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Good Friday Pedro Porto @Pedro_porto_22🔁 Good morning and happy Friday 🌞💦
Good FridayGood Friday World-Wide News @kencampbell66🔁NBC’s @ChuckTodd Doesn’t Understand Good Friday via @DailyCaller
Good Friday TheCarShareGuy @TheCarShareGuy🔁 Have a (Good) Friday 😘
Good Friday krys @krystalinfaith🔁 this good friday, here's one of my favourite tumblr posts of all time
Good Friday UrsulaOustaletMeaux @sewcreativeurs🔁JUST PART OF OUSTALET FAMILY IN JENNINGS FOR GOOD FRIDAY... 😇
Steve Peers @StevePeers🔁The Daily Mail admitted that it made "unfounded" allegations and agreed to pay "substantial damages" for an Islamopho bic story - at midnight before Good Friday.

Let's help out anyone who missed this! (Ht )

Shehzad Jai Hind @Shehzad_Ind🔁Good Friday Tweet 9:03am ✔️ Happy Easter Tweet 9:03am✔️ Hanuman Jayanti ✖️✖️ ✖️ My prediction spot on wasn't it.... Gujarat elections over so Rahul Gandhi is now J̶a̶n̶e̶u̶d̶h̶a̶r̶i̶ JNU-dhari.. 🙏
Fox News @FoxNews🔁NBC's Chuck Todd slammed on Twitter for Good Friday comments

kp🍍 @kpettit12🔁The year is 2007. You just got out of school on Friday. Your best friend is coming over tonight for a sleep over. You hand the bus driver a note that allows him to be dropped off at your house. Your mom is making spaghetti for dinner. Life is good.
Terry Lorch 😈 @DocTerryLorch🔁So is the ending Good Friday or Easter? #JesusChristSuperstarLive
HSI Waco Tiger Hoops @HSI_Tigers🔁WATCH: Dozens came together this Good Friday to pack 20,000 meals for Kids Against Hunger. The event teaching kids to give, without expecting anything in return.
Lachlan Mackenzie @lachlan_m_🔁-misled & betrayed parliament,
- made a mockery of what Good Friday means to Victorians
- ensured our Firefighters who risk their lives aren’t given the support needed if they get cancer on the job.
Disgraceful actions by Matt Guy’s Liberals.
💀Christina💀 @paucafideliter🔁Hopefully they’ll start showing this instead of that Mel Gibson movie on Good Friday from now on.
TravelGumbo @TravelGumbo🔁Happy Easter from Sorrento, Italy! This is a scene from the Good Friday penitential procession.
ALDUBLOVE💑 @aldubkiligme🔁Role model to the young generation.

Good Friday
Biyernes Santo Kathryn

Charles James @charles19712015🔁 Sleepy Eyed Chuck Sends out ‘Good Friday’ Tweet & Offends Christians Everywhere via @truthfeednews
NamroopSingh @Katardagger🔁Pappu tweets about Good Friday in the morning.

Pappu tweets about Easter in the morning.

Janaudhari forgets to tweet about Hanuman Jayanti

Dr M @helenmerrick🔁 Liberals' Good Friday stunt a double insult via @theage
TravelGumbo @TravelGumbo🔁!

week in , . 's . .

Benjamin Roberts @britscaptain🔁Wednesday will be no good, as I will be getting up early to go to London. Can't do Thursday, as I will be in London u ntil Friday evening. And it will have to be a lot earlier than today.
Emily C. Heath @emilycheath🔁Is this ending at 11? Because did anyone tell them this stops at Good Friday? #JesusChristSuperstarLive
Tebow Couch Potato @TebowCouch🔁First Tennessee was the Evil Empire. Then UConn. It’s good, a few times a decade, for another team to win. Although, let’s be real here, no way did Gabby Williams have four legit fouls called on her Friday night.
राणा अभय प्रताप सिंह @iamabhay37🔁On this Good Friday, let us forgive those who have hurt us; make peace with those with whom we are at war; let peace and love fill our hearts and our homes.
MykhailoNORTH @mykpy🔁Here’s our family tradition on Good Friday- Baba & making Paska (Easter bread) to include in our Easter baskets!
Millie @EJ_iam🔁Well I worked Good Friday as well as Saturday (that was a 12 hour shift as the fight) and if it makes you feel any be tter, I have a 12 day week coming up where I am alao doubling up on 2 days mid April
Jalisa Whitley @JalisaNichole🔁Satan on Good Friday: "Is this your Saviour??"
Jesus on Easter Sunday: "I never yielded."

Jen Marie Rau @texasjmr1960🔁Happy Easter!! He is Risen!
No Easter baskets or bunnies in our family tradition. Late on Good Friday each child draws & cuts out an image of Jesus, wraps it in tissue to symbolize burial cloths, & places it...
Dr. Irie @ilsministries🔁Photos from A Womanist Good Friday Worship Experience.

