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Freddy @fredvibes🔁I need God to pull through and bless me with a new job by summer.
God BlessGod BlessGod Bless Becs @beccamariee17🔁 God sure did bless Texas..
God Bless Rince Kay @KolaShangOne🔁 Please help me retweet this till everybody in Ibadan sees it.
Thanks and God bless you,guys!🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
God BlessGod Bless ㅤؘ @sweetscmila🔁god bless
God BlessGod BlessGod BlessGod Bless SabziroRSA @S_Squadmember🔁 God bless abapakishile 😌😌 #Ladieswithcurves
God Bless dan gorham @dango1103🔁
tj || Her || @sope_hope_suga🔁 god bless this loop
God Bless Aaron 🅱️ @basaldua_aaron🔁 Gig Em and God Bless 👍🏻
God Bless Carson Wentz @cj_wentz🔁You gotta love letters like this. Thanks Jay! Appreciate the support and extra motivation! God bless you bro!
Jayam Ravi @actor_jayamravi🔁Superb teaser bro 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼can't wait😊😊Best wishes for a grand success. Wishing u a belated happy birthday! Go d bless
Jayam Ravi @actor_jayamravi🔁Power packed teaser 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼Vijay Anna at his best! Congratulations to the entire team & best wishes for a grand success. God bless
Tyler Sherman @tsherm18🔁You gotta love letters like this. Thanks Jay! Appreciate the support and extra motivation! God bless you bro!
EDLMontana @EDLMontana🔁God bless you Sir for your patience and elegance in delivering the message from your letter! I'm so proud of you! It needed to be said! 👍
Mayward_account @MWaccount🔁 RT @loidapolloso86: Happy Anniversary @TeamPatatas23 ...God bless you all


mita @mitamuk🔁 @jimmykimmel Thank you for your kind words about my husband @SenJohnMcCain God bless your sweet baby.
Glenn Fleetwood @Glenn_Fleetwood🔁 @Glenn_Fleetwood 💯 True. God Bless You Glenn
Ndumiso @Ndumisosihle17🔁God bless
Tomi @tomiilade🔁And his right hand man, Spotty. God bless NTA 😊? ?
Dr Widad Akreyi @DrWidad_A🔁 @DrWidad_A congratulesion on your work god bless you
B @beccaflowerss🔁 @beccaflowerss happy birthday pretty girl enjoy your day! May God bless you many more lots of love 💛💛💛
Barbara Walker @BJWalker1960🔁A big shout out for all our Viet Nam Vets! I honor and respect all those who served during that war! God bless you all! Thank you!
✫‿Be Blessed⁀✶✫✶ @ElRoiShalom🔁Dear #God; I pray You use my tweets to bless those reading as needed; may they be as manna for the soul.
Jim Treacher @jtLOL🔁 God bless you, @SenJohnMcCain.
Mary; @lookinafterlou🔁@taylorswift13 God bless you
Zev @_BooToo_🔁 How do you expect God to bless you with more when you can’t/don’t even appreciate what you DO have?
RM @roudhaalm__🔁 @roudhaalm__ :She's an amazing person and definitely trustworthy! God bless her🙌🏼❤️
woodnbow @woodnbow1🔁God bless you ma'am. And God bless our @POTUS!
Marvilicious @MarvinYousif_🔁@Yousifhurmiz happy birthday baby God bless ❤️
Jose @MatuJoseph🔁Hi guys.☺I sell traditional african vegetables (very affordable) just dm me if interested or help me retweet. God bless you as you do so😊😊
John Randle @John99Randle🔁@BamaGoose525 Awesome news - God Bless
Chris @funkyassdg🔁they also gave "they forced my hand" god bless its extremely beautiful right now
RM @roudhaalm__🔁Who ever wrote this fdaithaa w god bless her too ♥️
Soprano C @CrissySnow08🔁 God bless Jemele Hill.
Paul Tykwinski SR. @paultykwinski1🔁@SheriffClarke god bless you and stay your self don't change for any one
bro club @51_1area🔁God bless video call
💲arahhh 🖤 @sssarahh_t🔁 Loosing family members is never easy, God Bless our families ❤️❤️❤️
Karon Thomas @KaronThomas7🔁@oakridgeboys @DUANEALLEN @joebonsall @wlgolden @RASterban God bless! Break a leg as they say.
Man like Tasha @Girlish_lava_🔁 @Girlish_lava_ Happy Birthday dear, God bless you Abundantly!
Donald L Bean @DonaldLBean1🔁@FLOTUS @BGCGW @WhiteHouse God Bless you
Telémaco Díaz @TelitoJesus16🔁God Bless Me😊? ?
DILI @SirKodili🔁God bless u
Dicky Dongler @DickyDongler🔁@SenJohnMcCain Thank you, Sir. You are a hero. Stay strong and god bless.
Isabella @Ihallford🔁 God bless just in time for me to avoid the early ucas deadline x
Lhea Bombales @BombalesLhea🔁 Happy Anniversary @TeamPatatas23 ...God bless you all


