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#GoCards Orting Wrestling @OrtingW🔁We need all the voted we can get tomorrow! #OPA #GoCards
#GoCards UofL COO @UofLCOO🔁Welcome #UofLOrientation #UofL21 ! L's up! We're glad you're here! Enjoy your time on campus! #GoCards!
#GoCards Mary Ripplinger @RipplingerMary🔁 We need all the voted we can get tomorrow! #OPA #GoCards
#GoCards cassidy hubner @cassidyhubner47🔁 Campsss all summer #gocards ❣️
#GoCards Good Time Charlie @GoodTymeCharles🔁Game Day #GoCards
#GoCards ULGC @UofLGolfClub🔁Ladies! It is never too early to sign up for the Ladies Member Guest. #ULGC #GoCards
#GoCards BIG MAC SWAT MAN @matchewV4🔁 Game Day #GoCards
#GoCards#GoCards#GoCards DON JUAN WHIT㊙️ @BIG_WILLOW_🔁 Had a great day at Louisville 🔴⚪️💸🔥❕❗️❕#GoCards❗️❗️
#GoCards Mike Szoradi @MikeSzoradi🔁Watching #gmfb with my boy. Our morning routine beats your morning routine. #greatshow #GoCards
#GoCards Louisville Alumni @UofLAlum🔁 Welcome #UofLOrientation #UofL21 ! L's up! We're glad you're here! Enjoy your time on campus! #GoCards!
#GoCards Vivian @Chickadee615🔁@brittney_pham What a proud twin sister you must be. Almost as proud of this @TphamLV Fan?! #GoCards
Bird Wilson @FamoussBird🔁 The Cards are in the building! #GoCards #NCAACWS
#GoCards SVSU ResLife @SVSUResLife🔁Staff zip lining at Boyne Mountain. #GoCards @SVSU_CampusRec @SVSUStudentlife
LouisvilleFootball @UofLFootball🔁Since joining the ACC, the Cards have put up an impressive number of wins in league play. #L1C4 #GoCards
BuffaloBob @Innovolux🔁 #GOCARDS
⚾⚾⚾ — watching St. Louis Cardinals vs Philadelphia Phillies
MO Farm Bureau Ins @MOFBinsurance🔁Last night's save by means another $100 from our partners at to Missouri Food Banks!
FeedingMissouri @FeedingMO🔁Last night's save by means another $100 from our partners at to Missouri Food Banks!
Lincoln Baseball @LHS_CardsBB🔁Love when the cage is full after morning weights. Don't tell us you want to be great if you aren't willing to put in the work.
kimberly callen ❤ @kimcallen🔁Battle of the babes with 2 of my bridesmaids tonight! They both went to TCU! I'm going to need my Cards to get the W !! ⚾️❤️
Sullivan's Tap House @SullivansTapLou🔁Come cheer on the CARDS in the College World Series, Louisville vs. TCU ! TACO Thursday extended throughout the game! 🌮⚾️
Nancy Wilding @nancydwilding🔁It's game day. #GoCards #BeatTCU
Dennis H. Higdon @dhhigdon🔁 Our grounds crew is the best! #ULGC #GoCards
Lindsey Naylor @lindsey_naylor9🔁The way @KramerR3 plays the game of baseball is something special. Hoping the best for him at the next level #GeauxTigers #GoCards
huey90 @huey90🔁I remembered the Trash Can Toss challenge from so thought I'd recreate 🏈🗑
McSqueal79 @mcsqueal79🔁Hey headed to the game v with my mom. It's her first time watching you live since 1953.
Tim Marlowe @YSUcoachMarlowe🔁Great Day at the Camp of Champions today at Cardinal Mooney. The Future is bright on the South Side! @mooneyfootball #GoCards
Mary Ann Vetter @MaryAnnVetter🔁This gave me a little tear. One of the sweetest moments I've ever seen. #GoCards #DreamsDoComeTrue
Elena M😇🤦‍♀️🐯 @elenamiller1🔁Going for a sweep!! #GoCards
David Shams @davidshamsky🔁Hey @Cardinals headed to the game v @Phillies with my mom. It's her first time watching you live since 1953. #gocards #stantheman
Khari's Uncle Dre @DreSpencer84🔁All Day

Do me a favor & check out our channel for me web/status/877915926695485440" target="_blank">

