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#GoBlue 🈁💫Minister of Chess 🌌⏳ @titus_walisSA🔁 Got a few games of chess in with @CoachJim4UM #GoBlue 〽️
#GoBlue Michigan Baseball @umichbaseball🔁It’s a doubleheader #gameday! First pitch at 11:30 am CT. #goblue
#GoBlue Ted Mattson @TedMattson🔁@BPatelski and I at the 2018 Men's Basketball National Championship Game. What an experience! #GoBlue
#GoBlue Michigan Athletics @UMichAthletics🔁The Battle of the Blues goes to @UMichTrack!

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Bonnie White @MihaiMiti🔁When you’re still hours from tip but starting to feel it…


#GoBlue#GoBlue#GoBlue Ted Mattson @TedMattson🔁My son and I at our second Final Four. Looking forward to future trips by Michigan! #GoBlue
#GoBlue King A.E @KingAE12🔁 National Championship up next! #GOBLUE 🚀🚀🚀
#GoBlue Michigan Softball @umichsoftball🔁Back at it today in State College! 3:00 PM first pitch vs Penn State. #GoBlue
#GoBlue Mike Gentzel @mgentzel10🔁@meghanb_10 enjoyed watching you pitch last night!
#GoBlue Kathy Hoekstra @khoekstra🔁 It’s a doubleheader #gameday! First pitch at 11:30 am CT. #goblue
#GoBlue Mike Gentzel @mgentzel10🔁@NataliePeters55 great game last night, good luck today!
Tatiana loves watching you play. Cya tomorrow.
#GoBlue Mike Gentzel @mgentzel10🔁@canfield_faith Tia wishes you good luck today!
#GoBlue Pilar Burgess @Pilareb101🔁 Two top three finishes at NCA Nationals!! #GoBlue


#GoBlue Mike Gentzel @mgentzel10🔁@Nikki_Wald good luck today!
#GoBlue Mike Gentzel @mgentzel10🔁@nataliaselenaa Good luck today!
#GoBlue Angelo Varone @Chef3511🔁 Heartbreaker from St. Paul. It’s been one heck of a ride, boys.


Michigan Women’s Gymnastics @UMichWGym🔁Meet Day!!! We are in Tuscaloosa, Ala. for the NCAA Regional. Top two advance to the NCAA Championship. #GoBlue
#GoBlue Linda Schmidt @PolicyDrSchmidt🔁 The Battle of the Blues goes to @UMichTrack!

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#GoBlue#GoBlue#GoBlue Michigan Hockey @umichhockey🔁"For the strength of the PACK is the WOLF and the strength of the WOLF is the PACK."

#GoBlue #FrozenFour

Michigan Football @UMichFootball🔁STREAMING NOW on @PrimeVideo: #AllOrNothing!


#GoBlue Michigan Hockey @umichhockey🔁Heartbreaker from St. Paul. It’s been one heck of a ride, boys.


Evan Kuhn @EvanKuhn74🔁I take pride in the colts being showed more than any other team in the highlight twitter.com
Beverly Plocki @bplocki🔁Meet Day!!! We are in Tuscaloosa, Ala. for the NCAA Regional. Top two advance to the NCAA Championship.
Paul Maccagnone @FireKenHolland9🔁Watching the Michigan "All or Nothing" special series on Amazon makes me realize one important thing, I'm so glad Wil twitter.com ton Speight is gone as QB. Always had the deer in headlights look and never had a good grip on his position, O'Korn as well. Good riddance!
B.Tucker ⚔️ @TheTuckTweet🔁Next week's Spring Game will now begin at 5:45 p.m. And a special airing of All or Nothing: The Michigan Wolverines will be shown on the video boards starting at approximately 5 p.m.


Angelo Varone @Chef3511🔁Cooper Marody named CCM/AHCA West Second Team All-American! He becomes the 94th All-American in program history.

BP D-ЯYΛП @DRtheMighty🔁 Check out the Vincent Gray interview theblueprintmichigan.com #blueprint #goblue great job @MMBaker5
A$AP Travi @Travis_Arthur2🔁I would die for @UMichAthletics seems legit. #GOBLUE #honest twitter.com
Tre @trevormyrick🔁A look back at Michigan’s 2018 title run, in photos.


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Scott 🤘 @3086s_st🔁"I'm really proud of this team and the effort they put forth all year" -

We talked with Coach and a few of the boys following tonight's heartbreaking loss.

The Armchair All-Americans @ACAllAmericans🔁After a momentous March Madness run, the are poised to be even better for the 2018-19 season.

Margaret Ogden @MalenCalafat🔁 KU and Michigan are both in the Final Four, and I love it! #RockChalk #GoBlue
Jim Caudy @caudyjam🔁What a way to end the Battle of the Blues. The men's 4x400 team takes the win in 3:11.09 to bolster the BACK-TO-BACK team title!

Michigan tops UNC, 86-66, with Duke in 3rd at 43 points

Elizabeth @Elizabeth904397🔁The Senate race in Tennessee is going Blue. Democrat Phil Bredsen leads Marsha Blackburn by 10 points 45%-35% She is the next casualty for the Republican Senate as the Blue Wave rolls through Trump country!
Thad Simpson @TSGoBlue🔁@BigPlayMcCray_9 I just ran through a wall in my house, looking for someone to hit! #GoBlue
Blueprintmichigan @Blueprintmich🔁Check out the Vincent Gray interview theblueprintmichigan.com #blueprint #goblue great job @MMBaker5
brian twining @grieserulz14🔁Thank you for being the leading example of what it means to be a college coach and most importantly a leader of colle twitter.com ge athletes
Bob Oneil @BobOneil14🔁Folks all over are united on three things; they want their health care , 90% want GUN CONTROL and EVERYBODY is freaked out about Trump..well most people with souls. Everybody likes DACA,public schools,3 equal branches of govt.too!
emyre Bryson cole @emyre97🔁While you wait for more Michigan action during our bye rotation, enjoy Emyre Cole's floor routine that earned him a solid 14.300.
emyre Bryson cole @emyre97🔁Welcome back Anthony! HUGE 14.850 to give the Wolverines a 72.650 overall on the apparatus and a 277.950 running score for third place after five rotations.
D James @bagleyd🔁@beck @alisonbrie I like the colors - maize & blue - #GoBlue 〽️🏈🏀❗️
Bill Muckalt @wmuckalt🔁 Congrats Sam. Great player , great person and a great student !! Very proud of you !! #GoBlue twitter.com
Ted Mattson @TedMattson🔁 You made us proud coach! Great run and memories to last a lifetime! twitter.com
Floyd Jennings ⚓️ @die1stthenquit🔁Made it through two episodes so far. Didn’t think I could love Michigan football any better but I do now! Who’s got i twitter.com t better than us?

Granite Mt. Church @GMCPrescott1🔁@JohnBeilein @MaizeRageUM @umichband @michiganalumni Thank You Coach for a GREAT! Season 〽️ #GoBlue
Angelo Byers @bumpdat6🔁I’m extremely blessed to receive an offer from the University of Michigan. I’d like to thank all the coaches and staff for an amazing visit
Lisa Corn @wearecorn🔁Highly highly highly suggest that every fan watches the Michigan documentary on Amazon. All or nothing. I love our coaches and players their families. They scarifice so much that we don't see.


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