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#globaledchat Heather Singmaster @hsingmaster🔁Join us next week for #globaledchat with @MrHebertPE on Gamification!
#globaledchat susan iverson @susaniverson1🔁@CynthiaCherrey "we can have geometric global impact." #leadership #Mindset #ILA2017Brussels #GlobalEdChat
#globaledchat Jess Longthorne @LongthorneJess🔁Long with many Americans, many Canadians miss this man. Change MUST happen. #globaledchat
Erika Soto Lamb @erikasotolamb🔁@hsingmaster Anything for you @hsingmaster and @AsiaSocietyEDU! #globaledchat
#globaledchat Asia Society EDU @AsiaSocietyEDU🔁"I believe engaged teaching can revolutionize our education system." #globaledchat
#globaledchat Loretta F. Goodwin @LearningZest🔁 Join us next week for #globaledchat with @MrHebertPE on Gamification!
SIMA Classroom @SIMAclassroom🔁Missed yesterday with on teaching gun violence? Here's the transcript:
Jessica Rae @Jessicaraealt🔁"I believe engaged teaching can revolutionize our education system."
Heather Singmaster @hsingmaster🔁Missed #globaledchat yesterday with @erikasotolamb on teaching gun violence? Here's the transcript: #GlobalEd
Edmodo @edmodo🔁Checking out "World Peace Song Music Project" on The Global Education Conference : #globaled17 #globaledchat
Alexandra d'Epiro @alexandra_epiro🔁5 Steps to Build a Diverse Classroom Library + 30 Books to Inspire Empathy
Lucy Gray @elemenous🔁Questions for October 12, 2017 #GlobalEdChat #globaledchat
Lucy Gray @elemenous🔁A new edition of the daily Global Education Report newsletter is out! #globaled #globaled17! #globaledchat
Bronwyn Joyce 🇦🇺 @JoyceBronwyn🔁Biggest week so far 368 video responses just this week. Bring on 4000
sara wilkie @sewilkie🔁Working to reach beyond walls of your classroom? Consider connecting & sharing the journey #edchat #GlobalEdChat
Derek Coubrough @MrCoubrough🔁How many ways can you combine these numbers to get 24?The challenge is on with !
Lynn Frank @FrankTribe🔁My students and I are looking to make a #GRAwild connection in the UK. Any takers? #GRA #GlobalEdChat
Pirjo Suhonen @pirre74🔁IMG_20171012_134130615.jpg - Google Drive Finnish kids Teaching #coding via video in India #GlobalEdChat #education
Ilene Winokur Alzaid @specsol🔁 Archaeologists find name of Allah woven into 1,000 year old Viking clothes #globaledchat
Lucy Gray @elemenous🔁A new edition of the daily Global Education Report newsletter is out! #globaled #globaled17! #sdgs #globaledchat
Lucy Gray @elemenous🔁Archaeologists find name of Allah woven into 1,000 year old Viking clothes #globaledchat
AllSides @AllSidesNow🔁 @hsingmaster @cherisemcb @markwcarbone @AllSidesNow gives multiple perspective on news stories #globaledchat #eloned
Bernardo Pirola @Bernardo_Pirola🔁Well-intentioned global citizens, cont'd oppressiveness of colonialism, & a nat'l economy.
Laura Gilchrist @LauraGilchrist4🔁Will be checking the hashtag!! Appreciate the heads up on . 👏👏👏
Denise Ferreira @msferreira_eng🔁 In so many ways gun violence is how this country was founded #Globaledchat
Belinha De Abreu @belmedia🔁A4 We created this lesson after using as a foundation
SpeakUp StandUp @WeirMB🔁How do we discuss gun violence/domestic terrorism in school? Our topic today. 8pmET/5pmPT
PBS NewsHour Extra @NewsHourExtra🔁 I included SAMHSA link (major US fed mental health org) in this lesson:
Sarah Giddings, NBCT @sarahyogidds🔁@erikasotolamb Both, the roots of terrorism as a concept and what it means in our society #globaledchat
Jeremy Bond @JeremyDBond🔁Civil rights was a political issue, no? How is something not a political issue if it requires political change?
