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#GoBeavs BeaverDam @BeaverDam🔁Just a reminder :-) #NationalChamps #GoBeavs 🔶⬛️
#GoBeavs Michael Wilson @pigskinopinion🔁Look what came in the mail today... @BeaverBaseball #NationalChamps #GoBeavs
#GoBeavs#GoBeavs Sissel Family @mlsfam🔁 Who needs a @BeaverBaseball wallpaper 👀🔶⬛️


#GoBeavs#GoBeavs#GoBeavs#GoBeavs Ben Crockett #BeavsIn3 @bcrockett06🔁Omaha Zoo was pretty fun. Best exhibit, CRYING PIGGIES!! #GoBeavs
Akibatodos @Akibatodos🔁 Enjoy this moment, #BeaverNation.


#GoBeavs Mike @sutherlinbeavs🔁@rugman_15 @BrandynJasa @NCAACWS @BeaverBaseball Have a good night Skippy. #GoBeavs
#GoBeavs Jeff Ruscoe @OregonJR🔁@OrangeSwagger_ This is the one I chose! #GoBeavs
#GoBeavs#GoBeavs Benny @Bennybeaver01🔁 Goss is ready for @BeaverBaseball 😍


#GoBeavs#GoBeavs#GoBeavs#GoBeavs Nick Henrichs @nickwarrior8🔁 This. This is #BeaverNation #gobeavs
#GoBeavs#GoBeavs#GoBeavs kendra 🤘🏼 @_kendra_3🔁 Could say I had a pretty good day yesterday!! #GoBeavs
#GoBeavs Bri @brionnageldert🔁 Just a reminder :-) #NationalChamps #GoBeavs 🔶⬛️
#GoBeavs Hampshire Baseball @CoachSimoncelli🔁 THAT'S THE GAME! THE BEAVERS WIN THE 2018 COLLEGE WORLD SERIES!


#GoBeavs#GoBeavs#GoBeavs#GoBeavs Oregon State Baseball @BeaverBaseball🔁This. This is #BeaverNation #gobeavs
Go Beavs @BeaverAthletics🔁SHOUT IT TO THE ROOFTOPS!!



Go Beavs @BeaverAthletics🔁It was the right people. Doing the right things. At the right time.

Mission accomplished. #GoBeavs

Jeff Ruscoe @OregonJR🔁I never listen to anyone but Mike during any televised OSU game, regardless of the spot! twitter.com
Crig 又 Busy Man @CrigBididman🔁LOVED seeing @JHekker on this season of #NailedIt!! #GoBeavs
Be Happy @BendOregon12🔁Wow , just wow. Thank you packing Goss and helping cap off another great day for our student-athletes, coaches and staff.
eli glenzel @EliGlenzel🔁Thank you. It is not sco beavs it is #gobeavs twitter.com
Casey Cabral @caseyCab🔁It was the right people. Doing the right things. At the right time.

Mission accomplished.

LuAnn Boone @lboone70🔁Dedication. Perserverence.

Jack Anderson summed up.

He’s going to be successful in everything he does.

SC_Beaver @JustBeavIt🔁Shoutout to ... I'm not sure how you put up with me, but what an ending to the 2017-18 season!

damon jensen @damonjensen🔁Can't we all come together as one Beaver? @BeaverBaseball #GoBeavs twitter.com
Chris Branam @branamchrisw🔁So glad I got to be there for the celebration at Goss yesterday. Packed house! I was part of the SRO crowd, which wa twitter.com sn't so bad.
Joe Casey @joecasey55🔁 See ya soon @realDonaldTrump cause we National Champs and coming to the White House!! #GoBeavs @BeaverBaseball
Dungeon Drummer @dungeon_drummer🔁Nice. I know you are but what am I. I'm not dealing with a worthy adversary. Have fun with your tweets I have a Be twitter.com avers NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP shirt to go but.
Mike @sutherlinbeavs🔁@PinkNightmare8 thanks for following #GoBeavs
Lupe @LupeFiasco1994🔁You guys got the #2 and #1 plays wrong. Larnach HR and Abel’s DOMINANT pitching performance in the Championship.
Mike @sutherlinbeavs🔁In 2006 and 2018 did it the hard way (losers bracket). In 2007, the team struggled and barely got in. And had to go through losers bracket, in Virginia in regionals. But that my friends is the Beaver way. Nothing given. Everything earned.
PacNorthwest @PNWWestCoast🔁@maxgordon40 Hard work pays off. #GoBeavs
Mike @sutherlinbeavs🔁 In 7 games vs SEC opponents @BeaverBaseball outscored them 54-12 and out hit them 80-33 #GoBeavs
Evan Thomson @1evan_thomson🔁 is every day when you have to spend a majority of your time with 🙄🤓


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