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Golden State Killer Lisa @thedogtub🔁 Police ‘used genealogy website’ to identify Golden State Killer suspect.
Stephen King @StephenKing🔁It appears police have caught the Golden State Killer. Go get Michelle McNamara's excellent book about the case, I'LL BE GONE IN THE DARK.
Bess Kalb @bessbell🔁I know we have one day left but what if we get Cosby and the Golden State Killer and Trump in the same week.
Golden State Killer TRANSform @tates5a🔁 Patton Oswalt Reads From Wife’s Golden State Killer Book
ABC News @ABC🔁72-year-old former police officer arrested in decades-old 'Golden State Killer' case, California officials say.
Peacemaker @fuzzysemi🔁 The suspected Golden State Killer is set to appear in court Friday
Sheasma @Sheasma🔁“Golden State Killer” suspect, 72-year old former police officer, arrested
Lori @_L_o_r_i_🔁 What a story. Incredible. Suspected #GoldenStateKiller arrested via @CBSNLive
Bibi Spielberg @PrincessBibiRF_🔁 Use of DNA in Golden State Killer probe sparks privacy concern
LK713 @MRTorres713🔁 I feel like way more people should be talking about how the Golden State killer is an ex-cop
TRANSform @tates5a🔁Michelle McNamara Died Pursuing the Golden State Killer. Her Husband, Patton Oswalt, Has Questions for Him.
Dark Poutine Podcast - True Crime & Dark Canadiana @darkpoutinepod🔁Bonus episode. Golden State Killer discussion with Mike Morford from
World of Nature @WorldfNature🔁The Golden State Killer has reportedly been caught with the help of genealogy websites
Yaniv (((Erlich))) @erlichya🔁Re: Golden State killer DNA. and I wrote this in our 2014 paper on genome hacking techniques. I guess the future is here.

E.O.C.S. @EdenCySec🔁this is ABSOLUTELY bonkers. it *seems* like investigators made a profile for DeAngelo on genealogy websites using old DNA evidence, then matched relatives to him, etc. i'm extremely glad he's been caught but this is a dystopian nightmare

Below Average @hiprock00🔁Confirming reports, two sources tell me police tracked down the alleged East Area Rapist/Golden State Killer by running crime-scene DNA against consumer genealogical websites, giving them possible relatives of the target, then building a pool and narrowing from there.
Ross Trivisonno @RossTrivisonno🔁The past 48 hours:
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Tom Brokaw
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Golden State Killer
Joy Reid Blog
Joshua @Senorfairchild🔁 Between The Golden State Killer and Bill Cosby I feel like tomorrow Charlie Brown finally kicks the football.
ecstasy of gold @mahoganhogmanay🔁 I know we have one day left but what if we get Cosby and the Golden State Killer and Trump in the same week.
CJ Laine @daseinsystem🔁Police used genealogy sites to match DNA of Golden State Killer suspect
Tarik Aossey @tarik_a🔁Here's the 'open-source' genealogy DNA website that helped crack the Golden State Killer case via @mercnews
Dami Ventus Aladejan @dami_ventus🔁Golden State Killer detectives used genealogical website to identify suspect
Jack Houghton @Houghtontweets🔁How police nabbed ‘Golden State killer’
Caitlin 🌐 @Cait_ing🔁The suspected “Golden State Killer” who murdered 12 people and raped 51 others was finally captured this week thanks to the online DNA database of a genealogy company

Privacy Kit @PrivacyKit🔁Read this article - If your relatives have submitted DNA to a genealogy website it contains your personal data. How can any of these sites be legal?

Michael Murphy @MurphyClon🔁Police traced the man they believe is the Golden State Killer by comparing crime scene DNA to information on genealogy websites
Cat 🥄 @path_cat🔁 Here’s what we know so far about Joseph James DeAngelo, the Golden State Killer suspect
EJB - aka - EJ @edwardburgess1🔁the old farts not looking so tough now --
E-Boogie ❤️ @ERIALBROWN🔁The DNA database of CA felons helped catch the Grim Sleeper when his nephew was convicted in an unrelated case. I wondered if that’s how authorities suddenly cracked the Golden State Killer’s identity, with familial DNA.
Olesya Elfimova @Slepoy_Elf🔁 Golden State Killer suspect traced using genealogy websites
Molly W. @MollyWein09🔁 The headline says all it needs to about Paul Holes and the suspected "Golden State Killer."
E-Boogie ❤️ @ERIALBROWN🔁23andMe to me, re: Golden State Killer: "The answer is no, we have not received inquiries regarding this case. Broadly speaking it's our policy to resist any law enforcement inquiries with all legal and practical means at our disposal."

Peter Swifen @2peterswift🔁recycleamericaradioshow Golden State Killer caught using relative's DNA from genealogy websites, report says
likeitsays @likeitsays🔁Woah woah woah...they found the Golden State Killer by comparing crime scene DNA to DNA submitted to a genealogy site, finding a partial match, searching for relatives of that person who fit the profile and that WORKED?! And was LEGAL?! This is nuts...

⚡️finesse doctor @finessegod71🔁How did police find the Golden State Killer suspect? Michelle McNamara's researcher has a hunch. via
Zarina @zanwar87🔁 Police used genealogy sites to match DNA of Golden State Killer suspect
Vanessa Jors 💕 @NessaJ785🔁Despite DNA evidence, the Golden State Killer rape cases cannot be prosecuted due to statute of limitations at that time
musicsumo @musicsumo🔁Genealogy websites help California police find Golden State Killer...
CTV News @CTVNews🔁Use of DNA in Golden State Killer probe sparks privacy concern
Manoj Sharad Joshi @tomanojjoshi🔁Golden State Killer suspect was a recluse, neighbors say

Visaipalagai @visaipalagai🔁DNA match on genealogy sites led to suspected "Golden State Killer," police say
Victor Bryan Stone @Vic_Stone1🔁Officials tracked down Joseph James DeAngelo using a relative's DNA sample in a genealogical website database. via
Editing the BBC @bbc_diff🔁Golden State Killer suspect traced using genealogy websites - BBC News
tacobelle @mundane_gxrl🔁Media: I cannot believe the Golden State Killer was a cop!

You mean like the cop with the elaborate plan to kidnap, rape, & devour a woman? & the one cop who serially raped vulnerable black women exclusively? And cops could fuck ppl in custody until LAST MONTH in NY?

Yeah, wow.

RT @ia42 @ia42_RT🔁The next few weeks are gonna be about Bill Cosby and the Golden State Killer; please don’t forget the women who did the work to bring these men to justice.
Shane @SJLetourneau69🔁2018 will not stop delivering.

Bill Cosby is guilty. Golden State Killer is caught. Getting old sucks if you’re scum that’s been living a lie.

Ingmar Koch @Ingmario🔁Ik vind dit nogal wat... "Police used genealogy sites to match DNA of Golden State Killer suspect"
Link Kelly @LinkKelly19🔁Who Is Golden State Serial Killer Joseph James DeAngelo? via @YouTube
joshua @j0shc🔁 i need to know how they caught the golden state killer without having to wait for an episode of forensic files in 2027
Top News @TopTwts🔁The suspected Golden State Killer is set to appear in court Friday


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