Jeremy Bond @JeremyDBond🔁@vicpasquantonio Thanks so much, Vicky. Still catching up. Wondering how to get more parents representing parents on here! #GlobalEdChat
Vicky Pasquantonio @vicpasquantonio🔁Thank YOU for again representing ALL parents ;) kidding aside, you do bring a ton of knowledge. Thx for a great !
Karen Grant-O'Grady @karengog🔁A5 We can teach our students how to see their impact on others and consider others' perspectives: see #GlobalEdChat
Jeremy Bond @JeremyDBond🔁@vicpasquantonio @NewsHourExtra Grateful for this an all the resources tonight for #GlobalEdChat
Kathleen Burkinshaw @klburkinshaw1🔁@roth_allie @erikasotolamb Thank you for sharing this with us #GlobalEdChat
Allie Roth @roth_allie🔁Thanks for a great chat tonight! Definitely will be joining again #GlobalEdChat #ElonEd
Kathleen Burkinshaw @klburkinshaw1🔁#Globaledchat @erikasotolamb thanks so much🌸
Ken Carano @caranowou🔁Thanks #globaledchat for the important topic to discuss tonight!!
Erika Soto Lamb @erikasotolamb🔁Thank you for leading the convo! Educators who want to do more to save lives can learn more here
Kathleen Burkinshaw @klburkinshaw1🔁#Globaledchat thank you all for great resources and insight. 🌸
Asia Society EDU @AsiaSocietyEDU🔁 Please help me thank the lovely @erikasotolamb for flying to Portland to participate in #Globaledchat with me today! :)
Heather Singmaster @hsingmaster🔁Please help me thank the lovely @erikasotolamb for flying to Portland to participate in #Globaledchat with me today! :)
Allie Roth @roth_allie🔁@hsingmaster @klburkinshaw1 At my school counselors and teachers spent that Monday discussing what happened. #GlobalEdChat
Vicky Pasquantonio @vicpasquantonio🔁You should share thoughts from your book it's very relevant to teaching about controversial issues like
Mark W. Carbone @markwcarbone🔁Great sharing on a challenging topic. Thx everyone #GlobalEdChat
Allie Roth @roth_allie🔁It didn't happen at my HS but the school redid the lib & named it after Claire (the girl that died)
Asia Society EDU @AsiaSocietyEDU🔁Thank you all for participating in today. This isn't an easy conversation, but one we felt we needed. We appreciate your time!
Heather Singmaster @hsingmaster🔁Thank you all for participating in #globaledchat today. This isn't an easy conversation, but one we felt we needed. We appreciate your time!
Erika Soto Lamb @erikasotolamb🔁@vicpasquantonio yes, thank you for trying -- it's not a political or partisan issue. It's an issue of life and death. #globaledchat
Stephan Hughes @stephwurking🔁#GlobalEdChat Thanks for the chat, all! Good convo all round.
Kathleen Burkinshaw @klburkinshaw1🔁@roth_allie Oh, that's heartbreaking #GlobalEdChat
Allie Roth @roth_allie🔁@klburkinshaw1 Thanks! My teacher did a great job of keeping the calm & keeping us informed #GlobalEdChat
Erika Soto Lamb @erikasotolamb🔁Terrible. There have been 242 school shootings in U.S. since 2013 -- way too many
Heather Singmaster @hsingmaster🔁OH my goodness! Terrible :( Were there counselors to help for awhile after that? I can't imagine returning to the bui lding.
Vicky Pasquantonio @vicpasquantonio🔁Yes! Our thinking there was that it could (just maybe) allow for a non-political discussion on guns/gun violence afte r Vegas
Kathleen Burkinshaw @klburkinshaw1🔁@erikasotolamb @caranowou This is a great resource. I didn't know this existed. #GlobalEdChat
Allie Roth @roth_allie🔁@klburkinshaw1 Sadly 1 girl was shot trying to stand up for others & died a few weeks later #GlobalEdChat #ElonEd
Kathleen Burkinshaw @klburkinshaw1🔁@roth_allie Oh yes that would make it more difficult. I'm glad they handled aftermath well for you and classmates. 🌸 #GlobalEdChat
Erika Soto Lamb @erikasotolamb🔁To answer that q in the headline: with action and more than just thoughts and prayers!
