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#globaledchat Craig Perrier @CraigPerrier🔁#globaledchat A6 I blog at the Global, History Educator
Mark Otter @markjotter🔁Conferences, books, PLN experts! Resources galore! All shared tonight at ! Catch the transcript:
Kmurfitt @kmurfitt1🔁Until next time #globaledchat
Melisa Hayes @hayes_melisa🔁Sorry, left from daughters ball practice but was a great chat!!! Thx u!!! #globaledchat
Todd M Johnson @drtoddmjohnson🔁A5: I'm excited to learn more about 's new book next week on ! It will be a great discussion on .
Jennifer D. Klein @jdeborahklein🔁Join us for next week when helps us understand in global partnerships! Thursday at 8pmET
Jennifer D. Klein @jdeborahklein🔁A5: Anxiously awaiting new PD books by two of my favorite Jennifers: and !
Todd M Johnson @drtoddmjohnson🔁We’re excited to chat about global citizenship education on June 7, join us!
Rachel Black Povlacs @rpovlacs🔁A7: align my areas of weakness/need as a T & S interest; check out @FundforTeachers grant #globaledchat
Faith Plunkett @missfplunkett🔁TY #globaledchat for the wonderful chat tonight. I had been on a twitter chat hiatus bc of some rude educators, but you are a nice bunch! :)
Sarah Webster @sw_ITRT🔁A4: Anyone heading to should definitely check out !
Ai Zhang 🔥 @aiaddysonzhang🔁@hsingmaster @JenWilliamsEdu What an amazing chat today. Thank you, Jennifer! #GlobalEdChat
Level Up Village @LevelUpVillage🔁Hot Topics from the Harvard Think Tank on #GlobalEd via @eedowd27 @levelupvillage for @Getting_Smart #Globaledchat
TS Bray @tsbray🔁That is a great goal! Students can & should take responsibility. They thrive when given the chance to lead & support
Ramona Towner @rmbtowner_tech🔁@hsingmaster @tedpalenski Yes! Thank you! Excited to look at all of the wonderful resources shred here tonight. #GlobalEdChat
Rachel Black Povlacs @rpovlacs🔁A1: attending JFR 2017 summer institute with U.S. teachers & scholars from Poland to learn more about the Holocaust #globaledchat
Kathy Scheepers 🍁 @KathyScheepers🔁 @KathyScheepers Arm in arm with you on this global adventure in education! #TeachSDGs #GlobalEdPals #globaledchat
Ai Zhang 🔥 @aiaddysonzhang🔁Thank you everyone for an amazing #GlobalEdChat

Thanks to @hsingmaster for telling me about the chat & @JenWilliamsEdu for the 👍insights.

Jessica Rae @Jessicaraealt🔁@tsbray @mrterborg Yeah you guys will be solid! It's amazing. Turned our community into a family. #globaledchat
Mr. Terborg @mrterborg🔁@Jessicaraealt @tsbray My goal is to get the Ss doing almost everything. #globaledchat
Allison Fuisz @allison_fuisz🔁How awesome is that it is trending on a day like today. Seems fitting if you catch my drift :) - you all rock!
Jen Ciok @ACTforEducation🔁@MrsHeikes I have no doubt! #globaledchat always is!
Jessica Rae @Jessicaraealt🔁When Ss get on board and drive the initiative, it's game over. With restorative justice, that is very possible.
Christopher Black @chrismgblack🔁@JenWilliamsEdu Thanks Jennifer. I am thrilled to be part of #TeachSDGs and now #GlobalEdChat.
TS Bray @tsbray🔁He is the teacher who has had the training, so we are starting with him. He will train the other MS teachers by examp le.
Allison Fuisz @allison_fuisz🔁I missed it! So so so sorry :( Was out for a long walk while the rain was away so the pooch could get some fresh air.
Jessica Rae @Jessicaraealt🔁Yup. And do not underestimate the power of Ss! The dean developed rest. practices with just a couple of Ss and grew f rom there
Monica Burns @ClassTechTips🔁@JenWilliamsEdu @smgaillard @Rdene915 @Glennr1809 @caroline_weeks_ @KristinZiemke Thanks for the shout out! Amazing company :) #globaledchat
TS Bray @tsbray🔁Always start small. It is the best approach & has it expands, others will join in and then the money comes.
Mark Otter @markjotter🔁@hsingmaster Have faith, my friend #globaledchat
Ted Palenski @tedpalenski🔁 A5: 1/4 way thru Pedagogy of Hope: Reliving Pedagogy of the Oppressed - looking forward to the next 3/4 #globaledchat
Jonathan Todres @jtodres🔁@hsingmaster @JenWilliamsEdu Many thanks for hosting #Globaledchat always enjoyable and educational.
Jessica Rae @Jessicaraealt🔁Oh man. Well one man a circle does not make! That was our dean, one of the 1st trained in rest. justice, and she sta rted small
Kathleen Burkinshaw @klburkinshaw1🔁Thank you so very much. This is an awesome chat ! #GlobalEdChat
MsRizza @rizzapiccio🔁Thank you so much @JenWilliamsEdu and everyone for an inspiring start, looking forward to next #globaledchat
Gloriann Heikes @MrsHeikes🔁@ACTforEducation You'll have a great read tonight!! :) #globaledchat
Faith Plunkett @missfplunkett🔁I meant Huntsville, AL.The girl who posted that is from the county next to mine. I'm excited to visit San Antonio for ISTE.
Gloriann Heikes @MrsHeikes🔁@kmurfitt1 That's right! #globaledchat
Jen Ciok @ACTforEducation🔁Sad to have missed tonight! Looking forward to reading this thread! Have a great week! #globaledchat
Jessica Rae @Jessicaraealt🔁Wait it's over? Thanks for a great chat everyone! See ya next week! #globaledchat
Craig Perrier @CraigPerrier🔁#globaledchat Thank you Jennifer and Heather. Have a great weekend. See you soon everyone.
Faith Plunkett @missfplunkett🔁@mrterborg @matt_hora Liability is the biggest reason. Time is the second biggest one. Wish it grew on trees! ha! #globaledchat
Gloriann Heikes @MrsHeikes🔁@kmurfitt1 :) Great minds!!! Love it!!! #globaledchat
Mark Otter @markjotter🔁Big thanks to two of the #globaled greats - @JenWilliamsEdu and @hsingmaster #globaledchat
Ai Zhang 🔥 @aiaddysonzhang🔁@tedpalenski @JenWilliamsEdu @KristinZiemke @pernilleripp i am sure! thanks again. #GlobalEdChat
Heather Singmaster @hsingmaster🔁Join us for next week when helps us understand in global partnerships! Thursday at 8pmET
Kathleen Burkinshaw @klburkinshaw1🔁#GlobalEdChat I learned so much tonite that will help me be a better author &tailor to teachers' needs. So nice meeting you all! Thank you🌸
Gloriann Heikes @MrsHeikes🔁Woohoo! Thanks for the great chat tonight, @JenWilliamsEdu! You rocked this place!! #globaledchat
Sean Gaillard @smgaillard🔁Thanks, Jen! Appreciate you and all of these !
TS Bray @tsbray🔁@Jessicaraealt @mrterborg We are simply having one staff member be in charge of dealing with students referred to him. #globaledchat
Christopher Black @chrismgblack🔁Thank you @JenWilliamsEdu #GlobalEdChat
Mr. Terborg @mrterborg🔁@missfplunkett @matt_hora What's stopping you? (Other than liability)#globaledchat
Heather Singmaster @hsingmaster🔁Thank you all for participating in #Globaledchat and please help me thank @JenWilliamsEdu for being a fabulous moderator!!!
Heather Singmaster @hsingmaster🔁@tedpalenski @rmbtowner_tech Thanks so much for joining #globaledchat today! Hope you found it valuable!
Gloriann Heikes @MrsHeikes🔁@JenWilliamsEdu @rmbtowner_tech Thanks! It's a brutal healing process! :( #globaledchat
Ai Zhang 🔥 @aiaddysonzhang🔁Yay! Congrats to us and to an amazing guest moderator, Jennifer.