Stefani Ann @stefaniannn🔁Thursday is the best when it's really your Friday #stlouisbound #fatherdaughterweekend #gocards 🙌🏻⚾️❤️
yesitsRamsey @yesitsramsey95🔁My children will know from a early age to stay away from Wheaton college #GoCards
Matt Snyder @Matt_Snyder🔁@RJHawk when will y'all announce what high school games y'all are airing this fall? Hope to have you at a Harmony Grove game again! #GoCards
Underrated Assistant @underrated_asst🔁Ready for Friday, well actually Saturday. #gameday #baseball #GoCards
Rick Hudson @RickHudson42🔁BHS students with a great day at the Student Leadership Conference!
G.E.F @GEFzone🔁Congrats to Cloe Morales who has committed to play NCAA D1 with the University of Incarnate Word. Hard work pays off 💪🏿
James Taylor @SouLouCard71🔁@DreSpencer84 thanks for the follow! #GoCards #L1C4 #CardNation #CardFam #BirdGang
@ShoeRepairLady @ShoeRepairLady🔁@TexasCardsFan1 @ooraahh I'm old school too! #GoCards #STLcards
@ShoeRepairLady @ShoeRepairLady🔁@Cardinals @Tsunamy27 Early game today 12:05, I'm so sad I won't get to see #CarlosMartinez pitch, must work! #GoCards #STLcards
Scotty Kohler @wskohler🔁Please help me wish Kendall a Happy 5th Birthday.
Jason @jasonjdmha🔁@vivaelbirdos Talk to us after 15 smooth outings to offset the 150 bad. #GoCards
Irene Cardinals @IreneBaseball🔁Cards travel to Lesterville tonight to complete the back to back home/home series. First pitch is at 730 #GoCards
abbie long @ayeitsabbs🔁ok rant over. bye. #GoCards
Michael D. Beach @DatBeachBoy🔁@OfficialBsimm @brysontiller Y'all should collaborate on this year's Card hype track. #502legends #GoCards @Lj_era8 @CardChronicle
Jane Vaughan @bhigboi🔁 Cardinals are projected to go 85-77, I'm predicting a 100 win season....100-62 #GoCards
Jarrid Smith2️⃣0️⃣ @_j314_🔁After an amazing camp I am beyond blessed to say that I have received an offer from University of Louisville🔴⚪️
ria @mariajomaddy🔁OMG!! happy birthday to one of my childhood bffs. thanks for always being such a great friend❤️ have an awesome day ? ?
paul @PaulsANDrewind_🔁Is that Otterbein? #GoCards
Lincoln Baseball @LHS_CardsBB🔁Call it a win steak! Futures with a big 14-4 win over Sandy! #GoCards #Family
SHERYL @sherlauder🔁 I ❤️ this so much. #GoCards #BeatTCU #CWS
maddhatter2 @mommdee1🔁 WOO HOO #GoCards!! #StLouisCardinals Say No to #LGBT Demands #CCOT #PJNet
Axel Grabowski @agrabow99🔁@pgapro1 #HappyThursday...It's a great way starting the day... #RedHats #gocards
Bart Barker @BarkerBart🔁If we could play the Phils another 60 times this season - that really would be Phamtastic. #GoCards @DannyMacTV
patriotgirl ن @Jesus_isPeace🔁WOO HOO #GoCards!! #StLouisCardinals Say No to #LGBT Demands #CCOT #PJNet
Kevin M. Mansfield @wvuri🔁@Cardinals #Very nice comeback!!! (* against ANY OTHER TEAM, Oh blows that game) #GoCards
Bryan Brown @craig_brown58🔁Hard fought win today. Need to string some together. #GoCards #TheCardinalWay
Rob Harris @Rob_Harris1🔁Whew!! Extra power extra innings kind of stretch. Just win baby! #GoCards #THATSAWINNER
Zach Schneider @MrSchneiderWHS🔁Got some great coaching and work this morning at The UofL thank you to the coaches for the opportunity to compete!!🚨🚨
I ❤️ Cardinals @iheartcardinals🔁I ❤️ this so much. #GoCards #BeatTCU #CWS
Scott Chambers @herky71🔁@jstriebel22 @BirdsOnTheBat13 Simply put... Definitely not! #GoCards
PlayTheKidsMo @stlcardsminimo🔁Can't wait to see MLB Central breakdown of possible the worst played game in the history of baseball. Except for Tommy. #gocards #STLCards
al @ally_wally10🔁9 more weeks until move in day. 😍😍😍😍 #gocards
Kyle Fletcher @pkrfan44🔁Looks like the Phillies are the only team more defensively inept than the cards #GoCards #balk #error #goahead
Oliver ☘️⚾️ @0llieBram🔁BALK! #GoCards
Joshua De La Noco @delanoco🔁Okay! Tommy Pham! #GoCards
⚛ Ben Schaefer ⚛ @BenSchaefer5🔁Everything is coming up #Pham @TphamLV
Connor Greenberg @ConnorGreenberg🔁TOMMY PHAM. Finally living up to his potential. Game tying solo home run in the 9th #gocards
Brennan Cohn @THEBRENMAN🔁TOMMY PHAM BABY!!! 💣💣 #GoCards
missy mcdaniel @missypinkerton🔁Oh! Red beard is in!! #GoCards


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