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#globaledchat F. Margret Atkinson @fmargret🔁 A7 #globaledchat Another good list of resources and ideas:
#globaledchat#globaledchat#globaledchat#globaledchat Anisha Ismail M.Ed @GlobalAnisha🔁 A3: and more... narratives, skits, solutions, videos and more! #GlobalEdChat
#globaledchat Intuitive Crowd @IntuitiveCrowd🔁 GLOBALISM IS OVER. THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKE. WE DONT WANT THIS #globaledchat #ThursdayThoughts
#globaledchat Ghana Ed. Collab*GEC @GhanaEdCollab🔁 Come join @CraigPerrier for an exciting #Globaledchat today at 8pmET/5pmPT! #SDGs #globaled
#globaledchat Ruth Nditu Maingi @ruthnditu🔁 Tonight's #globaledchat is about @TheGlobalGoals!! Bring your ideas & enthusiasm at 8pm ET.
#globaledchat Gaggle @Gaggle_K12🔁The Impact Bullying Has on Absenteeism: #Bullying #Cyberbullying #globaledchat
eTwinning UK @eTwinningUK🔁Teach students aged 16 and over? Win tickets for them to in Europe with ://" target="_blank">
Homa Sabet Tavangar @growingupglobal🔁See this: Great questions & frame for teaching #SDGs #globaledchat by .@CraigPerrier .@TeachSDGs
UAE Learning Network @UAE_LN🔁 Be sure to join us next week to talk about Global Leadership on ! globaled… "
KDSL Global @KDSL07🔁Be sure to join us next week to talk about Global Leadership on ! and will be leading!
Bill Burkhead @BurkheadBill🔁The Impact Bullying Has on Absenteeism:
Colegrave Primary @ColegraveSchool🔁Warm, safe & peaceful. Explore the world, it won't let you down! #EarthDay #GlobalEdChat #global 🌎🌱❤🐅🐘🕊👍🌊
RAMAN SHARMA @sarvmanglamcom🔁Wow nationalism was once an integral part of politics, but now takes over

H Cribb @CribbEdVA🔁Something to consider - is knowledge obsolete in today's world?
Barbara McMillan @bmcmillan🔁The latest Global Education Daily! Thanks to @jenwagner @GlobalAnisha #globaledchat #photooftheday
Emeline Gillingham @emeline_su🔁 Q5. @AsiaEducation @emeline_su run wonderful student programs on #sdgs #Globaledchat #TeachSDGs
Promote Account @promote_pk🔁To know latest cricket news then do follow > @Cricket_Newspk <

#GlobalEdChat #ManUtd #auspol #sweep #basicallyhappynow #champselysees

Benj Curtis @benjcurtis1🔁It 'twas can't wait for though I wish I had to watch and learn more about ...
Brandon Wiley, Ed.D. @bwileyone🔁 A1 Not in a school, but @donbuckley @bwileyone and I have been leading workshops on developing global projects #GlobalEdChat
#tagathon wikiworx @wikiworx🔁 Smart media for everyone!
#sdt047 #sdg4
#2030Agenda #tags @ActorAtlas🔁Smart media for everyone!
#sdt047 #sdg4
Heather Giles @SraChiles🔁Please! Take the initiative, & share w Ts at your school! across disciplines
Practical Action Sch @JulieBrown01🔁 We would be thrilled if you included our free lesson plans too. Go to ="" target="_blank">
Anisha Ismail M.Ed @GlobalAnisha🔁It was so busy with my school board campaign, but hopefully now I can jump on. Though School Board mtgs happen same t ime as
Anisha Ismail M.Ed @GlobalAnisha🔁Want resources to make your library a hub? Check the transcript:
Anisha Ismail M.Ed @GlobalAnisha🔁It takes a village to transform education.
Anisha Ismail M.Ed @GlobalAnisha🔁 Wade Davis: Culture is not decorative. Mic drop. #globaled #globaledchat #gebg17
Anisha Ismail M.Ed @GlobalAnisha🔁Watch the video stream of the CoSN Symposium on Global Competencies
Anisha Ismail M.Ed @GlobalAnisha🔁 Don't miss @SkypeClassroom Highlights for April! #SkypeMT #MysterySkype #globaledchat
Anisha Ismail M.Ed @GlobalAnisha🔁Great op-ed on the need for world language education in MI & beyond:
Anisha Ismail M.Ed @GlobalAnisha🔁3 things we can do to make Americans geoliterate

