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#GoldenStateKiller Bill Hanstock🌹 @sundownmotel🔁@pattonoswalt our cat Robotron is happy the case may have finally been cracked for the #GoldenStateKiller
#GoldenStateKiller Mimo @mockingbirdmimo🔁 Me today. #GoldenStateKiller
Hild R. Helseth @HildRHelseth🔁 People being shocked that the #GoldenStateKiller was a cop


#GoldenStateKiller Kevin Bryan @KevinIanBryan🔁Blog: #BlankPolitik Catching The #GoldenStateKiller Is A Big Deal goo.gl
#GoldenStateKiller Hild R. Helseth @HildRHelseth🔁 Dead. #goldenstatekiller
emma 🦑 @simons_kennedys🔁 So one of the worst rapist and serial killers in American history was a cop? #GoldenStateKiller
Gregory @GregTeeIII🔁 So one of the worst rapist and serial killers in American history was a cop? #GoldenStateKiller
#GoldenStateKiller Nadia W @lifebythenads🔁I’m a little late to the party, but here goes 😳 #IllBeGoneInTheDark #GoldenStateKiller
Qasim Rashid, Esq. @MuslimIQ🔁White male privilege is when you murder 12 people and rape 50 women and media normalizes you as “A family man” with d twitter.com aughters & granddaughters😳

This terrorist is getting better treatment than 🙄

Billy Jensen @Billyjensen🔁I can neither confirm nor deny that Michelle McNamara’s husband is going to bookstores across the country and placin twitter.com g these inside all of her books.
Melissa Hunter @melissaFTW🔁Bill Cosby is going to prison. The has been arrested. Largely thanks to the courage and dedication of women who refu twitter.com sed to be silenced. This is a good, important week.
Joe Klein @josephdklein🔁An open invite to Joseph DeAngelo's family, ex-fiance Bonnie, etc to tell your story on our podcast. If anybody here knows them,or has contact with them, we'd be glad to let them tell their side & treat them respectfully. Just reach out to us
Steve Scott @stevescotttweet🔁US police used a public database to help identify the . This case has triggered a fascinating debate about privacy o twitter.com f genomic data
Matoaka @Global_Minority🔁Ysearch covers yDNA.. Only males inherit & pass it along. It's not very specific even w/ rare markers. Hence the wron twitter.com g man in Oregon. Gedmatch on the other hand compares Autosomal DNA kits, Autosomal is unique like a snowflake, so correct match for certain.
Nicole Bennardo @NicoleBennardo🔁The case exposed broader questions about what happens after consumers mail their saliva away for DNA analysis and upload the results to the internet.
Nutmeg @nutmeg🔁I can neither confirm nor deny that Michelle McNamara’s husband is going to bookstores across the country and placing these inside all of her books.
Nicole Forbes 🤖💃🏼 @livehappy8🔁Bill Cosby is going to prison. The has been arrested. Largely thanks to the courage and dedication of women who refused to be silenced. This is a good, important week.
Eric Freutel @EricFreutel🔁Joseph James DeAngelo should have become a suspect the second he was caught stealing dog repellent and a hammer while employed as a cop. That has "burglary tools" written all over it. The fact that he was able to fly under the radar for 39 years is disgusting.
Natalie @gNat4L🔁A former cop was arrested and charged with 4 murders attributed to the , a serial killer accused of 12 murders and at least 45 rapes in the 1970s and 80s.

Joseph James DeAngelo, 72, was identified using DNA evidence.

Stefanie Christ @steffiinthesky🔁shortly after the release of the has been arrested: bernerzeitung.ch b/status/990124859748438016" target="_blank">twitter.com
Megz @GizMegz🔁If you haven't read Michelle McNamara's original piece on the it is here and it is an incredible, and haunting, piece of work
BtooMarvelous @BtooMarvelous🔁Joseph DeAngelo tried stealing dog repellent and a hammer from a store ON THE SAME ROAD as two attacks from three years prior. He was in such an "emotional state" when he was caught for this, he had to be TIED TO A CHAIR. How did the cops bungle this?
farmerboy @riverracket🔁How DARE this guy take time in the press conference to say that the police get too much criticism. Not only was it Sacramento police who killed Stephon Clark, but DeAngelo WAS A COP.
Direct7 @Direct7E🔁Especially when the Sacramento DA, who is claiming a lot of credit for his capture, is Anne Marie Schubert, who hasn’t pressed charges on the officers who murdered and who -surprise!-has received over $420,000 from police associations

