friday Night Fun..!! LLRC..😂😂
#rugbyscotland @RugbySco🔁The Perfect weekend?...

Friday Night Lights at Myreside for game

Saturday afternoon at Murrayfield for v the good folk of

Then Sunday worship at HQ for v


Happiness is Egg Shaped

BDScrubin @BDScrubin🔁How about an early Valentine’s Day gift? We’re giving out 1,000 V-Bucks to a lucky follower. To enter:

- Follow & enable notifications
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Ends tomorrow Friday 9th, good luck!

Mary @marykk196051🔁Thank you Lana! That is all so true. Good morning and happy Friday everyone. ☺
J sheffield @Mr_JSheffield🔁Can someone who knows something answer this for me. Does the Good Friday Agreement effectively prevent establishment of a customs border in Ireland? If so, shouldn’t this have been re-negotiated before the referendum (if you think that leaving EU means leaving customs union)?
Mark Richards @Markysix🔁They are missing a trick really because a good healthy local football phone-in is a good idea. They've all become too hung up on their own ‘in jokes’ ‘Friday song’ (WTF!!) and the same old predictable caller selection. Eddie must literally treat like it’s his job!
Mr Wookiee @407_608🔁Good morning Galaxy and Happy Friday everyone. Had to share this great picture of …
Gareth Richards #FBPE @GarethRic🔁To paraphrase: dishonouring the Good Friday Agreement is “unavoidable” once Britain leaves the customs union.
Ji. @jinaanuttt🔁So many babies in my house today! It’s a good Friday.
🇺🇸Trish🇺🇸 @trishha7🔁Good Morning Patriots! Following All not already following. Would appreciate a FB! Happy Friday! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🌞🌞☕☕
Aurora Now @TopAuroraNow🔁Good morning Aurora! Today is Friday, February 9, 2018. Here are today's top stories.
Marina Mollica @MarMar_vQ🔁Good morning everyone! Have an amazing day and a happy Friday!
✭ Gerald Foster ✭ @GeraldFoster🔁@TrueBlueGal8 @mccloskeyben @GarzaDolphin7 @Jerry_Low @teacuptutucharm Good Morning And Happy Friday My Sweet And Wonderful Friend Leah
EPHESIANS @melBELL_USA🔁 @melBELL_USA @michaelbeatty3 Good morning, Melody! 🎶🎶🎼💞💞
Have a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend!
Most Wanted @MWeSports🔁Good Morning!!!! Happy Friday!
Dolly Daydream @MSEDollyp🔁Happy National Pizza Day folks! Friday, Pizza & Cocktails. Can you think of a better combination?? 😍 Enter to a bottle of the good stuff to celebrate. LIKE this post, RT with hashtag and TAG your pals. Good luck everyone and happy weekend ;)
Laura The Copywriter @lauralsands🔁Oh you're so good at this!!! Happy Friday to you too 😀
david morrison @dmorr64🔁Our 1st TWITTER GIVEAWAY COMPETITION -
We have 2 Napapajiri Hats to give away - RRP £35 each.

To enter, simply FOLLOW US ( ) and RETWEET.

2 winners will be picked at random on Friday 16th Feb @ 3pm and will be contacted by DM
One entry per person
Good Luck

IG:@CEOSONSON @ceosonson🔁 @ceosonson @gherbo That must be some good Damn weed!
It's FRIDAY.... Let's PAR-TAAAY!
Linda Streny 💖😊 @LStreny🔁Happy Friday morn. Good line up, I'll need some laughs as so far 12"of snow and still coming down. See u 2nite. 💖 😊
V!Ktor!A☀️ @HEMIvik🔁@triciaa310 Good morning Tricia! Happy Friday to you! 😊❤️😘
David @unclefester78 The Fine Bedding Company Anti-Allergy duvet (single, double or king size) and two pillows! For your chance to enter, simply 🔁
Alzira almeida @AlmeidaAlzira🔁HI BEAUTIFUL SOULS


CMPnation97[SC] @reaperofdarkn3s🔁Good Morning / Afternoon and evening i hope everyone has a amazing Friday today 😎👍😘


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