Anisha Ismail M.Ed @GlobalAnisha🔁Join our global conversation & collaboration this Sat.! chat 🌎
Anisha Ismail M.Ed @GlobalAnisha🔁 A3 MySs produce letters to World Gov & the UN, create world changing designs, set up campaigns for charities, Skype experts,
Anisha Ismail M.Ed @GlobalAnisha🔁 A5: @facinghistory has great resources to start the #humanrights conversation. #Globaledchat
Anisha Ismail M.Ed @GlobalAnisha🔁 A5 Amazing people these guys r the best
Anisha Ismail M.Ed @GlobalAnisha🔁YES! And please follow & take pledge at We are at beginning stages !
Anisha Ismail M.Ed @GlobalAnisha🔁 A6: #sdgs give everyone a common language and common goals empowering students to be changemakers! #globaledchat
Anisha Ismail M.Ed @GlobalAnisha🔁 AMAZING quality resources! Spread the word! @GlobalReady @markjotter #globaledchat #TeachSDGs
Anisha Ismail M.Ed @GlobalAnisha🔁 I'd love to all #edchats & #Edcamps align to the SDGs one week. Maybe @UN general assembly Sept 18ish? #globaledchat
Anisha Ismail M.Ed @GlobalAnisha🔁 A7 planning a unit around #genuishour where students combine the global competencies with one SDG #Globaledchat
Dave Potter @GlobalReady🔁We have to stop waiting for graduation to reach It's too late by then!
Compass Education @Compass_Ed🔁Please join us for to talk about the link between & the UN Sustainable Development Goals! Coming up at 8pmET/5pmPT today!
Tia Maddox @kindermaddox🔁SDG17: Partnership for the Goals. Attending tonight's on is one way to serve it.
Joanna Waszkowska @joawaszka🔁 Great part about spring is Earth Day. Fits right into and my Ss love helping the earth!
First @kemerguey🔁 He is amazing! @FernandoReimers is inspiring in #globaled #globaledchat 🌏
Joanna Waszkowska @joawaszka🔁@CraigPerrier A3: missions, escape rooms, drama, meeting with volunteers, happening #Globaledchat
F. Margret Atkinson @fmargret🔁A4 Yes, just said that! brings authenticity w (literally) & faces!
F. Margret Atkinson @fmargret🔁 Contact Ts in this chat, see who is interested in a "joint" activity...can use too, put out topic ?...many Ss answer
F. Margret Atkinson @fmargret🔁 Wow - you mean actual lights!? #globaledchat
F. Margret Atkinson @fmargret🔁 This chat will fill your cup!! #globaledchat
F. Margret Atkinson @fmargret🔁 A6 Bring the world to your Ss bc they may never see the world as one of my Ss told me as he thanked me for teaching him.
F. Margret Atkinson @fmargret🔁 A6: #PBL with #SDGs as the centerpiece is the perfect antidote to the uptick in provincial isolationist thinking #globaledchat
F. Margret Atkinson @fmargret🔁 And #earthday #earthhour is tomorrow! #GlobalEdChat
F. Margret Atkinson @fmargret🔁 @ProfeEdTech Hi Fran, we have lots to talk about with SDGs! Expect an email from me tomorrow.
F. Margret Atkinson @fmargret🔁 Amen @ProfeEdTech! This is the world I want for my Ss and my own two sons! #GlobalEdChat
F. Margret Atkinson @fmargret🔁 A7 #globaledchat World Values Survey can provide interesting PBL /SDG information
F. Margret Atkinson @fmargret🔁 Yes!! It looks amazing!! #globaledchat
F. Margret Atkinson @fmargret🔁 Tomorrow I will visit & school to see how they use the in their school. So excited!
F. Margret Atkinson @fmargret🔁 A6. am looking for interaction b/w schools for my next year starting in Aug...Anything on religion, borders , peace & conflict
F. Margret Atkinson @fmargret🔁 Agreed! The younger the better! #GlobalEdChat
F. Margret Atkinson @fmargret🔁OMG! Give them big hugs from me!!! Check out our last yr's work:
F. Margret Atkinson @fmargret🔁Haven't planned projects since teaching at , but happy to thought partner!
F. Margret Atkinson @fmargret🔁 A7 Our this term is world culture - the significance of celebrations grade 3/4s, big topic so important re
F. Margret Atkinson @fmargret🔁 A7: Looking into a project w/ @flipgrid to share our school setting w/ Ss around the globe. #globaledchat



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