Allie Roth @roth_allie🔁@klburkinshaw1 My HS was 3500 Ss so it was hard to maintain calmness when you have an open campus #GlobalEdChat
Erika Soto Lamb @erikasotolamb🔁Everytown's Gun Law Navigator is great way 2 learn about ur state's gun laws (and compare with others)
Ken Carano @caranowou🔁found it in policies. I knew (in my mind) they weren't allowed but hadn't realized until this discussion that I never verified
Heather Singmaster @hsingmaster🔁@ApraRalli Is gun violence a big issue in your country? #globaledchat
Kathleen Burkinshaw @klburkinshaw1🔁@LongthorneJess That's so great #GlobalEdChat
Allie Roth @roth_allie🔁they handled the aftermath very well but it was hard bc we didn't have all the info. We didn't know if it was 1 inst ance
Erika Soto Lamb @erikasotolamb🔁Q7. Have you or others in your school or program advocated on issues of gun violence or domestic terrorism? #globaledchat #TeachSDGs
Erika Soto Lamb @erikasotolamb🔁Also Oct is DV month & presence of a gun in DV situation makes a woman 5x more likely to be killed
Ken Carano @caranowou🔁A6C Shew. Found it. Official. No firearms allowed on my campus. #globaledchat
Jess Longthorne @LongthorneJess🔁A5: My school is fortunate to have a CYW who works regularly with Ss. We also run a Chill, Chat & Connect group for Ss #GlobalEdChat
aprajita ralli @ApraRalli🔁#Globaledchat hi all...been reading through the's so scary ... children need so much attention .. god bless us all
Vicky Pasquantonio @vicpasquantonio🔁@hsingmaster #globaledchat I included SAMHSA link (major US fed mental health org) in this @NewsHourExtra lesson:
Heather Singmaster @hsingmaster🔁@caranowou Oh! You should check that is disturbing! #globaledchat
Stephan Hughes @stephwurking🔁A6: I am sincerely skeptical about responsible gun storage. There is always someone (authorities) who plays on both s ides.
Kathleen Burkinshaw @klburkinshaw1🔁@roth_allie Oh my goodness, that must've been so frightening. Do you feel the school handled it well? #GlobalEdChat
Ken Carano @caranowou🔁A6B I know our local school districts don't allow guns. If did I know 1 child who'd be homeschooled :) #globaledchat
Ken Carano @caranowou🔁A6 Huh. I assumed guns were banned at my university but can't find it in our policies. Disturbing. #globaledchat
Evin Schwartz @EvinSchwartz🔁#GlobalEdChat jumping in late to the party tonight. Great topic and very timely with #WorldMentalHealthDay this week
Allie Roth @roth_allie🔁@erikasotolamb Great point. Have to find a balance b/w the two. Thanks for pointing that out #GlobalEdChat #eloned
Erika Soto Lamb @erikasotolamb🔁@MsMagThinks Support this very much! #globaledchat
Homa Sabet Tavangar @growingupglobal🔁Mental health,public hlth, law, int'l comparisons, historical roots, industry... so many topics connected 2 study of guns #globaledchat
Vicky Pasquantonio @vicpasquantonio🔁 has excellent resource for parents/Ts on talking to Ss of all ages after a traumatic event
Jess Longthorne @LongthorneJess🔁My school board is focussing on well being of not just Ss but staff in strategic priorities...
Allie Roth @roth_allie🔁A6: Experienced a shooting 1 HS over Junior yr. My HS held an assembly to discuss how we were feeling #GlobalEdChat #ElonEd
Erika Soto Lamb @erikasotolamb🔁@LongviewGlobal This program is a great resource for discussing responsible gun storage #globaledchat
Karen Grant-O'Grady @karengog🔁A5 Mental health for children with trauma (ACEs) is both education and medical priority. Watch #globaledchat
Sammy Magnuson @MsMagThinks🔁Q5: I want to break the mental illness stigma, starting young: you need a dr for a flu; same for bad feelings that don't leave #globaledchat


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