Learned SO much today. Thank you everyone.

Faith Plunkett @missfplunkett🔁I live in Huntsville, and had no idea that even existed. Thanks for the info. I know what I will be doing for Summer 2018!
Mr. Terborg @mrterborg🔁@tsbray @Jessicaraealt Yeah. That's what many of us were saying. #globaledchat
Gloriann Heikes @MrsHeikes🔁I CAN'T WAIT!! =D So excited for the conference in July!! Everyone should come! #globaledchat
Ai Zhang 🔥 @aiaddysonzhang🔁i can share you some stories in china & south korea of how they define "school."not so encouraging to hear, unfortun ately...
Ted Palenski @tedpalenski🔁Summer is a time for authentic learning for Ts and Ss. It's just a matter of starting. Thanks for a great chat! #GlobalEdChat
Mark Otter @markjotter🔁@hsingmaster @aiaddysonzhang You knew I had to get a food reference in there .... #globalfed #globaledchat
Kmurfitt @kmurfitt1🔁My dream summer PD would be time to spend with kids creating a plan for what they really want to learn #globaledchat
TS Bray @tsbray🔁@mrterborg @Jessicaraealt They cut restorative justice? Ouch! #globaledchat
Gloriann Heikes @MrsHeikes🔁@Jessicaraealt @matt_hora Lol - I always feel this way after a #globaledchat!
Sean Gaillard @smgaillard🔁Hi, Cleary! I would love to see you at ! Unfortunately, I will be unable to make it. Loved meeting you last year the re.
Ai Zhang 🔥 @aiaddysonzhang🔁@Jessicaraealt @JenWilliamsEdu @PenpalSchools awesome. will check it out. thank you! #GlobalEdChat
Heather Singmaster @hsingmaster🔁@markjotter @aiaddysonzhang As long as we are #globalfed.... #globaledchat
Faith Plunkett @missfplunkett🔁@JenWilliamsEdu @DianaLRendina I met her at #edcampmagic a few years ago I believe...:) #globaledchat
Ai Zhang 🔥 @aiaddysonzhang🔁@tedpalenski @JenWilliamsEdu @KristinZiemke @pernilleripp Just followed them. thank you for recommending. #GlobalEdChat
Kathy Scheepers 🍁 @KathyScheepers🔁Phrasing it as "field study"/"study tour" carries good weight! 2012 was a catalyst for my journey 🇩🇪🇺🇲🇨🇦
Jessica Rae @Jessicaraealt🔁@matt_hora Seriously so many great resources! I have so many tabs going on right now....great chat! #globaledchat
Ramona Towner @rmbtowner_tech🔁Thanks ! Lots of great tips & ideas for thinking this summer abt how to teach our students to be/think w/global perspectives.


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