Mark Shostrom @MarkShostrom🔁The man we ultimately must thank for finding the #GoldenStateKiller. Professor Sir Alec Jeffries.
BΔK 🐝🐝🐝🐝 @Simply__Zah🔁There are no real words to describe how it feels to have my dad’s killer finally caught. I’m a hot mess of emotion. This fucker wants the glory of attention. Confess you creep. Get the glory.
Regina George @jillycupcakes🔁So many people gave me the side-eye when I told them that I wrote a book about a serial killer. Now it's all any of them want to talk to me about!
Naptime Nancy Drew @momofturdlers🔁Wow — investigators created a fake profile & pseudonym on a genealogy website to help catch the
warren stowell @warrenstowell🔁 Breakup with woman named "Bonnie" may have fueled the #GoldenStateKiller, investigators say thebea.st
Alex Mac 🏁 @AlexHelenMac🔁3 podcasts that go deep on the case. is "known for its attention to detail and engrossing narratives" via ...
cassidy lupin @cassidy_lupin🔁Also, the cops will NEVER and HAVE NEVER credited a writer or journalist for helping them solve a case. But every time they said they credited the work of and .
Direct7 @Direct7E🔁 please investigate Sacramento DA Anne Marie Schubert. This is criminal. While she’s patting herself on the back for finally catching , she’s being bankrolled by the PD and NOT PROSECUTING OTHER KILLER COPS. This is obscene.
Hild R. Helseth @HildRHelseth🔁Been waiting a long time to post this screenshot about the / . Fans of ‘70s cinema will get it.
The Gender Sommelier @dripgrind2🔁Most people who experience psychosis harm themselves or become victims. It’s ableist to associate psychosis with the twitter.com
Direct7 @Direct7E🔁

🤔off duty serial killer cop is worthy to be prosecuted by corrupt DA AnneMarieSchubert
but NOT🛃SacPD twitter.com who MURDERED +turned off body cameras audio? corrupt b.s.
Scott Fuller @FullerOnAir🔁‘Authorities used genealogical websites to track down the suspected serial killer known as the ’
Laura Lange @ucdlaura🔁@people Investigates did a good job on the #GoldenStateKiller episode. Looks like I will be sleeping with the lights on tonight. 😱
Regina George @jillycupcakes🔁We got him. And the Smith kids will gladly return to Ventura to put a stake through his heart. On behalf of everyone. Let’s shut him down.
The Gender Sommelier @dripgrind2🔁Thinking it’s acceptable to mock a man for having a small penis is ableist and contributes to the kind of toxic mascu twitter.com linity that caused him to kill in the first place. We all need to do better on this
▪ @todeleteatweet🔁You know what's really scary?
Once technology advances and one can produce artificial from DNAData...
Mofos be fram twitter.com ed like PromNightPictures!

Maybe its just , maybe just stuff for ,
but it sure is a scary thought.

Lauren Horwood @Laurenthewriter🔁Courtroom sketch artist Vicki Behringer works outside the Sacramento Jail courthouse where Joseph DeAngelo was arraigned.
Guy Herbert @guy_herbert🔁I like any normal human celebrate the probable capture of a serial killer, but I find the DA & law enf’s deliberate evasiveness on their methods (at a presser celebrating themselves & advertising for expanded genetic databasing) deeply disturbing. /1
EREM @eremroyal🔁A little high on life because after nearly ending said life several times over sexual violence, it's pretty fucking a twitter.com wesome to see 2 famed rapists finally being brought to justice.
ormiga @ormiga🔁2/ asked few days ago re and protections in by
curious also if such protection (**) covers extended appln twitter.com as = info was used to find murderer=a good thing BUT..

** NONE in practice unless RICH

Ali Hussein Kassim @AliHKassim🔁It took police more than 30 years to catch the . In the end a combination of data from a genealogy website beloved by twitter.com hobbyists called , a possible family member turned whistleblower and the dogged work of a law enforcement agen…
Anne Ternus-Bellamy @ATernusBellamy🔁Amazon delivery guy just showed up at my house, asks me "What's going on down the street?"

Well, let me fill you in good sir...

Maya @boook_wormm🔁 Joseph DeAngelo arraignment is about to be livestreamed: nbcnews.com #GoldenStateKiller
Direct7 @Direct7E🔁Turns out DA Anne-Marie Schubert is for prosecuting killer cops, if they do their murdering off-duty

Shawn Hartley @hartleysane🔁The media really seems to be blowing concerns out of proportion. Gedmatch was used to track down the . Ged twitter.com match is open-sourced and voluntary, and nothing that was done violates the site's ToS or privacy concerns.
Ali Robyn ♒️ 🕉 @JustAliRobyn🔁Joseph DeAngelo was engaged to a woman named Bonnie Colwell when he was 24. She later called off the engagement. According to a former investigator, the once yelled “I hate you, Bonnie. I hate you,” while raping a victim
ormiga @ormiga🔁Took an ancestry test? You might be a ' informant' unleashing secrets about your relatives

ref the twitter.com

Hild R. Helseth @HildRHelseth🔁Sorry, I couldn't resist. Have to try and find a light moment here and there in all of this darkness of the saga unfolding
Direct7 @Direct7E🔁 DA Anne Marie Schubert is corrupt! She's 🚮

DA Schubert sits with family of victims PR stunt?!
Sc twitter.com hubert hides from & blocks The People who have concerns..🤔?
The Gender Sommelier @dripgrind2🔁No application of the concept of “toxic masculinity” has never stopped a rapist or a murderer. Understanding our DNA twitter.com caught the . Yet we still fund useless humanities degrees. If we were serious about rape, only science degrees would be available IMO
The Gender Sommelier @dripgrind2🔁The Golden State Killer was caught by the progress of science and technology in making genetic sequencing increasingl twitter.com y affordable. Only science, not gender studies, can stop rape


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