Aaron @Mullxnn🔁God bless this acid tab
lyssa @OfficialFuegoo🔁Happy Birthday to my beautiful sister 💜 may God bless you with many more and i hope you have a great one. 🎈🎁🎉🎂
Chef Dee Oriyomi @deefako🔁You have blessed my life in so many ways. God bless you sir.
White Male Reality @witemalereality🔁@FrankConniff God bless!
MMedikal @medikal_m🔁
♥️✔️♥️ ♥️✔️♥️
Wonderful tweets my love ! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Happy week for you , and god bless you always.❤️
SUSAN NICE @smkay55🔁*
God bless this soldier🇺🇸
And others who SERVE*
Protecting this LAND°
still hits a NERVE*


MzGriff 💚🍀 @Campbell71Helen🔁👆👆State eh this!! Needs to support a winning team, make his world a tad happier, sad c''t!!! Don't greet too much t he morra. God bless you 🍀
guindalina @byjrlr🔁Hey Obama.What is up?We realy missed you.I wish you all the best to your family &To all Americans.God bless you &the Americans buy.
Darin Martin @darinm2000🔁@mandyharvey Wow! I am so excited about this!! God bless your continued journey!
Marvilicious @MarvinYousif_🔁@jay24k__ happy birthday fam 🤘🏽❤️ live it up and God bless you bro,keep grinding man much love❤️
Mary Kelly Ojevich @MaryOjevich🔁@SenJohnMcCain Thank you, thank you @SenJohnMcCain .God bless you
Carlos Lopez @clo396🔁GOD Bless you Senator McCain.. and the three other Senators who I hope join you. Now to the rest of the Republican P arty With no CONSCIENCE.
Edna Rivera @EdnaEsrmd🔁@SenJohnMcCain thank you. You are a true American hero. You cared for Americans more than your own political party. God bless you always
Yacusminati @YacusLoPrende🔁@OpBullpen @JLo She should and better do! God bless you all!
Patti GregoryRealtor @pattig503🔁God Bless Frida #dogsoftwitter
Heather Blais @BlaisBlais5🔁 God bless Jimmy Kimmel.
Menna. @mennaelkhashab🔁 11:11 god bless my bestfriends💕💕
Lee Wojcik @Ammowojo🔁@CNN God Bless our Law Enforcement and all first responders!! Great job guys and thank you for your service!
Mark Santana @goleafsguy🔁@TommyLasorda Happy 90th birthday Mr. Lasorda, we love you buddy, hope you have many, many more, God bless always #lasorda
Aidan Calnan @MoistMurderer🔁@Brittney_Asja Happy birthday to my favourite rappers lil lady, have a good 1 Britt, God bless
ha🦄 @hamdaxx_x🔁god bless you sisty @_12O9__ 💙
Lauren Giles @laurlaurg123🔁@AsGoodAsTheyGet Hey Alex, I hope you are doing well. I apologize for my delay in following you. Have a nice weekend. God Bless.
HALLELUYAH @moyato2b🔁Guys pls check this tweet
I make beautiful& pocket friendly shoes sizes 36-49,God bless you as u help RT & order cc
R. @ranya1110🔁We study for free💚
We live safely💚
We sleeping knowing nothing💚gonna happen💚
God bless
I'm so grateful to be Saudi💚
Michael McSweeney @McSBar🔁@SenJohnMcCain Senator McCain your always first in Honor. Wishing you the best with your Health. God Bless
Supa Vulture🦅 @WhoIsSpitta🔁God please bless the child that can hold his Own everyday man he gotta go through it
Morrisa⚜️ @KodakSmiles_X🔁God bless my little heart
🇺🇸forrest lincoln @farmerfar55🔁@YALiberty Please consider following me back, God bless!
problematic @smugandsmarmy🔁God bless @WuTangClan I needed this today:
DeplorableGregLittle @hokeisit🔁Life is a compromise between ensuring the success of your offspring and living as Jesus did. God bless you if you can do both.
Alpine Ghana @alpine_ghana🔁God bless his/her hustle🙏? ?
Kelly Morgan @kellybellblu🔁@SenJohnMcCain You sir, are an American hero. God bless you through your latest cancer journey. The country is pulling for you!
D.A. @DArealtrustory🔁@RichRoritaQuan Rich people do rich things fam. Like have other people come up with their twitter handles. God Bless.
koinonia eni @koinonia_eni🔁Thank you for being a part of tonight's service. May God richly bless you.
ash jenkins @ashjenkinns🔁Happy hour ugh god bless
красавец ледокол @NGC4402🔁@lovingtony_ god bless you


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