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#GlobalWarming FAB #Veggie #Vegan @fabveggievegan🔁I'll be sleeping tonight with a clear conscience #vegan #lifestyle ❤️?❤️ #green #raw #emissions #globalwarming
#GlobalWarming Mike Domansky @MikeDomansky🔁 Who needs a little #GlobalWarming right about now?
#GlobalWarming Chukwuemeka Chukwu @ShaoKing🔁 Al Gore: Problem Solved #MAGA #GlobalWarming @TheGunGuy85
#GlobalWarming 🎉Dianne 🥂 @141_dee🔁#GlobalWarming Riiiight! #cold #freezing #canadianweather
#GlobalWarming Sam Sotiropoulos 📜🎙💻 ©️2018 @TrusteeSam🔁Just sharing a slice of #globalwarming pie from #Toronto with 💘! #topoli #onpoli #cdnpoli
#GlobalWarming Robbie Robot Jr. @RobieRobotJr🔁 @inthemoodfortw #AlGore says this is the new #GlobalWarming.
#GlobalWarming Humphrey @paulbaja🔁 Is it warm enough yet shit head?

#GlobalWarming is a hoax and #AlGore is a liar 🤥

#GlobalWarming susan murphy inc @susanmurphyinc🔁 It's a bad idea. Who likes to harm him/herself? #spreadawareness #saveplanet #globalwarming
James Woods @RealJamesWoods🔁We must do something about this #GlobalWarming. C’mon, Al, fix this! globalnews.ca
mindbodygreen @mindbodygreen🔁Thanks to , sea level around is expected to rise by up to 3 feet by 2100. According to a new report, this could wip twitter.com e out 25,800 acres of the state & force 20,000 people away from their homes. Please RT -- it's time to take action!
Sylvan Lake @Sylvanlake🔁Al Gore, how's it now over 20 degrees warmer @ Sylvan Lake, Alberta (22°F/-5.5°C) than Sylvan Lake, New York (-2°F / -19°C)? #GlobalWarming
Sarah @wooden_brandie🔁 "#GlobalWarming is the BIGGEST #FRAUD IN HISTORY!" - Dan Pena youtu.be .
Karl Neubauer @KarlNeubauer🔁@skepticscience It's how #globalwarming works, making things cold :-)
#RealPrimeMinister @NewCanada4All🔁Can you cut this crap.

We have the coldest & longest winter streak already here in GTA. It’s bloody -35. We would twitter.com love some real warm.

Maybe these fake scientist can have one of their conference in GTA in winter, instead of in a paradise island like .

Roger Spencer @Gladfly1🔁I was thinking more in terms of being cancer to our planet, but I like your answer better! twitter.com
Kerry West @KerryWest53🔁Ahem! Niagara Falls has , frozen iguanas are falling out of the trees in Florida. If your opinion of is as reliabl twitter.com e as your statements, you will excuse us if we deign to differ!
statelessnfaithless @st8less🔁More than 25 percent of Earth will experience serious drought and desertification by the year 2050 if twitter.com is not curbed.

Becky @peacehorn_🔁So, help me understand .. ☀️☀️☀️☀️has caused record cold and snowfall? ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️I call bullshit on this!! 🐂💩
Gennaerophone @Gennaerophone🔁Everyone stay safe and warm out there tonight! It’s colder than ’s heart outside! twitter.com
TrueNorthPatriot🇨🇦 @stonedIMACULAT🔁 IS A GIANT
WATCH THIS ! ⬇️⬇️⬇️


Deep State Dept. @RichardVerMeul1🔁ATTN:

NOTHING Screams Like A

▶️Ice Chunks High Winds Freezing Temperatures

SustainEarth @sustainearthapp🔁 SustainEarth: The mobile sustainability app twitter.com
thebrumleys @thebrumleys🔁If the U.S. had ratified the UN’s Kyoto Protocol treaty on “global warming” back in the 1990’s would this winter be w twitter.com armer?
beardosstavross @beardosstavross🔁#GlobalWarming in front of your eyes twitter.com
Piers Corbyn @Piers_Corbyn🔁SoCalled CO2-- is THE of ALL the of (LOL) . It is 100% , the distilled vomit of . FACT Warm the sea & comes twitter.com OFF. says new-- RT
Melisa Cattaneo @Amora_Vanadis🔁I'll be sleeping tonight with a clear conscience ❤️?❤️
Rae Tamblyn @guessingatgreen🔁Heartbroken scientists lament the likely loss of ‘most of the world’s coral reefs’ grist.org via ht twitter.com
🐰TRUMPJITSU 🐻 @PrisionPlaneta🔁@EcoSenseNow @NikolovScience 13oC in the Mexican Caribbean I'm freezing my ass... #globalwarming
Sam Sotiropoulos 📜🎙💻 ©️2018 @TrusteeSam🔁@OmarAlghabra Because, you know, #globalwarming ...
Greg Lynn ⚾⚾⚾ @glynn1087🔁I'll have a double burger please. #globalwarming BS twitter.com
Carlos Dangler @Carlos_Dangler🔁This Day In History

HOTTEST Jan. 5th EVER in Liberal, Kansas👉1927 🌡️85°F

Damn carbon spewing M plantmaps.com odel-T Cars
(All 12,000 of them 🤦‍♂️)

BTW 's FATHER was 20 years old

Thomas Arvanites @ThomasArvanites🔁@cheriejamison It's going to be 3 degrees Saturday. #GlobalWarming
lil starduster💫 @CowboysChica🔁For a good time, for a good time call🎶

#AlGore twitter.com

T Justice 🇺🇸 @ToriDi🔁 #GlobalWarming
4th gen. Farmer @in_farmboy_08🔁When you walk outside and your mustache freezes...... damn #GlobalWarming
autumnwindroark @CCZIEGLER🔁#GlobalWarming @algore invented the internet. twitter.com


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