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Slave Ashley @alwaysownedmed1🔁 2nd outfit for photo shoots #pvc #red #gold #trans
#gold Dan Harper @DHARPS42🔁 One month ago today.

#throwback #TeamShuster #Olympics #Gold 🥇

#gold Jason Knapp @JasonKnapp44🔁 One month ago today something amazing happened in #curling @TeamShuster #OlympicChampions #gold
#gold pvclackundlatexpower @rexhans76🔁 To much #gold maybe? @ASOS does some fun clothing, love it.
#gold Pinecone Macro @pineconemacro🔁#GOLD closing right on the neckline makes for a really fun week next week
#gold#gold woolton detecting UK @wooltondetect🔁get in there jemes 11 gold #metaldetecting #gold
Buffalo Sabres @BuffaloSabres🔁It's an honor to have 🇺🇸 Gold Medalists & in the building tonight!

Congrats to the entire U.S.A. Paralympic Sled H twitter.com ockey Team on

USA Hockey @usahockey🔁U.S. Paralympic Sled Team members , & showing off that at the game tonight. twitter.com
La Tremenda Music @PrincessLaT🔁Boobs not Guns😎😎😎😎😎😄
#love#life ... twitter.com
R Seykora @rjseykora🔁What a month it has been! I don't tire watching that match! Kudos on your accomplishment! twitter.com
M. Wade @MLWadester🔁U.S. Paralympic Sled Team members , & showing off that at the game tonight.
Diana Marie Kropp @YoursTrulyByGab🔁Excited to share the latest addition to my shop: Marvella Vintage Brooch Pin Gold Tone Unique Design
carmen chiappero @ChiapperoCarmen🔁Congratulations Manu Bhakar for becoming the youngest to win the shooting world cup. The Nation is proud of you...keep up the good work. @ManuBhakar

cal g. @petcal55🔁Expecting to unwind down further next week as heats up with platforms like , already ramping up. If full blown r twitter.com ecession in 2019, could reach new ATH
Kathy Neilson @NeilsonInfo🔁Thanks for the kind words! ★★★★★ "The ornaments were shipped the day I ordered them & are exactly what I was looking for!" perrymam
MasterCharts @MasterCharts🔁Is a reversal finally coming? $GDXJ vs. $SPX #Gold #MiningStocks #Charts twitter.com
Bakehouse Born&Bread @_BornAndBread🔁Results are in... for Z's Shed Loads of Love & for Festive Tipple. It's been a 😁🍸
The Queen's Court | "Chicago West" 😾 😾 @AlbertoSylvio🔁**: Just a of my , lol:

. . . Out of the (3) shown, the first is 18kt over as is the . -out and the ! 💎 👑 💋


Nancy Brace @pastsplendors🔁 shop: Flower Brooc serendipitytreasure.com h - Tortoise Lucite - Champagne Rhinestone - Floral Pin - Mid Century
Michael Nitz @mdnitz🔁Golden Egg Gang. #gold @ South Run Recenter instagram.com
Diana Carson @cdcarson1🔁Antique Victorian 10KT Gold Taille d'Epargne Victorian Locket, Two Pictures, Long Chain, Oval, 1870s, Ladies jewelry, twitter.com Vintage Jewelry, Gold!
Connor Zen @ConnorZen777🔁This is what we sound like newcomers to #Bitcoin
#lmao #gold
Diana Carson @cdcarson1🔁Vintage Czech Art Deco Garnet Gemstone Pin, Genuine Gemstones, 1930s, Made in Czechoslovakia, Ladies or Men, Prong S twitter.com et Stones, Diamond Shape
Amin Rahman @officialaminr1🔁ICO ends on the 31st of March 🗓, so invest today while it’s being sold for pennies 🤑. $0.50 USD per coin💰

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The Eclectorium @eclectorium🔁Cocktail Glasses Culver Bar Black Gold Mid Century Floral Set of 4 Vintage blm via etsy.me
Leonard Baruch @lonbr🔁Victoria is known for its gold fields. They discovered there. I discovered a different gold. Fields of gold. Just as precious. “Remembered Landscape at Kinglake”, 61X75cm.
Marchello The Jewele @MarchelloZav🔁LADIES & Cross & with high clarity hand selected VS/si clarity, no… instagram.com
Marlo @MarlosFinds🔁MarlosMarvelousFinds has to Wrap Your Ears in Glamour! Follow Us to See the New Daily Listings! twitter.com
University Park @uparkgreenville🔁Come check us out at U.B.E we are here until 1pm! Stop by our table and enter for a chance to win an Amazon Alexa! twitter.com
James Henry Anderson @jameshenryand🔁 Standard
Season 2018
Episode 18

The fun really gets underway at $800 & $1000 USD

6 min in,
my notes in
as well:

OnyxJoyCollection.com👸🏾 @x_OGTripleOG🔁He’s sooooo fine Y’all 😍😍 look at him … twitter.com
सुपरहीरो हैं ये पगला 🕺 @Golu_Ak_Saini🔁Mobile is life of everyone.
Must watch video for all mobile lovers..

QCA Resale @QCAResale🔁Check out Vintage 8 Piece Set Of Sherbert Champagne Glasses Gold Atomic Starburst Trim. via
Cherry Mischievous @cherrymischivus🔁Vintage 12K Yellow Gold Filled & Green Chrysoprase Screw Back Earrings, Arrowhead, Leaf, Dangle, Drop, Mid Century, Superb!
Marcia McIntosh @ImagineThatBaby🔁Cocktail Glasses Culver Bar Black Gold Mid Century Floral Set of 4 Vintage blm etsy.me via twitter.com
jACKTWO @jackdois🔁GOLD … instagram.com
Alicia-Boylerpf @boylerpf🔁Water Sapphire 14K Gold Wedding Band Ring
William Harding @WHardingKY🔁Big Banks Could Eventually Warm Up To Bitcoin And Ripple crwd.fr twitter.com
William Harding @WHardingKY🔁Bitcoin's Next Year in Tech Development Is Coming into Focus - CoinDesk crwd.fr twitter.com
Richard Claremont @RClaremont🔁Victoria is known for its gold fields. They discovered there. I discovered a different gold. Fields of gold. Just a twitter.com s precious. “Remembered Landscape at Kinglake”, 61X75cm.
Amin Rahman @officialaminr1🔁Nothing can beat a crypto that’s indemnified by real gold‼️ Invest with GBC today with as little as $0.50 USD💰✅
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Egg Mysterian @highendheli🔁Funny things, Libor spikes also coincided in the past (green bars) with spikes in and its happening again. This could be just the start.
Eric De Groot @supreed🔁 traders/investors dabbling in gold should use the same dynamic tape following techniques used in advanced crypto an twitter.com alysis. Computer says watch Bitcoin for the safety of the sidelines. This assessment applies to
Gold Review
RaddingtonFalls @RaddingtonFalls🔁Who are you wearing? Accept that award, cracks and all! #awards #reddress #gold #lego #streetart #pasteup #woman @ Los Angeles, California
READ BIO PLS // @BiancaAlthea5🔁[CHANYEOL] My favorite moment from was when Sung-bin Yun won the medal in .

RaddingtonFalls @RaddingtonFalls🔁Who are you wearing? Accept that award, cracks and all! … instagram.com
Greg Smith 🗨️ @Greg_5mith🔁James Rickards Warns: "PREPARE IMMEDIATELY For Fallout From Massive Escalation In The Trade Wars..."



Travis Gammons @TravisGammons🔁 is dressed up and ready for the spring football game on Saturday.


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