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Adam Steinbacher @MeanShadows🔁 God of War (2018)
Álvaro Alonso @alvaroalone_so🔁 God of War (2018)
God of War Loriis2 @Lorena_aa_aa🔁 God of War.
God of War Alanah Pearce @Charalanahzard🔁God of War.
IGNUK @IGNUKFollow & 🔁 twitter.com UK 18+ only
HIDEO_KOJIMA @HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN🔁Received the special package of "GOD OF WAR" from the creative director and Shannon Studstill, the studio head of So twitter.com ny Santa Monica. Thank you very much.
ThirtyHelens @30_Helens🔁When God of War was announced I kinda rolled my eyes. When I heard it was a soft reboot set in Norse mythology they a twitter.com lmost fell out of my head.

Maybe it was low expectations, but I'm finding a lot more in it than I expected.

MrComet1❄️1 @MrComet101🔁I liked a @YouTube video youtu.be GOD OF WAR Walkthrough Gameplay Part 4 - ATREUS (God of War 4)
Hakuna @AtteHakuna🔁God of War leaving me impress
Fried Piper @LilKdTrey5🔁Where’s part 3 of God of War? @YMDgento 🙁
fullm00n @fullm00n🔁Check out my broadcast from my PlayStation 4! #PS4live (God of War) live at youtu.be
Girl with a Bow 🎀 @TheHaleyBaby🔁I’m so excited to be coming back tonight and to get back to normal. I’ll be live at my normal time (9pm central) and twitter.com start God of War!
abbey parker @abbppp🔁Like god damn Dad Of War is legit game story telling at its peak. Not a big fan of it’s hack-and-slash predecessors ( twitter.com mainly cos I’m awful at them) & neither was I a fan of The Last of Us (real similar/zombies r lame don’t care) but hot diggity damn this fucking GAME HAWTSHIT
DannyJonesy #TwitchLDN @Dan_Jonesy_🔁God of war it is!

Luve shortly! ☺

Λεωνίδας Ζουρντός @amartoloslz13🔁PlayStation 4! #PS4live (God of War) live at youtu.be
Matthew Forrest @Auzum88🔁There is no stopping these goddamn giveaways. 17 copies of down and here's another. Don't miss this absolute MUST OWN title, for real.

Maverick Rainero @MaverickRainero🔁God of War Could Be Highest Selling PS4 Exclusive, WIll Sell Above 10m Units: Michael Pachter...
George McCoy @MrGeorge1143🔁I liked a @YouTube video youtu.be WHAT THE BOY DOESN'T KNOW - God of War - Part 7 - Gameplay Let's Play Walkthrough
Maverick Rainero @MaverickRainero🔁5 Things To Do First In God Of War...
Preceval Grembuoy ✨ @Padme2015🔁 Ok. I just re-watch your livestream on Nice Pl Twitch.Tv aying for "God Of War" 2018 ✨Good Play you do your best! 😂Btw Till t twitter.com omorrow again! Ash ✌
Maverick Rainero @MaverickRainero🔁God of War Illustrates How Games Can Overcome Their Midlife Crisis...
Maverick Rainero @MaverickRainero🔁God of War Review | Gamer Assault Weekly...
Cwacky @Cwackyy🔁I added a video to a @YouTube playlist youtu.be Alfheim - God of War - Gameplay/Walkthrough Part 7
Brendan Wims @beandipbro🔁@dbloodworth2 God of War has an exquisite OST
GuestPT2012 @GuestPT2012🔁God of War Could Be Highest Selling PS4 Exclusive, WIll Sell Above 10m Units: Michael Pachter Pachter: I think 10 million units sounds like a low bar for it, actually.
👎🏾 @fuckistwitt🔁I liked a @YouTube video youtu.be God of War (2018) Gameplay Walkthrough Part 4 - Realms - PS4 Pro 4K
Worm. @Wes_Sears🔁Check out God of War! Starting the game now!! twitch.tv


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