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#GlobalWarming The Market Mogul @The_MarketMogul🔁Here's how warmer temperatures may accelerate oil production #arctic #oil #GlobalWarming
NASA Climate @NASAClimate🔁NASA is flying in Greenland to measure how much ice has melted over the summer from the ice sheet. #globalwarming
#GlobalWarming Johanny Mi @JohannyMi🔁 Summer Ends for Kids (& Parents) @HenryEPayne #GlobalWarming #JunkScience #DemocratLiesMatter
#GlobalWarming Dylan Gray @dylangray45🔁My thoughts on #GlobalWarming in a nutshell. #Agenda21 #sustainabledevelopment #politics @physorg_com🔁Study: Asia's #glaciers face massive melt from #globalwarming @nature
Pam Alster @Plexigirl🔁Yes. And they deny #GlobalWarming
Dena Kirkland @MzspellDena🔁 the 🐖 is back ❗️
Dena Kirkland @MzspellDena🔁 The and a full house I rememb er ❗️
Tshepo khumalo @TTserema🔁This is what needs to happen in 10y if we want to fix
Tombstone or $250 tn investment opportunity?

millie. moo ny @timewarden1🔁, all this, plus he's lying abt jobs, coal, Russia, .. Time to dump & / & help us save democracy!

Alejandra @NakidMonki🔁#GlobalWarming is this bad. Deep sea creatures are dying and floating up on shores. We need to step it up.
Noelani Menei @noelani_mm🔁 .@profadamsobel, #AXA Award, on #GlobalWarming's Role in #HurricaneHarvey via @TheTakeaway
AXA Research Fund @AXAResearchFund🔁.@profadamsobel, #AXA Award, on #GlobalWarming's Role in #HurricaneHarvey via @TheTakeaway
Celine Jarrar @celine_jarrar🔁And just like that, the jackets are out. #SoCal #GlobalWarming
SwineShine @swineshine🔁There is an iceberg out there that's gonna sink the TrumpTrain. How's that for
Alejandra Lagos @AlejandraLgs🔁Permafrost melting because of is “basically like adding another China” to the world.
Paul Walther @pwalther15🔁Two major hurricanes this year & we're supposed to buy garbage again? Ever wonder why name changed to 🤔
DepMelinda 🌹🇺🇸 @DepMelinda🔁 March against #GlobalWarming & you are the reason 4 it 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Deb LaPointe @DebLaPo🔁This video shows the extraordinary trend of #GlobalWarming in more than 100 countries
Matt Kim @10kvisonz🔁typhoons, hurricanes, earthquakes, eclipses, polar ice caps melting. will only get worse and only together can we survive.


Bob Hallman OPINION @BobHallman🔁Stevie Wonder Holds Up Live Performance To SHRED Trump And GOP, This Is Brilliant
Henrik Hindby @HenrikHindby🔁Whats the most damning evidence - THE study - that shows human CO2 causes #globalwarming? @MichaelEMann @KHayhoe @ed_hawkins @ClimateOfGavin
Nicolas GWET @Nicolasgwet🔁Leo and Bieber's jet setting could have added to Irma devastation
Bianca Beluga @BiancaBeluga🔁Limiting to 1.5C could save two-thirds of ’s ice. Via
Graham Sinclair @esgarchitect🔁: "Anyone who believes there is no such thing as must be blind or unintelligent"

Reject The Lies @RejectTheLies🔁, all this, plus he's lying abt jobs, coal, Russia, .. Time to dump & / & help us save democracy!
Kilobizzness @Kilo_bizzness🔁 Is Not Rocket Science
TheConservativePost @TheConservative🔁Outside of #GlobalWarming, @realDonaldTrump presidency may become 2nd largest hoax on American peeps
~The Rev~ Ron Hunt @RonnellHunt7🔁 , I could blame 's title loss on . I wont, because a major injustice was committed!

c. berry lee @cberrl🔁 Study: Asia's #glaciers face massive melt from #globalwarming @nature
Eco Scan @eco_scan🔁Permafrost melting because of #GlobalWarming is “basically like adding another China” to the world. #earthtweet
Maile Hulihan @MaileHulihan🔁Important & Scary Findings. #globalwarming #Food #farming #enviornment
Jon Haldeman @JonHaldeman🔁Elevated CO2 increases plant growth at expense of nutrition content. Guess we should cross plant growth off benefits list.


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