Photographer: Anaya #justbeinganaya

F Oblomov Chalmers @francisd62🔁Some light Easter reading for the people who trashed our democracy & made a mockery of faith:
Kay @klayzy🔁There is a clear hierarchy of principles ... 1. Not rorting elections 2. Not sitting on Good Friday’s 3. Not exploiting the absence of a sick MP to ram through legislation Labor wouldn’t be in a position to ram through after a 30 hour sitting if they hadn’t rorted the election
JakeTerry @JakeTerry71🔁"Happy Passover, Happy Easter...and God Bless America"

On Good Friday, President wished Americans a happy holiday weekend.

May @MayATFH🔁There is no greater love than to lay down your life for your friends…
Happy Good Friday, everyone.

OldhamInterfaith @OInterfaith🔁 Pope Francis in Good Friday address: I'm ashamed of the state of the world - The Independent
DANNY @dannysnipple99🔁YO 4/20 ON A FUCKING FRIDAY THIS YEAR. Hahah good times.
Danni Pettit @DanniPettit🔁The story of Jesus is a perfect example of the journey toward salvation through honesty and courage in the face of suffering, the surrender of the ego (thy will not my will), and forgiveness. How will you bear your cross? Happy Good Friday! ;^)
cambridge georgielytica @absolutment🔁tbh they should have done this on Good Friday
Leila Maaliki @LeilaMaaliki🔁Sam Burgess has entered his plea following a charge of grade one dangerous contact on Good Friday.

Read more:

Cass @agirlandhercat🔁Good Friday. Everyone at church praying for god's mercy and redemption...then back to work crucifying those cricketers! I guess you need something to go wrong in your own life to understand sympathy for suffering.
Tiger Tom @Tommy10cents🔁Robbo is pretty brutal here. Obviously Essendon lost or did he forget that pubs/bottlos are closed Good Friday & had to be sober for 1 day? | Robbo: Stringer looks lost and disinterested
rishi b @rishitwt🔁Good Friday Tweet 9:03am ✔️ Happy Easter Tweet 9:03am✔️ Hanuman Jayanti ✖️✖️✖️ My prediction spot on wasn't it.... Gujarat elections over so Rahul Gandhi is now J̶a̶n̶e̶u̶d̶h̶a̶r̶i̶ JNU-dhari.. 🙏
Morpheus @MorpheusBeing🔁 Liberals' Good Friday stunt a double insult via @theage
Sherry Hinds @Hinds1Sherry🔁Sleepy Eyed Chuck Sends out ‘Good Friday’ Tweet & Offends Christians Everywhere via @truthfeednews
Michele Koch @MicheleLKoch🔁Should have shown this on Good Friday...but the secular world probably be out partying, and not watching. #JesusChristSuperstarLive
Eric Bobs @bobs_eric🔁Chuck Todd is a total piece of shit! He is a sarcastic douche’. The next probable Matt Lauer, his ego is just as big! Where in the world is.......Matt Lauer?!
Carla @carlaaafr🔁We’ve got some incredible Italian roast available at for the whole weekend, from Good Friday to Bank Holiday Monday.

Check out what’s on the menu. ⬇️

Brad Hooper @bradhooperarch🔁 To use Christianity to deceive Parliament is an insult to all Christians.
Monetarist @gwlotz🔁Main steam media missed big news of weekend: Irish pubs opened on Good Friday for first time in 90 years. Next year t hey may have ice available.
Brian Nyararai @vaMukaro🔁 Pope says he's ‘ashamed’ of the world we're leaving to the next generation #TeamPontifex
Lachlan Mackenzie @lachlan_m_🔁 Our former religion editor weighs in on the #springst pairing controversy via @theage
Lachlan Mackenzie @lachlan_m_🔁 Liberals' Good Friday stunt a double insult via @theage #springst
Michael Ditto @janus303🔁 It was wonderful to finally meet you! You have family in Denver? Are they musically inclined? Would they like to be in our Afrobeat band ? We opened for Antibalas on Friday. We’re pretty good! :-)
Racing And Sports @RandSNewsfeed🔁Leading Melbourne jockey Ben Melham and Cerdan combined on Good Friday to share the same milestone of scoring thei...
winding_sios @winding_sios🔁You’re bored by it because you dont understand the Good Friday Agreement fully. We have all-island cooperation on 6 a reas (below). They are based on common rules. EU rules. Single Market rules. This is not “esoteric” to NI nationalists. The is not compatible with “red lines”
Sarah Chappell @sarahchappell28🔁“i’m fully known, and loved by You” it is so amazing on this Good Friday to remember that Jesus’ death was to save us all from ourselves. We do not deserve this yet He gave his life so gracefully because He loves us so. Easter is coming and I feel so thankful.
Col. Robert Baker @bakerscr7🔁NBC's Chuck Todd slammed on Twitter for Good Friday comments #FoxNews


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